Back into Swinging Ch. 01

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Years ago we used to use contact mags to hook up with others who shared similar ideas of the sort of fun adults can share together. Nowadays our contacts all come via a couple of internet sites. Yes the internet is easier than the old contact magazine routine where we would send a letter – possibly with a photo – in an envelope with a code written on it, placed within another envelope containing cash and the stamps that a third party would (hopefully) use to send our original letter, once they had looked up the code and written the mailing address of our intended recipient.

The long process of waiting a couple of weeks or more to see if you would get a reply sometimes seemed an eternity, and there was certainly no chance of picking up a magazine on a Friday and hooking up that weekend. The big positive was the only people that would put up with that process were the people that really wanted to use the service.

Nowadays the sites we use are full of people wanting to chat, check out all our pics and wanting to play the same day or at least the upcoming weekend. That drawn out timeframe has gone but so has the expectation that the people we chat with are “for real”.

I could fill a decent-sized book with the amount of meets that have not worked out recently. Occasionally that may be due to a personality thing where as a group we just didn’t click. So be it. We are not after notches on the bedpost, we are after fun and that happens when we all get along and feel at ease with each other. Most of the meets that have not worked out have been those where we arrive and leaving without the other/s even showing up and without the courtesy of a phone call. We always arrange a meet with high hopes but no promises and no expectations, with one exception to each of those rules. We promise to get in touch if for some reason we can’t make it or will be late and we expect the other/s to do the same.

Some people do ring to cancel, usually at the last minute, often those calls involve a story of an urgent trip to hospital for an elderly parent. We understand that emergencies can happen but to find that no emails get returned, no calls get picked up and no messages are replied to tells us that an excuse was needed.

That sounds terribly negative and we are generally quite positive people. It is the few good people who we have met that have kept us coming back for more. The past few weeks have been a tremendous boost to us, with the positives far outweighing the negatives for a change. A quick timeline of events for the past few weeks, culminating in the 2017 Easter weekend:

Fri 31 March. Received three messages from three separate guys, all positively worded and not one of them asking for X-rated pics or asking to meet instantly. There was also a couple we found that sounded great. Both straight, similar to us in that they have a few extra kilos, not body beautiful but they seemed real.

Wed 5 April. Corresponding with all three guys was proving positive, fun and entertaining.

Thu 6 April. Received a message from a friend we have known for years but who had moved away. He moved back to Albury where he had better employment contacts and would like to catch up. He asked if Saturday morning was suitable, we agreed.

Sat 8 April. Our friend Mike arrived around 10am. We thought he may be expecting some fun involving a cream pie which wasn’t going to be offered; as it turned out he was happy to have a coffee, chat about things and suggest it would be nice to share a bed again at some time if we were interested. No attempt to instigate something. That was just what Wendy wanted to hear. No pressure and no expectations but an opportunity for fun without her being taken for granted. We agreed that we should find a weekend that worked for us all.

That evening we had a long chat with one of the guys who messaged the previous week. Lots of info learned and shared, some pictures shared and again no request for X- rated ones. We swapped more messages with the other two guys and were still getting positive vibes from them as well.

Sun 9 April. Received a whole swag of pics from one of the guys. We had told him our preference was for a mix of body shots, clothed/naked/face pics etc and that was exactly what we received. A couple showed that he was certainly not lacking in the manhood area but not too large either. If Wendy was Goldilocks the description would be “just right”. A longer chat later that day resulted in us arranging to meet after the Easter and ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) weekends.

Tue 11 April. Another friend whom we used to play with – but had not seen for three or four years since his job took him to Brisbane – let us know he was going to be traveling through town on his way back to Brisbane and asked if we would like to catch up for dinner. Dave was a great guy and we had no hesitation saying yes.

On the same day we received a message from a 19-year-old guy we’ve never met asking if the Mrs did anal and swallowed. He gaziantep bayan escort also asked if she could come out alone and fuck him the next day. We blocked him. A picture of a nice pair of boobs on our profile had obviously distracted him and he forgot to read the text.

