Australian Lifeguard Lover

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I was lying on a beach in Australia, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly a lifeguard rushed past me. Even in those brief few seconds that he was in view I couldn’t help but notice that he was incredibly hot.

I turned around to see what had got him in such a hurry and saw him ticking off someone that had trespassed where they should not have. What I saw was an incredibly shapely, full masculine ass underneath that sexy red swimsuit that he wore. Fortunately his swimsuit was not too tight so the material followed the natural curves of his man melons instead of cutting across them. He had a pair of mighty fine legs that were covered in long, silky blondish brown hair.

Having delivered his lecture he turned around and started making his way back to his post. I stole a quick glance and noticed a deliciously full package nestled between his thighs. A trail of dark brown hair led out of his swimsuit and disappeared under the cropped vest that he wore. He had powerful shoulders and a well developed chest and washboard flat stomach. He was just one of the hottest men I had ever seen.

So imagine my surprise when he stopped near me.

‘Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t kick sand in your face as I went by.’ he said.

I was dumb struck and couldn’t think of anything to say so I just smiled at him.

‘It’s a beautiful day for it, isn’t it?’ he said.

A beautiful day for what I wondered. I knew what I would like it to a beautiful day for – covering his sexy body in hungry kisses. But I figured there was no chance of that.

‘It’s a pity you have to work.’ I said.

‘I’ve Demetevler Escort just finished my shift.’ he replied as he sat down on my towel uninvited, not that I minded.

He was quite easy to talk to but I was extremely self conscious of being naked while he was clothed. Each time he flashed me that brilliant white toothed smile of his I felt my lust rise higher. My heart seemed to be beating faster than normal and I felt my throat and tongue go dry. It had been a long time since I felt so turned on. And then when he slipped a hand up his vest and idly brushed it against his left nipple my cock rose of his own accord.

‘Sorry about that.’ I said as I glanced down at the raging tiger that towered up from the flat of my belly.

‘Looks like he’s pretty hungry.’ the lifeguard said.

‘I’m really sorry.’ I repeated.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ he said.

And then, damn! he stretched out his arm and took my cock in his hand. He smiled at me as he slowly jacked the skin back and forth, exposing the moist, sensitive cock head to the fresh air. I held my breath, wondering where this would lead to. He moved a little closer and then slowly pulled his swim suit down.

I caught sight of a flash of dark brown pubes, quickly followed by a fleshy pink cock and two full, heavy, reddish brown balls. I reached out and stroked the silky hair growing on his warm, muscular thighs. It was like touching ecstasy. He smiled as I slid my hand up and down his thigh and then into the warmth of his hairy butt crack.

‘Ooooh Otele gelen escort I like that.’ he whispered as my finger teased his little pucker hole.

It was all I needed to hear. I turn around and buried my face between his furry thighs. A funky masculine scent filled my nostrils and burned directly into my lust receptors. I was like a madman as my tongue plunged into his crack while I pulled his fleshy, smooth cheeks apart. I tongued greedily around his rosebud pucker before plunging in and causing him to groan out loud.

I felt a warm mouth close around my cock and I just about jumped out of my skin. My sensitive cockhead was getting the tongue bathing of its life as he slowly worked his tongue all around the shaft and as deep into the slit as he could get. And all the while he was playing with my balls, alternating gently tugging them with crushing them quite firmly, but not in a painful way.

I briefly wondered if anyone could see us but I didn’t care. I had his ass so spit slicked now that when I pushed my index finger against his ring guard it met no resistance and I slid all the way home. The feel of that tight, hot wet ass around my finger made me want the real thing. I worked another finger into his ass, prying him loose and tried to hold off popping my cock. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, the way he was sucking my happy dick.

I pulled away from him and he turned over on his belly, almost as if he knew what I had in mind. I knelt over him and whispered in his ear.

‘Go for it mate.’ he said.

Those Balgat Escort were the magic word. I got into position and was surprised at how easily I slid into him. It was like sliding into tub of blood warm jello. I pulled all the way out and plunged in again. Judging by the sounds that escaped his throat it was exactly what he wanted and I repeated this over and over until my belly hurt. He rose onto his knees and I was now able to see his pale, juicy ass as I plunged in and out of his silken depths.

He had a little silky patch of blonde hair where butt met back that grew darker as it slid into the steamy crack of his sexy ass. Every now and then he would clench his ring tight around my cock, and each time that happened I had to grit my teeth and fight against blowing my wad. I would never have guessed that such a sporty, straight looking stud could be such an experienced bottom. but I loved it, and I secretly thank the trespasser for bringing him my way.

I looked around and noticed a guy watching us. He was wanking furiously and who could blame him. I’m sure it must have been a really hot sight to see. The lifeguard was jerking on his own joy stick now and I could tell he was close. It was time to give in to my own pleasure. He begged me to fuck harder and faster and I was happy to give him what he wanted.

The only sound now was the slippery plunging of my hard cock in and out of his warm, wet tunnel. I could feel my body grow rigid as my feet began to tingle. I knew that my orgasm was on the way and warned the sexy lifeguard.

Seconds later he groaned out loud as he creamed off on my towel, just as my floodgates opened and I spunked off deep inside his juicy hole. I collapsed on top of him with my cock still buried deep in his ass.

When we had both come down from our fuck high he got up and went off for a swim, while I fell asleep thinking about the ride of my life.


Copyright 2004 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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