B,B Birthday Treat

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The next morning, Karyn and Joe headed downstairs for a late breakfast. The other two couples at the Inn had checked out early, so they were the last guests. They sat down to eat with the 3 owners. They learned that the place was actually owned by the two sisters at the table. Kristin was the older sister. She was around 40, but youthful looking with long, straight, jet back hair. Kristin’s husband was considered the head of the staff and maintenance. Kristin’s younger sister, Danni, was in her mid-30s. She had shorter, red hair also fairly straight. She was divorced and threw most of her energy into running the B&B.

As they all ate breakfast, Joe took a closer look at each of them. They were both around 5’6″ tall, were thin and looked like they worked out. He remembered seeing them at the weekend yoga classes the Inn offered. They both had small chests, maybe a small B-cup, but they were still perky despite their age.

The two of them were asking Karyn about what she liked and did not like about the place. They were always looking for ways to improve and make the place more inviting to new clients. While they talked, Kristin’s husband, Tony, talked with Joe about the upcoming football season for both college and pro.

As everyone was finishing their breakfasts, Danni pulled Karyn and Joe aside. “So, I understand you two enjoyed an extra special spa treatment yesterday.”

“Well, “Karyn replied, “we did go online and gave it a 5 star rating! But really, yes, we certainly enjoyed our time with Katie, she’s a special woman.”

“Oh, I agree,” Danni smiled. “She and I have hit it off since day one around here.”

Karyn picked up the vibe and gave Joe her ‘this seems promising’ look.

Danni continued, “last night when Katie told us about your visit, she really didn’t leave out any details. We were all pretty excited about it.”

“Wait,” Joe interrupted. “You said ‘us’ and ‘we were all’. Who exactly did Katie tell?”

Danni flushed before she spoke. “Sorry Joe, it was just Kristin, Tony and I. Really, no one else. We were doing our daily download of things that went well and things that could have been better.”

Seeing the tension leave Joe’s face, Danni continued. “No one else is coming in until tomorrow, after you check out. We were wondering if you wanted to join us for Kristin’s birthday cake. Tony said he had some fun ideas.”

“Of course we would,” Karyn answered Escort bayan quickly before Joe could speak.

“Great,” Danni replied. Kristin is in the kitchen, let’s go get her. Joe, do you mind going behind the barn and getting Tony?”

Joe found Tony where he was told. Tony smiled as he realized the guests had agreed to a repeat of their visit yesterday. He had Joe help him finish stack some wood. It only took five minutes, but Tony wanted the delay.

As the two men approached the sitting room, where Tony knew the women would be, he stopped to let Joe in on his plan. “Hey Joe, it’s my wife’s birthday, will you help me give her a little surprise?”

“Of course,” Joe agreed.

“Great! I know this sounds goofy, but I was thinking we could turn on some music and pretend we’re strippers.” Tony looked at Joe nervously, but Joe readily agreed. Tony smiled and turned up a mix tape.

The guys entered the room in just their briefs and shirts. The found the women on the couch. Danni was at one end, Kristin on the other and Karyn in the middle. Tony went to his sister-in-law’s side, Joe to Kristin. They were both dancing, trying to be a little suggestive. The women spanked the guy’s butts a few times before popping open a bottle of champagne.

The men pulled off their shirts while the women pretended to be in the audience at a strip club. After a little more dancing, Karyn suggested to the sisters that it was time to play.

The sisters grabbed the man in front of them and pulled off their briefs. They then pulled out cans of whipped cream and applied it across the men’s chests with a line down to their waists and then finally along the length of their hardening cocks.

Karyn watched as the other two women began licking all of the whipped cream off the guys. As they began eating their treat off the men’s cocks, Karyn unhooked their tops and pulled them off, revealing their small, firm tits. They each had relatively small nipples, hardened from their desire.

The women never missed a beat and began licking and sucking the cock before them. Joe enjoyed the warmth and skill of Kristin’s mouth and tongue. He noticed that Danni did not seem to be a stranger to Tony’s thick dong. He also noticed Karyn strip off her clothes.

Karyn stood and led Tony to an adjacent couch where she sat down, leaning up to kiss her new toy. Danni followed, dropping her shorts and Escort panties. Joe pulled Kristin up to kiss her, managing to slide her jeans and panties off in the process.

