Back Door Delivery

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Female Ejaculation

The following fictional story is a collaborative effort between MiloReid & Ariel69. We met through this site and formed a creative partnership and outlet for both of us. We had alot of fun writing it and hope you enjoy it as much while reading it!(hint, hint)

Constructive criticism is always welcome as we both strive to improve our writing skills. Let us know if you enjoyed this “He said/She said” format enough for another chapter or new project altogether!



I impatiently wait to see you round the corner. To catch a glimpse of you, even for a second, makes my heart pound. The clock ticks louder in my ear as each second passes and you don’t appear. I’ve been playing this game for nearly 6 months now. Asking to work every Tuesday, when I know it’s when you come in to restock. I get distracted by a customer, look down to count the change, and as I look back up… you are there. My breath catches for a moment as I soak in your masculine frame with my eyes. That cut of your jaw line, the rounding of your broad shoulders into your bicep. I continue to watch as you lift the heavy stock, your rugged hands grasping the boxes. Oh, how I want those hands touching me, squeezing me, pushing me down in front of you.

You must sense my stare because you turn and make eye contact with me. The slightest smirk lights your lips. Yes, you know of my attraction and you love the game too. You push up your sleeves while you continue to work, knowing your forearms will flex with each movement. I begin to squeeze my thighs together and notice my dampness. I’ve never so badly wanted anyone. I have barely spoken to you during these six months, but I have your deep baritone voice etched onto my brain. Your musky aroma fills my nostrils as you walk by to get more stock from the truck.


The hair on the back of my neck stands on end. I don’t need to turn around to know your heated gaze is following me. This weekly ritual has been teasing us for months now. I grin to myself as I make a show of hefting the heavy box up over my head. I have started wearing these clinging shirts on Tuesdays just for you. The sleeves are too hot, but you always flutter back there when I make a show of rolling them up.

I’ve finally thought of a new trick. Strutting out to the truck again with the most casual stride I can manage, I shoot you a wink before ducking out the door. I grab the largest and last box from the back of the truck, wrapping my arms around it and flexing as I come back inside. I don’t look at you. I know you’re watching me between customers. The box is heavy. Very heavy. I should lighten it up a bit by putting some of the product on the shelf for you.

I brace the box between my body and the shelves, one knee supporting the weight as I reach into the box unhurriedly. I wonder how nice it would be to have you straddle my leg in this position and trap you between myself and the shelves too. The clatter of dropped change and your breathy apology to your customer leads me to believe you might be having the same thought. I can’t help the wicked chuckle that escapes me. Taking a quick glance around the shop I’m noticing that this is your last customer at the moment. As the sweet little old lady helps you pick up the change I stroll over.

“Let me help you carry this to your car, ma’am.” I offer her gently.

“Oh! Why thank you, young man.” She exclaims gratefully. I gather her parcel and follow her out the door. Brief minutes later I return with my clipboard.

“Care to check me out?” I ask while fighting my smirk, passing you my clipboard for your signature and enjoying the excuse to come so close to you and study your stunning form.


My heart stops for a moment as I catch the wink and my brain is racing. Did he just do that? Yes, yes he did. I look around needing confirmation for someone, anyone that he made that wink. My head hangs slightly of course, no one saw it but me. My fingers are now actually shaking with excitement and nervousness as he walks back in through the double doors carrying a large box.

I’m trying so desperately to correctly handle my customers, while sneaking glances as he places the product on the shelves. His thigh is flexed to steady the box and all I want to think about is rubbing my thighs and womanhood on that thigh. Imagining my pushing myself into that hard muscle as I feel my sexuality burn deep inside me like a hot coal.

As I am daydreaming about that fiery pressure, I drop the coins meant for my regular customer, Mrs. Watkins. She looks up at me quizzically, but then her tender gaze moves to him. She smiles knowingly, quickly reliving moments of her youth in that brief exchange. He offers Mrs. Watkins his assistance and I’m grateful for the moment to gather my frenzied emotions. But it’s short lived as you stroll back in, clipboard in hand with that boyish grin on your otherwise sexy face.

I can smell your musk again because you’re so close to me; however, I whiff an aroma of fresh soap lingering in between the musk. I want to step closer. I want to take in every aromatic cell of arap escort you. I see you glance up and down my frame and this flames my self confidence. I sign your clipboard and place my hand over yours as I pass your pen to you. As our hands touch, our first touch, we make direct eye contact and I can’t breathe, talk or even think. I want you to just take me, kiss me, ravish me.

