Bad Little School Girls

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Jen looked up from her test with that strange feeling of being watched. Mr. McCabe sat back behind his desk, his gaze heavily set directly on her, his brow furrowed as if he were thinking hard on something. She smiled at him almost knowingly as he quickly diverted his stare. The smallest look from that man sent her spiraling out of control. What she wouldn’t do to please him.

Jen had a crush on Michael McCabe since the minute she saw him, freshmen year. He must have been about thirty years old and he was absolutely gorgeous. He was ruggedly handsome, dark and stern, someone who looked like they could be extremely bad if they weren’t so perfectly composed. As a senior now, Jen’s specific sexual desires had blossomed and she saw something in McCabe that called to her. There was something deviant in his stares, something that told her that he could be the one to satisfy her darkest desires. In her last month of school, Jen decided she was going to do something about her infatuation. Although he had in no way demonstrated that he was a man that would actually fuck one of his students, she had caught him staring at her multiple times.

Today, she had made a point of drawing his attention towards her. Jen was a very attractive eighteen year old that didn’t exactly fit with any particular clique in school. She tended to hang out with the boys more than the girls, yet managed to escape the stigma of a slut in doing so.

Hailey Grear, on the other hand, had not. Almost on cue, Hailey had walked into class, 20 minutes late, quintessentially sucking a lollipop.

Jen watched as Mr. McCabe looked her up and down and in all honesty she couldn’t blame him. Hailey wore a short pleated skirt, somehow miraculously escaping the administration and their dress code policy. She slinked by Mr. McCabe, turning only to smile at him and pick up a test booklet before taking a seat in the front row. Jen could almost hear every guy in the class look up from their test to watch as Hailey bent over to place her backpack on the floor, once again stopping to smile at Mr. McCabe. He watched her as she took her seat and crossed her legs, shifting her hips to the side and letting her skirt slide dangerously high above her thigh.

“Hailey, there’s no food allowed in class.” Mr. McCabe said frowning as he nodded toward the lollipop in Hailey’s hand.

“But Mr. McCabe it’s my birthday,” she said sticking the bulbous candy into her mouth and slowly pulling it back out.

“Plus I’m eighteen now, should you really be able to tell me what to do?” She asked before ever so lightly licking it, cocking her head, letting out a sigh and then eventually throwing it into the trash can across from her desk.

“Back to your tests,” Mr. McCabe said, looking down to grade some papers.

Jen waited a few minutes, frustrated with the lack of attention from her teacher, before getting up to ask him a question. She stood directly in front of him and pushed her test forwards.

“Mr. McCabe, I don’t understand what question eight is asking,” she said reaching her hands into the back pockets of her jeans and pushing her chest forwards.

Jen had specifically worn a tight white t-shirt without a bra underneath. It fell just below her bellybutton leaving a large gap between it, and her very low rise jeans. A single white tan line outlined her hip bone, drawing Mr. McCabe’s attention to her flat stomach. His eyes moved upwards and for just and instant lingered on her chest. Jen watched as he had to actively pull his gaze from her, knowing that her little pink nipples were not only hard but probably very visible through her shirt. He cleared his throat and looked down to examine the test.

After sufficiently reading the texts he looked up to answer, yet his gaze was again hindered by her ample chest. Jen felt her pussy gush as he tried to avert his eyes but was pulled back once again, almost as if he had noticed something. She knew that he had seen the outline of a small nipple ring and his knowing turned her on more than any actual sexual encounter she had had previously. He looked at her slightly perplexed, shocked that someone like her would have such ornamentation on her body. Trying to right the situation, he again cleared his throated and scooted forward in his seat to explain the text in question.

Jen walked back to her desk pleased with the attention Mr. McCabe had unwillingly showed her and continued her test, now expecting his full attention. She was shocked when she looked up to find his eyes shifting between a paper on his desk and Hailey. She watched as his eyes narrowed as he looked at Hailey and then back down at his desk. He looked angry and yet somehow intrigued. With her curiosity getting the better of her, Jen set down her pencil and marched across the room to retrieve the bathroom pass. She stole a glance at Hailey, noticing that nothing was overly remarkable, before leaving the classroom. She took her time in the restroom to straighten herself up, tweaking Gaziantep Olgun Escort the ring hanging from her nipple, making them both as hard as the diamonds surrounding it.

