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Shana and Micky held hands as they fought to stay with one another against a massive sea of concert goers, all eager to get out of the stadium. People all around them were chattering loudly about how great of a show they had just seen, and they weren’t wrong. Shana had heard that Lady Gaga put on one hell of a show, but she was still blown away by the performance. As they slowly waded through the crowd and emerged outside the stadium, they scanned the road for their Uber. The girls had decided to take an Uber to and from the show so they could get properly fucked up at the concert and not worry about driving.

Micky was a huge Gaga fan and Shana spent her days listening to pop radio at work. Last week, her radio station of choice was offering two free tickets to the concert if you were the 32nd caller. Shana had waited just the right amount of time before she hit call on the station’s phone number which was saved in her contacts. She had won! Shana had even been on the radio for a minute while the host told her that she was the lucky winner.

Out of all Shana’s friends, Micky probably wasn’t her first choice, but for Gaga, she was the obvious one. Micky was a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga and occasionally even pretended to be the pop star. She wore outrageous cloths, acted over the top, and Shana had even heard that she had done lesbian things before, just like what they said about Lady Gaga. Of course, Shana didn’t judge those kinds of things. She would vote for gay marriage if she had the opportunity to, but she had never really found the idea of being with another woman appealing. Shana had fucked a grand total of two guys in her life and she had dated both for several months before finally giving them what they wanted. She hadn’t really found the experience as enjoyable as the hype made it seem. They had both struggled to get a condom on before they mushed and mashed her for a minute until cumming unceremoniously in their little rubber baggy. If she was being honest, she preferred a nice night with the vibrator that she had ordered online and a nice long porn video. And even though she wasn’t interested in being lesbian, sometimes when her and her friends would all crowd in the same bathroom stall together, she would sneak a peek at their pussies while they weren’t looking. That was only with really good friends though, her and Micky had never been close enough to share a stall.

As they wandered through the crowd still holding each other’s hand, Micky recognized the Uber from deion on the app and they hopped in the back seat. The driver was older, maybe in his forties or fifties. “About time.” He grumbled as he pulled away from the curb.

Shana thought this was a little rude, but she was pretty drunk and didn’t say anything. They sat in the concert traffic for what felt like forever. Micky took this opportunity to open up two of the beers that she had smuggled through concert security in a small backpack. She passed one to Shana, they clinked cans and sat back in the Uber taking a sip of the warm beer. By the time the Uber driver had made it out of the concert traffic and onto the highway the girls had downed two beers each and they both worked on a third while they cruised home. As a way of thanking Shana for the concert ticket, Micky had offered to pay for their Ubers, drinks, and told Shana she could stay at her place in the city for the night. This was a pretty easy deal for Shana considering the concert tickets were free.

“Hey.” Micky said to the driver, “Do you think you could pull into a gas station or something soon?” She asked, “I have to pee.”

“You should have gone before you got in the car.” The driver said with a demeaning tone that Shana didn’t appreciate.

Micky laughed sarcastically, “I’m sorry dad. I just didn’t think of it. But could you please pull over so I can use the bathroom please?”

“I can’t. I get off in twenty minutes. With this traffic I’m already going to be late.” The man seemed annoyed.

“Alright.” Micky said slowly, “But, like you don’t have any real ‘shifts’ or anything. That’s like the whole thing with Uber is you get to pick your hours, right? So, like, if you stopped and let me pee, it’s not like you wouldn’t get paid for that, right? You’d still be on the clock.”

“I can’t. If I do it for you then I have to do it for every other dumb drunk that gets in.”

“Excuse me?” Micky was not happy with this to say the least, “That doesn’t even make any fucking sense.”

The man didn’t say anything. He just kept staring at the windshield in front of him.

Micky looked at him, pissed off and not really believing how much of an asshole he was being, “Are you serious?”

He was.

Over the next few minutes Shana watched as Micky danced around in her seat and begged the seemingly deaf driver to let her pee. Micky was wearing a short skirt and she kept sticking a stressed and trembling hand between her legs to make sure she hadn’t leaked at all. Whenever she did this she pulled her skirt up just enough to flash Shana a quick view of the sparkly gold panties she was wearing. These were some impressive panties. Shana vaguely wondered if Micky had been looking to get laid at the concert and dressed up her privates to really impress the person she let get a view of them at the end of the night.

