Back, Crack, and Empty Sack!

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Big Tits

This story based on a real life event, that I experienced with my sexy Spanish wife. Enjoy!

A couple of years ago, Sophia was offered a promotion within the company where she works. It involved setting up a new office, in a totally new area, and it came with a two-year relocation package, which meant they’d pay our rent and any costs incurred. It couldn’t have come at a better time as our friends needed a place to rent while building their own home. So, they moved into our place after we moved into our swanky, new home.

I work, a lot, from home so I can literally be anywhere in the world as long as I have the internet. The best thing, for me, is the new home we’re renting has a bigger office than our previous home so I’m very happy with the situation. Sophia seems to have come alive in her new role, too, and we’re very happy with the move.

There were a few ‘teething’ problems, to start with, such as finding new places to shop and buying everyday things wasn’t easy because the house is quite remote. It’s fun finding new venues where we can eat and drink because we love to eat out so it’s important we try them all…and we do.

There were also the basics, such as finding a new doctor, a dentist and, for me, an Osteopath, local to us. I suffer from a bad back, from time to time, and regular visits to my Osteopath keep the pain at bay. My regular guy, back home, is great, but I don’t want to travel the two hundred fifty mile round trip every time I need a treatment.

After an unsuccessful treatment, from two different Osteopaths, I found Mark on my third attempt. He’s brilliant! I’m a big guy and need someone who’s strong enough to treat me and Mark fits the bill, perfectly. I also like the fact he’s ex-military, too, so we have the same, sick sense of humor, which helps when someone is so close and personal with your body.

I imagine Mark is very popular with the ladies, too, despite being a married man. He’s six foot, three inches tall and built like a rugby player. He’s rugged, has a good looking face and sandy colored hair. He’s a fully qualified sports masseur and gym instructor and it’s obvious he spends a great deal of his life in the gym, too, as he has an amazingly toned body.

I really like his no-nonsense, casual approach, too. He isn’t one for unnecessary bullshit…he tells you, straight-up, what you need, gets on with a treatment plan and does it. Even his uniform is casual…none of the doctor’s whites some of the other Osteopaths wear….he wears sweat pants and a polo shirt with the company logo on it. I guess it makes it easier to jump between jobs.

Mark fixed my back during my first appointment with him. He showed me some daily stretches to do, a new workout routine and told me to return, after four months, for a checkup. During those four months, my training went great, my body felt stronger and I didn’t have any problems with my back…at all! After the four months had passed, I wanted to keep my appointment, in case there were any problems and to show Mark how well I was doing.


It’s a beautiful summer’s day and Sophia has the day off, too, so I promise to take her to a new gourmet pub, after my treatment. I love taking Sophia out during the summer months because she always dresses so sexy. She loves to show off her beautiful, slim body and, being Spanish, she always has a gorgeous, natural-looking tan and the outfit she chose, for today, shows it off, beautifully!

She’s wearing: one of her push up bras, which makes her normal 34C tits look like 34DD’s; a black-mesh G-string; denim mini-skirt and a black tank top, finished off with a pair of high wedge shoes. Sophia never goes out without high heels. She was born to wear them! Although she’s not tall (five feet, five inches), she has the most incredible legs and her high shoes seem to elongate them even more. This is going to be a good day. She’s going to be getting a lot of attention, which is a massive turn-on for me!

At first, Sophia isn’t overly happy about having to go to the Osteopath with me, but she cheers up when I promise her a nice, cold bottle of Prosecco for having to wait for me at Mark’s while I get my treatment.

Mark’s office is next to the gym, where he works. Although it’s a modern building, Mark doesn’t have a receptionist as he prefers to buzz people into his office from the plush waiting area. So, his clients don’t, actually, see him until his previous client leaves. I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction to Sophia. Mark is quite, obviously, a red-blooded man and I know she’ll get his attention. There aren’t many men she doesn’t attract.

Mark appears from his office with a very attractive blonde girl. He’s chatting with her about what she needs to do before her next visit as he walks behind the desk to book her for another appointment and, at this point, looks up.

“Hi, Ray!”

He sees Sophia and his eyes nearly pop out of his head…his reaction is perfect! He quickly ushers the blonde out of the door with a slap on her ass and Eryaman Escort a caution for being a silly girl. Apparently, she also works in the gym and had gotten very drunk the night before, fallen over and hurt her back. Mark comes straight over to where we’re sitting.

