Avalanche of Love

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The idea of attending a conference in Colorado in the fall didn’t excite me at first. I guess I would have preferred the warm sun of Florida or southern California. But, my boss convinced me it would be fun and different and promised me a Florida trip later in the winter.

I teach computer classes to adults at a training center in Michigan. One of the advantages of the job is that most of my fellow instructors are female. So, that makes conferences a little more bearable…especially in the warmer climates where beaches and swimming pools are in use. Would I be stuck this time with women wrapped in five layers of ski apparel?

The reception on the evening of the day I arrived was in the lobby of the ski resort lodge we’d be using for the conference. Normally, I hate these things. The refreshments are always the same and, being a better listener than talker, I rarely initiate a conversation with anyone.

Luck was on my side tonight. About fifteen minutes into the reception, after nearly completing my first beer, a really cute brunette said “Hi” to me at the cheese tray. Now, I put attractive women into two main groups—babes and really cute. Not being the Tom Cruise type myself, babes are considered pretty much unattainable. Nice to look at, but not something I’m liable to wake up next to. Really cute, on the other hand, includes women that I’m attracted to that, under the right circumstances, might even talk to me.

I was looking at one at the moment.

“Hi,” I said back. She was about 5’6”, maybe 32 or 33, with short brown hair, highlighted with streaks of lighter brown and tan. She wore a v-neck shirt and business casual pants. Her light gray eyes shined as she looked up at me and smiled.

“Where you from, John?” she asked, looking briefly at the Hello, My Name Is tag stuck crookedly on my shirt.

“Michigan. Outside of Lansing. How about you?” Her name was Cindy, evident from the tag placed strategically above one of the ample breasts pushing against her shirt.

“Chicago. I guess we’re both used to this cold, then,” she smiled.

“Yeah. I hear we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight. Do you ski?” I asked, filling my plate and following her to the end of the table.

“Nope. Never tried it. How about you?”

“Never. I’d rather be snorkeling,” I said.

She laughed, while I pictured her in my mind floating on top of blueish green water in an orange bikini.

“Me too, I guess. But here we are,” she said. “We’ll have to make do.”

I drank the last of my beer and asked her if she wanted a drink. She asked for a glass of wine and I returned from the bar to find her sitting on the end of a couch near the fireplace in the center of the lobby.

“Are you here with coworkers?” I asked her.

“Nope. Just me. Which means I’ll probably spend most of the time in the room. If no one’s here to organize the social events for me, I end up doing nothing,” she said.

“Well, I’m the same,” I said. “So if they mention something tomorrow in the meeting that you might want to do later, let me know and I’ll go with you.”

“I will. Thanks,” she said.

We talked for about half an hour before leaving for our rooms. As she got off the elevator on the floor below mine, I watched her small ass move down the hall until the elevator doors closed. The next time I pictured her in my mind, she wasn’t wearing a bikini.

It snowed heavily during the night. When I opened the drapes in my room and looked out upon the mountains surrounding the lodge, it almost made me forget the warmer climates I had thought of the day before. The pure whiteness covering the ground and trees and the new snow continuing to fall was truly beautiful.

I finished breakfast and moved into the conference room for the first session. Seated alone near the back was Cindy, dressed in a satiny pink blouse tucked into a red skirt that stopped well above the knees of her crossed legs. She was reading the paper and I didn’t intend to bother her…yet. But, she looked up and waved for me to come over.

“Good morning,” I said as I approached.

“Hi. Do you have a seat, yet?” she asked.


“Sit here,” she motioned to the spot next to her.

“Thanks. Do you need coffee or anything?” I asked her.

“No. I’m fine. Thanks.”

When I was settled in, she said, “Isn’t the snow great? I think they expect a bunch more today. I’m glad I don’t have to drive in it.”

“Yeah. I might go out later, but I’m still not sold on the skiing thing,” I said. “I’m too old for that stuff.”

“Oh, come on,” she smiled. “You’re about my age and I don’t consider myself a fossil yet.”

