At The Park

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I want to start out by saying that ALL of my stories are written for my best friend Monica. They all were specifically written for her and I’m now sharing them as she believes they’re worthy of being posted.

It’s 10AM and my alarm is singing its awful wake up call. Luckily it’s Friday and I don’t have any class today, but I figured that I would be productive today since the semester is drawing near an end and time is running short. I roll out of bed like usual, grab some shorts and a t-shirt to throw on so I can make my way to the bathroom; after all, my roommate is up and about by now and I don’t need her to catch me walking around in my birthday suit. Once I make it back to my room, I sort through all the things that must be done by Monday and figure out what would be the most efficient way of doing it, without putting it off till the last minute like I always do.

After figuring things out and making myself a game plan for my assignments, I notice the bright rays of sunlight streaming in through the window. I walk to the window and immediately feel the heat coming through the glass. I think to myself, “Hm, maybe I should go outside and enjoy the warm weather. It has been cold here lately, so warm weather would be nice for a change.”

Within minutes I had made up my mind that I would go to a nice quiet park and just relax in the warm spring weather and enjoy the fresh aromas of the spring flowers. I slip out of my t-shirt and ball shorts, walk over to my drawer and pull out a pair of small green soffes and a light pink cami. Once I was dress, I grabbed something to drink, my laptop and book, tossed them into my backpack and drove over to this small quiet park.

I pulled up, noticing that there were only two other people there, I figured I’d be okay to do my homework in peace. So I grabbed my blanket out of the trunk, and my backpack from the backseat and walked a little way until I found this tree with some shade, since I might as well be allergic to the sun and turn into a lobster every time I step foot into it for the first, second or third time each year. I lay my blanket out, place my backpack on the blanket, get out my school work and drink, and start working.

Eventually, the warm air gets to me and I start to doze off into this light sleep. I’m not real worried about anything happening to my stuff because there is no one else really around. So I’m completely out of it for what seemed like minutes, when I hear the dead twigs and acorns on the ground crunching. I wake up abruptly and look around. That’s when I see this attractive blonde coming up from behind me in a pair of black spandex shorts and a white cami. As she ran passed me, I notice she was a little over five feet tall, 130-140 pounds, somewhere in there, not that it really mattered, good size breasts that bounced with her as she ran, pretty blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, nice toned arms and calved, thick thighs, and this big, plump butt that jiggled like jello as she ran. I wanted to scream out at her, but I saw she had an iPod attached to her arm and she wouldn’t hear me even if I tried.

I was mesmerized by how amazing this girl looked. Most of the time when you see people running, they are all red and sweating and well, not something that looks very attractive, in my opinion, but everything seemed to be working for her. So I leaned back against the tree and watched her run the trail through the park. With each step she took I watched her one cheek, then the other bounce around in her spandex. Her shorts were trying to tame her ass, but the spandex was no match for the plumpness of each cheek. I sat and watched, until she had rounded the trail and was no longer in my sight.

I completely forgot about my homework, and at that point was wondering if I’d ever see this girl again. Usually girls don’t do much for me, as far as attraction goes, but something was different with this stranger. Something inside felt different and it was hard to explain. I figured if I stayed in the same spot, she’d eventually have to run back by, since the end of the trail ends at this little creek. I wasn’t sure she would come back, but I kept my head up and was patient.
After about five minutes, I started getting a little wet; no I wasn’t sweating, although it was decently warm outside. No, actually I was thinking about the attractive blonde, I was thinking about what it would be like to kiss her, to get two big hands full of her ass, to make her cum. I was lost in my own thoughts for what seemed like an hour, when I heard the crunching again. I snapped out of my daydream and saw her turning the corner and heading back towards me. I could tell very quickly that her breasts weren’t very secure and that she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way they bounced under her cami. It was like watching her ass jiggle in her shorts, except this was a frontal view with breasts instead.

