Back to the Club – By Him

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Author’s Note: This is part of our ongoing adventures, and our eleventh story. It references events and characters from our previously published stories. You can read it alone, but we would love for you to check out our other work. Enjoy!


Depending how you looked at it, our first time visiting a sex club was either a great success or a colossal failure. For Jason and Brooklyn, our friends who had gone with us, it had been a wonderful experience no matter how you sliced it. A month earlier the four of us had all visited together. They had met and swapped partners with a very attractive black couple in their early 30’s. We had fooled around with a couple a few years younger than us.

How you would view our trip as a success was obvious. First off, even before you get to the sex part, we had a lot of fun. The club was interesting, and the couple we met had been nice, although nervous. They got there as swinger virgins, and left as not. Mandy had given the guy we met, Cody, an amazing blowjob and he came a bit too early in the night. Then he watched Mandy and I fuck his girlfriend, Sara, a short Hispanic woman who was absolutely stunning. Sara and Mandy traded numbers before Cody and Sara left the club.

After playing with Cody and Sara we hung out with Brooklyn and Jason, and their new friends Kayla and Jordan. Kayla and Jordan were both very fun, and they were regulars of the club, whereas the four of us were new to it (as were Sara and Cody). We had swapped numbers and then left for the night.

The way it turned out to be a failure was the after effects with Sara and Cody. As we had learned from Sara, they were not on the same page with each other about what they wanted to do. Swinging had been Sara’s idea, and Cody was only going along with it because he was worried that she would dump him if he couldn’t keep up with her sexually. After he came, Sara had asked if she could have sex with me, and he had said yes. It turned out that unbeknownst to us Sara had promised Cody that under no circumstances would they go past oral sex with others. When she asked in front of us after he had already came, he felt like she unfairly put him in a position where he couldn’t say no.

Long story short, they had broken up. Swinging isn’t a way to fix problems in a relationship, and as Sara told us that was what they were trying to do. They were a young couple, both only 21, and had only dated 7 months, so it wasn’t like we had taken part in ending a tight relationship, but it still didn’t feel great to learn about.

Sara now wanted to hang out again and have a threesome with us. So far I had been reluctant to do that. Don’t get me wrong, she was gorgeous and the idea of having her again was alluring, but I felt like we shouldn’t hop into bed with her right after she got out of a relationship, which we were at least in a small part responsible for ending. After expressing that feeling to Mandy, she agreed, and we decided to still be friends, but hold off on the sex. (Although 5 years later, at the time of this writing, we have been with her a few times, and she is now happily married to a very nice guy who is aware of her swinging past, but blissfully ignorant of who it was with).

I had picked up on some clues Cody wasn’t comfortable when Sara wanted to move to full swap with me, but Mandy was too tipsy to notice, and she and Sara were so enthusiastic about everything we did that it created a situation I didn’t know how to stop, so I just went with it and hoped for the best.

After that experience, we set some ground rules for our second trip. Ground rules for playing would be set up front, and not changed once we were all naked on a bed. Condoms were still a must. We would try to avoid another couple who were both very young and completely new to swinging. Mandy wouldn’t drink as much so she could give me backup if it got awkward again. And lastly we set up code words to use to each other to say if we did or did not want to swap.

For obvious reasons we were keeping our swinging side a secret from our friends and family. Mandy had made an exception to this, and was keeping her best friend Liz updated on what we did. By extension that meant Liz’s husband, Mike, who was one of my best friends, also knew what we were up to.

The four of us had gotten together for Saturday brunch and Mike was peppering me with questions about it. He knew what had happened, but didn’t know details of any of the people things had happened with. He also didn’t know that Cody and Sara had split up after playing with us. Every time the server came by the table he awkwardly paused. Mike was good at many things, but he had a horrible poker face, and could never have been good at a job like being and actor or a spy.

“I think it’s awesome that you two are doing this,” he said, for the third or fourth time that morning.

“I think we all know how awesome you think it is honey,” his wife said patting his leg and laughing a bit.

“I’m just saying, when we all did it in college, it was amazing. And I’m not trying to say I’m unhappy with Ankara escort my sex life, because it’s fucking awesome, but it’s only two people, and the idea of more again is exciting.”

“Well at least for now you have to live vicariously through them,” Liz said.