“Let’s just say I’m in my thirties and would like to Gaziantep Gecelik Escort live to see forty,” I replied.

The morning session dragged along. It was highlighted mainly by the break, during which Cindy walked out to the restroom. This allowed me a better look at her long, well-toned legs. And her shirt did little to hide the tops of her breasts or her lacy pink bra. It was going to be a long three days, I thought.

It was around 11 a.m. when my stomach, still on Eastern Time, wanted lunch. The speaker was putting me to sleep and I needed food. I looked at the table and realized the best I could do at the moment was a lot of water. I reached for the pitcher and stopped, my arm frozen in mid air.

The ice cubes in the pitcher were shaking gently as if we were riding in a car on a rough road. Then small “waves” formed on the surface of the water.

I turned to look at Cindy, who had already watched my hand stop just short of the pitcher’s handle.

“Quit kicking the table,” I whispered to her jokingly.

“I’m not,” she said.

I grabbed the pitcher and began to pour a glass of water. Then we heard it. Actually, we might have felt it before we heard it. It was a rumble that seemed to emanate through the floor and into the seats and into our bodies. But, soon it was a definite, discernable sound. A train approaching, or maybe the sound they use in movies when a herd of something is running toward you.

I put the water down, which now shook almost violently on the table. A rustle of voices filled the room, and heads turned in random directions as the yet undefined noise seemed to come from everywhere. I saw people around me getting up while someone standing at the windows pulled back the curtains. More people began to look out and a woman’s scream echoed inside the room.

“It’s an avalanche!” The words didn’t register at first when a man at the window first yelled them. But when people began to run, instinct took over. In the Midwest, everyone knows what to do when a tornado is spotted. There is very little training offered in surviving avalanches.

Running seemed like a logical start.

“Come on,” I said to Cindy as I rose from my chair. She had already started to stand and we headed for the exit at the back left of the room. We were only three rows of tables from the back to begin with, so it just took seconds to get to the door. Luckily, only a handful of people were blocking the escape and we quickly got through the narrow exit into a hallway leading to the lobby.

The first explosive sound of the wall of snow hitting the lodge came as I looked over my shoulder for Cindy, who was right behind me. The entire building shook and the lights flickered once, then went out. I was thrown against the wall while people ahead of me stumbled and fell over chairs and tables.

So far I hadn’t had a particular goal in mind during our flight. Now, I realized we needed a safe place to take cover for what seemed like the inevitable collapse of the building. When I looked behind me again I saw the walls of the room we were in fall outward, towards us. I turned to run some more, Cindy close behind.

Magically, at that instant an elevator door five feet ahead of me opened. We were on the bottom floor, I quickly thought. It can’t fall far. I stopped and looked for Cindy.

“In here,” I yelled over the roar. Behind her, a wall of whiteness steamrolled down the hallway with debris and bodies pushed in front of it.

I jumped into the empty elevator and was horrified to see the doors begin to close. I reached out and grabbed Cindy’s hand just at the snow and debris caught up to her. I yanked her toward me as her legs disappeared in snow. The doors of the elevator hit the outside of her thighs as I pulled her in and she screamed.

When her snow-covered, shoeless feet were safely inside the elevator, I said to her, “You’re OK.”

The noise was deafening and the elevator shook wildly. The elevator doors stuck open about eighteen inches apart and outside, from floor to ceiling, all you could see was white snow. It forced its way inside the elevator and Cindy and I moved into a dry corner, her arms around my waist. Again she screamed when the elevator dropped a couple feet before coming to a thudding stop.

Almost as quickly as it all began, the noise stopped. It was not quite completely dark in the elevator and I saw Cindy looking at me with a horrified look.

“Oh, my God, John. What do we do?” Her voice quivered as she held me tighter.

“I think we’re OK now. This may be the best place to be,” I said with as much reassurance as I could.