There was a positive end to the day. The Albury couple were online and we chatted for quite some time. It was the male half online who said his wife didn’t take part in the online search process but would always have veto rights if we got to the stage where we were to meet and see how we all got along. They had a preference to meet and arrange anything further from there. I liked his description of ‘No promises and No expectations’ when meeting – with one exception to each. It certainly made them seem quite genuine and is a line I now use.

Thu 13 April. Caught up on other messages from the three guys who had messaged us at the end of March. Two were very positive, both asking to meet. We wanted to meet each of them. The other had sent a message explaining he was really nervous, had not been with a lady since his wife died over three years ago, thought he wouldn’t meet our expectations and apologised for wasting our time. We sent back a message saying that we didn’t feel he had wasted our time, that if he was interested we were happy to take things at his pace but the decision was his. A reply popped up only minutes later saying he had to reply before he got cold feet again but would really love to meet for a dinner and have a face-to-face chat. He was a reasonably local guy (lived 60 km away to the north of Albury) so we offered to meet him halfway and have dinner the next night (with our usual disclaimer of ‘no promises, no expectations’).

Fri 14 April. Good Friday. A day at home followed by dinner at a nice pub in Wodonga with our new friend Thomas. For some reason his nickname was Bert as we found out when a couple he knew walked in and was escorted to the table next to ours. It was a good night, he was a nice guy and the conversation with the other couple included was restrained; not once did we mention how we met or the reason we were having dinner together but it backed up everything he had said about himself.

Sat 15 April. We checked the contact sites on the computer early that morning. One of the other guys had his Easter plans re-arranged because his ex-wife didn’t drop the kids to his place and they were not coming until Sunday morning. He lived about 250 km away and was asking us to call him as he was offering to drive to our town to have lunch with us that day. We rang him, arranged a time and place and went back to checking other messages.

A new message had been received on one of our sites. It was Bert thanking us for a great time yesterday, apologizing that his friends had sat next to us and wondering if we would still like to have a meal where we could chat about more personal things. He was suggesting sometime over the Easter weekend. We wondered if we could afford to eat out every day over Easter. We decided to invite him for a picnic at a nearby park down along the river, where we would have plenty of space around us, and be able to chat about anything the following day.

By the time we sent the reply we had received another message from the third guy, the one we had received all the photos from. He had seen we were online and was wondering if we could possibly meet up, he was driving our way and had family not far from us; could we meet on Friday evening on his way back home?

After the drought we had experienced in meeting new people it was now a flood. We messaged back and forth, swapped phone numbers and discovered his name was Simon. He had to drop his nephew back to his sister and could meet us any time after 4pm. We made a date for 6pm.

It was now time for us to get ready for our lunch meeting. As we were driving there Mike, our friend who we had a coffee with back on 8 April, rang and invited us out the following Friday night for dinner and fun; it was his shout for dinner and he had already made a tentative booking for a bridal spa suite at a local motel just in case.

“If you can make it the Saturday, let’s do it,” Wendy said.

In the back of my mind that was awesome news but also meant that these guys we were currently meeting would have to wait a while if there was to be anything physical happening, as she likes to spread things ou;, once every two or three months is her preferred play schedule. The acceptance meant there would be no inviting Bert home with us tomorrow. Still, yesterday was fun and an afternoon spent chatting about some more interesting topics with Bert was something to look forward to.

Our lunch meeting went well, Bruce was a likeable guy with a goofy sense of humour. We talked about all sorts from cooking to gardening, coffees to pets and more interesting things such as past experiences and fantasies. The day ended with him asking us if we would be interested in meeting up again. He suggested the following weekend but Wendy told him she would send him some dates that we were free and we would work something out.

That night at home was great! She was obviously happy with Bruce and was looking forward to a night with Mike next Friday. We had sex twice that night – which unless there are others with us – is a rare thing nowadays.