Then all of a sudden, I see şişli escort her stumble to the ground. I jump up quickly and rush over to offer any help. She’s lying on the ground holding her knee. I instantly ask, “Are you ok?” She looks up at me, almost in tears, “Not really, my knee locked up on me.” I stood next to her for a few minutes and let her regain her composure and then helped her to her feet. She stood with almost all of her weight on one leg and I helped her limp over to my blanket, I didn’t want to sound rude but I asked if she’d dust herself off before laying sitting down. She asked “can you help, I can’t really twist to see where all the dirt is right now,” I told her sure and helped dust her backside off. That’s when my hand slide over her ass, she didn’t pay much attention cause I was just dusting her off, but when my hand slide over her ass, it was like this instant sensation of ‘I really want to touch it again,’ but I knew I couldn’t and sat down. She sat down next to me. Then I introduced myself.

“My name is Tiffany, what’s yours?”

She replied, “My name is Monica.”

I thought to myself, finally, I have a name to go with those daydreams from earlier; then, quickly shifted my attention back to her. She seemed decently tired, hell I know I would be after a long run, so I offered her a bottle of water and she gratefully accepted. We made small talk for the next little bit while she cooled down.

I noticed up close that Monica has these amazing eyes and beautiful smile, something I hadn’t noticed when she ran pass me. Finally, Monica said “Well, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but I think I should try and head to my car now.” My brain went crazy. I was determined that I was going to at least try to get one of my daydreams from earlier come true.

“Monica wait,” I said frantically, “I don’t want you to think I’m creepy or weird, but I think you are very beautiful… after I saw you run by me the first time earlier, I just wanted to talk to you. As soon as you passed me and I saw your butt jiggling in your shorts, all I wanted to do was touch it. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get your attention, but then you fell and things just seemed to fall in place.” knowing that I’m rambling, but unsure what else to do at this point to get her to stay. Then leaning over, pressing my lips to hers, softly kissing her and pulling away, “I’m sorry.”

Monica looked at me; almost shocked, she thought about it for a second, leaned back in and kissed me in return. Monica said “It’s been a while since I’ve been with a girl. It’s also been a while since one has gone out of her way to help me, and then kiss me to try and get me to stay.”

I looked down, unsure what to do at this point. What Monica had said made sense, but in the end it didn’t tell me whether she was actually going to stay or not, I’m not usually like this, especially with someone I don’t know, but there was just something about her. I looked back up into her passionate blue-ish green eyes. Before I could stop myself I leaned back over and kissed her again. This time she didn’t resist or hesitate, and she kissed me back. After a few moments of the very soft kiss, I pulled away to see what she would say, after all, she had known me for less than 30 minutes.

I could tell quickly that somewhere deep inside, this beautiful young woman, wanted to be given affection. Monica’s eyes spoke what the lips wouldn’t say. So I scooted closer to her, I slid my fingers lightly over her left cheek, leaned up and pressed my lips to hers, with this kiss, both of our nerves had settled a little. I parted my lips slightly and she did the same. She and I had the same thing in mind, as our tongue met each other. We began massaging out tongues against each other. As the kiss started getting more passionate, I moved my hand off her cheek and through her hair. I placed my free hand on her hip and began softly squeezing her hip.

After a few minutes of kissing, I moved to where my body was pressing firmly against hers. I leaned up a little and slide my hand off of her hip and onto her lower back, then without ever breaking the kiss; we’re lying down on the blanket. Monica’s sexy body is lying flat on the blanket and I’m leaning over her. My breasts are pressing up firmly against hers; there is this electrical urge that is running through my body, during the kiss, I lightly flick my tongue over her lower lip, followed by lightly dragging my teeth over her lower lip. With that action, I hear her let out a soft, low moan.

By now, I am more comfortable with the situation and she’s into it as well. I bring my left hand up and set it on her firm tummy. I slide my hand under the bottom of her cami, slowly moving my hand along her firm and toned tummy, letting my fingertips guide the way. Once I got the built in bra, I moved my fingertips over the bra and cupped her breast. I let my fingertip taksim escort trace over her soft nipple, breaking away from the kiss as I heard another moan leave her body. I looked down and noticed that her soft nipple was becoming hard. I continued to softly rub my finger over and around her nipple, feeling it harden through the thin elastic material.

