Bathe Me, Stroke Me, Love Me

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Climbing into the bath, I lay back and relaxed. The hot, bubble filled water lapped against my skin, easing my tired, aching muscles. Grabbing a washcloth and some soap, I quickly cleansed my body and then wrung the cloth out before dropping it onto the side of the bath. Closing my eyes, I sank lower, the water washing across my hairy chest as I settled against the enamel.

The bathroom door opened, blowing a draft across my body and I shivered. I could hear you walking across the room; the material of your skirt making a soft whispering sound as you knelt beside the bath.

You picked up the washcloth and slid it across my foot. Soaking up the warm water, the softness of the material caressed my skin and I flexed my toes, enjoying the gentle rubbing sensation of the looped cloth as it glided gently over my instep and heel and along my inner calf.

I shook my head slightly in wonder. In my hands, the washcloth felt like…well, a washcloth, but in your hands, it felt like silk and as it made its way up my leg, my breath hitched.

Reaching the back of my knee, you swirled the cloth over the sensitive skin there, causing the bubbles in the bath to shift and I looked down to see your arm, disappearing into the water between my legs.

The cloth continued its slow, sensuous journey; over my thigh and hip before lifting to start again on the other foot.

My cock began to harden as you approached the opposite hip, but you skirted my shaft and worked your way over my lower abdomen, across my stomach and up towards my pectorals.

The cloth dragged against my hair roughened chest and you dipped it into the water, soaking the cloth before wringing it out over my nipples.

The water streamed down, warm and soapy and left rivulets of bubbles as it rolled down my stomach, filling my belly button.

Lowering the cloth, you circled my nipples, causing them to pucker as they cooled and I raised my hand and grabbed your wrist.

You lifted one eyebrow, silently questioning my action, but a knowing look flitted across your face as I moved your arm, dragging the cloth down my torso to drape it over my cock.

You smiled and gently stroked the cloth over my shaft, nudging it upwards so you could wash the underside. I relaxed against the bath, enjoying your tender administrations as you dragged the cloth lower and lightly caressed my balls with it.

You tapped my leg; an indication for me to lift my body and I planted my feet against the base of the bath and lifted my hips, raising my arse so you could clean between my cheeks.

The feel of the material as it caressed that area caused the skin on my scrotum to tighten and I grabbed the side of the bath and stood up. The water cascaded down my body and I held my hand out for a towel, but you brushed it aside and began to dry me, patting the towel over my shoulders and arms. Eager to anal escort get you into bed, I took the towel from you and stepped from the bath onto the mat. As I dragged the towel over my stomach, you lowered yourself to your knees once more and my hands froze as you took me in your mouth.

I moaned. The contrast of the cool air in the bathroom and your hot, moist mouth as you sucked your way down my shaft felt amazing and my legs began to tremble.

I swiped the towel down my arms and up between my arse cheeks as you gave me a final suck and withdrew your mouth. Taking the towel from me, you gently dried my cock and balls and swiped the towel down my legs. Draping it across your thigh, you lifted my feet in turn and dried them carefully.

I took hold of your arms and lifted you. As you stood, you grasped my hand and led me from the bathroom to the bedroom, looking at me over your shoulder as we walked.

Your smile as you led me upstairs was anticipatory and I felt intrigued as I entered the bedroom. Looking around, I grinned in appreciation of all your efforts and bent down to give you a gentle, lingering kiss.

On every available surface, scented candles flickered, giving the room an aromatically warm and intimate glow. A large bath sheet covered half the duvet and on the bedside cabinet was a bottle of massage oil, immersed in a bowl of hot water.

Without being asked, I lay face down on the towel. Lifting my hips, I adjusted my softened cock and balls into a more comfortable position, pushing them downwards. I could hear you removing your clothing and I spread my legs as you climbed onto the bed, trusting you not to hurt my genitals as you knelt between my thighs.

Leaning over, you removed the bottle of oil and carefully shook it over the bowl. Snapping the lid open, you poured the warm liquid onto my shoulders and I sighed as you rubbed it into my skin. I pushed my forehead into the towel to stretch the back of my neck and as you rubbed the tension from my neck and shoulders, I felt my body relaxing into the mattress.

You dribbled oil along my arms and massaged them slowly, working your way down to my hands, where you rubbed each individual finger before concentrating on my palms. More oil was then poured along the dip in my spine and you smoothed it into my skin, kneading my back and sides with long, firm strokes.

You shuffled down the bed and began working on my feet; pushing your thumbs into my insteps using a circular motion, before repeating this action over my heels and around my ankles. You used your knuckles along my calves and the backs of my thighs, releasing the tension from my muscles to leave me feeling lax and stress-free.

The combination of the warm oil and your soft, talented hands combined with the heat and scent of the room, relaxed me so completely, I began to float on bayan escort istanbul a sea of drowsiness until you lifted the bottle from the bowl once more and dribbled oil across my cheeks and down my crack. The oil rolled down my cleft, over my balls and onto my cock, which twitched with anticipation of what was to follow.