Sun 16 April. Easter bunny day started where we left off the night before, Wendy was still thinking about the guys we had met and the plans we had made. We spent time with our daughter and her son who came to visit, then we still had an hour to spare before we needed to leave so while Wendy threw together a few nibbles, a bottle of wine and some fruit and chocolates I went to check my emails. Nothing urgent so I checked messages on the fun sites. Another whole swag of pictures and a long message detailing exactly what he would like to do with Wendy and I if he were to join us for a night of play in answer to our query about any fantasies he held. Lots of pictures from porn web sites were used to illustrate his fantasy story. I wanted to show Wendy and read it together with her but it was time to leave.

The conversation was similar to Bruce’s the day before. Without people he knew partaking in our conversation Bert was more open. He talked a little about his wife. They had played with another couple previously, they were neighbours across the back fence from each other and had heard and seen each other having sex in their respective pools one evening. One weekend a couple of months later they ended up swapping partners late on a Saturday afternoon then didn’t leave the bedroom until mid-next morning and that had turned into a semi-regular thing until his wife’s death. The neighbours had stopped talking to him straight after his wife’s death as had a number of their other friends. I thought maybe there had been an accident and people were blaming him, but she was a teacher and had suffered a stroke in the staffroom at work one day.

Our afternoon was flying along and we realised it was approaching 5pm. Forfour hours we had been sitting on our rug chatting away and we hadn’t even finished all the food we had brought for lunch. Bert said that he better get going and leave us to whatever we had planned for the evening. We shook hands, Wendy was given a polite kiss on the cheek and a hug. We walked toward where or cars were parked. We were in our car and I was just pulling out onto the quiet road when Wendy picked up my phone, unlocked it and dialed the last number I had called – Bert. Wendy is very much a “go with the flow” type person. She very rarely takes the lead, especially for anything sexual with a new person, she tends to be led and I’ve never seen her initiate things. She waits to be asked rather than making suggestions. It was with surprise that I saw her using my phone as she has her own and rarely touches mine but what was an even bigger surprise was the conversation she was having. I could hear only her side and muffled noise when Bert was speaking.

“Hi Bert, no it’s Wendy”

“brrr hmmmp brr.”

I was thinking, our dinner tonight is a casserole which has been on the go all day in the slow cooker. It is quick and easy and there will be heaps, I’d like for you to join us.”

“brrr hmmmp brr brrr hmmmp.”

I’ll get Tony to pull over just up here, we’re in a blue 4WD. Flash your lights when you see us and you can follow us to our place.”

“brrr hmmmp brr brrr hmmmp.”

“No need, I invited you and I don’t expect you to bring anything, we have plenty of drinks in the fridge.”

“brrr hmmmp hmmmp brr.”

“Do you think we need something for desert? I was hoping you might like me for desert.”

“brrr hmmmp brr brrr hmmmp.”

“No, I invited you because I like you, not feeling sorry for you. I like you and I think you would make a perfect person to share some sexy times with, but if that has put you on the spot and you are not comfortable please feel free to join us for dinner and leave when you are ready.”

“brrr hmmmp brr brrr hmmmp.”

“Well that sounds like you are thinking more positively, no need to stop anywhere for those either. We have condoms and we have lube and probably anything else you can think of in our special cupboard at home.”

“brrr hmmmp brr.”

“Great, see you soon.”

With a sly grin on her face she told me to keep an eye out for a white car flashing its lights and to pull out and drive slowly so that we don’t lose him. I kept an eye on my side mirror and asked Wendy what that was all about, since when did she invite people home without them asking first? She reached over and put her hand on my crotch and said that the lump she felt there wasn’t complaining and that if she was a guy, the way she was feeling now she would be double the size and double as hard! What has happened to my Wendy? The previous Wendy was great, this one is super awesome!

The trip home was uneventful, a comfortable silence between us. I know I was and I imagine Wendy was also wondering/imagining/fantasizing about what lay ahead for the next few hours. We pulled into our driveway and drove up to the house. Bert pulled in alongside.