Instantly I feel myself becoming aroused, much like her nipple. I continue to tweak her nipple through the fabric, listening to her soft moans, lets me know that what I’m doing is working. I bring my fingers to a stop, laying them on her breast for a moment, gently squeezing, giving myself a good feel of her plump breast. I notice that when my hand is around her breast, that her breast is a little bigger than my own. Loving the feeling of her breast cupped in my hand, I give it a few more squeezes. Then I slowly slide my hand back down her tummy.

I break the kiss and slowly start down her neck, planting soft kisses, passionate kisses using my tongue to massage against her neck, and lightly nipping, alternating between the three to keep her guessing. As soon as I hear the moan increase in volume, I make my move and slowly slide my hand down onto her crotch. Instantly, she inhales deeply and her breathing quickens. I begin to kiss up her neck and right behind her ear, as I enjoy all the moans coming from her, I whisper “Monica, you have an amazing body, I would love to explore your body. Would you object?”

Monica opened her eyes for a brief second, seeing the ecstasy in her eyes I began rubbing my fingers along her lips through her spandex shorts. Almost immediately, I felt some moisture against the fabric. I shifted my weight and begin inching my way down her body. I let my lips guide me down her neck, over her chest and to her right breast, pressing my lips to her right nipple through the fabric, nipping at it, enclosing my teeth around her erect nipple, lightly pinching and pulling it, using my free hand to reach up, pull the cami strap down off of her shoulder, and reveal her yummy breast to me.

Once I see her naked breast, I lean back over; using my tongue to trace a circle around her areola, listening to her moans, to encourage what she likes or wants more of. After getting the nipple as stiff as it will, I flick my tongue rapidly over the nipple, then press my lips around it and begin to suckle on it. As I begin suckling on her stiff nipple, I continue to let my fingers lightly rub between her lips. When I feel the moisture increasing against the crotch of her spandex shorts, I begin to rub my fingers a little faster up and down her lips. Then leaning over, unveiling her left breast and giving it the same treatment, after suckling on it and getting it nice and erect, lifting up, blowing a cold stream of air against it. These few actions cause Monica’s breathing to pick up again, moaning between breaths.

I slide my finger over the wettest part of her spandex, trying to gather a little moisture on my finger, bringing it up to her lips and pressing it against her lips, pressing my lips to hers and gathering the small sample. I get up on my knees, looking around to see if anyone else has entered the park. Not seeing anyone, I take hold of the bottom of her cami and pull it up over her head. Staring down at her exposed upper body, feeling my stomach starting to tingle, I think what her second article of clothing is hiding, but wait for the right timing. I swing my leg over her lower body, pressing my crotch down on top of hers, slowly grinding back and forth, letting our covered crotches lightly grind against each other. Sliding my hands up her exposed stomach and onto her breasts, cupping each one and squeezing and kneading both… she lies there and slightly opens her eyes, then closes them and leans her head back, “Mmmmm, yea… don’t stop Tiffy.”

I lean over, give each nipple a soft kiss and then make my way down her body. I use my hands to spread her legs, moving between them and tracing my fingers down the crease of each leg. I bend over, press my lips to hers and force my tongue to push the fabric between her lips again, sliding my tongue the length of her lips. Her moans grow louder as I know she wants more. I rise up for a moment, hook my fingers under the top of her shorts and pull them down. I continue to look down at her body, amazed at how stunning she looks completely naked and vulnerable.

I slide my fingers down over her baby soft mound; brushing them over her soft lips, tracing a single fingertip over her opening, and sliding it in to gather some moisture. I bring my wet finger up to my lips, sucking my finger clean, and desiring more. I lean over and press my lips to hers once more, this lip, letting my tongue trace over her exposed clit, loving the sounds and moisture that was coming from her body. I let my tongue work on her clit, as I slide two fingers over her opening beşiktaş escort again and slowly pushed them inside, curling them up to rub over her g-spot. The moans were much louder than before, I began pumping my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and sucking on it hard, causing it to swell up. I was getting extremely turned on by every increasingly louder moan, causing my own moan to escape from my lips. This created a small vibration against her clit and right about then, as my fingers were working as fast as they can against her g-spot, I felt her muscles tightening up and felt a warm explosion of cum cover my fingers.