As Micky’s dancing got more frantic and those views of her shiny panties became more frequent, Shana just couldn’t pull her eyes away from the center of this whole struggle, Micky’s desperate crotch. Shana didn’t know if Micky had caught her staring, but before she had time to react, Micky grabbed one of Shana’s hands like she had earlier when they were making their way out of the concert. This time, instead of guiding her to the Uber, Micky guided Shana’s hand between her legs and stuck it flat against those sparkly gold panties.

Shana was very confused, she tried to pull her hand back out of instinct, but Micky was more forceful and held her in place. Shana couldn’t believe the heat that seemed to be radiating from between Mickey’s legs. Micky held Shana’s hand there for a few seconds before she noticed a new feeling. This one wasn’t just heat, but it was wet hot now too. The first thing that flashed through Shana’s mind was that Micky had just came herself.

One time in college, Shana’s ex-boyfriend was giving her a ride home after class while she was on her period. She was etiler escort unusually horny and decided it would be fun to give him a hand job while he drove. She remembered the wet warm feeling on her fingers as she made him shoot his load into his pants. It felt similar to what was going on between Micky’s legs right now. But Micky wasn’t cumming in her pants, she was peeing in her skirt.

She was pissing all over Shana’s hand. Micky put a finger over her lips to shush Shana from yelling, or screaming, or doing anything that might alert the driver. Shana kept her mouth shut and repositioned her hand so that she could better feel the liquid escaping Mickey’s sparkly panties. She thought it was funny that she was being shushed while her friend secretly did something naughty in the back of this dick head’s car. Shana began to giggle at the absurdity of the situation. Micky took the hand that she had been using to press Shana’s hand against her, and put it to Shana’s mouth to stiffen the giggle. The hand wasn’t dripping pee, it did smell a little like sweat though. Shana took a little sniff from her hand to satisfy a desire that her body was having without her consent. Shana could feel the gush of Micky’s pussy as she peed all over this guy’s car. She pushed on the seat under Micky and wasn’t surprised when a puddle of piss pooled around her fingers.

As Micky’s stream slowed down, Shana fished her hand into Micky’s panties before even stopping to think. “Is this okay?” She asked Micky in a tentative low voice, trying not to attract the attention of the driver.

“Yeah it is.” Micky said smiling. Shana spent a minute feeling her way around Micky’s pussy, at one time she actually tried to put a finger in Micky’s ass. This is harder than it seems Shana thought to herself, no wonder most guys suck at it. Micky let her feel her way around for a while then seemed to get tired of being teased and led two of Shana’s fingers inside of her. Micky did the rest of the work. She slowly rocked back and forth on these fingers like they were one of her dildos. As Shana sat in the back seat experiencing another girl’s pussy for the first time she became aware of something about her own private parts. This whole time that she had been distracted by Micky’s struggle with her bladder she had really needed to pee too. Shana didn’t have the benefit of wearing a short skirt tonight. Instead she was wearing a pair of white, tight fitting jeans that she had bought for the concert tonight. To be honest they looked really fucking good on her and she had caught more than a few guys looking at her ass while she swayed by.

Shana slid to the front of her seat and spread her legs. She had to go so bad and she cared so little about this douche bag’s car that this was the extent of the effort she was willing to put in to keep from wetting herself. While she had her hand pinned underneath her friend, who was bouncing her way to an orgasm, Shana began to feel warm liquid spreading across the front of her jeans and moving downward to drip off her ass. There was a patter of pee as it hit the grey carpet that covered the floor of the car. She had worn sandals to the concert and now she could feel as the pee splattered off of the already wet floor and soaked her naked feet.

Micky had heard the noises that were coming from Shana’s crotch and reached out to inspect, she almost squealed with excitement when she felt that Shana had also started to pee herself.

Quick aside about Micky: Micky has been with her fair share of girls in the past. It’s safe to say Shana is not the first one to have fingered her in the back of an Uber. But despite her sexual promiscuity, Micky had never been very attracted to anal. She had done it twice in her life. Once with a boyfriend when she was twenty because she thought that’s the kind of thing you did when you were in love. Then once a few years later after another boyfriend never shut the fuck up about it. She had liked how he fucked her pussy and she figured that maybe he could make her ass feel good too. Other than those two dicks, nothing had ever gone into Micky’s ass hole. Until tonight.