Jen tiptoed towards the classroom upon her return. She crept around the corner until the first few rows of desks were in her view. There she waited a few seconds until she saw Hailey slowly adjust in her seat. She watched as she uncrossed her legs, seductively bite her pencil and every so slightly open her legs revealing her clean shaven pussy before gingerly crossing them again on the other side, all the while keeping her eyes glued to her test. Jen peaked her head into the room until she saw a reflection of Mr. McCabe, and watched as he slid his hand between himself and the desk for just an instant before attempting to compose himself. A pang of anger and jealousy coursed through her and she had to take a moment before she could walk back into the classroom.

Jen quickly finished her test before taking the remainder of the period to think about her situation. She had never wanted anything more than the way she wanted to fuck Mr. McCabe and she wasn’t going to let anything stop her from doing so. When the bell rang she sat, as other students around her rushed to turn in their test and leave for lunch. She watched as Hailey personally handed her test to Mr. McCabe.

“See you tomorrow Cabe,” Hailey said using the nickname that students affectionately referred to him as.

Jen continued to watch as he glanced in Hailey’s direction as she walked out the door. Two against one are better odds she thought as she turned in her test and quickly walked down the hall to catch up with Hailey.

“Hey. Hey! Hailey!” Jen shouted down a crowded hall.

Hailey turned to look at her confused as to what Jennifer Lane could possibly have to say to her.

“Yes?” She asked annoyed, shifting her hips to help hold up her books.

“Hey can we . . . Can I . . . I have to talk to you about something. Can we talk during lunch? Um in the photography room?” Jen said cautiously.

“About what?” Hailey inquired with a frown.

“It’s umm . . . Jesus just meet me in the photography room at 12:30 ok? I have a favor to ask,” Jen said, nodding her head and leaving before Hailey had a chance to say no.

Jen spent a lot of time in the photography room, Ms. Cline, the photography teacher usually left for lunch, allowing Jen to stay and work on projects. The woman wasn’t exactly friendly and other students tried to avoid her at all costs, so Jen knew the room would be vacant.

Just as planned, Ms. Cline left leaving Jen alone to wait for Hailey. As the door closed, Jen looked at herself in the mirror. Her fingertips grazed the small outline of her nipple piercing sending a wave of heat through her body. She was probably one of the hottest girls in school with Hailey coming in as a close second. She was about 5’5″ with long dark hair. She was very pretty, her green eyes and consistently pouty red lips popped against her lightly tan skin, but her body was probably her best asset. She wore a 34 DDD bra and had a tight flat stomach with a narrow waist that led to perfectly round hips that supported her heart shaped ass. Which at the moment, she had turned to survey. It was nice, in fact it was very nice but she knew Hailey’s was much nicer. Hailey had a slim build, maybe a 34 C cup and she was equally as pretty, with long blonde hair down her back that always seemed to be perfectly curled at the ends. But if you were an ass man, Hailey was your girl.

Mr. McCabe would get the best of both worlds, Jen thought smiling. Just then Hailey appeared through the small window on the door. Jen watched as a guy from the basketball team leaned down to kiss her before taking a look at Jen and walking off.

“Hey,” Hailey said annoyed, dropping her bag and slouching into a desk.

Jen sat down across from her irked with herself for not having a plan for the discussion.

“So how have you been?” She asked for lack of a better starter.

“What? Like since the second grade, when we last talked?” Hailey said raising an eyebrow.

“Was that your boyfriend?” Jen asked ignoring her little comment.

“Dan? No. We hook up sometimes. Is that what this is about. I mean you can have him! He’s really into getting head and doing NONE of the work. So . . . Idk have at it,” she said rolling her eyes and grabbing her bag to leave.

“No. No. I don’t want Dan,” Jen said touching Hailey’s hand to indicate that she should stay.

The two girls looked down at the awkward touch for longer than it was comfortable to do so.

“I saw you today during the test. I saw you spreading your legs for McCabe.” Jen said confidently getting to the point.

Hailey laughed, “So!?”

“He liked it. I could tell he was really into it,” Jen said now feeling her pussy get wet at the thought of it.