As she came, her body was jerking and twitching, but I continued softly and gently until her body calmed down. That’s when she opened her eyes, satisfied; but I wasn’t finished with her yet. I moved down and flicked my tongue over her opening, gathering some cum, moving up her body and sharing it with her.

“Monica, roll over please.”

She looked up at me, wondering why I wanted her to roll onto her stomach. I said “Please, I want to touch your ass. When my hand brushed over it earlier when I helped you dust off… I had this electrical charge rush though my body and… and please just roll over.”

As she rolled over, I got the first real look at this big plump booty. I sighed very contently, reached down and place both hands on these juicy cheeks. “God this is amazing,” I said out loud, almost moaning my statement. I begin kneading and squeezing and massaging these big plump cheeks. I can feel my crotch getting excited and start leaking a little. I continue to grope each big cheek, then sliding one hand down between her cheeks, tracing my fingertip over her butthole. Uncertain whether or not she would like her ass being teased or penetrated, but I try anyway.

I trace my fingertip around her asshole, applying pressure and I hear a deep groan come from her. She lifts her hips off the blanket slightly, pushing them up towards me. I comply to her request… sliding my finger down, dipping it into her pussy and getting it wet, then pressing it back against her butthole and slowly pushing it in, slowly working it in and out, then adding another finger, pushing the two fingers close together, twisting them in and out. I start working them a little faster, spanking her right cheek twice, the second time a little harder than the first time, then the left cheek the same way. I lean over and kiss the small of her back and work my way down onto her now pink right cheek, kissing it and using my tongue to draw shapes out. I leave my hand on her left cheek and begin digging my fingers against the meaty flesh, kneading it. Looking as this plump gorgeous ass, letting my own moans escape from my lips as I hear hers.

I try to stay focused on what I’m doing, but I get a little sidetracked and wonder what it would be like if I had a strap-on and what I could do to her out in this open park, knowing that we could both get caught but that made it all the more fun. With each inward thrust of my fingers, I pretended it was a rubber cock pushing inside her and before I knew it I was lost in the moment with her, without even having to touch myself I let out a low moan and my orgasm overtook my thought and snapped me back into reality.

I spanked each cheek once more, and then drug my nails down her thigh and back up under her and rested against her lips. I loved every inch of that plump backside. Whenever I heard her breathing picking up again, I pushed my fingers into her pussy. I alternated my thrusts; as my fingers in her ass pushed in, the ones in her pussy came out, and vice versa. That way she couldn’t find a rhythm to match. With my fingers in her pussy once again, rubbing them over her g-spot helping stimulate the sensation, then without warning, I felt her both jerk and another orgasm burst from her soaking pussy.

I slowly pulled my fingers from her pussy and ass, softly kissed each cheek and then crawled up her body. I lapped all the cum off of my fingers and gathered it in a pool on my tongue, leaned in close and kissed her passionately, sharing her flavor with her. I lay back down on my side next to her. “Monica, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to… if you want to go, I understand.” Without hesitation, she rolled over to face me, moving to where she was laying half on top of me. Her head on my shoulder and stomach and crotch, firmly against my side and hip, she slide her hand under my cami and cupped my breast through the thin elastic bra. She looked up at me and said “I haven’t felt like this in a long time, I’m not in any hurry to leave yet.” I slide my hand down her side and cupped her plump butt and pulled her closer against me, and moved my other hand down her back, leaving it in the small of her back.

We lay there for several hours in the warm spring air. We were aware that we could be caught, but at that point we didn’t care. We spent the rest of the day enjoying not only the weather, but also taking turns pleasuring each other.

I went to the park today to enjoy the weather and do some homework. I did that, and so much more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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