“So, who’s this beautiful creature? You didn’t tell me you’re bringing your daughter with you!”

“You cheeky fucker! This is my wife, Sophia.”

He’s not the first to assume she’s my daughter. Sophia is about ten years younger than me but looks, at least, ten years younger than she really is. I, however, look my age, if not older. The fact that Sophia is dressed like a southern California beach babe doesn’t help, either. Sophia loves the dressing-style of the California girls.

The denim Daisy Duke hot pants or a mini skirt and a tight tank top is a joy to see. She spends a fortune on Abercrombie clothes, when we go to LA, but it really suits her. She doesn’t dress this way all of the time, but on a hot summer’s day, like today, it works and Mark likes it, too.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sophia. Ray had told me you’re beautiful, but I had no idea you’d be this beautiful!”

Sophia is always very quick-witted.

“Ray told me you’re a charmer, but he didn’t say you were this good,” Sophia says and smiles.

We all laugh and make our way into Mark’s office. His massage table is in the center of the room and his desk is to the left, next to the window. He sits down behind his desk and Sophia and I sit on the two chairs, facing him. On the other side of the massage table is an area with gym mats laying out into what looks like a work out area. This is where Mark showed me the stretches I do.

It’s funny. Mark is asking me questions about my back, my training and etc., but he never takes his eyes off of Sophia. He moves his gaze between her luscious lips, to her cleavage and also her legs, but he keeps going back to her pussy. As I look down, I can see why. Sophia is sitting in a side saddle position, her legs pointing at Mark. They’re slightly open and her skirt has ridden up. It barely covers her ass when it’s pulled down but, because it’s not tight and she has sat down, it has ridden up to reveal her black-mesh G-string panties.

The small front triangle section is made of a black mesh that’s practically see-through. The back is a tiny piece of string hidden between her ass cheeks, in a T-back style, and has a tiny red bow at the top-center. They’re actually so small and so see-through, I have no idea why she bothered wearing them but I realise we’re going out for lunch and she knows when I see her flash them to me, it’ll drive me wild with lust. It’s no surprise Mark is finding it hard to concentrate on me as he has a better view of her G-string than I. He must be able to see her pussy lips through the material!

“So, Ray, let’s get you naked and on the table so I can have a ‘good’ look at you! I’m only joking, you can leave your boxers on. I don’t want to see you ‘completely’ naked…after all, I’ve just eaten breakfast!”

As he laughs at his own joke, I do as I’m told and get onto the table, which has a sheet of paper on it for hygiene purposes. Mark starts to check me out, but is still focused on Sophia and asking her questions.

“My back is painful, too,” she tells him.

“I can tell by the way you walk and the way you’re sitting. If you’d like, I can take a look at you, after I’ve treated Ray.”

“No. I don’t have my shorts and sports bra with me so I wouldn’t be appropriately dressed.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t care what you’re wearing. I can treat you wearing anything. Besides, I have an hour set aside for lunch, after Ray’s appointment, and Ray won’t take more than a few minutes. He’s in great shape, now!”

“OK,” Sophia agrees.

I feel as if Mark is hurrying through my treatment as quickly as possible. He, obviously, can’t wait to get his hands on Sophia and I don’t blame him! As soon as he’s done with me, he turns his full attention to Sophia.

“OK, Sophia. Would you please stand up and take off your skirt and tank top?”

Sophia isn’t, normally, shy. She’s likes to get naked on the beach, and a lot of other places, but she seems slightly hesitant at Mark’s request.

“It’s OK, Sophia. I promise to be gentle with you, but I need to see how your body moves, but I can’t with your clothes on.”

So, Sophia starts removing her tank top and skirt.

“Would you please walk back and forth so I can observe how you move?”

He sits on a chair, next to me, and watches her as she wiggles her beautiful ass, from side to side, as she walks back and forth in the room. Then he stops her.

“Sophia, seriously, I could watch you do this all day long. In fact, I’d pay good money to do so, but I really do need to observe your walk without your heels on.”

Again, he laughs at his own joke. Sophia looks slightly angry with him and obediently takes her shoes off, but ‘two can play this game’! Sincan Escort Not only does she take them off…oh, no…Sophia knows, exactly, how to tease a guy with her undressing technique. She wants to try and make Mark sweat for his teasing.