“Jen what the fuck do you want?” Hailey demanded leaning in for an explanation.

“Do you want to fuck him?” Jen asked bluntly.

“What!?” Hailey said laughing and sitting back in her seat.

“Do you want to fuck him?” Jen asked again with a straight face.

“Jesus Christ,” Hailey said now getting up from the desk and grabbing her bag.

Jen jumped up and stopped her before she could get to the door. She grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards her. Hailey accommodated her but slouched, looking up at the ceiling.

“Wait just . . . Fuck! Ok. Here it is. I want to fuck Mr. McCabe. I have never wanted anything more and I just don’t think he’ll go for it. But! But . . . I don’t think he could resist the two of us. Right? I mean we could break him down. There’s no way he could say no to having a threesome with us.” Jen paused unsure of what to say next.

Jen was usually controlled and most of her actions were preconceived so the entire situation caught her off guard.

Hailey’s eyes narrowed on Jen. She searched her face as if looking for the joke. Jen was known as a vey serious girl. Hailey knew she wasn’t a prude and the idea probably wasn’t too far fetched for her.

“You want to have a threesome with Mr. McCabe?” Hailey asked cautiously.

“Yes. I want us to be what he thinks about every time he’s with another woman or every time her jerks off. I think there’s something there, I don’t know what if is but I want it. You’ve had to have noticed or why else would you be showing him your pussy in class? Plus you’ve got to be failing his class, you’ve only been there like 10 times all year. He’d have to give you an A afterwards.”

Hailey dropped her bag and searched Jen’s face once again.

“I don’t know – he’s hot. I like teasing him, like he might just break one day.” She stopped before finishing her thought. “I could really use an A. But he does NOT seem like the type that would hook up with one of his students. Plus I think he has a girl friend, I saw them-” she began before being interrupted by Jen.

“It doesn’t matter. He’ll go for it, trust me. We can break him down.” Jen said confidently.

Hailey looked around the room contemplating the situation. Jen waited giving her the time she needed to decide. Finally Hailey sighed.

“Are you serious? Is this real?” She asked trying to find truth in the matter.

“I’m very serious. I need this. I need your help to make this happen.” Jen said annoyed that she needed the help in the first place.

“I just don’t understand why you need me for this. If he doesn’t go for this we could be banned from prom or something.” Hailey said as if that were really the worst consequence of McCabe turning them down.

“What? I just explained . . . Just come by my house tonight and we can talk about it, ok?” Jen rushed as the bell rang, making sure that Hailey agreed before heading to her next class.


Michael McCabe stood in his shower, his hand against the wall, holding the weight of his body as the warm water sprayed against his back. Images of Jennifer Lane snuck into his thoughts. He closed his eyes trying to shake the images out of his mind to little avail. It began innocent enough, he pictured her sitting in class smiling at him from the front row. Soon the other students in class began to fade away and it was just Jen, sucking on the end of her pen seductively. Without even realizing where his brain was going, he saw her grip the hem of her shirt and slowly pull upwards. Finally he saw her strain to pull it up over her massive perky tits, feeling his cock twitch as they bounced, falling away from the fabric. His body now had a mind of its own, and he felt his hand grip his hard, pulsing cock. He moaned as he began to stroke himself, picturing her completely naked now, her legs spread wide for him as one hand pinched her nipple and the other dipped below the desk. He could almost hear her moan as she slid her finger between her pussy lips, all for him.

His strokes matched her imaginary fingers as they moved up and down her perfect little pussy. Without reason, she was instantly in front of him, lowering her body between his knees.

Water from the shower lubricated his hand as he imagined her mouth sucking him in. Michael grunted, squeezing his cock and slowly moving his hand up and down, feeling himself get closer with each stroke. Again she disappeared before he found her again, now sitting on his desk, legs spread wide, her finger dipping in and out of her pussy ever so slowly.

“Please . . . ” she moaned.

“Oh god Mr. McCabe please fuck me,” he heard her beg over and over again as she licked her fingers.

He couldn’t stop himself as his hand moved faster, nor could he stop himself in his mind as he slid his cock into her tight, eighteen year old pussy. He fucked her relentlessly, harder and harder as she moaned for him, begging him not to stop. He had to paused, gripping his cock as he felt himself on the edge. Then there she was again on her knees in front of him.

