Barcelona Beauties Ch. 11

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Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes all the characters and how the story began.


On the first day of April, I was alone in the house with Carmen when the phone rang. Carmen picked up and I heard her gasp. From her side of the conversation I gathered that someone was hurt and in the hospital. After a moment, Carmen hung up and filled me in. Bilan had been run down by a moped, and may have broken her leg. As the only ones home, Carmen and I left a note and hoped on the metro to go to the hospital.

Bilan was in a noisy shared hospital room looking miserable. Her face was swollen, her leg in a brace, and there were bandages on her arms. She had a hairline fracture and wouldn’t need a cast but would have to stay off the leg for a while and then begin physical therapy. We checked out crutches for her and dealt with hospital business, then brought her back in a cab. Carmen and I helped her up to her room, brought her some juice and some magazines. She thanked us but was sunk pretty deep in her misery. When the others came home they all pitched in to help and tried to comfort Bilan. She was sore in a lot of places and then became nauseous with the after effects of a shot of morphine administered when she was admitted. I think she was probably mortified to become dependent on us.

We made a schedule to look after Bilan’s needs. She needed help getting dressed, bathing and going to the bathroom. Since she could hop around a little on the crutches but couldn’t deal with the stairs, we stationed her in the living room. She didn’t like giving up her privacy but accepted the necessity of the move.

I brought her soup and read short stories to her. Her mood went from miserable to glum to acceptance. She became capable of being cheered up, something I was good at. Toward the end of her first week of recovery came a day that I was the only one home from about noon to six. Bilan and I talked and learned about each other’s lives in some detail. She was feeling good enough to feel restless from inactivity and was also bothered by the heat. I got a damp cloth and cooled her face with it. Bilan thanked me and told me it felt really good. I then placed the damp cloth on her neck. Bilan tilted her head back to allow me access and again thanked me. I told her she didn’t need to thank me but just to relax and enjoy it.

Next I used the cloth on her hands and wrists. Bilan closed her eyes as I worked up her bare arms to her shoulders, then back to her neck and face. She was breathing softly and murmured a few pleased sighs. She was wearing loose pajama pants and her feet were bare. I now used the cloth on her feet and ankles, being very careful with her fractured leg.

During the whole operation I couldn’t help but drink in the sight and touch of Bilan’s willowy body. Her dark brown skin shone with the moisture of the damp cloth. Holding and caressing her feet with the cloth put a lump in my throat, and yes, in my pants as well. Her feet resembled her hands, also long, slender and graceful. I had stopped noticing her beauty months ago, put off by her snooty uptightness. She wasn’t acting like that now. At the same time, I didn’t regard this as a seduction. I had put Bilan in the forget-about-it category long ago and assumed she had done the same about me. In addition, all the indications were that she was going to save herself for marriage or at least for a steady, wealthy boyfriend. I lay her foot back down on the day bed and prepared to stand up.

Bilan opened her eyes. “That feels really good. It’s making me feel better. Could you please do it some more?” Bilan placed the foot from the undamaged leg in my lap. Yes, I found this erotic and recognized that Bilan was feeling some level of pleasurable erotic charge with me. But none of this transgressed the boundaries of what non-sexual friends might do for each other. Did it?

I gave Bilan a foot massage without the cloth and reached up to her knee under the pajamas of the uninjured leg. I massaged her hands and lovely bare arms. I massaged her head and face and all around her neck. With her eyes closed, Bilan moaned barely audible sighs of appreciation. I returned to work on her hands some more, appreciating how beautiful and delicate they were.

I felt a temptation to suck her fingers into my mouth but had no intention of doing so. Bilan opened her eyes and watched me. “No one has every done this for me before.”

“I take it you like it,” I said.

“It’s wonderful. You have such a gentle touch, you make me feel so…” Bilan faltered.

“Feel so what?” I gentled prodded as I ran my thumb up the underside of her arm. Bilan said nothing and looked at me with a strange expression: pained? “I’m sorry, did I hurt you? I asked solicitously. She still had some bruises.

“It’s not that,” she said. Bilan looked down.

“Bilan, what is it? You can tell me” I was very curious.

“It’s embarrassing. I didn’t mean to think it” she said.

I though Short links this very interesting. “Think of what?” I persisted.

“I’ll tell you but don’t laugh. You made me feel cared for, like when I was a little girl with my grandma. It’s silly,” she blushed.

