Bad Vibe: Continued Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the Bad Vibe series, I recommend that you read the previous stories prior to reading this one.

Everyone is over 18. It’s an explicit fantasy. I welcome constructive criticism as well as other comments. I’m new at this and still learning to write. Everyone is over 18 years old.

Craig is home from the University for the Christmas Holiday. He has ten days at home with his mother. In Chapter 1 he arrived home early and found his mother in bed with her business partner, Alice. He joins in and they all have fun. Eventually Alice leaves and Craig and Amy clean up and settle into bed together to spend the night.

“That was fun Mom, I had no idea that you and Alice were an item.”

“We aren’t, not really anyway. It just happened a month or so ago, we were over at her place talking about things, we started talking about sex, she started telling me about this guy she’s been seeing, and it just happened.”

“I guess with Maude and now Alice, that makes you officially bi-sexual.” Craig said with a chuckle.

Amy got up on one arm, looked down at Craig with a worried face.

“Does that bother you honey?”

He pulled her back down to rest against his chest where she had been before.

“No, it’s hot. Do you know any other babes like Alice?”

“I hope you’re just kidding!”

“Well, yeah. Sort of,” he said with a smile.

She laughed softly.

“That’s only the third time we’ve done it. She’s been spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend, and when she’s not with him she’s spending a lot of time on line with some other people she’s met there.”

“Wow, who would have thunk that about Alice?”

“Her divorce hurt her deeply, I think she’s been in a shell for so long something had to break.”

“What about her daughter, is she still in town?”

“No, I think she left after she graduated from the University not sure what she’s been doing, why? Are you interested in her too?”

“No, just curious. I remember when she used to babysit me.”

“Hmm, seems like Little Craig is thinking about something, I can’t believe you’re getting it up again tonight, I would have thought Maude would have drained you before you got home.”

Her hand was around his cock and moving up and down leisurely.

“We had finals and she was busy too, I think she had a house-guest last week, she said it was her sister, and they went to her place for Christmas.”

“Mmm, so you didn’t have a girl lined up on the side, this Zoe that you talked about, or Brittney?”

“No, I haven’t done anything with them, just you, and Maude, and now Alice.”

She pumped him faster, and he became fully hard again. She sighed as she thought of the clean sheets that they had just put on the bed.

“That feels good.”

She slowed down again.

“Sweetheart, I know you’re getting horny again, but I’m a little tired, would you mind if I just jacked you off?”

“Oh Mom, you don’t have to, I can just do it myself, I’d leave it, but I’m so turned on thinking about you and Alice that I would probably cum in my sleep.”

“That’s OK Craig, I’m actually turned on myself, it’s just been a really long day and I didn’t sleep well last night. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mom, there is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, it’s just that your bottom is so sexy.”

“Um, I’m not sure right now honey, maybe tomorrow.”

“No no, not that, it’s something a little weird, I’ve never done, but I think it would be really sexy, you just have to lay down on your tummy, leave the sheet off ….”

“You want to cum on my bottom?”

“Yes, I’ll clean it up. I don’t know why I started thinking about it, but I’d really like to.”

She chuckled softly to herself as she rolled over, not nearly as sleepy as she was a few minutes before.

“Is this OK?”

“Yes, just spread your legs a little so I can kneel between … perfect!”

She lay with her head cradled under one arm, turned to the side, secretly turned on that her son found her so sexy, she wasn’t as sleepy as she thought and started to feel like she could cum one more time.

He knelt between her knees, staring at her round bottom, he had cum several times already tonight, but thinking about her butt he got another woody

Taking it slowly he was savoring this experience, he had been jacking off since puberty and as great as it felt to have it in a pussy or mouth, his hand knew exactly what felt good and he didn’t have to worry about a partner getting off.

“What are you thinking about baby?” Amy said in a low voice, she was tempted to slide a hand under herself to play with her clit.


“Maude emailed me quite often, even sent a few pictures she took, are you thinking about being dressed in lingerie while you fuck me?”

“Just your bottom, I can see your pussy and your bottom, soooo sexy.”

“You didn’t like how she dressed you up?” She was playing with her clit now, excited that he could see her.