She moves to a position between the massage table and where we’re sitting. With her back to us, she bends forward at her waist, straight legged as if she’s touching her toes and slowly unties each shoe. From our position, we have the most amazing view of her ass and pussy lips. It drives me insane when she does this.

My cock springs to life as I know, she knows, exactly, what she’s doing and, for the first time, I see Mark look slightly flustered. With her shoes removed, she starts to walk back and forth in the room for Mark, this time, he seems to take it seriously.

“Sophia, can you come back over here and do what you did before when you were taking your shoes off?”

Sophia looks annoyed, again.

“No, you pervert, I’m not doing it again!”

“I promise, it’s not about anything perverted. I want to demonstrate something to Ray, to show how bad your back is. I promise, it’s a genuine treatment. No more jokes!”

So, Sophia comes over and stands in front of us.

“Please, turn around.”

Sophia turns her back to us and Mark places his thumbs in the little dimples above her ass.

“I want you to see this, Ray.”

“Now, Sophia, bend forward, as you did earlier, as if you’re going to touch your toes.”

As she does, one of his thumbs moves a lot more than the other one. It’s very obvious there’s something not quite right.

“As you can see, Ray, her right side doesn’t move at the same rate as her left. This means she’s slightly out of alignment, but it’s easy enough to fix.”

“Sophia, I’m going to have to crack your back for you. I’ll massage the areas, first, to loosen them up or it might be a little painful. Can you get on the table and lay, face down, with your head at this end, like Ray did?”

Sophia does as she’s told. She can be a real hot head but she’s very good at taking instructions, especially from a professional. Not so much from me, though.

“Sophia, I’m going to have to unhook your bra or I’ll end up getting lotion on it. You don’t have to take it off, only unhook it.”

With that, Sophia sits up, unhooks, removes and chucks her bra at me. She’s, almost, completely naked. The sight of her lying, face down, on the table and wearing only her tiny G-string, gets the blood surging into my cock, again. It’s completely hard by the time I see Mark start to massage her back, but when he pulls her G-string halfway down her ass, so he ‘doesn’t get lotion on it’, I nearly cum.

The massage Mark is giving her is slow and firm. Moving from her shoulder blades, down her back and to her ass, moving from one ass cheek to the other and then to her back, again. Sophia loves having a massage. When we’re away, I do it for her by the pool or on the beach, which nearly always ends with an orgasm for her and us fucking, afterward.

She’s letting out little moans as Mark’s strong hands work their way over her body. I can’t be sure, but I think he’s allowing his thumbs to glide over the sides of her boobs a few times. She seems to enjoy it, that’s for sure, and I’m so turned on! Then the manipulations and maneuvering of Sophia into different positions start in order to ‘crack her back’.

Their bodies are entwined and erotically close with each and every position. The treatment ends with Sophia laying on her back, her head slightly over the table, and Mark massaging her neck from underneath. I can tell she’s turned on…her breathing is quite fast and her nipples are rock hard! She’s enjoying the attention her body is getting from this handsome hunk.

“OK, Sophia, the hard part’s out of the way. Let me get you to stand in front of us, again, so I can show Ray how much better your back is.”

This time, when Sophia bends forward, Mark’s thumbs move in line with each other. It’s quite impressive stuff. What’s more impressive is neither Sophia nor Mark has pulled her G-string back up so it’s still halfway down her ass cheeks. So, as she bends forward, her bare pussy is exposed and I’m not surprised when Mark makes her do it two or three times.

“What I’m going to do, now, is show you some stretches you can do, at home, every morning after you get up. They will help keep your back healthy. Please go to the mats on the other side of the room.”

“Actually, Ray, do you want to film this on your phone so Sophia can see it, again, tomorrow? She may forget by then.”

“I don’t have my phone on me, Mark, it’s in the car.”

“What about you, Sophia, can we video this on your phone?”

“Mine is in my handbag, in the car, too. Sorry!”

“That’s OK. Ray, you can film it on my phone and I’ll send it to you after we’ve finished.”

This seems like a good idea, now, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next! Sophia Etlik Escort moves over to the mats, followed by Mark, and I position myself, leaning against the massage table, so I can video Mark and Sophia.

“OK, Sophia, I want you to get onto all fours then lay your upper body on the mat, as flat as you can, and with your arms stretched forward.”