You began to smooth the oil into my cheeks, rubbing slowly and sensually. The nerve endings in my buttocks began firing, sending tiny sparks of pleasure through my rapidly hardening cock and down into my balls. Your hands slipped over my hips; rubbing and stroking as you smoothed the oil into my skin and you pushed your fingers under me, so I dug my toes into the mattress, lifting my body slightly to give you better access.

But you moved your hands away and slid your knees from under you. Laying between my legs you placed your mouth on my cock and slowly rubbed the oil over my foreskin with your lips. My balls tightened and I clench my thighs; your mouth felt so good on my body; your hot breath heating the oil even further as your lips glided up my shaft and over my scrotum.

You rolled your mouth in a circular motion; so gently over the wrinkled skin that I could barely feel you, but your hot breath stirred the hairs there and they stood on end, eager to feel your soft lips.

You pulled yourself a little closer and putting your hands on both of my cheeks, parted my cleft. My breath stilled in my chest as I felt your tongue swipe up between my buttocks to my arsehole. I clenched my teeth as your tongue rolled around the puckered hole and then gasped as you pushed your tongue into me.

Your breath, hot and wet, seared my flesh as your tongue forced its way into my body. Saliva flowed from your open mouth and the wetness plus the massage oil, lubricated the puckered skin of my hole, making it easier for you to tongue-fuck me. Arousal arrowed through my body and I moaned loudly. Encouraged, you gripped my cheeks tightly, pulling them wider to give you more access, so that you could thrust your tongue deeper into me.

I whimpered as you pulled free and rolled your tongue around my hole and along my crack. Copious amounts of pre-cum leaked from my cock onto the towel as I lifted my hips from the mattress; pushing my arse into your face; begging for more. You had never done this to me before and it felt fantastic and very naughty.

Eventually, you pulled away and moved to lie beside me. I lunged at you, eager to taste myself on your lips. Thrusting my tongue into your mouth, I kissed you passionately, running my hands over your ribcage and breast to pinch your hard nipple.

You moaned into my mouth as I gentled my assault and I reached up to snag a pillow, pushing it behind your head to prop you up a little.

Straddling your upper body, I slid my hand behind your head to grip your hair. Taking my şişli escort cock in my hand, I slowly guided it into your waiting mouth. As your lips closed over my glans, you strained your neck to take more of my length down your throat and I threw my head back, groaning with pleasure.

Rocking my hips, I started a steady rhythm, pushing forward more and more until you gagged. I tried to pull back but you grabbed onto my arse, gripping me tightly; holding me still while you relaxed your throat muscles and adjusted to the sensation of my glans rubbing against your tonsils.

After a few moments, you released me and allowed me to pull out. As I withdrew my shaft from your mouth, you lapped at my foreskin with your tongue and gently pressed your teeth against my skin.

A fine sheen of sweat beaded my upper lip as I felt you drop one hand and your arm began to move in a rapid, jerky fashion. I knew you were touching yourself as you sucked my cock. Rubbing you clit and fingering your pussy; giving yourself pleasure as you gave pleasure to me. I tried to pull away and turn around, eager to get my mouth on your pussy, but you dug your fingernails into my arse cheek, holding me in place. You couldn’t speak as your mouth was full of my cock, but you smiled up at me, showing me with your eyes that I was right where you wanted me to be.

I smiled back at you and cupped your cheek. You moaned and the vibration of sound fluttered around my shaft. The feeling was incredible and I pumped my hips faster as my balls began to tighten.

Your breathing became erratic as you approached your own orgasm and you started to writhe on the bed, frantically rubbing your clit, desperate to fall over the edge and achieve the climax your body was trying to attain.

Watching you sucking me, feeling your movements as you fingered yourself, blew my control and I lost my rhythm and with it, all rational thought. Slamming my hips forward, I throat-fucked you roughly, completely lost in the intensity of my feelings.

I felt your throat close around my cock and you gagged as I pushed too deep, but I couldn’t stop and came in great spurts, shooting my load down your throat. I felt you, struggling to swallow each shot and looked down at you with glazed eyes as you choked a little on the copious amounts of cum filling your mouth.

As I began to pull free, you opened your mouth wide and let out a scream as you reached your own climax and I looked down with great satisfaction at the sticky white fluid coating your tongue.

I collapsed beside you, regret and worry beginning to wash away the euphoric, post climatic sensations that were rolling through my body and I rubbed my forefinger gently across your throat. As I opened my mouth to apologise for treating you so roughly, you laid your finger across my lips and shook your head, smiling.

I wrapped my arms around you and pulled you across my chest. You snuggled into me, gently kissing my nipple and I sighed contentedly.

I felt the moist heat of your breath on my skin as you whispered, “I love you…”

Cupping your chin, I tilted your head up so I could look into your eyes. “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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