Micky was so excited when she felt her friend’s pee stained pants that she wet her finger under Shana’s ass where she was dripping the heaviest. Then, without much thought, Micky brought her wet hand behind her and slid her finger into her ass. The pee had given her a surprising amount of lube and there was very little resistance as she went knuckle deep in herself. She was still rocking back and forth on Shana’s fingers which were beginning to feel really good in her pussy. Her finger felt much better than either guys’ dick had felt going in her ass. It was smaller and didn’t hurt as much, but it felt pretty neat as her ass squeezed her finger, as if it was trying to consume her whole hand. As they rode down the highway, she continued to pleasure her ass while her friend helped out her pussy. She felt the slow build of an orgasm begin to form deep inside her.

When the driver turned off the highway showing her that they were only a few minutes away from her place she pulled her special golden glittery panties to the side and really started to rock on those fingers while she pulled her own finger in and out, driving it a little further up every now and then, seeing how much of her finger she could take until it started to hurt. She felt the orgasm growing closer and closer, she squeezed her eyes shut tight and bit her lip to keep herself from making any noise. This ass hole driver was so clueless she doubted he would notice if she had lit his car on fire.

They turned onto her street. Mickey felt the orgasm become inevitable and as the driver slowed in front of her building. She ripped her finger out of her ass, lifted her hips off of Shana’s fingers, and surprised herself by letting out a massive projectile squirt that went over the seat in front of her and splashed against windshield. Shana exploded in a fit of uncontrollable giggling and jumped out of the car before he had even put it into park. Micky was a step behind her but before she rolled out of the car she trailed her dirty finger right under the nose of the driver. She didn’t know if he had picked up on the smell she was trying to force up his nose, she was gone before he could react. The two wet and giggling girls ran into the building and up the few flights of stairs çapa escort to Mickey’s apartment.

The white jeans that Shana had worn to the concert had become transparent after she let her bladder go in the back of the cab and now as they ran up the stairs Mickey had a mesmerizing view of Shana’s ass bouncing with every step she took and the little black panties that were clearly visible beneath. If she had been able to catch up with the plump ass in front of her face, she would have buried her head in between those cheeks and had her way with the girl.

Mickey fumbled with her apartment keys before she turned the knob, flung the door open, and slammed it behind them as they clamored behind its safety. Mickey had barely turned the lock back in place when Shana had her dripping wet, see through pants on the floor. Mickey leaped at her and pushed her up against a wall, she gripped Shana’s throat lightly with one hand while she kissed her, with the other hand she reached up Shana’s shirt and grasped one of her large boobs. Shana was frozen with inexperience at first, she had never been kissed so hard before and she had certainly never kissed a girl like this before. It only took a few seconds before she submitted to the moment and grasped Mickey’s ass with both hands, pulling Mickey closer to her and spreading her ass cheeks apart at the same time.

Shana was struck by an idea that she hopped would make Micky feel as good as it was going to make her feel. She took one of her hands off of Mickey’s ass and brought it to her own crotch. She pulled her wet panties to the side and plunged two fingers inside herself. She let them sit there for a few seconds moving them slightly to cover them in herself, hoping they would become as slick and wet as her pussy. When she thought her fingers were wet enough, she maneuvered both her hands up Mickey’s wet skirt. She used her dry hand to pull the gold panties out of the way and spread Mickey’s firm ass cheeks apart and then gently eased her wet finger’s into Mickey’s tightly clenched ass. Mickey’s eyes, which had been closed while she kissed, choked, and groped Shana, snapped open. She broke off the kiss and began laughing.

“What?” Said Shana, nervous that she wasn’t good at fingering assholes.

“You’re fucking wild.” Mickey said, “I like it.” She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked Shana’s neck. A chill ran down Shana’s spine and she felt a wonderful tingle in her crotch. Mickey whispered in her ear, “I’m going to give you such a good orgasm. Wait here.” Mickey ran down the hall to her bedroom.

Shana stood awkwardly against the wall where Mickey had left her. She was still wearing her piss soaked underwear pulled to the side, her bra had come half off under her shirt as Mickey had grabbed at her breast, and she was still holding out her finger, fresh from Mickey’s ass. She looked like a mess, but she was tingling with excitement. She was hoping that Mickey would come through on her promise and give her a good orgasm. If she did, it would be the first time that Shana would cum with another person around. She liked that idea.