“It was fun, as much because it was so perverted, and the worry altyazılı porno someone would find out was a turn on too.”

“But you liked the feel of it on your body too didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it felt sexy.” He wanted to talk about her, but he was getting closer to cumming.

“I want to fuck your bottom some day, it is so sexy.”

“Mmmmm, it’s been a long time since a cock’s been there, that would be nice, some day.”

“I’d be real careful, we would go slow.” He was getting closer and closer to orgasm as he talked.

“Craig, I’m getting turned on again, I might need you again when you’re done.”

Craig slowed down, not wanting to cum too soon.

“I’m getting another idea Mom.”

“Mmmmm, I’m getting excited again honey.”

Craig leaned over and taking his Mom by her hips he pulled her up until her hips were in the air, with her back arched and her bottom thrust out.

“What exactly do you have in mind honey? I’m not sure I feel like having you in my behind right now, someday but not right now.”

He knee-walked closer until he was nearly against her bottom, his erect cock pushed downward with the length of it laying along her slit.

He started to caress and fondle his mothers’ hips and bottom, sometimes he felt like that was what turned him on the most. Well, that and everything else about her.

She was completely aroused again, wanting more fucking, amazed that he could do it again, that the sleepiness that was fogging her before seemed to have backed off for now.

“Oh baby, that’s it, that feels so good,” she whimpered as she pushed her pussy back at him, trying to impale herself on his re-erected cock.

By now she had pushed herself up first onto her elbows, then onto her hands, readying herself for a classic doggie style fuck.

“I love you mommie, I love you,” he whispered as he leaned down and laying himself onto her back, hunching his cock to slide back and forth along her slit.

From that position her could reach around her and grasp her pert tits. With his hands holding her breasts with her nipples clasped between fingers, he was able to both massage her breasts and pinch the nipples.

“Oh Craig, where did you learn to make love, you are so good to me.”

“You taught me mother mine, you taught me.” he chuckled.

“Then fuck me now baby, fuck me hard, I’m horny.”

With that she reached under herself and taking his cock she positioned it at her entrance and pushed back, it slid into her swampy pussy all at once.

“Ohhhh I’m complete now honey, your cock is perfect for me.”

They soon fell into a steady rhythm, his cock sliding in and out. It was almost hypnotic for Amy. She was getting sleepy again in spite of her level of arousal and she would like nothing more than to fall asleep like this, with her son’s cock slowly pushing in and out of her willing pussy.

“This is really good Mom, but I’m not sure I could cum for a while, I thought I could then I backed off and it seems like a long way off now.”

“Feels good though, just lazy feel good fun, we don’t have to cum every time honey, just enjoy it for a while,” she whispered in a sleepy slur.

They kept it going for another five minutes, then re-arranged themselves, facing each other now, she threw one leg over him and they were able to get his cock back into her pussy.

“Oh baby this is the way to do it, I love you.”

“Me too Mom, me too.”

Her head was resting on his arm, he was holding her hip with his other hand and rolled back half on his back, keeping her with him, she was soon half resting on him as his cock filled her pussy.

“That’s good honey,” she said as she drifted off.

He fell asleep too, his softening cock still in her pussy.

In the morning they woke up in the same position, they both showered together, during which Craig took Amy from behind as she leaned against the front wall of the shower.

After breakfast Amy had to get dressed for work, she had to show one house this morning and then was free until the first week in January, this being a slow season for the real estate business.

Craig went into town trying to think of something to buy his mother for Christmas. He reflected that things could be much tighter financially than they were and that they were very lucky in that respect.

Some years previously Amy’s parents had died in a car wreck and they left her some insurance money, as well as splitting the family farm up with her younger sister. The income from that was a nice cushion.

Craig hadn’t seen his father in several years but they kept in touch with emails every month or so, and in spite of having a “new” family to care for his father had always been on time with the child support checks and usually something extra, he was also helping to pay for Craig’s college expenses.

Amy’s sister had moved to New York with her husband and so with no family close by it was going to be a small Christmas for Craig and Amy, just the two of them.

