Attitude Adjustment

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Angel sat on a chair in a crowd of women. She had come to this club to take in a couple of shows and she was really enjoying this one! This show was a group of hot looking guys that stripped for a living, which is nothing unusual in Miami, but these guys showed the “Full Monty”, or in other words, they got completely naked. Angel’s cock had gotten way too big to keep in her panties after only the first guy did his show, so she had reached up under the black mini skirt and set it free.

Several of the guys would get really close to the women and wiggle their butts in their faces. One guy had even sat on a hot looking brunette’s lap. Things were a little more out of control than other shows she’d been to. When the last guy came out Angel’s breath caught in her throat. He was beautiful! His body was sculpted but not overly muscular. He had jet black wavy hair and icy blue eyes. Her cock, which had gone a little soft watching the last guy, went rock hard. He came out and stood almost in front of Angel, and as the music began he looked up, directly into Angel’s eyes. He started his routine and right away it was apparent that he was a dancer and not one of those guys that did strength tricks during his show. He started to flirt with Angel as he danced closer and closer to her. An evil thought slipped into Angel’s mind and she reached into her hand bag and got some lube on her hand. She always carried some with her just incase an opportunity should arise. She quickly and unobtrusively reached under her dress and applied it to her now turgid cock. As the song progressed so did his beautiful nakedness, and soon his g string found its way onto Angel’s lap. She picked it up and sniffed the string where it had been between his butt cheeks. The women in the place applauded as Angel smelled his musky odor on the string. With a big grin on his face he danced over to Angel and wiggled his ass in her face as he did a little portion of his show just for her. Then he danced out of reach and finished his show to the screams of the women in the room.

As soon as the music for his routine stopped another song started, and all the previous strippers came out from back stage. They were all naked as they danced around the room rubbing and teasing the women, whipping them into a frenzy. Some of the women got up from their chairs to dance with the strippers while others were content just to wait for one to come to them.

The guy that had just danced the last session came back to Angel and began to dance only for her. Angel reached down in her bra and pulled out a fifty dollar bill. She placed it in her cleavage and then patted her thighs as she looked him in the eyes. He quickly danced closer, straddled her legs, and began rubbing his partially hard cock on her sweater covered breasts.

Angel ran her hands up his muscular thighs, then around onto his rock hard ass as he slowly began to lower himself so he could retrieve the fifty with his teeth. As he squatted down Angel spread her legs, her short skirt rode up her thighs exposing her big hard cock, but he was too close to her body to see what was coming. As he continued to lower himself, Angel slipped her right hand off of his ass and when he got close enough she reached down, placed two fingers under the head of her cock and directed it to his unsuspecting asshole. Before he realized what was going on Angel thrust her hips up as she pushed him down, impaling him on her hard cock and causeing him to let out a yelp of surprise. He was a nice snug fit, but she was pretty sure he wasn’t a virgin. He looked at her in disbelief for a second, then with a smile he proceeded to push himself the rest of the way down on to her big cock. As he did so he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, moaning in pleasure.

He leaned forward and said in her ear, “This is a pleasant surprise.” His voice was sultry and low with a Latin accent.

“I’m glad you think so.” Angel replied into his ear. Angel’s legs were spread wide as he began to gyrate his hips, working his snug asshole up and down her long cock. She kept her hands on his hips but didn’t try to direct him. His moves felt wonderful and he looked so sexy as he ground himself on her love pole that she didn’t want to interfere.

He leaned in so he could talk in her ear again and said, “Nice and big. Just the way I like my women!” As he squeezed the base of her cock with his very willing bung hole he added, “Though I think you are stretching me out a little bit too far for my boyfriend’s comfort.”

“Too bad for him.” Angel replied smugly.