Mickey came running back down the hall with sex toys clutched in both hands. She laid them out on the table like a chef lays out his knives.

“Wow.” Shana said taking in Mickey’s collection. It certainly put her one vibrator to shame.

“You ready?” Mickey asked, looking at Shana.

Shana nodded her head silently. Her stomach was fluttering and her vagina was trembling with the anticipation.

“Take off your cloths and lay down.” Mickey said.

Shana did as she was told, taking her shirt off over her head, then unclasping her bra, and finally letting her panties drop to her ankles. When her cloths were strewn all over Mickey’s floor, she slowly sat down, feeling the gentle scratching of the carpet on her bare ass. From her spot on the floor Shana watched as Mickey started to take off the miscellaneous clothes she was still wearing. She pulled on the end of her wet skirt and shimmied her hips until it fell into a damp heap on the carpet. The Lady Gaga concert T shirt she was wearing was pulled over her head to reveal a shiny silver bra holding Mickey’s small breasts in place.

Shana thought Mickey looked really fucking good standing over her in those wet gold panties and silver bra. Shana flashed back to the thought she had earlier; Mickey must have been looking to get laid when she went to the concert tonight. Shana wondered if Mickey had been looking to meet someone there and had settled with Shana when that didn’t work out. Or had this been her plan the whole time?

From the table Mickey selected a tiny pink vibrator and large purple dildo that was ribbed all along the sides. Micky held one toy in each hand as she straddled Shana and sat down on her stomach with her back to Shana’s face. Mickey had an optimal view of her worksite as she looked down on the small patch of pubic hair framing Shana’s pussy. Shana felt the cool wetness of Mickey’s panties as they touched her bare skin, but she also felt the intense heat of Mickey’s crotch as it pressed against her through the damp fabric that separated Mickey’s pussy from rubbing against Shana’s belly button.

Shana couldn’t see anything that Mickey was doing but she heard a loud buzz begin as Mickey turned on the small pink vibrator. Mickey ran the buzzing vibrator over the inside of Shana’s upper thigh, teasing her. Mickey forced Shana to spread her legs further apart and as she did so. Mickey snuck the vibrator across the lower portion of Shana’s pussy. Shana let out a little gasp as she felt the intense vibrations briefly rattle through her sensitive pussy. Mickey smiled when she heard this, knowing that Shana would be blown away before she was done.

Mickey moved the vibrator between Shana’s spread ass cheeks and held it against her ass hole for a couple of second. Then she dragged the vibrator upwards, letting it run across the small strip of skin that separated Shana’s ass hole from her pussy. The vibrator trailed up her vagina which silently begged to be penetrated by the small toy, who’s next stop was Shana’s clit. As soon as Mickey found the clit with her toy, Shana’s legs spasmed and she grabbed onto Mickey’s ankles which were sitting around her boobs. Mickey held the vibrator in this place as Shana tried to get her pleasure under control. She tried to take merter escort deep breaths, but these quickly devolved into gaspy moans. Mickey moved the vibrator around slightly, keeping it focused on the clit and trying to attack the sensitive point from all angles. Mickey used her other hand to reach down and rub the rest of Shana’s pussy, when her hand came back it was soaked in Shana’s juices. Mickey reached the same hand back down and wiped it off between Shana’s ass cheeks.

Mickey reluctantly took the vibrator away from Shana’s clit, ready to move onto the next stage of her pleasure tour. She moved the vibrator back down and pressed it against Shana’s asshole which was now wet with her own pussy juice. “Breath in.” She told Shana over her shoulder. When Shana did as she was told Mickey pressed the vibrator harder against her ass hole. “And out.” Mickey instructed. This time when Shana did as she was told Mickey pushed harder and forced the small wet pink toy inside Shana’s tight ass.

“Fuck.” Shana said surprised.