“You don’t have to only live vicariously,” Mandy said giggling. “You could always get a sitter one night and come spend some time in the hot tub.”

“I’m going to need alcohol to get up the courage to do it again,” Liz said. “And I’m not drinking until after I finish breastfeeding.”

“So is that a yes to doing it eventually?” Mike asked excitedly. “You only breastfeed for a year right, so you’re basically done.”

“Eventually, if Mandy and Chris want to, then yes, we can do it again,” she said, eliciting a very excited response from her husband. “But, some doctors say I should breastfeed for two years, so you may have to wait a while.”

“I just can’t believe you haven’t had a drink in almost two years,” I said. In college Liz had been a bit of a wild child.

“Yeah, it’s been different. A lot of changes. You two will be there one day. You know, after you get tired of screwing other couples.”

“When are we going to meet one of these couples?” Mike asked.

“We are keeping that life and our normal life very separate,” Mandy answered.

“I was really hoping that couple that was at your house last weekend when we swung by was one,” he said. “That woman was a babe.”

“Sorry to disappoint,” Mandy said. “They’re just neighbors, not swingers, although I agree Brooklyn is very sexy.”

The weekend before we had Jason and Brooklyn spend the night. Mike and Liz had been in the neighborhood and had called to ask if they could swing by and drop off a casserole dish Liz had borrowed. Mandy had said yes, telling them we had friends over who were about to have dinner. We had lied and told them that Brooklyn and James were simply neighbors we had met out. In truth, they were neighbors, and we did meet them first in person at a restaurant in our neighborhood, but that had been after meeting them on a swingers site and planning the date.

“I also agree, Brooklyn is hot,” I said. “Maybe I should see if they are up to becoming swingers,” I joked.

Mandy gave me a look that made Mike and Liz both laugh. I laughed too, knowing they weren’t actually in on the entire joke.

I turned back to Liz. “While I respect your desire to have alcohol, I must say your breasts look amazing and I will not be opposed if you decide you want to play earlier.”

Everyone laughed again and Liz looked down at her chest. “Yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the new bras I have had to buy once they go back down. Mike wants me to get the them done to stay this size permanently.”

Liz is 5’0″, and had dropped back to her roughly 100-pound weight pretty quickly after having a kid. She now had a nice pair of C cup breasts though, as compared to the perky B cup breasts I had played with in college.

“I don’t think you should do that,” Mandy said. “You have great enough natural tits.”

“But you should show of those amazing puppies before they are gone,” I joked.

“Wait, so Mike seriously hasn’t sent you pictures?” she asked.

“What, no.” I said.

“He joked that he was going to, I thought he was serious. He’s been telling me he hasn’t but I didn’t believe him.”

“Well he hasn’t,” I told her truthfully.

“Ok,” she said.

The conversation paused, Mike was looking at his wife smiling. She was giving him a look back I couldn’t quite read. Finally, she broke the silence.

“You really want to send them pics don’t you?”

Before she had finished the sentence he was answering “I really want to send them pics.”

She sighed. “Ok, fine.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

I steered the conversation back to more normal things when my phone started buzzing. I looked over and Mike was texting away, hiding his phone under the table. I guess he couldn’t wait. Oblivious to what he was doing, Mandy pulled her phone out to check the messages she was getting.

“Oh my god,” she said, putting her phone on the table screen down and looking embarrassed. Then she picked it up and took another peek before sliding it back into her purse. “Your boobs do look amazing,” she told Liz, making Liz laugh and put her face in her hands.

“Ok, if you can chill out,” she said looking at Mike, “relax, and behave, and we stop talking about this and enjoy brunch, we will play as soon as I start drinking again.”

“Deal,” he said, and we went on with the meal.

As we drove home Mandy was in the passenger seat checking out the pics.

“Liz looks great,” she said. “I hope I look this good after having a kid.”

“I’m sure you will,” I told her. “The way you work out, you’ll be fine.”

“I hope so. Liz worked out the entire time she was pregnant and you can tell. I wish she had kept her nipples pierced though.”

“I did like those,” I said agreeing with her.

“I thought Mike Escort ankara was only sending pics of her tits.”

“Did he send more?”