We had about six feet of dry floor on our side of the elevator. Snow was driven in a small drift against the opposite wall and it was too dark to see the ceiling. But, our eyes were beginning to adjust to the sudden darkness and the lack of noise seemed to calm us both.

“Now we just wait for the rescue,” I said.

She had let go of me and was looking around our little space. I could see now that her hair was messed and her blouse was untucked on one side. But, amazingly, neither of us had any major scars.

“How are your legs?” I asked her.

“Oh, they hurt a little, but not bad,” she said, running her hands over the spots where the doors got her. That was when she noticed her blouse, and stuck it back inside her skirt.

She slid down the wall of the elevator and sat on the floor, her legs stretched out in front of her, the short skirt stopping mid-thigh.

“God. That was close,” she sighed. “You saved my life, I think.” She looked up at me.

I sat beside her and didn’t say anything at first, staring at the snow near our feet. I tried to imagine what would have happened if the doors to the elevator had not opened when they did. I tried to forget the faces of the people hit by the advancing snow before I pulled Cindy inside. I held her hand.

She put her other hand on the side of my head, pulling it towards her. She kissed me long and hard, her tongue flicking against mine. I went to put my hand beside her to brace myself and it lightly touched her leg. Almost unconsciously, I placed my hand on her leg, at the bottom of her skirt, then moved it up under the soft fabric. I continued moving it up as our kiss persisted.

The hand on the back of my head applied even more pressure when I felt the bottom of her panties. She broke away from the kiss and placed her head on my shoulder. I could smell and feel her soft hair against my face. My hand reached for her ass and she leaned over, allowing me to put my leg between hers and, at the same time, feel the softness of her cheek through the material of her panties.

When I put my hand inside the panties and lightly squeezed her ass, she moaned in my ear. We were facing each other, legs intertwined, sliding more and more down the wall until we were lying on the floor.

She kissed me again while I ran my fingers across the smooth, soft flesh of her ass and thighs. I moved my hand from under her skirt to her back, where I felt the silky smoothness of her blouse. My hand rose up over her bra strap to her shoulders and I pulled her into me. We were attacking each other’s mouth, licking each other’s lips. Her hands moved up and down my back frantically.

I leaned into her until she moved more onto her back than her side. My hand came around her side and onto her stomach while I contemplated where to go next. I moved up, feeling the underside of her left breast first, then completely engulfing it in my hand through her shirt.

“Oh, yeah,” she said softly.

The bra felt thin and tight against her skin, the nipple hard and long. I reached inside the opening in her blouse and could feel the top of her breast. I kissed her cheek and neck on that side and she turned her head. Unbuttoning one more button, I could easily push my hand inside and underneath the little bra. I cupped the breast and squeezed her nipple gently.

Cindy gasped and moaned softly. Her hand rode down my side, to my hip and onto my crotch. With her fingers stretched wide, she rubbed my ever-hardening cock while I kneaded her tit. I had to have it in my mouth.

I quickly unbuttoned three more buttons of her blouse while she played with me through my pants. I pulled the blouse open and moved the strap of her bra over her shoulder. At the same time that I pushed the bra off her breast, I licked from her neck to the top of her breast to her exposed nipple. I smothered the area around her nipple with my mouth and sucked furiously, pushing the tit up with my hand. My tongue played with the nipple until I was sure it couldn’t grow any larger.

“Jesus, yes. Oh, John,” Cindy cried, pulling my head harder onto her breast. “Take it off,” I heard her say faintly.

Not bothering to ask what she meant, I finished unbuttoning her blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and slid it off her shoulders. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves and immediately unhooked her bra. About the same time I was finding a dry spot on the floor for her blouse, her bra was thrown on top of it.

Cindy reached for my shirt and began undoing the buttons while I admired the breasts I had thought about so often since the night before. There may have been imperfections, but the darkness in the elevator hid them well. They were full and firm, begging to be held and licked.

