Attorney Client Privileges

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This is my very first erotic story. Please feel free to send me any edits or suggestions! I would love to turn this into a multi-part story.


Today was a morning like so many before it. I was sitting at the defense table in the large courtroom in Kansas City. Old Judge Payne was looking more annoyed at having to be there on a busy criminal calendar. Today was arraignments, where Judge Payne would read new defendants their charges and screen them to see if they qualify for the public defender’s office. Nothing if substance happened today, which put Judge Payne in an exceptionally sour mood. If the defendants qualified for our office, I would add them to our public defenser log and set their next court appearance for a bail status hearing.

The bailef had just taken the last defendant out of the room. I glanced back down on my list, Shelby Jones, charged with criminal trespassing of a dwelling. I could hear the clanking of her shackles, which would be fastened around her ankles up to her wrists.

I glanced down further at my sheet, lets see, next on the list is a woman named Shelby was 35 years old. She had no other criminal history. Judge Payne was going on about her income and the charges when I heard her voice.

“I’m going to need a public defender, my cheating soon to be ex-husband drained the accounts, which is why I can’t post bail.”

Her voice was unlike so many that I deal with. in fact most of my clients are dealing with the harshness of the criminal justice system, or with addiction. Their voices are often agitated and panicked because they want to get out of the system, or get their next fix. Instead Shelby’s voice was overly warm and calming. I immediately looked up at her and she was shockingly beauitful. This was even with the shackles and the orange jumpsuit she was in.

She had natural red hair, slightly curled, and it was long down halfway down her back. She was tall for a woman, maybe 5’9″ or 5’10.” Her makeup was done well, although after further inspection I could see where some of her mascara was slightly smudged. She likely had cried between her arrest and today, which was understandable. I slowly looked down her, but the jumpsuit didnt reveal much more of her.

I then heard Judge Payne, angrily, “Counselor Jim Adams, when would you like to schedule the bail status hearing.”

I had obviously not been paying attention as I stared at Shelby and quickly replied, “Sorry your Honor, lets set it in the normal course.”

“Good,” he replied, before adding the standard, “Okay, ma’am, we’ll see you back here next week at the same time, be sure to stay in touch with your assigned punlic defender.”

Shelby then glanced down at me, her deep blue eyes unexpectedly happy looking. She even managed to warmly smile at me before being taken away by the bailef. I found myself watching her the entire time as she was led out of the courtroom.


I lay awake that night, at 4AM, unable to sleep. I had gone through a divorce 5 years before, and although there was a lot of sleepless nights then, I normally slept soundly since being free of my ex. I found myself thinking about Shelby. How could a woman, so warm and beautiful, be in the system. I slowly was playing with my cock undet the sheets.

I was curious about how shapely she was underneath the jail jumpsuit. I let my cock get fully erect under my briefs. I wondered whether she had large or small breasts. I felt my cock twitch underneath the sheets, and knew that I could continue to think about Shelby, and frustrate myself until I had to jerk off, or I could go do some work.

I immidiatelty got up and my cock was still fully erect. I took odd my brieds and walked to the shower and intended to take a quick cold shower to calm down. But of course I tuened the water up hot, and the more I let the warm water trickle onto my cock, the more I thought about Shelby.

I gabbed some lotion, moved to the dry part of the shower, leaned my head back and jerked furiously, spurting a heavy spray of cum onto the shower wall, groaning.

I caught my breath. What had I just done? I always felt more lonely after jerking off. plus, Shelby was a client. Nothing more. I turned the water cooler and washed off.


I was staring at my client files by 6AM, and I was the first one into the Demetevler Escort office, as usual. I found myself quickly perusing through files until I got to Shelby’s file. I found myself eagerly grabbing it and quickly turned to her mugshot. God she was beautiful, even when she wasnt smiling.

I would normally head out to the jail the day before the next hearing to go over things with my assigned clients, but I found myself thinking about going sooner. I kept the idea at bay while I worked through my files.


Towards the end of the day, after everyone else had gone, I thought of visiting her sooner. I often visited clients after hours, and as their attorney I had that right. Although normally my reasoning was to prep extra for upcoming hearings. ‘Fuck it’, I thought, I should go visit her. She is my client after all. I grabbed my briefcase, threw in a few files with Shelby’s, and headed over to the county jail.

I walked in and was quickly checked through security. They knew me pretty well and I had brought in lunch or coffee enough times that they brought me my clients quickly.

“Who do you want to see tonight, Counselor?” the corrections officer asked.

“I dont have time to see many of them tonight,” I said, even though I knew I was going to say, “looks like Shelby Jones is first on my list, maybe just her tonight.”

“Do you want to see her in the larger room, or just quickly on the monitors?” the correction officer asked.

“The larger room is just fine.”