“Mmhmm,” she said affirming he did. When we got to a stop light Mandy turned the phone to show me a pic of Liz on her back. Her tits were pushed together between her arms. Both her hands were reaching down to a large purple toy which she was either pushing in to or pulling out of her pussy.

“Wow,” I said. “You’d kill me if I shared a pic like that of you wouldn’t you?”

“I sure would,” she responded.

“Even with Mike and Liz?”

“Even with Mike and Liz. We already know Mike can’t keep them to himself.”

“He did get permission to send these,” I said in his defense.

“He didn’t have permission to show you the ones from when she was pregnant,” Mandy said quickly.

“True, but he didn’t send me those, only showed them to me. And it got Liz turned on, which he knew it would.”

“I guess. You still aren’t sharing any pics with my face in it.”

When we got home I checked out the pics. Liz did look great. Her breasts were surprisingly pert for someone breastfeeding, and her stomach was well toned. Mike had sent four pics. The first was of her standing topless with her hands on her hips, and the second was of her sitting naked with her legs crossed. Next came the one with her using a toy. She was looking into the camera, her face contorted into an expression of ecstasy.

The final pic appeared to be taken right after the third. It was the same, her on their bed with her toy in her. But now Liz appeared upside down as the pic was taken from near her head. Only one hand was on the toy, and the other was reaching outside of the frame. The biggest difference was her face was now obscured, as her head hung off the edge of the bed, and Mike had stepped into the picture and Liz had his cock in her mouth. I could see her chin and her throat swell to take a cock down it. I got a little stiff looking at it.

Talking about our adventures had gotten me in the mood for another one. Seeing the pics of Liz just amplified that feeling.

“Do you want to see what Brooklyn and James are up to tonight?” I asked.

“We just spent a night with them last weekend,” Mandy said. “And I talked to Brooklyn earlier, they are going to Jordan and Kayla’s tonight.”

In the month since going to the club, we had been with Brooklyn and Jason twice, once at their place, once at ours. They had been with Jordan and Kayla two other nights, and were making a third tonight it seemed. They had really embraced “the lifestyle,” having swapped every weekend since visiting the club.

I wanted to play. I still wasn’t ready to invite Sara over, and none of our college playmates were available. Heather and Chelsea were both single, but neither lived in the same city as us anymore, and neither knew we had stated including others again. I was about to ask my next question when Mandy beat me to it.

“Want to go to the club tonight?”

“I was literally just about to ask you that,” I told her.

“Should I text Brooklyn and let them know, in case the four of them want to join us?”

“Sure, why not?”

That evening we were in the car on our way to the club. Brooklyn had told Mandy that they would love to go, but didn’t need to spend the money. The cover charge wasn’t cheap on a Saturday night.

The mix at the club was similar to the first time we went. Everything from models to morbidly obese people. College students to senior citizens. There were several couples that looked like they spent a lot of time at the gym and too much time in the tanning bed, and a few that looked like the guy was old enough to be the woman’s dad. There were also several incredibly attractive couples.

We had brought a bottle of white wine, and we took it to the bar. They put our name on it and put it in a wine chiller after pouring us each a glass. Just like our first trip, we were quickly approached by one of the Jersey Shore looking couples, and I politely turned them away. Just like the first visit, they weren’t offended.

We eventually made our way to a high top table, when a second couple approached us.

“I love your dress!’

Mandy was wearing a red dress that had one sleeve, but left the other shoulder and arm exposed. It was also very short. Mandy usually wears subtle makeup, but this night she had gone with red lipstick that matched her dress.

“Thanks!” Mandy said to the woman who had just complimented her. “I’m Mandy, and this is my husband Chris.”

“I’m Vivian,” the woman responded. “And this is my husband Derek,” she said, motioning to a very fit black gentleman next to her.

I shook Derek’s hand then Vivian’s. Derek was fit, with a little more bulk than me, but a few inches shorter, about 6’0″. He was black, with a darker than average complexion, with short hair and a very finely trimmed beard. He was wearing a black button down shirt and nice jeans.

His wife, Vivian, was a very pretty Asian woman. She had a big smile, Ankara escort bayan and a very similar body to my wife. They were both about 5’5″ and roughly the same weight. Like my wife, she looked to have somewhere around a 34C bust, and her low cut dress was showing it off. She had pretty black hair that went to between her shoulder blades. Her makeup was mostly subtle, except for smokey green and dark grey eyeshadow.