He worked her cock just like a brass pole, sliding up and down as he wiggled his hips. She moved one of her hands to his stomach so she could feel his six-pack abs as they moved and rippled under his skin. He looked into her eyes, then leaned down and licked her cleavage as he pushed his asshole all the way back down to the base of her cock. Once there he squeezed and relaxed his sphincter, milking her cock. This mardin escort wasn’t Angel’s first time in some hot guy’s ass, but there was something about doing this in a crowd of people that was just sending her over the top. The whole thing was more than she could take and with a groan of pleasure Angel exploded deep inside him, her come squirting hard enough for him to feel it. He continued to squeeze her cock with his ass until she was completely spent, then with a sly smile he took the fifty in his teeth and slowly stood up, allowing her cock to slip from him. He turned and danced his way backstage, stopping at the curtain to throw Angel a kiss and a wink.

Angel was in such a wonderful post sex daze she almost forgot to pull her skirt back down. She took a few moments to collect herself, then slowly got up and made her way to the door, oblivious to the rest of the room.

As she was moving to toward the door she was tapped on the shoulder by a very petite woman with long blonde hair. She was wearing a red silk dress that Angel was sure must have cost a pretty penny, but it fit her fabulously. It showed her every curve to its’ best advantage, and she had plenty of them. She had a cute face, with high cheek bones a small, slightly turned up nose and striking ice blue eyes. The woman said something to her, but Angel couldn’t quite hear her, so she leaned down and motioned for her to repeat it in her ear. The woman said,

“I saw what you did to that stripper! I think it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, and I had three orgasms while I watched him ride you.”

Angel replied in her ear, “I’m glad you enjoyed the show.” Then stood back up and continued through the door out into the lobby. The blonde followed her through the door, across the lobby and out onto the entrance steps. Angel gave the valet her ticket so he could bring her car around. The petite blonde woman stepped up beside her and tapped Angel on the shoulder to get her attention again. When Angel looked at her she said,

“I don’t really know how to ask you this except to be very direct,” Before she could continue Angel said,

“I’m sorry but I don’t do women.” The petite blonde blushed a deep red and looked at her shoes for a second before she could continue.

“Not me, my husband. I would like for you to come to my home tonight and push that big wonderful cock deep into my husband’s virgin ass. Then fuck the living hell out of him!” she finished in a rush. Angel glanced down at the blonde’s boobs and her nipples were showing through her dress. She obviously found the proposition quite arousing. “I would of course be willing to compensate you for your time and efforts. Would $2500 be enough?”

Angel’s mouth almost dropped open, but she held her composure and said, “Perhaps. What does your husband look like?”

The petite blonde reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of a strikingly handsome blonde haired man. He was wearing a white T shirt and cut off jean shorts. Very short cut off jean shorts. He appeared to be fit and trim with some nice legs. Angel thought to herself, ‘Heck, I’d fuck him for free!’

The blonde continued, “As a matter of fact, if you dominate him totally, I’ll double your fee.” She got a far away look in her eyes and it was obvious that she was imagining what that would look like. She started breathing hard and her face became flushed. She closed her eyes and put a hand on Angel’s arm to steady herself as a little moan escaped her and her body shuddered.

After a second she got a grip on herself, and looking up into Angel’s eyes with a sheepish smile on her face she said, “I would find that very satisfying indeed!”

The valet had arrived with Angel’s BMW 645ci and was waiting with the door open. With one last glance at the picture in her hand Angel said, “If he’s a big guy I might not be able to dominate him unless he wants to play along.”

“He’s only 5′ 3″, an inch shorter than me.” The blonde said with a smile. “In these shoes I tower over him by four inches and besides, he likes tall women so he’ll be quite into you. He is very touchy about his height though and acts very dominant. He’s always putting me down and ordering me around. I want you to put him in his place and break him so I can get the sex I want from him. Can you do it?”

“I’m sure that I can.” Angel replied easily, “I’ve used my special attributes to teach many men to appreciate being used for a woman’s pleasure. What’s your address?”

“6469 Lake View Court” The blonde said quickly, then asked. “Do you know where that is?” Angel sure did. There were a lot of very expensive homes out that way. She wasn’t sure she knew what she was getting into, but being in a rather adventurous mood she nodded yes as she said,

“I have a friend that lives near there.”

“Great!” the blonde replied. She rummaged in her purse then handed Angel a garage door opener. “Here, use this to get into the garage. Go through marmaris escort the door into the kitchen, you can drop your things there, then go out of the kitchen and across the great room, our master suite is off of the great room. Tell him that I sent you to be his early birthday present. His birthday is next Tuesday so he’ll believe that.” After the blonde finished her instructions she smiled up at Angel.