The attorney rooms and monitors were the only places in the County Jail without a cameras or listening devices. This ensured attorney-client privilege during communication. Sometimes if a client was agitated or detoxing, I would only see them via the monitor, but it was often counterproductive because meeting with them in person normally made the appointments go by quicker. The bigger room was riskier, as I was normally alone with the clients, and if anything went wrong I would have to get to the door buzzer before anyone would come in. But I had no qualms about being alone with Shelby.

Two magnetically sealed doors later, I was waiting quietly in the attorney booth, a small 12×12 room, made of large concrete bricks, with white paint. A small table with plastic chairs was set up in the middle of the room.

The door buzzed as the magnetic seals unlocked, and in walked Shelby escorted by a corrections officer. The correction’s officer uncuffed her and left the room. I then heard the familiar magnetic seals lock once again.

Shelby no longer had the shackles but was still in the orange jumpsuit. She was just as gorgous as I remembered, her long hair flowing down her body, and she grinned as she sat down.

“Good morning, Mr. Adams,” she said as she sat down. “Do you mind if unbotton the top of this jumpsuit, it’s very warm in here.”

I thought the temperature in the room was perfect, but would acquiesce. Many female clients would only wear the bottom portion of the jumpsuit with a jail issued tanktop on top. I also wanted to see what was underneath Shelby’s top.

“Certainly, …. and please call me Jim, Mr. Adams was my father,” was all that I managed to say. The thought of her undressing was dangerous, as I felt my cock twitch ever so slightly.

“Okay, Jim,” she said, a shiver tickling my spine as she said my name. Shelby slowly unbottoned her shirt, one button at a time, her eyes glued to mine. I couldnt help but move from her eyes to watch each button unclasp with anticipation for each new one as she went, dying to find out what her body looked like under the jumpsuit.

“Well, Shelby, do you mind if I call you Shelby,” I said, watching her slowly unbotton the last few. She nodded without saying anything. “Anyways,” I continued,” we have the room to ourselves, anything you tell me is protected under attorney-client confidentiality. Its the only room at the jail that no one is listening.”

She nodded and finally she reached the bottom button, and she pulled open the jumpsuit, revealing her cleavage to what appeared to be large C cup breasts, although they were still hidden behind an overly tight tanktop.

“I’m glad we have the room to ourselves,” she said.

My cock twitched once more and I shifted in my seat. I saw that she may have noticed as I saw a faint grin on her face. I shifted a bit more Otele gelen escort to try and hide my bulging cock.

Back to task, I quickly cleared my throat and said, “well, the first thing we should discuss is bail. The court set bail at $10,000 bondable.” I found myself watching her listen to me eagerly, “and that means you can pay $1000 to a bail bonds company and they will put up the $10,000 bond.”

She paused and gracefully leaned forward, her tight tanktop revealing more cleavage. “Counselor,” she said warmly, “as I said in court, my soon to be ex-husband has taken all of my accounts offline. He was very controlling and when I left him, he was very upset.”

While she was talking, her hands were running along her thighs and she slowly spread her legs. While I couldn’t see anything, the movement itself was very erotic.

“Anyways,” she continued, “when I figured out the accounts had been frozen, I went back to my house and he charged me with tresspassing and had me arrested.”

“Well,” I swallowed, knowing that I needed to end this soon, before my erection became overly noticble, “is there… anyone I can contact, maybe friends or family?” I responded.

She grinned, staring at my midsection, and added, “my husband cut me off from all of my friends and family long ago.”

“Well, I’ll make a reduction request at our next hearing, I’m sure I can get it reduced.” I said, knowing that I was staring at her. ‘What am I doing,’ I thought.

“Thank you so much,” she replied calmly. She sat back, with her legs spread wide, and her fingers were carressing her legs. I could feel my cock growing, bulging under my pants. I then looked away and shifted my body, trying to conceal my bulge.

“Well, I had better let them know that we’ve concluded everything.” I quickly stood up, trying to hide my erection and walked towards the door. “I guess I will see you at the hearing next week,” I said over my shoulder.

I was reaching towards the intercom button, when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder.

“Wait,” her voice said deeply.

Panic struck me as I worried she had noticed my erection. She was likely going to tell someone and that was the last thing I needed was some type of bar complaint.

I twisted my head slowly to see that Shelby had followed me to the door. Her smile was perfect, and her eyes seemed to soften my worry.

“Leaving so soon?” she asked, her eyes darting to my bulging pants. “But Jim, you’re helping me so much as my attorney, the least I can do is help you.” She touched the bulge in my pants and my erection bounced.

“I’m…” I was trying to resist, but before I could even attempt to control the situation with a feined reluctance, Shelby leaned forward and kissed me. Any hesitation quickly dissipated and I closed my eyes and kissed her back passionately. My hands moving to the back of her head, as we both franticly kissed one another. My hands eventually made their way down her back and I held her in place while we kissed. My right hand slid up underneath her shirt, feeling her bare skin. I felt her mouth open and I did the same, and her tongue went all the way into my mouth. We swapped tongued and battled for breathing space. While my had was going up the back of her shirt, her hands were frantically undoing my belt and pants.