Craig didn’t worry about it, right now mobil porno the prospect of being with her full time was all good. He had already gotten her a few little gifts for the season, nothing fancy, some University T-shirts and a hoodie with the School logo, and he was looking for something special.

He drove about 30 minutes to the nearest large town that had a mall and found a pair of earrings, as well as a book he thought she would like when he walked past a lingerie store. He turned around and went in.

It wasn’t exactly crowded, but he was a little nervous, but was determined to get her some sexy underthings.

“Can I help you sir?” Said a young sales girl.

“Uh, Umm, yes, I, uh need something for my, uh, girlfriend,” he managed to stammer out.

The Sales associate was a young girl his own age, she looked vaguely familiar.

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

Craig had never bought anything like this, and coupled with the fact that he was getting something for his mother – something that he dare not reveal – he was nervous.

“Do you know her sizes?”

He was going to have to “bite the bullet” he told himself, this can’t be any worse than a hard football game, think of it as if he was trying to dodge the defenders, stay on his pattern, and look for the ball to come spiraling in to him.

His nervousness left him, there was nothing wrong with buying lingerie, the sales people wanted to sell something, men did it all time time for girlfriends.

“I want something sexy, as well as some stuff for everyday wear that looks good.”

“So, something like a sexy nightie, or pajamas, and then how about some bra and panty sets, does that sound right?”

He spent a pleasant and exciting forty-five minutes looking at lingerie, running up a high bill, but ended up with a very sexy short baby-doll nightie with a matching robe, the thong panty that came with the set looked a little sleazy, so he got a string bikini in the same color as well.

He also got three bra and panty sets that, while looking very sexy, could be worn under her work clothes. He splurged and also got a very sexy looking garter belt and some hose to go with it, along with another pair of matching panties.

He went ahead and also got a package of several cotton panties in pastel colors of the kind that he knew his Mom wore. And some of the ‘everyday’ type bras he knew she wore a lot.

On the way to the mall he had cashed the Christmas check his father had sent and as he paid for his purchase he found that he didn’t have much left for himself.

At that point he got a real thrill when he realized that it was true, he did have more fun buying something for his Mom than getting something for himself.

He had noticed that the sales assistant had given him some searching looks as they were buying the various items. When he opened his wallet and paid in cash she looked a little disappointed for some reason.

As she gift wrapped his purchases, she started talking.

“I guess if you aren’t going to write a check or use a credit card I’m going to have to ask what your name is. You look familiar, as if I should know who you are.”

“You look a little familiar too, I’m Craig Thorvaldsson.”

“I’m Janet Shepard, did you play football at Woodston high?”

“Yeah, I did, graduated last year. Did you go there too?”

“I live here in Riverton, I was a cheerleader for the West High team, we always played Woodston a couple of times each year, and the last few years in the regional playoffs.”

“That must be it.”

“Well sort of, I dated Mike Riley, he played basketball, I went to some of the dances there.”

“I didn’t usually go to those.” He had always been too shy to ask a girl to the dances.

“Oh! I know!” She almost yelled.

“You were the boy who got tackled during the playoff’s last year, just at midfield and you went flying off into the cheerleaders.”

Craig remembered it clearly, his team had been in a bad position on their own 5 yard line, the quarterback throwing from the end zone, but everything had gone right.

He got away from his defender and caught the ball, but had to run along the side line, he was sure he could run all the way to a score when the defending free safety had hit him, knocked him out of bounds. It had still been a good play and got them to mid field.

As the safety had hit him, he grabbed Craig’s helmet, something the ref didn’t see, and as Craig went crashing into the sidelines, into the cheerleaders, his helmet came off.

He didn’t actually hit any of the girls, just stumbled and fell on his back, but they banged into each other to get away and somehow one of them fell back onto Craig.

Crag lay on his back with his eyes closed and a weight on his chest, he opened his eyes to darkness, then something soft mashed into his face as the girl squirmed and got off of him.

He didn’t realize at first what it was, but the girl had fallen over him and her dress covered his face, as she squirmed to get off him her sex izle pussy mashed into his face.

His teammates saw the whole thing during the post game session when the coach showed the films of the game. They teased him about it for weeks.

Craig blushed as he remembered the incident.

“That was you?”