Mickey felt Shana reflexively try and squeeze her cheeks shut, but Mickey held the vibrator in place, “Just relax.” She said calmly. Shana let her muscles go loose and Mickey proceeded to slowly slide the rest of the vibrator inside her until only a small pink nub was sticking out of Shana’s ass. “Try to hold that in there, okay?” Mickey said slowly removing her hand from between Shana’s ass cheeks but letting it hover there just in case Shana tried to push it out again. When it looked like Shana’s ass had the humming vibrator securely in place, Mickey picked up the ribbed purple dildo. She used it to lightly tap at Shana’s pussy a few times before lining the head up with the entrance of her vagina. Mickey gently slid the tip of the toy inside Shana, giving her body time to adapt to the size of the object that was trying to enter her. Mickey twisted the toy slightly while the tip was inside Shana, letting the textures of the dildo tease the sensitive skin around the soft entrance. The toy moved inside Shana’s unbelievably tight vagina with almost no resistance as she was practically dripping with natural lubricant. When she was confident that Shana’s tight pussy would allow her to proceed, Mickey pushed more of the dildo inside her, twisting it slightly as she went, almost like she was tightening a screw.

Shana breathed in as more of the dildo entered her, the buzzing in her ass coupled with the pleasurable stretching of her pussy was driving her wild. “Just go ahead and fuck me already.” She said as the teasing with the dildo became unbearable.

Mickey turned her neck to face Shana, “Ask and you shall receive.” She shimmied her hips a little, grinding her pussy into Shana’s stomach before turning back around to her work. She pulled the dildo almost entirely out of Shana, leaving just the tip still inside her, then slid the whole thing back in. When she pulled it out this time, she turned her wrist slightly to let the ribbed edges of the dildo make as much of an impact as they could. Mickey pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in, turning her wrist as she did so. She did this a few times slowly, making sure she had her mechanics down. When she had built up some confidence, she started moving her arm faster, getting a good rhythm going which was accompanied by the wet squelching sound of Shana’s satisfied pussy.

The sound of Shana’s wet suction cup of a vagina began to drown out the mechanic humming that was coming from her ass hole. Shana was also making a loud “Ooh” noise every time the large purple dildo disappeared inside her. When Mickey’s arm got tired she switched and used the tired arm to begin rubbing Shana’s clit. This brought a very satisfied squeal from Shana as she enjoyed the pleasure that was coming from so many places in her lower body. Urged on by Shana’s squeal, Mickey doubled down and began pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy at a rapid speed while her fingers flew back and forth across her clit.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck.” Shana called from the floor as she watched the muscles on Mickey’s back and shoulders work rapidly. Mickey tried to increase her speed even further, determined to bring Shana to an orgasm. She was pumping the dildo so fast that her hand holding it was practically punching Shana’s pussy every time she slid it inside her and the friction she was causing on Shana’s clit may have started a fire if the whole area hadn’t been soaked in pussy juice. Shana screamed and as Mickey was pulling the dildo back, it shot out of Shana’s pussy, followed by a powerful jet of liquid which flew across the room and hosed down the wall. Mickey watched in awe as Shana’s pussy convulsed and sent another huge burst of liquid against the wall. Mickey kept rubbing Shana’s clit while her hips tried to buck Mickey off. A smaller squirt of liquid soaked the carpet in front of Shana’s pussy. Followed by a hearty dribble that further soaked her crotch and legs.

When Shana’s pussy had calmed down, Mickey rolled off of her and lay on the carpet next to Shana as they both tried to catch their breath.

Mickey looked at the ceiling for a few minutes before asking, “You want to go to bed?” She herself was feeling very tired after such an eventful day.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Mickey looked over to see that Shana had passed out right where she lay. Mickey laughed to herself as she got to her feet. She slowly made her way to the closet, peeling off her golden panties, letting them splat to the floor, and unclasping her bra as she went. She got a couple extra pillows out of the closet and tossed them to where Shana was sleeping then pulled out a large blanket. She almost tossed the blanket over too, but before she did, she grabbed a handful of it and scrubbed it between her legs, trying to dry off her impossible wetness. She threw the soiled blanket on top of the pillows and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

She stood naked on her bathroom floormat while working the toothbrush back to her molars. She decided to pee before going to bed and did no more than spread her legs apart. A small trickle dripped down the inside of her leg and was absorbed into the floormat.

She spit into the sink and made her way back to where Shana lay in a pile of her own cum. Mickey gently lifted Shana’s head up and slipped a pillow underneath her then covered her with the large blanket. She pulled a pillow over for herself and slipped under the blanket as well. She snuggled up against Shana’s naked body, enjoying the sexy feel of her form against her.

Just like that Mickey drifted into a deep and restful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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