Before she could even undo them all the way, she reached her whole hand into my pants, bypassing my briefs, and took hold of my cock. Her fingers on my cock forced me to stop our kiss as my mouth opened and an audible moan escaped my lips. It felt so good to have her hand on mu cock, gripping me.

Before I knew whay had happened, she had dropped down in front of me while freeing my cock from my briefs and dropping my pants to my ankles. She ran her fingers from my balls, along my shaft to the head and back down the shaft. Shelby then spit into her hand, made a fist, and then slid it over the head of my cock and she forced it tightly down on my cock.

I was so desperately hard, the sweet pleasurable agony of my fully erect cock was in full display. Shelby grinned smiled as she watched the head of my cock spread her fingers apart as she continued slowly pumping my cock. She grinned and spit again, this time directly on my cock, as her fist continued jerking me.

“Wow, Counselor,” she said, pumping my cock and grinning at me, “you’re much bigger Balgat Escort than my husband.” I dont know whether I saw her mouth go on my cock or whether my cock felt her mouth first, but my eyes instinctively rolled into the back of my head, and I let out a deep moan as she took my cock into her mouth.

‘Ohhhhhhh,’ was all I could manage to moan as my cock knew the difference between her fist and her mouth.

Every time I thought I would say something sexy back to her, she would increase her pace as she began to work my cock in earnest. She slurped the head of my cock in and let her tongue slide up and down beneath the crown of my cock. I then felt her cup my balls as she continued sucking me deep. I opened my eyes periodically to visually watch her and the joy in her eyes as she face fucked my cock and cupped my balls was electrifying.

I instinctively grabbed her red hair, my fingers intertwining and gripping her. I let her bob onto my cock a few times before pulling her onto me. Her eyes continued to look up to me, showing the joy she was having. Then she took me me all the way into her mouth and I watched her eyes roll into the back of her head. As my cock hit her throat, she gagged audibly.

“Mmmmmnnnnhhhhhoom” was all I could hear. She followed that by letting my cock come all the way out of her mouth, with the end popping audibly like she was sucking a lollipop. Before any feeling could subside, she went deeper with her gorgeous lips sucking hard, my cock hitting her throat again as she was taking my entire cock into her. I pulled her hair and my hips pivoted into her face.

I finally managed to ask, “do you want me to get you, too?”

“No” was all Shelby said, grinning, as she stared hungrily at me as she began fist fucking my cock again.

“Your gonna… make me… cum” was all I could get out.

“I know,” Shelby replied.

She turned her attention back to my cock and began to pump it ferociously. Each time when I thought it was going to get dry she would suck me in again adding more and more saliva.

“Jesus” I exhaled.

I think she knew I was close because I felt her squeeze my balls in her hand. I felt my cock swell in her hand and knew that I had reached the point where I could not hold back any longer.

“I’m gonna….!”

She took my cock all the way into her mouth, further than I had been, and then sucked me so hard as she pulled back and let my cock out of her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, with her eyes focussed on the tip of my cock, desperate for my cum. She ferociously pumped my cock and I knew I was about to explode.

The first shot erupted from me and shot perfectly into her mouth. I moaned deep as I felt my whole body stiffen.

Shelby’s hand pumped me once again and my second shot hit her lips and a some of my cum dripped down her face. She gasped with excitement and she put my cock back in her mouth, pumping with her fist. I continued to shoot rope after rope into her mouth. I dont know how she took so much, but she contined squeezing my balls and stroking my cock until every last drop of cum had gone into her.

As the orgasm subsided and I came down from the clouds, I watched as she delighted in my cum. She allowed it to bubble on the tips of her lips, put her fingers into it, and let a long strand string from her lips to her fingers, before sticking it back in her mouth. She then sucked her finger, then swallowed it, then licked her lips again, and swallowed again. She then gently sucked my cock again, being careful with how sensitive it was, devouring every drop. Then she stood as she carefully placed my cock back in my pants.

“Shelby,.. I’m….”

I never finished what I was going to say. She hit the intercom behind me, I quickly came to my senses as I heard a corrections officer over the intercom. “Yes?” came over the intercom.

“I’ve gone down… er I mean over everything with my attorney,” she said as she kissed me once more.

Then I heard, “Door is unlocked, Counselor.”

I knew it was only moments before the door on the opposite side of the room would open and a correction officer would be in to get Shelby.

“Just get me out of here Jim,” she said as she walked backwards grinning to the other side of the room. She user her finger to help grab some of the cum still on her chin and she put her fingers back to her lips, sucking on them ojce more as she licked my cum back into her mouth.

The magnetic seal on my door unlocked behind me, and I heard the other one on the opposite side of the room do the same.

I managed to half tuck my shirt in before the correction officer came in to get Shelby. As she was being led out of the room by the officer, a big grin was still across her face.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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