On impulse, I scribble my number on the top corner of the paper on the clipboard. I quickly turn away, embarrassed by my sudden forwardness. I can’t bear to look at you and see your reaction that is until I hear the paper tearing. My head whips around just in time to see you pocketing the number and simultaneously pushing the double doors open wide with a flare.


That tiny corner of paper burns a hole in my pocket. She wants me, too. She wants me. My cock stirs and muscles throughout my body tighten excitedly. How to proceed from here? With the store empty I’d had every intention of pulling her into the back room, but the way she blushed when she handed me her number made me think that maybe that would have been a little too forward. Fuck, how I still want you! This teasing has gone on for far too long. I need to get my hands on you. I jump into my truck, my mind racing as I try to decide where to go from here.

At quarter to five I send you a text:

“When do you get off?”

“15 mins”

“I have one more package for you, if you want.”

I roll my eyes at my own stupid delivery pun. I wait anxiously for your reply. Did I come on too strong? If this was too much, taking her into the back earlier was definitely too far. I stare at the phone for minutes that feel like hours, drawn out with all the weight of suspense.

“Damn it.” With a frustrated mutter I toss the phone on the dash and head for home. At exactly 5:00 my phone buzzes on the dash. My hands scramble to grab the phone and glance at it.

“Parked out back”

An excited grin splits my fool face as I whip the truck around the next bend and set record times racing to your little shop. I pull into the employee parking lot behind the store to see you leaning against the side of your car staring at your phone and worrying your lip. I’m suddenly hit with the impulse to bite that lip myself. You glance up as I pull in and I can see the nerves and excitement flit across your face.

I step from the truck and slowly walk toward you. I haven’t planned this out. I’m not sure how to approach you. I don’t want to scare you off. The teasing is driving me wild. The way your top hints at your generous cleavage, the swell of your hips and that fine ass. Stop biting that lip, you vixen! I surprise us both by gripping your hip with one hand, my other scooping behind your neck, and crushing my lips to yours.

I back you against your car, my weight bearing into you, letting you feel my growing arousal press hard against you as I pull you against me and nibble that lip of yours. My kiss is frustrated and eager to slake the thirst we’ve been cultivating for months. I’ve wanted to touch you, kiss you, hold you, feel you, ravish you. I roll my hips, eliciting a soft moan from you, your lips parting to let my tongue delve and explore. A parched man in the desert couldn’t need water the way I need to taste you, explore you.

My fingers tangle in your hair, my other hand migrates to the small of your back, I inch closer to you. You lean back against your car before my onslaught, but your hands venture up and grip my shoulders, almost clinging to me.

My lips leave yours a moment. I bite and tug your lip gently. I kiss it softly. Another quick kiss. Another. “Hi.” I grin sheepishly, gazing deep into your hazel eyes. They look a bit distant as you seem to peer through me for a second. Coming into focus, a small smile tugs at the corners of your mouth.


I’m so busy looking at my phone to see if you would respond again that I don’t even hear your truck enter the lot or see you walking up to me. But then your grip is on my hip, pulling me to you and your lips are against mine, biting my lower lip. My chest heaves and my knees weaken from the passion I’m feeling from you. I can feel your growing arousal and it and the kiss are hard, forceful and urgent. I am overwhelmed and my head is starting to spin. I reach up and grab your shoulders so I don’t lose my balance. The kiss softens and becomes playful as I regain my composure. I start to smile because I might as well laugh at myself. I look down, averting your eyes, but you hold my chin and lift my head up to you again. You softly kiss me again but while never diverting your gaze. I’m truly lost in you now. I know nothing about you but I’m smitten. I’m yours.

Somehow you sense this and guide my hip to turn me, opening my car door and pushing me inside with a gentle force into the seat. Quickly, you walk to the passenger’s side and climb in. I’m in a trance watching every single one of your muscles move. “Take me to your place,” you firmly command and I react, starting the car and begin driving without a second thought escort bayan istanbul to my safety.

I live less than 3 miles from the store but it seems to take an eternity to get home. You ask me reasonable questions like, “Do you live alone?” or “Did you already have plans for tonight?”