Mandy and Vivian were chatting about each other’s shoes, a conversation that didn’t interest Derek or myself. Derek turned to me.

“It’s great to meet you Chris. We saw you two the last time we were here, but someone else managed to get to you before we had a chance to introduce ourselves,” he said chuckling.

I laughed a bit.

“Cool, we have only been here twice,” I told him. “What about you two?”

“We’ve been here maybe nine or ten times over the past year. We’ve only met people we clicked with enough to play with 3 of those times though.”

“Did you have any luck the night you saw us?”

“No,” he said. “We came with some friends, and they always seem to find someone. So they hooked up with a new couple. We ended up calling it a night early and leaving.”

“Ah, we ended up fooling around with a couple we met,” I told him.

“We know,” Vivian interjected. She and Mandy had wrapped up their conversation about each other’s outfits. “We poked out head into the play room and saw you two. We didn’t stick around to watch, although I was tempted.”

“Well I guess it’s good luck that we all came again tonight,” Mandy said.

“Well, not really,” Vivian said. “A friend of mine texted me that ‘the couple we thought was hot last time’ would be here tonight. I don’t know how she knew, but we decided to check it out and see if they were right.”

“Who is your friend?” I asked. Other than Brooklyn and Jason, no one knew we were here.

“Her name is Kayla,” she said. “She didn’t say how she knew you, but I figured maybe you met here?”

I knew who she must be talking about, but double checked anyway. “Tall attractive black woman? Husband’s name is Jordan?”

“Yep, they always seem to hook up with the fun couples before we do,” Derek said laughing.

“Ah, well we haven’t hooked up with them. We just hung out with them in the pool the last time they were here,” I said.

“Last time we came, we came with friends, and they hooked up with Jordan and Kayla,” Mandy said.

Oh, so the woman with the sleeve tattoo and her husband? Those are your friends?” Derek asked.

Mandy nodded yes. “Their names are Brooklyn and Jason, and I told them that we were coming here tonight and asked if they wanted to come. But they told us they were hanging out with Kayla and Jordan.”

“Got it. Now it makes sense how they knew you would be here,” Derek said.

“I hope that didn’t seem creepy,” Vivian said. “We weren’t trying to stalk you or anything. Honestly until Kayla texted me we figured we’d probably never see you again and had written off meeting you unless we happened to be here.”

“It’s cool,” I said. “I’m glad we made enough of an impression last time that you wanted to meet us.”

“Well I’m glad you don’t think I’m a stalker,” Vivian said laughing.

“Not at all. I was definitely wondering for a split second how you knew we’d be here, but it makes sense,” I said.

“We have a few bottles of wine here if you need another glass,” Derek said. I noticed both of our drinks were close to empty.

“We actually have a bottle that is mostly full too,” I said.

“Well how about you and I go get another round of drinks,” Vivian said, directed to me.

I accompanied her to the bar, and we asked the bartender to pour us some more wine from our bottles. Vivian leaned up next to me, putting an arm around me.

“So what was it about us that caught your eye last time?” I asked her.

“Well you are both very attractive. And you had a weird vibe. You could tell that it was your first time, and you didn’t know your way around, but you exuded much more confidence than most newbies.”

“I like those reasons,” I said. “I remember seeing you across the room, but don’t remember ever catching your eye.”

“We were already talking to another couple when we noticed you,” she told me “By the time we realized we weren’t clicking you were with the couple we saw you end up with.”

“Ah, I said. “So did you watch us as we ‘ended up’ with them?” I asked.

“We did, just for a minute,” she said. “We were in the back when we saw Jordan and Kayla, and when we went into the room we saw you two at the other end.” Her hand gently rubbed the front of my pants. “I Liked what I saw,” she added.

While we were getting drinks Derek and Mandy had moved to a small loveseat which was across from another with a small table in between. Vivian sat down across from Mandy, and I sat next to Vivian.

The women were soon discussing fashion again, and Derek and I turned to sports. It’s a safe topic, an easy icebreaker with a similarly athletic built guy. He may be bulkier than I was, but not so much that I didn’t figure we had some overlap in what sports we played. It turned out we were both former college athletes, and while we played mostly different sports growing up, we had both played basketball and ran track in high school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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