Mark positions himself behind her to ‘help’ her get into the right position. He pushes her legs closer together and then has her arch her back. He’s directly behind her, as if he’s going to fuck her from behind, as he pushes her back into an arch, his crotch is against Sophia.

“Can you feel that?” he asks.

“Yes!” Sophia replies.

“Now, get up onto all fours, again, and arch your back the other way.”

Mark doesn’t move from his position, his crotch/cock is almost imbedded in her ass crack. Using his hand to lift her into more of an arch and then push her back down into a reverse arch, he keeps asking her if she can ‘feel it’. I don’t remember him being in this position with me when he taught me my stretches, but he did keep asking me if I could feel it…meaning the stretch.

I can’t help but feel he’s asking Sophia if she can feel his cock. Seeing my wife naked, except for a tiny G-string (which is still pulled down) and being handled by this good looking hunk (who, for all I know, has his cock buried inside of her pussy) is really erotic. My cock is rock hard, again.

Mark gives Sophia a couple of extra stretches to do…each time, in another compromising position. Each one with his hands wandering over her body and pushing his crotch against her, in one way or another. She winces when he gets her to do a stretch in a seated position.

“Oh, dear, that doesn’t look good. Does sitting in that position hurt?”

Sophia points to her coccyx area.

“Yes, it does. Right here!”

“Don’t worry, we can do a treatment for that. It isn’t nice but it’ll cure it. Do you want me to try it for you?”

“If you think it’ll help?” Sophia replies.

“I’m sure it will. Come back over to the table for me. Stand at the end and lean over it so your upper body is flat on the table.”

Sophia does as she’s told. She looks so horny, bent over the table with her ass sticking out! Mark raises the table so her legs are straight and her upper body is at a right angle on the table, exposing her beautiful, tanned ass.

“The only way to fix this is to manipulate it, internally, through the anus. Do you trust me to do this for you, Sophia?”

“I guess so. It seems a little weird though!”

“Trust me, it’s the only way we’re going to fix this thing. I promise to be gentle!”


Mark goes over to the sink to wash his hands before putting on a pair of rubber gloves. As he does, Sophia turns and looks at me, as if to say, ‘what the hell is going on?’, but I can only shrug my shoulders as an answer. Part of me wants him to leave it alone, but the perverted part of me wants to watch him do it. My perversion wins!

“I’m going to have to pull your panties down further, Sophia. Is that OK?”

Mark’s eyes light up as Sophia doesn’t bother answering, but simply pulls her G-string down past her thighs until it drops to the floor. Mark is standing behind her, admiring and witnessing the view as she carefully steps out of it, one leg at a time…now she’s ‘completely’ naked! She looks so horny! I love fucking her like this. It’s all I can do to ‘not’ drop my shorts and fuck her right here and now.

“You’re one lucky fucker, Ray! Seriously! Where’d you find this goddess?”

How do you answer that question? Here’s my stunning wife, naked and exposed, as a stranger is lusting over her. It’s hard to say anything. Mark pulls Sophia’s ass cheeks apart with his left hand and squirts lube on her asshole, which makes her jump.

“Sorry if it’s a little cold, Sophia, but I’ll have it warmed up in no time.”

Then he applies a generous amount of lube to the middle and index fingers of his right hand. While holding her ass cheeks apart with his left hand, again, he slowly begins to insert his middle finger. Mark’s hands are massive and his fingers are, too. I’m sure Sophia has had smaller cocks than Marks middle finger. Neither Mark nor I are sure if it’s a moan of pleasure or pain, but she starts to moan as he slips it in.

“Are you OK, Sophia? It’s not too painful, is it?”

“No, it’s OK. I haven’t had anything up there for a while!”

“Why’s that?”

“It’s too painful when Ray is inside of me.”

“Well, we’ll sort that out for you!”

He slowly withdraws his finger, almost all of the way, then pushes it back in, further this time. He appears to be feeling around inside of her anus and, then, he finds what he’s looking for.

“Is this a little sore, Sophia?”


“It’s exactly as I thought, you’ve bent your coccyx. Maybe you fell on it? I don’t know, but it can be very painful. I’m going to have to insert another finger to be able to manipulate it, Sophia. Are you OK with that?”

“Yes. Just do it!”

Mark pulls his middle finger out of her ass and squirts more lube on her asshole. He puts his middle and index fingers together and begins to push them into her ass. Sophia’s back arches as she tries to adjust to fit both of his big, fat fingers inside of her tiny ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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