All I can verbalize is a “Yes” and “No.” My mind finally starts chastising myself for my irrational actions, but my undies are sopping wet, my nipples hard despite the heat and my heart feels like it’s going to explode. I want this to happen. I want him to take me and do whatever he pleases.


I have the door open before you set the car in park. Quickly making my way to your side, you turn from closing the door and step straight into me. I’m hungry for you. The colour rises in your cheeks as you watch me look you up and down. “Inside.” You nearly whisper. A nosy neighbour walking by gives us a glance, perhaps especially curious when I give your ass a hard squeeze as you fumble the key in the lock, finally letting us in.

Shutting the door behind me I grip your hips and pull you back against me, grinding my bulge against your shapely ass. You tremble in my grasp. I lean in and kiss your neck. My hands circle ’round your hips, one traveling up to grab a generous handful of soft breast, the other trailing down to cup your hot mound. I can feel your heat through your pants. Your breathing becomes quick, I can feel your pulse beneath my lips as I suckle along your neck. My groin aches, pressed against your magnificent ass. I lead you forward, pressing you against the wall. I trap you between the wall and my body, grinding into you, both hands grip your hips, pulling you against me. Your breath is ragged with your cheek to the wall and my chest pressing hard against you.

Without warning I spin you around and kiss you hard, trapping you again. With increasing abandon I pull my shirt over my head and hastily kick my shoes off, returning to the kiss, my hands searching and exploring you. You reach between us and pull your shirt over your head dropping it on the ground beside us. You reach down quickly to free yourself from your own shoes, your eyes rest on the bulge of my jeans. Emboldened, you reach out and grasp me through the denim.

I can’t do any more waiting.


It’s not a question. You tremble as you look into my eyes. Yours are wide and innocent, perhaps scared, but you take my hand and quickly lead me upstairs. Seeing the large bed from the head of the stairs I come up swiftly behind you, wrapping you in my hard grip, pressing my need against you again, I hurry us toward your bedroom, rejoicing in the feel of your back against my chest. I turn you to face me and reach behind you. Your breasts bounce free as I toss the bra to the floor. My hand tangles in your hair, my other grips your hip and I pull you firmly against me, my kiss is as heavy as my hand on your hip, as firm as my hand in your hair. The feeling of skin on skin is euphoric.

I break the kiss and bend down to take each nipple into a kiss in turn. I cup your soft globes gently, but kiss them fervently, teasing them with my tongue, suckling them. Your soft coos of pleasure spur me on. My hands begin to explore the naked flesh they can reach, tracing your hips, running the length of your back, I want to feel all of you.


The speed of this encounter goes by like a rocket shooting towards the heavens. Barely blinking and it seems we are in my bedroom with your rough hands exploring me. I return the favor and reach out to touch your hardness. My shaking hand relieves that I’m nervous too. It’s been so long for me since I could freely embrace a male specimen so lovely, and yet so excited that it’s just for me. All I get is denim in my hand and it’s strangely irritating. I want more. I want to feel the dichotomy of hardness and silkiness that I am sure your cock has, but before I can unzip your jeans, you’ve placed your hot mouth over my nipple.

The stars are exploding in my head and I can feel my toes curling. Reaching down, I slip my thumbs into my waistband and lower my pants inch by inch, but not wanting to break the seal of your lips suctioned to my aroused areola; however, you pull off with a nip and a popping sound, so I rush to completely take off my pants during this brief moment of disconnect. You then grab my hands and guide me to your waistband, directing me to further undress you without a single word exchanged. I eagerly follow your lead.

As I’m bending slightly over, your hands are now exploring my ass. A loud moan escapes from me. I want you playing with my backside. No, I need you squeezing it, jiggling it and hopefully entering it. I’ve never had anal sex, but I want it like nothing else before at this moment. You’re now finally free from your pants, so I reach in to hold your manhood. As I grab you, you smack my ass so hard that I reflexively squeeze. Now the moaning is leaving your lips.

Your free hand then firmly pushes on the top of my head. Forcing me happily to my knees.

