At the Movie Theater

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He was on his way to pick up his girlfriend, so they could first go out to dinner, then go see a movie and after that go visit a couple of clubs to round out this Saturday night. She was already standing outside her apartment, waiting for him at the curb. She was wearing a tight black skirt, a white blouse and black high heels. He loved the way she looked, not matter what she wore, she always looked so sexy to him. Reaching over, he opened the passenger side car door for her so she could hop in.

It was only a short ride to the restaurant where he had reserved a table for them. In no time they where settled in a corner both, and looking over their menus. They had an enjoyable and relaxed dinner. She had some wine with her meal, and was a little bit tipsy, but he had no alcohol, since he had to drive. While they ate, he could feel her foot between his legs, rubbing across his tights and crotch. She smiled at him from across the table, licking her lips. Smiling back, he continued to eat, but pushed her foot gently away when it was time to leave. Walking out of the restaurant with a hard-on wasn’t what he wanted to do.

During the drive to the Movie Theater, she slightly rested her hand on his tight, bushing her fingers across his crotch every so often, but making no other moves to arouse him further while he was driving. Once at the theater he parked the car, then they walked up to buy their tickets. After arguing a little bit, they settled on seeing the romantic comedy that she wanted to see, opposed to the action thriller he would have preferred.

He bought them some sodas and some popcorn, and then they went to search the right theater in the huge movie complex. Finally they found the right one, then settled in some seats in the back row. So far there was only one other couple in the big room with them, and they where sitting all the way in the front. Soon the previews started, so they sat back getting ready to enjoy the movie. During the few movies trailers before the feature, two more couples and a single gentleman came in and found seats. The huge room, made for big masses of people, was barely occupied.

The arm rests in between the seats could be pushed up, which made it easy for her to snuggle in his arms, resting her right leg across his left one. He pulled her close, putting his arm around her and letting it settle on her left shoulder. The movie was good and when a kissing scene would come up, he would lean over to her and kiss her deeply, sliding his right hand up and down her thigh. Her skirt had risen up, and was almost at her hips now, giving him free and easy access to her whole lower body. It was hard to keep his hands away from her, but who was going to see them in the darkened Movie Theater? Bycasino

She was relaxed against him, her legs spread apart in her seat, with her right one still resting across his lap. His hand continued caressing her thigh, while he nibbled and kissed her neck, lightly kissing her earlobe, then moving down to her shoulder, then back up towards her neck and ears. She was getting aroused, he could tell by her pressing her leg against his, and by her rising hips that met his hand on her thigh. He slowly kissed his way to her mouth, tracing his tongue around her lips, teasing her tongue with his, but not fully kissing her mouth. He kept on kissing and feeling her till he heard a small moan escape her mouth, then he fully and deeply kissed her.

Their kisses where passionate and sensuous. His hand still lingered in her lap, now moving upward, across her panties, where he could feel her arousal and wetness. Gently he traced her lower lips through the silken underwear, then he found her little nub and applied some pressure. Not very hard, but enough to make her hips move up and press against his hand on her mound. Soon her lower body moved with his hand as he kept applying pressure on her clit once in a while and feeling her through her panties. Pushing the fabric aside, he slipped one finger inside her waiting hole, while his thumb found her clit without the fabric covering it.

Slowly he began stroking her, feeling his way around her pussy, then back to her clit, while one, then two fingers slipped in and out of her. Her moans where getting louder now, and his kisses hardly kept her quiet, but the movie was loud and with so few people there, he doubted anyone could hear her or even care if anyone would hear them.

The fabric of her panties was getting in the way of his hand, so she lifted her hips up so that he could slide them off. Tossing them beside him on the seat, his hand returned to caressing her most intimate spot, while his lips found hers again to kiss her deeply.

Without the panties hindering now, he could move more freely around her lap. His hand covered her whole mound, slightly pressing against it, holding her whole sex in his hand. Her breathing was labored, and he could tell she was very turned on. He slipped two fingers inside her again, pushing them deep inside her, then slowly pulling them back out. His thumb found her engorged clit, gently he applied pressure to it, and then he started stroking it. Circling around the hardened nub, then flicking his thumb across it, back and forth in the same rhythm as he fingers pumped in and out of her wet hole.