Once inside the nerves started to get me a little, how was this going to play out? Well it was very relaxed and casual and there wasn’t really any hint of anything other than a friend visiting for the first time. Bert was invited in, asked if he would prefer a tea or coffee, maybe a soft drink or a beer. Plain old water was the preference for each of us so as Wendy wandered down to the other end of the house Bert and I sat and commenced chatting where we had left off earlier, this time about favourite holiday places. We both enjoy short stints in the cities but prefer the countryside, neither of us are beach-type people, preferring inland Australia for our sand fixes but we both love the mountains and staying in B&Bs in places like Corryong, Bright and Mansfield. He told me his home has views of Lake Hume and the mountains covered in snow during winter but it was good to get away from home and more amongst the places he loves from time to time.

Wendy walked back in the room and announced that she had fed the cats and the dog. She kicked off her shoes, sat on the lounge beside me and asked if I’d shown Bert around. I hadn’t so she energetically bounced up, reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Come on, you are going to need to know where things are. The kitchen was the first stop. She pointed out where to find the essentials, then moved through the dining area and into the other end of the house, showing Bert the bathroom and spare rooms, pointing out the main spare room which was ready for visitors with towels laid out on the bed. Moving back through the house she then took him up to the other end of the house which was ‘our’ end. She walked straight through our bedroom and into the ensuite, dragging Bert in with her and me tagging behind. As we were walking she had asked Bert if he was up for more than just dinner and would like some fun with us.

“We will start in here after dinner, I need a shower before anything else happens and I’d like you to scrub my back for me. Tony always likes his back scrubbed so I’ll do his while you do mine if you like. Do you like your back scrubbed also?”

“Sure do but I’m not into guys so I hope you are not thinking that we will form a daisy chain with Tony doing my back.”

“Oh no, I was going to offer to do yours.”

“This is all new to me, I told you about our friends that we had group sex with and that developed over a few months and were people we knew. How does this work? I’ve never met a couple where things are leading where they seem to be leading and I don’t want to upset you, or Tony.”

“Well Bert, we have spoken about boundaries, you know what our limits are and we know yours. Whilst in our house please be yourself. If unsure of something just ask. Sometimes a spontaneous thing can be a lot more fun that planning what will happen,” I told him.

“There are things I won’t do as you know, there are things I will do that may not suit my mood at a particular time, ‘Wendy said. “In which case if you try that I’ll say ‘not now’ or if I’m happy with what is happening I’ll just go with it.”

Bert looked back at me then turned to Wendy, reached around her and pulled her in close for a hug.

“Is this OK? I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you,” he said to Wendy.

She looked up at him and opened her mouth to reply just as he bent his head down and kissed her on the mouth. She started kissing him back and looked sideways at me and raised her eyebrows to make sure I was OK with this. I just grinned back.

Bert guided Wendy backwards until she was against the vanity unit, then reached lower around her and picked her up so she was sitting in front of him. He kept her on the edge of the vanity and maneuvered himself between her legs so that he was pressed up against her boobs but with her legs open around him. Luckily it was a loose flowing skirt she was wearing, a tight skirt would have restricted her legs. If it wasn’t for his moleskins and her panties their fun bits would have been touching.

Bert released his grip on Wendy and took a step back, all the while looking directly at her. His eyes lowered and slowly took in all of her. I could see he was excited. Wendy and I were both watching Bert.

“Sorry but when we first met I really got excited at the thought that you may be interested in me. I’ve struggled to keep myself from getting too hopeful and when you rang me earlier and invited me for dinner I nearly burst with happiness. A lot of it is lust but I also think an equal amount of disbelief that you guys could become good friends with me. Let me help you make dinner because I really want to get the shower over and done with so we can take this further.”

Wendy kicked her legs up and with her ankles around Bert’s bum pulled him in close. This time she initiated a kiss but instead of a long, deep kiss as before she showered lots of small kisses all over his face and down to his neck.

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