Angel thought she looked almost giddy with the anticipation of what was to come. The blondes face was flushed with excitement and her breasts were heaving. Angel asked, “So what’s your husband’s name?”

“Oh! I guess you would need to know that!” She exclaimed. “His name is Terry. And mine is Jill.” She added, extending her hand.

Angel took her hand and said, “I’m Angel. I guess I’ll be meeting you at the house?”

“I want things to get started with you two before I get there, so I am going to wait 15 minutes after you leave, then I’ll be along.” She replied.

Angel said, “Only 15 minutes? I take it your husband is not much on foreplay.”

“No.” Said Jill, “He is pretty much a quickie kind of guy. He tells me he wants to have sex, get some head, or whatever, then he grabs me and just starts at it with no concern for me at all. I think that the fact that I’m taller than Terry threatens him and he thinks he has to be in constant control of me.”

“I can see why you want me to spend an evening with him.” Angel said slowly. “At any rate, I’ll take your case, and by the time the sun comes up in the morning your husband Terry will have a new attitude. Not only toward you, but all women.”

Later at the house….

Angel set her purse down on the black marble countertop in the kitchen. The house was huge, but it looked like any other house, in any other subdivision. The kitchen was full of stainless steel appliances that looked like they had never been used.

On the way over Angel had devised a general plan on how to get things started. She was planning on letting him take control at first, then asserting herself after he felt that he had everything under control. Angel stood in the kitchen for a second and took a deep breath. She was a little nervous. After all she was a beautiful woman and she didn’t have to take guys against their will. They usually wanted her so bad that they would do anything to be with her. Even if it meant taking her big cock up their ass!

She’d been forceful in the past, back before she’d had so many men trying to get in her panties. Now she just needed to get back to that mind set. Heck, it had even been quite a rush to struggle with some guy and finally win him over with the help of her big cock. As Angel thought about some of the men she’d ‘taken’ over the years the old familiar tingling began in her balls and she could feel the excitement growing in her belly. A big smile grew on Angel’s face as she easily slipped into the mindset of what she was about to do.

Angel took some of the gel out of her purse and applied it to the semi hard cock in her panties. That would make it easier to enter him when the time came. She tugged her black nylon thigh highs up a little, straightened her short black mini skirt, and pulled the pink, low cut cashmere sweater down a little more. Her cleavage looked great and so did her impossibly long, hose clad legs. She thought to herself, ‘If this guy is only 5’3″, and I’m 5’11’ plus 4″ for the shoes, that makes me 6’3″. I’ll be a whole foot taller than him! His face is going to be right in my boobs! Of course that would make any man deliriously happy!’ With an evil smile she set off across the great room to the door with the light shining under it.

When she got to the door she didn’t hesitate at all, just grabbed the handle and with a quick twist opened it and stepped into the room. She turned to the bed that was on her left and there was Terry reading a book under the covers. He looked up startled as Angel struck a pose, placing her left hand on her hip and turning her left leg across her right to show off her long legs. Terry’s mouth fell open and he could barely get out the question,

“Who are you?”

Angel replied in as sultry of a voice as she could muster, “My name is Angel. Your wife Jill sent me over as an early birthday present. She said you like tall girls because we’re more fun, and honey, there’s a lot of fun for you here.” Angel waived her hand down her body as she spoke, but when she said ‘here’ she indicated her crotch.

Terry didn’t notice the subtle warning. He was too busy jumping up out of the bed as he said, “Hell yea! The bigger they are, the easier they fall…onto their backs!” He was standing in front of Angel completely naked and just as she had predicted, his face was right in line with her boobs. He grabbed her in a hug and buried his face in her cleavage, licking and sucking on any exposed flesh his mouth could reach. It was all Angel could do to restrain herself. She had nevşehir escort been with this guy for less than a minute and she was already dieing to put him in his place.