“Yup, a heck of way to meet someone, wasn’t it?”

“Um, ah,” he was back to stammering.

She seemed amused by the whole thing. She thought it was cute that he was blushing and seemed embarrassed about it.

“My girlfriends still tease me about that,” she said with a smile.

“I got teased a lot too,”

“I asked around about you, everyone thinks you’re a nice guy, but way too shy.”

“How’s Mike doing, he graduated a year before me didn’t he?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s history, he’s going to some big college on the West Coast, we broke up before he left.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,”

“That was a year and half ago, before he graduated. He was too jealous, too clingy.”

“How did you ever meet him, different town, rival schools and all.”

“I have a cousin in Woodston, you might know her, Tracy Shepard.”

“Name sounds familiar, can’t place her.”

“It doesn’t matter, she set us up. I sometimes wondered about what if we met, I thought it would be funny if we went out.”

“Yeah, that would be, Oh, well, uh,” He went red again, he would love to go out with her, but she had just helped him buy a whole bunch of lingerie for his “girlfriend”, so he could hardly ask her out.

“Yeah, you must have a neat girlfriend, no-one’s ever got anything like that for me.”

He could never tell her it was for his mom either.

“It’s real complicated, she, uh, well, she’s,” his tongue was stumbling around, he had always had a hard time lying, something his mom had always loved when he was little, she could always tell when he was in trouble.

“Complicated?” She cocked an eyebrow, she was intrigued by this guy, her cousin said he never asked anyone out, all the girls thought he was way shy, and here he was buying sexy lingerie, something few guys his age ever did.

Craig could see down her low cut dress, she was showing a lot of cleavage and there was a lot to show. He could see her nipples standing out.

He thought that if he pretended that he was getting it for Maude, he might sound more convincing, and he certainly couldn’t tell anyone her name either.

“She’s a little older, at the University.” He didn’t want to say it, but had to.

“That’s cool. And you two are exclusive I guess?”

“Yes, well no, um, sort of, not really, it’s really complicated.”

She was laughing now, in a light-hearted way, OK, I’ll take your word for it, but here, if you ever want to give me a call, let me know.”

She scribbled her name and number on the back of one of the store business cards.

“The first number is my parents’ house here in town, the second is my cell, I’m starting up at State in a couple of weeks, mid year, I’ve been working here to save up for it.”

“That’s where I go, maybe we’ll run into each other.”

“Maybe you could introduce me to your older friend with the sexy undies?”

“Uh, well, uh…”

“I’m kidding, but you never know. I’ve always been adventurous.” She laughed at that.

“We’ll see, um, ah, anyway I’ll give you a ring in a few weeks.”

“That would be great, It’s been fun, but I guess I better get back to work.”

“Thanks, thanks a lot, for all your help. I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything, you know, back then.”

“Not at all, it was kind of ….” she leaned toward him and whispered,

“Exciting, if you know what I mean,” and winked at him.

He was in constant blush mode by then and said a last good-bye and left the store, headed home and put the wrapped presents under the small tree his Mom had put in the usual place in the living room.

Janet was curious about this ‘older woman’ that he talked about. She wondered if it could be a married woman, perhaps a professor’s wife, or perhaps a professor. Then there were rumors about Craig getting an older woman out of bad situation at a graduation party. She would have to ask her cousin about him.

Craig was confused now, he didn’t think he would ever have a serious relationship with Janet, but it would be interesting to see her when she got to the University, he kept trying to remember who her cousin was, the name kept tickling his brain.

When he got home he decided to save one of the sexy bra and panty sets and give it to Maude when he went back to school, then he realized that she wore a different size from his mom, he sure didn’t want to go to the same store and exchange just one bra.

After he had put tags on the presents for his mother and placed them under the tree he made a cup of hot chocolate and sat down living room. He decided he should get some other present for Maude, something non-sexual.

Before he could finish his chocolate his Mom’s phone rang, it turned out to be the next-door neighbors, Tom and Nancy, a thirty something couple who were on vacation in Southern Arizona for the season.

They had given Amy a key and asked her to empty the mail box and generally keep an eye on the house. Nancy called and was just checking up to make sure everything was OK.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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