“Cum in my mouth. Please baby. Please I want to taste it,” she begged him.

Michael watched as she said it over and over, begging him to cum in her mouth. His hand began to move once again as his body stiffened. Her mouth hung open as her body rocked on her knees, she needed it so bad, begging him still, until finally he obliged.

“Oh fuck! Yes. Yes yes baby take it,” he whispered to himself as he could see the first shot of his cum fill her mouth.

He cock burst spurt after spurt as he imagined it dripping from her mouth onto her tits. He could feel her need for it as she rubbed it onto her tits, only pausing to lick her hands before rubbing it between her pussy lips. When he had finally finished he could hear her thank him as she disappeared and reality set in.

Michael McCabe sighed as he cleaned himself off, angry with his lack of self restraint. She was his student but she had an effect on him that no other woman did.


He scoffed at the word reminding himself that she was only eighteen. He had to find a way of stopping this. Today was not the first time he had jerked off to Jennifer Lane, in fact it had become a morning ritual for him. Although it had began as a way to release his pent up desire for her before actually seeing her in class, that only worked for so long. He now felt himself get hard during class as she sat in the front row staring at him intently. He tried not to stare back. He tried to not want her, to not want to do dirty . . . adult things to her body. He figured she would be graduating soon and he could go back to feeling sexually indifferent about his students.

Michael got out of the shower, his brain in a fog as he rubbed his wet hair with a towel.

“Hey babe, can we go out to dinner tonight?” He almost jumped in surprise, he had completely forgotten that his girlfriend had stayed over.

“Uh yes, of course. Anything you want,” he said leaning down to kiss her in bed.

He made an excuse of being late and rushed to get dressed and out the door. He had been dating Heather for about six months now, but in all reality hadn’t even decided if it was going anywhere, especially since he had been fantasizing about his student on a daily basis. The sex with Heather was good, not great but good. She definitely had her limits, doggy style was an exciting sexual deviation to her. She was definitely a far cry from the women he had slept with in his younger years. At first he had liked the challenge. She was sweet and very pretty, a former college cheerleader. Michael thought he could slowly open her to new things, things that excited him. As dark as it was, he wanted to corrupt her. He used to envision her, hands tied behind her back, begging to suck his cock, scenarios that had been common for him in his twenties. But as the months wore on he began to realize that even the most subdued of his fantasies for her were probably out of the question. Heather meant settling down and giving up his dark desires. He had not yet decided if that was a good thing for him or not.

The first part of Michael’s morning dragged on as he sat behind his desk watching his first few classes take a test. It usually flew by as he was anxious to get to 4th period, when he had Jen in class. He found it hard to not get excited as new fantasies arose very time he saw her.

Jen was always one of the first students to arrive. His heart began to beat faster as he unnecessarily, rearranged the tests on his desk. She took her seat and he watched as she unzipped the small sweater she was wearing. Underneath she was wore a tight white t shirt that was just sheer enough not only to show her nipples, but the outline of her small pink aureolas. Michael instantly felt his body respond to hers and was forced to sit behind his desk to hide his growing erection. Her outfit was definitely out of the ordinary. Jen was every teachers favorite student. She got straight A’s, always turned it her work, asked insightful questions during discussion. She was pretty and had a body that made men fantasize about doing terrible things to her, but she never really showed it off. Michael thought her shirt may have been an oversight. Maybe she didn’t realize how sheer it really was. How her nipples . . .

Jesus Christ, how the fuck am I going to get through this class without staring at her tits the entire time.

Just then the bell rang and he had to instruct one of his students to pass out the test as he attempted to look busy grading other papers. Every few seconds he looked up to survey the class, checking to see that Jen was focused on her exam before stealing a look at her massive tits. The air condition was almost chilling and her nipples were rock hard.

Images flashed through his mind. Jen sat in his lap, straddling him as he gently bit her nipple though her shirt.

Stop thinking. He shook his head desperately trying to get the image out of his mind. He surveyed the room once again noticing that Jen was clearly reading. He unwillingly took the opportunity to look again, letting his thoughts roam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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