My shirt was removed and she wasted no time unfastening my belt and pulling down the zipper of my pants. Finally, she slowed down a little and inserted a hand under the top of my boxers. It didn’t take long for her fingers to find my rigid cock and drag it up so it pointed towards her. Meanwhile, I was wrapping my fingers around one of her magnificent breasts, feeling it shift from side to side.

I managed to get my mouth onto a tit without making her let go of my cock, which desperately wanted to be held. The more I sucked, the harder she squeezed. My right hand found its way back to her legs, only this time I moved up and straight to her pussy. When I pulled her skirt up and put my hand inside the top of her panties, reaching down until I found her clit, she inhaled noisily and arched her back off the floor.

“I want you in me,” she moaned. “Fuck me, please.”

My cock must have doubled in size within seconds. I got on my knees and shuffled down to her legs, pushing her skirt up until I could see her white panties in what faint light there was. As I pulled them down I got a better look at the beautifully shaped legs I had admired all morning. When I slid the panties off her feet, Cindy leaned up and unzipped her skirt. She lifted her butt and pushed the skirt down her legs until I could reach it and pull it completely off.

She sat naked in front of me and I could tell, in the quiet darkness of an elevator in a building buried under tons of snow, that this was the most gorgeous body I had ever seen.

Cindy reached forward and pulled my pants down, which I quickly removed. Just as effortlessly, she lowered my boxers, releasing my fully erect cock. I yanked the boxers off and moved between her legs, which she spread invitingly.

As my hands moved up the outside of her thighs, my head moved directly to her cunt. She was neatly shaven except for a thin strip of hair above the clit. As soon as my tongue found the opening between her pussy lips, she stiffened.

“Oh, fuck. Ahhh…”

I put my hands under her ass and lifted her into my mouth. I moved up until I found her clit with my tongue and surrounded it with my lips. Nibbling on the warm, wet nub, I felt her body shake.

“Yes, there. Yes.”

I didn’t spend long because it felt like she was ready to cum any second and, honestly, I couldn’t wait any longer to feel her cunt around my cock. I slid up farther and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her cunt. My fear of entering her too fast soon disappeared when I felt the warm dampness begin to surround my cock. I slid in easily and, as soon as she wrapped her legs around my waist, I pushed until our bodies met with a smack.

“Oh, my God. Fuck me,” Cindy said.

I didn’t need any more encouraging. The tightness of her cunt sent shivers through me each time I thrust into her. It grabbed my cock and tried to devour it, constricting and relaxing like a third hand. I wanted this to last forever and I thought she was going to make me cum in five seconds.

I held onto her ass with both hands and concentrated on the wonderful softness down there instead of what my cock wanted to do. It slid in and out of her effortlessly as she moaned louder. Her breasts bounced back and forth with our movements and I felt her body shake.

“God, I’m gonna cum,” she said anxiously. “Yes. Now.”

Cindy lifted herself off the floor until only her shoulders touched the ground. With a great gush of air she had been holding in, she groaned and started cumming. Her hips rose and fell uncontrollably, my cock trying desperately to stay in her. Cindy shook her head back and forth, while wrapping her arms around my neck.

Muffled grunts and groans came from her as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. When I was certain I was going to be able to stay inside her, I felt the rush of my own cum flow out of my balls and into my cock.

“I’m cumming,” I said softly.

“Come on, babe,” Cindy replied. “Fuck me.”

The cum shot from my cock as it never had before. Her cunt squeezed me harder and I felt a second blast pour out. I pulled her up by the ass and injected her three more times with long streams of fluid. Her soft thighs wrapped around my waist and she held on for dear life as I pumped her again and again.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her, both of us panting. She stretched her legs out and put her hands on my ass, squeezing gently. We kissed for what seemed like eternity.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered when our lips separated.

“You’re wonderful,” I said, moving her hair off her forehead.

We held each other for about half an hour, after which we repeated our lovemaking. Then we dressed. It was soon after that we first heard the sounds of rescuers digging through the snow. We would live to attend another conference. But it wouldn’t be the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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