I know what you want and I lick my lips zenci escort in anticipation. Your cock is glistening with several small drops of lubrication and I lick them off while taking in the scent of you, the sweet and salty taste of you. You seem impatient with my licking and you grab under my chin, holding me still to receive you. I part my lips in acceptance, but again this is not enough for you. Your thumb hooks into the corner of my mouth and opens my mouth as your thrust into me. I don’t have a choice, but to take all of you and it gags me. That sound seems to excite you further and I can feel you swell on my tongue. My saliva is pouring out now and I quickly wrap my lips around your shaft and begin sucking, taking back just a moment of control.

I don’t really want control, but I want this to last because I want to feel your cock in every orifice. Since we don’t know each others rhythms, I’m not sure how quickly you might unload or how much recovery time you will need. I keep changing the pattern of how I suck you to again extend the pleasure; however, I’m nervous that this might annoy you. So few words have passed between us, so little knowledge. It seems like our encounter is based solely on a physical vocabulary.

You swiftly exit my mouth and stand me up, spinning me around and laying your strong hand on my back. You firmly push my torso down on the bed. My head smothered a bit in my downy comforter. Your hands then start exploring everywhere so it feels like you have 10 hands. Sparks of electricity rise and fall all over my skin, the anticipation builds again as I want you to enter me.

I have my white lacy panties still on, barely covering my ass with globes of my creamy white flesh on either side of the frilly edges, yearning to be grabbed and spread. You are now pushing the delicate fabric aside while I eagerly await your hard cock, running up and down my sensitive split, catching my juices and trailing them up to my star. I squeeze in anticipation, still waiting for you to enter me, my patience running so thin.

You reach around and squeeze my breasts, as they hang, as I am now on all fours on the bed. Your fingers knead and then quickly encircle my nipple with a fast, hard pinch. Another bolt of electricity travels through my body, increasing my wetness and furthering my anticipation. I moan, wanting more, but strangely wanting the tease to last at the same time. My mind is in a frenzy, spinning wildly with wanting your actions to be hard and fast; however, at the same time, wanting these sensations to go on forever.

Just as I’m debating inside my head, you then travel your hand up to my mouth, barely touching my lips, but all the while your crown is resting on my star with the slightest of pressure. My brain is now screaming at me: wanting it, not wanting it, yes, no. Suddenly you insert two fingers in my mouth, imitating what I did not realize that I truly desired. How did you know? How did you read my own undeclared wants? I need to be filled totally up and as you begin to pump my mouth, you slowly begin to push into me. The sensation bounces from ass to breast to mouth.


The rhythm of my fingers in your mouth grows irregular as I bask in the sensation of every agonizingly slow inch pushing deeper, and deeper into your ass. Slowly, I retreat, regretfully, then push forward, sinking slightly deeper with each stroke. Back, and a bit deeper. Almost all the way out, then back in just a little bit deeper. The hand gripping your sensitive nipple starts to grow a little rough. Inch after inch slowly pushes further and further, filling you, until my pelvis presses against your sweet spread cheeks. You can feel the heat from my throbbing cock as it nestles deep inside your naughty place.

It’s hard to fight the greedy impulse to go wild and start pounding you. Instead, my hands travel to your shoulders. I grip you hard and pull you back to me, thrusting forward, desperate to drive every possible part of my cock deep inside your eager ass. Your light whimper is intoxicating. A long, low groan of appreciation escapes me as I sink that fraction deeper. Like a true vixen you clench around me. I groan again, echoed a second later by yourself as you feel my swollen girth flex deep inside you.


It hurts a bit at first and I almost tell you to stop, but my innermost feelings tell me that I need to be taken. I need to be owned. And especially, I crave to be owned by you. Having waited 6 months just staring at you and wondering how you’d feel, I can’t withdraw from the game now. I need to see it through. As you inch forward, I stretch to accommodate your girth and slowly, oh so slowly, the pain subsides. Now I feel whole.

Every fiber of my being is desiring this; however, my brain keeps simultaneously yelling at me that this is nasty, this is wrong or that I am going to hurt so badly afterwards. Your hand moves to my shoulder as you push further. I could not stop this now even if I wanted to stop you. There is this strange feeling bubbling up to the surface like my skin is tingling everywhere. It overtakes me, crawling over my scalp, flushing my face pink and traveling south to my breasts. I push back into you, bringing my head up and breasts out as you fully enter me. I start flooding. My sex is so wet like never before, dripping as the sensations ramp up in making their circular motions throughout my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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