“That’s very sweet, Bilan,” I reassured her. “I know we haven’t exactly been best friends and I suspect you don’t approve of me. But the funny thing is, is that I do care for you.”

Bilan got that look people get when they won’t allow themselves to cry in front of someone. “I did judge you. You don’t act the way I was taught that nice people act. So why do I think you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met?” she said. I spontaneously gave Bilan a kiss on the cheek in thanks for the complement.

“You must be tired after massaging me. I wish I could give you a massage too.”

“Perhaps when you’re better,” I suggested. “If you’re comfortable sitting up I can rub your back too. You must be sore from the bed.” With my help, Bilan sat up and I sat cross-legged behind her. Through her thick cotton shirt, I massaged Bilan’s back and shoulders. She moaned a little and let her head loosely roll back and forth. “Does that feel alright?” I asked.

“It’s different through the cloth. It itches a little,” she replied.

“I’ll stop if you like,” I said.

“Um,” faltered Bilan. “If you…I mean if you don’t look at my front…I could pull the shirt up,” she suggested, the pitch of her voice raised in nervous tension.

“Sure,” I agreed, and slid the shirt up around her neck. Even though I was behind her, she crossed her arms over her small breasts. “That tenses up your back,” I objected. “And I can’t see anything from back here anyway.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “I guess I’m being silly again. It’s not like you haven’t seen lots of…oh, I’m being rude to you. Claude, I’m sorry.”

Working over her slender back I countered: “Bilan, nothing you said was rude. Please relax”

I loved massaging Bilan’s beautiful body and enjoyed the sight of her narrow back meeting the curve of her hips. In fact I did want to see more of her but I wasn’t about to push. After awhile, I helped Bilan put her shirt back on so she could lie down. She looked at me with deep appreciation in her doe-like eyes. We still had hours to go and I was enjoying taking care of Bilan, particularly because she was becoming a nicer person. “Shall I finish reading that story,” I asked her. She said yes and I got up to retrieve the book and pull the chair next to her day bed.

“Like down next to me,” suggested Bilan. “There’s room and you can relax too.”

It was relaxing. After half a dozen pages I felt sleepy, stopped reading and closed my eyes. I must have drowsed off. When I awoke, Bilan was lightly caressing my hand with her own. “That feels nice,” I said.

“I like your hands,” she said. “Artist hands.” I turned on my side to face Bilan and took her other hand in mine. We looked into each others’ faces while our hands met in mutual caresses. Bilan lifted my left hand up to her face and studied it intently. Dreamily, she pulled it to her lips and kissed the palm of my hand.

“I like that,” I encouraged. Bilan kissed my palm again and then carefully kissed my hand all over with her silky lips. This was the most ethereal erotic experience. I knew it wasn’t going to lead to sex as I understood it given the tenderness of Bilan’s injured leg. But this was definitely a new erotic high. Unbelievably to myself, I felt my emotions well up with deep affection for Bilan. I really am a sucker. How many women could I fall in love with at the same time?

I reciprocated by kissing Bilan’s right hand in the way she had kissed mine. When I took her middle finger into my mouth she inhaled sharply. After I sucked all her fingers she placed her hand on my chest and looked at me with pouty open lips. I leaned toward her and we kissed. We kissed slowly and tenderly while Bilan softly explored my chest with one hand. I held her face in my hands as we kissed. After a long bout of such gentle erotic contact, we came up for air. “I really didn’t expect this, Bilan.” She lowered her eyes.

“Is this okay?” I asked. She nodded, looking into my eyes again.

“My first boyfriend broke up with me because I wouldn’t have sex with him. I did have sex with my second boyfriend but then he took me for granted. I broke up with him. He was very self-centered,” She paused. “I know I’ve been self-centered too.”

“You’re being very sweet now,” I said. “But I’m not exactly your type, am I?”

“It’s true, I didn’t give you a second thought in the beginning. But after I saw you with Kiraz and Vesna…” she paused and then looked embarrassed.

“What do you mean you saw us?” I asked.

Bilan responded: “It was me in the dining room. I came in the back door and was on my way to the kitchen and saw the three of you in the living room.”

I now remembered that we had heard the sound of someone Short link rushing from the room after I fucked Kiraz for the first time and blew my cum into Vesna’s mouth. I had wondered for a while who it had been but then forgot all about it.