Her head rested on the back of the chair, her legs where spread wide apart and her back was arched upward. His right arm was Bycasino giriş still around her, and slowly he opened the buttons of her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt, so her breasts where in front of him, encased in her silky bra. Bending his head forward he kissed the nipple of her right breast through the fabric. It hardened instantly. Slowly he started running his tongue across her nipple, drawing circles around it, but never fully touching it. He kissed her whole breast through the thin material. Her moans where loud now without him kissing her, but neither of them cared. Slowly he flipped the bra down, exposing both of her breasts. While his lips and tongue pleasured one breast, his other hand covered her left one, gently rubbing and massaging it.

He could tell that she was very excited by the way her hips moved with his hand in her lap. Her wetness was seeping in the chair underneath her and coating his hand. He increased the speed of his fingers pumping in and out of her, then concentrated more on her clit. Flicking and stroking his thumb across it, making the little nub even harder. His mouth abandoned her breasts, returning to kissing her; he tried to stifle her loud moans. By the way her vaginal muscles started contracting around his fingers inside her, he could tell that she was getting close to climaxing. Waves of pleasure washed through her body, her hips where bucking up and down, her back formed an arch and she was almost screaming out her orgasm.

He continued rubbing her gently, till her climax had subsided, kissing her on the mouth and neck. Soon he could feel her relax against him, then she broke the kiss and smiled up at him in the darkness. She sat up in her chair, pulling her leg back from across his lap, then sat on sideways on the seat to face him.

Leaning forward she searched for his mouth, both of her hands finding their way into his lap, stroking the hard erection in his jeans. Slowly she eased the zipper down, then opened the button, reaching inside his boxers to search for his hardness. Encasing his shaft with both of her hands she held it, while slowly rubbing her thumb across the tip of his dick, spreading the pre-come that had collected there all around. Her kisses stifled his moans as she slowly began to massage his shaft, her soft hands feeling like velvet on his erection. Breaking their kiss she bend over his lap, gently kissing the head of his dick, then taking it into her mouth she slowly starts to suck. Leaning his back against the chair and closing his eyes he gives into the pleasure of having a blowjob. Her rubbing hands and sucking mouth make him cry out in pleasure, but right before he is getting ready to climax she stops, then lifts her head up to smile Bycasino deneme bonusu at him broadly in the darkness.

Hiking her skirt up even more, she gets up and sits down on his lap, her legs kneeling on either side of him. Reaching in between their legs she takes his hard penis into her hands, then slowly guides it towards the opening of her still soaking wet pussy. Not being able to hold himself back he bucks his hips up and plunges deep into her wetness with one smooth move of his pelvis. Resting her hands on the back of the chair, she starts to move up and down, moving her hips forward a bit, so with each push his hard shaft is rubbing against her clit, increasing her pleasure. Grabbing her ass and squeezing her buttocks gently he moves with her, going inside deeper and deeper with each move. Her still bare breasts pressed against his face, he reaches his tongue out to capture one of her nipples in between his lips to suck and lick it again.

Both of their moans are very loud now, and without intention or even knowing, they attracted the attention of the few other people in the movie. The three couples smiled knowingly at each other and knew they would do the same if the had the guts and/or be younger and the single man was very busy with his own self, getting more out of the admission of the movie what he bargained for.

Riding him hard, she continued to press her breasts against his face, with him alternately sucking and licking both of them. Her eyes where closed now, and her head thrown back, her long hair cascading down her back, her hands holding on tightly to the back of the chair, while she moved up and down rapidly. His shaft rubbing her clit with every move, getting her more excited and closer to orgasm. Feeling her pussy contract around his hard dick, he couldn’t hold back any longer and shooting his semen inside her with a loud groan he climaxed. As soon as his hot come hit her insides, she came as well. Screaming out her pleasure for everyone in the theater to hear.

Slumping forward against him and breathing hard against his chest, she slowly came back down from her powerful orgasm. Sitting up a bit, she searched his mouth in the darkness for a long, deep, passionate kiss. Then she got up, straightening her skirt and blouse, as he got up as well, zipping up his pants. Just then the movie was over, but instead of everyone leaving the theater quietly talking about the movie they’d just seen, everyone turned around and looked up to the last row, clapping their hands and smiling up at the now very embarrassed couple.

Smiling at each other, but very blushed and flustered they left the theater, knowing that they had provided most of the entertainment during the movie; but not knowing the very surprised look of the cleaning crew when they cleaned that night and found a pair of panties stuffed in between the seats of the last row. If the cleaners would have asked the man sitting up in the projection booth, he could have answered their silent questions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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