Angel put her arms around his head and pulled his face tightly against her breasts, holding him there until he started to struggle. After a few seconds of him struggling she released him. As he was trying to catch his breath she said coyly, “I’m sorry, I guess I got carried away. I didn’t mean to smother you.”

Terry glared up at her and said, “I could have gotten away at any time, I just wanted to let you feel like you were stronger than me.” The look in his eyes said otherwise. “I want to do something different anyhow. Get down on your knees and suck on my cock!” he ordered. After having his face pressed against her boobs his cock was rock hard, the reason Angel hadn’t felt it pressing against her was because it had been sticking between her legs. He was too short to reach her crotch. Angel appraised his small cock. It was maybe 5″ long and kind of thin. It was certainly no match for what Angel had waiting for him in her tight panties.

Angel didn’t mind occasionally sucking on a guy she was about to have sex with. Heck, it was always better if the guy was really turned on before she stuck her hard cock into him, but this time was going to be rather difficult because she didn’t like Terry very much. She slowly dropped down onto her knees and then had to actually sit down on the floor to get low enough to take his small cock in her mouth. He might be really good looking, but his attitude was killing everything. She really didn’t want to go through with this right now and the only thing that kept her going was thinking of how tight he was going to be on her thick cock.

Angel easily swallowed his entire cock into her mouth, then started sucking and working her tongue along it. Terry gasped and moaned as Angel worked him over with her mouth. She rubbed her hands up along his legs, then over onto his muscular butt. ‘Ok.’ She thought to herself. ‘He does have a great ass and legs.’ As she gripped his ass cheeks she could feel her cock growing in anticipation of the penetration that was soon to come. He was putty in her mouth as she slipped the middle finger on her right hand between his butt cheeks and into his tight virgin ass. At first he struggled for a second, but when she started to caress his prostrate he gave in and moaned in ecstasy. Even though she hadn’t wanted to suck him things weren’t going too badly. That is until he started to talk.

“OOO baby, you’re hungry for my big cock, aren’t you! You just can’t get enough of it as I fill your hot mouth. Come on baby, try to take it all in your mouth!” His eyes were closed and his head tilted back as Angel shot him a scathing look up across his belly. ‘What and idiot!’ she thought.

Angel slipped her pointer finger into his ass along side her middle one. He gasped again and without any warning exploded into her mouth. Angel easily held the small amount of cum he ejaculated in her mouth. Terry collapsed back onto the bed, totally spent. As he lay there breathing hard he said, “That was great honey! You can go home now; I want to save something for my little slut of a wife, Jill.”

Angel reached down between her legs and released her stiffening cock. It was pressing against the front of her tight black mini skirt as she stood up to look down on Terry. The way the light was in the room he couldn’t see the outline of her cock against the mini skirt. Not yet, anyway. He was quite smug as he looked up at Angel. Without breaking eye contact, she turned her head to one side, and spit his cum on the floor.

He was amazed as he looked at the floor and then back up into her eyes. In a strained voice he said, “That was totally uncalled for. Now get down there and clean it up!”

Angel smiled a wicked little smile as she towered over him. She sneered, “Not until you return the favor.”, and with a quick tug pulled up her skirt, exposing her big dick. The look of shock on Terry’s face made Angel laugh out loud. “I guess you’re not so cock-sure now.” She didn’t wait for him to answer as she jumped on top of him and held him down. She rubbed her large cock against his small one while he struggled, trying to get away. His struggles were in vain. She had a hand on each wrist and her legs were across his, holding them down. The fear in his eyes was giving Angel quite a thrill. She might not have done this for a long while, but the old feeling of power was quickly flooding back into her. Her cock was close to his and the obvious difference in size was incredible. “Look down at our dicks.” She ordered, but he closed his eyes. Angel took her right hand off of his wrist and with a quick cat like move she slapped him hard across the face. Tears began to spill from his eyes. “LOOK!” she roared.

Terry slowly lifted his head up and peered down past her pink, sweater clad boobs to where their cocks laid side by side. Angel’s cock looked simply huge compared to his much smaller one. He dropped his head back down onto the bed and the tears began to run down his cheeks toward his ears. With a lump in his throat he said quietly, “I don’t care what she’s paying you. I’ll triple it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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