As they continued to kiss, Joe watched his wife lie back on the couch while Danni slid her face between Karyn’s legs. Danni kissed the soft, clean shaven pussy before her. She wasted little time before she started licking the wet slit deeply, working from the bottom to the top. When she reached the top, she paid special attention to Karyn’s clit, causing shivers to run down Karyn’s spine.

After a couple of minutes, Tony replaced Danni, licking and sucking Karyn’s clit with an increasing pace. Once Joe saw Tony starting to pay attention to Karyn, Joe pushed Tony’s wife down before him and began to aggressively probe her sweet, wet cunt with his tongue. He could still see Karyn and Tony’s ongoing onslaught on her swollen pussy lips.

By now, Danni was straddling Karyn’s face, riding her tongue. She used a couple of fingers to tease Karyn’s clit at the same time. Joe started paying more attention to the dripping pussy before him. He increased the speed his tongue flicked against Kristin’s clit, and began fingering her with two fingers, His fingers moved so fast they were hard to see.

Karyn cupped Tony’s jaw, pulling him away from her pussy, despite the fire burning in her. She motioned him to lie back on the couch while she got on all fours. Karyn stroked Tony’s shaft, marveling in its thickness. Danni joined her in pleasuring the hard rod before them. They took turns sliding their tongues up and down the growing pole. Periodically, one of them would take it into their mouths and they would slide as much as they could take into their mouth and throat. When this happened, the other woman would lick and suck on Tony’s heavy, full, balls.

Joe also changed places with his partner. As he sat on their couch, she climbed next to him on all fours and nearly inhaled his hard rod all the way into her silky mouth. Kristin stroked his shaft fast and hard as she sucked the tip of his cock, twirling her tongue across its sensitive ridge.

Karyn was ready, she was literally dripping. She positioned herself in a reverse cowgirl. hovering momentarily above Tony’s bursting cock. She eased it’s head between her swollen, darkened pussy lips and easily accepted its thickness, sliding down to the base effortlessly. Following Karyn’s Bayan escort lead, Kristin did the same to Joe. Both woman began riding, fucking themselves hard and fast. Kristin’s small perky tits bounced invitingly as she rode Joe.

Karyn then lifted herself off of Tony and again got on her hands and knees. Tony knew what she wanted. He positioned himself behind Karyn and began to slide his thick, aching cock into her. Again, Kristin mimicked her new friend, dismounted and moved to all fours, wiggling her ass in front of Joe who eagerly accepted her invitation. Joe grabbed her slim hips and drove his rod home, deep into Kristin. He adjusted his grip, grabbed her hips again and just let loose, fucking Kristin as fast and as hard as he could. His balls smashing into her clit.

While Joe pounded away, Karyn moved back to the first couch and bent over it. Tony positioned himself behind her once again. This time, Danni positioned herself in front of Karyn, giving her access to Danni’s throbbing pussy. This did not last long as Karyn felt Danni was being left out. Karyn had Tony sit on the couch. Danni straddled her hung brother in law and let her lust quicken her pace to a fast fuck. Meanwhile, Karyn straddled Tony’s face and began riding his tongue.

Danni’s built up excitement quickly exploded out of her. As she rode Tony she began yelling, “Yes, YESSS, YESSS, YOU FUCKING STUD!” As she finished, she stopped moving and slipped into a muscle trembling orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

Watching her sister get off then pushed Kristin over the edge. Her pussy suddenly clamped down hard on Joe’s cock, pulsating as she too went into a huge trembling orgasm. Unlike her sister, she made hardly any noise. Karyn, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells in the room also quickly hit her body ripping orgasm, shooting her fluid into Tony’s mouth. Both men could no longer hold off. They shot their heavy loads deep inside the sisters’ quivering slits.

As they uncoupled, the guys sat in nearby chairs. Danni pulled out a vibrator and started working her sister’s still swollen pussy lips and clit. “Happy birthday sis!”

Karyn began licking Kristin’s rock hard nipples and soon, Kristin was exploding into another orgasm, this one shaking the couch the women were on.

As they finished, Tony pulled out a very large birthday cupcake for his wife. As she held it, Karyn jerked off Joe and Danni jerked Tony. The two women expertly pulled another explosive orgasm from the guys, each directing the flow of hot white cum across the top of the cupcake. Once they were done, they immediately fed the special treat to Kristin one bite at a time.

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