“How much did you see?” I asked.

She paused. “A lot.” Bilan pursed her lips then said, “I disapproved of what you were doing. I thought Kiraz and Vesna acted like sluts. I thought you were just a user like my last boyfriend. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I even had a dream a few nights later that you were doing that to me. So I forced myself to put it out of my mind.”

“And now?” I asked. “Do you still disapprove? It’s not exactly traditional family values around here.”

“It’s weird,” Bilan responded. “Over time I’ve gotten used to it. To how you…have sex with…with everyone.”

“Everyone but you Bilan,” I pointed out.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” she mused. “But I’d like to do more of, this.” Bilan kissed me and we began making out again, this time with a little more heat and urgency. I placed my hand on Bilan’s chest, above her small firm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and certainly didn’t need one anyway. I wanted to touch those breasts.

“Bilan,” I said, breaking our kiss. “I understand that you’re not ready for the kind of sex you saw me having with Kiraz and Vesna. I’ll respect your limits. But if you think you might like it, I’d like to touch your breasts. I’d like to kiss them too, if you’re comfortable with that.”

Without hesitating Bilan answered, “I want you to.” I carefully helped her remove her shirt and ran my hands all over her sleek torso, grazing her breasts and then her nipples and finally lowered my lips to her breasts. I must have spent half an hour licking her breasts and tweaking her nipples while she moaned and sighed. She told me she never wanted me to stop, but then, feeling a pang of selfishness, she said she wanted to reciprocate.

I removed my shirt and lay down as Bilan awkwardly lay on her side in a way that accommodated her injured leg. Her hands, lips and tongue felt wonderful. I’m sure Bilan could see my raging hard cock straining against my pants but she wasn’t ready for that and I didn’t push her. I was savoring the slow build up and anticipation. I could wait. By now it was late afternoon. Anticipating that the others would start to arrive home in the coming hour, we put our shirts back on and I went to bring in the clothes that had been drying on the clothesline.

After dinner, sitting with Vesna on the patio, I told her what had happened. “That is great!” she said. “I can’t believe it. If you can do her too, well, that’s ten girls with toe rings!”

“I’m not sure it will go that far but I won’t be surprised,” I said.

“You should skip class tomorrow and stay home with her,” said Vesna. “You won’t get any privacy over the weekend and I think you’re on a roll.” I conceded that would be the best plan of action.

“Your cock must be bursting,” Vesna remarked, discretely grabbing my crotch (Yara and Lisa were talking on the couch under the portico). “I’d better take care of that.”

Vesna took me down to my room. We stripped off our clothes. Vesna pushed me back on the bed and inhaled my cock with her mouth. She quickly had me diamond hard and pulled off to take a breath. “I want you to cum down my throat. I want to drink your cum. But I want you to imagine that it’s Bilan. Talk to me like I’m Bilan.”

“Bilan, you’re so good at sucking cock,” I whispered. “Your pretty lips and fingers feel so good around my cock. I want to blow my load in your mouth, I want to coat your tongue, I want to fill your mouth. Bilan, I want you to swallow my cum!” I spurted down into Vesna’s throat. She gulped down my cum and shivered in her own orgasm. We collapsed together.

The next day I stayed home with Bilan. After breakfast we talked about the news and then I asked how she felt about what had happened the day before. Bilan said she had loved it. That she hoped we could do more today except for one thing. She felt kind of sweaty and wanted to be clean if I was going to be getting that close to her body.

I gave Bilan a sponge bath. This involved taking off all her clothes, including her panties, which she was very bashful about. I carefully removed her leg brace so I could wipe down the injured leg too. Bilan was embarrassed by the heavy bruising but I lovingly kissed her now clean bruises before putting the brace back on. Bilan made me turn away while she took the sponge and washed her private parts. I took away the towel and put a fresh white sheet under her. Her dark skin glowed against the soft white cotton.

I had borrowed some coconut oil from Yara and began to anoint Bilan’s slender body. When I was done I took the foot of her uninjured leg in my hands and brought it to my lips. I kissed it all over as Bilan shivered and cooed. I sucked on each long, finger-like toe. Bilan gasped. She seemed to be on the line between ticklish and aroused. For me it was all arousal. I extended the same treatment to the other foot, being careful not to put pressure on her leg.

I returned to the other foot and began licking and stroking my way up her leg to her waist. Avoiding her mons, I continued up to her bellybutton. Bilan took my head in her hands and pushed my tongue into her bellybutton, breathing with her mouth open. I slowly began to kiss down her belly towards her mons. “Tell me when you want me to stop,” I told her. Bilan said nothing and just ran her fingers through my hair as I teased the soft tuft of her bush. Next I ran my tongue along the side of her pussy lips. Bilan’s breathing became more intense. When I grazed one of her flower petal labia, she moaned.

Taking this as sufficient approval, I slathered Bilan’s labia with my saliva, poking my tongue between her folds and pushing my lips against her as she gripped my head. Her juices were flowing. I made a series of long tongue strokes that culminated at her clit. Bilan began to utter little cooing sounds. Concentrating on her clit with lips and tongue, I brought her to an orgasm marked by a high pitched moan. Shuddering, Bilan pushed my head away from her over-stimulated clit.

I held her for a little while then Bilan said, “no one ever did that for me before. I think I understand why they love you.” With her newfound consideration for others, Bilan felt that she should reciprocate. I said she didn’t have to, that her leg would make it hard for her. She insisted.

I took off my shorts and we lay facing each other. At Bilan’s request, I moved up until my cock was directly in front of her face. Bilan took my hard cock into her soft hands and explored it by touching it all over and moving it around. Pulling me closer, Bilan kissed the head of my cock as she had my lips. As she kissed my cock she started to stroke my shaft with her fingertips. This was feeling pretty good and I told her so.

Over the next half hour, Bilan tried out numerous techniques with her mouth and hands. Sometimes she was awkward: giving head was clearly something she hadn’t done before. But eventually she found a rhythm that had me moaning and encouraging her. Looking upon her innocent face and graceful fingers I felt myself approaching the end. “Bilan,” I said, “I’m going to cum soon. If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, you better stop.” Bilan kept stroking and sucking. This was really hot. Again I felt difficulty believing that this was really happening to me. I gushed out into Bilan’s mouth. She stopped sucking but continued to stroke my shaft until I finished cumming. “Wow!” I exclaimed, “that was great.”

Bilan closed her eyes and stopped moving but kept my cock in her mouth. I considered how to delicately inquire if she wanted to spit, and what receptacle I might offer. As my cock softened, Bilan released it from her lips and opened her eyes. “Do you need to spit?” I asked. Bilan’s eyes showed surprise.

“Was I supposed to?”

I laughed. “You are incredible,” I told her. “I love it that you swallowed. Not everybody does, so it makes me feel very special.” Bilan just smiled at me.

In the afternoon, I helped Bilan dress up in a lovely outfit made of silk in wavy stripes of gold, brown and deep red. People who don’t walk don’t need to wear shoes but I did bring something for her feet: a tiny box with two silver toe rings. I chose the second toe of the right foot and the fourth toe of the left foot for the rings then sucked her toes a little while to christen them. Before the others came home, Bilan covered her feet and lower legs with a sheet. I guess she wasn’t ready to go public with her toe rings. Given the level of teasing and getting in each other’s business common to the house, I didn’t take it poorly.

At dinner time, Yara brought a plate of food to Bilan and helped her sit up against a cushion. She complemented Bilan on the scooped, sleeveless blouse and long flowing pants that shone in the soft lighting. Yara appraised Bilan’s appearance and asked her if this was a special occasion. With her uninjured foot, Bilan casually kicked off the sheet. “Ay!” shrieked Yara, who jumped up and down laughing, telling everyone to come look.

“Toe rings!” exclaimed Carmen. Everyone was congratulating Bilan and to a lesser extent, me.

Vesna said “I’m not surprised. I think Bilan planned this all along.”

“She planned to get hit by a moped?” Lisa teased.

“You see, Bilan,” said Kiraz impishly, “you’re just a toe ring slut like the rest of us.”

“Speak for yourself, Kiraz,” shot back Yara and everybody hooted in laughter.

“We don’t do it for the toe rings,” put in Carmen, “we do it because we like to fuck Claude!” This was followed by more cheers and laughter.

In place of the Friday night orgy, the beauties treated Bilan and I like a bridal couple, insisting we spend the night together and saw to our every comfort. Once they finally left us alone, we lay naked together in the candlelight. We laughed about being treated like a bride and groom, then Bilan asked, “do you think we should consummate it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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