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Big Tits

I had always wanted to visit a nude beach. I searched the internet and found some place a few hours drive from where I lived. I had been working out at the gym the past couple of years and I didn’t think I would embarrass myself by walking around naked. I took a few days off from work and I drove to the shore. The information I found said that there was a small area on this secluded beach that allowed nudity.

I finally got there and gathered up a bag with my belongings. I got to the sign that said that nudity was allowed from this point on. I pulled off my trunks and stuffed them inside my bag. It felt good to be free. My cock is around seven inches in length. I could feel it swaying as I was walking down the beach. Maybe it was because it was the middle of the week. There weren’t many bathers in sight. I guess I wanted to show off some.

As I kept walking I could see a couple of people in the distance. As I approached it looked to be a middle aged man and woman. The woman had her eyes fixed on me, that much I was certain of. From what I could see, she didn’t look too bad. She had long dark hair down to her shoulders. Her pussy was shaved and she had big breasts that rested on her chest. The man saw me and waved me over to where they were.

“Hi, I’m Pete and this is Tracy,”

I said that my name was Tom. Pete got right down to business. He said his wife saw me and was interested in meeting me. I looked down to where Tracy was sitting. She was looking directly at my dick.

“Would you be interested in Tracy?” Pete asked me.

Interested in what way, I asked him. She would love to suck your cock if you would let her. Hell, I didn’t think I would be approached like this. I nodded my head and I stepped closer to Tracy. She got onto her knees and reached out to take hold of my dick. Tracy leaned in and wrapped her mouth around my prick. That felt so good feeling Tracy going right down to the root. She wasn’t even gagging.

I placed a hand on the back of her head, guiding Tracy along. It didn’t take much to make me hard that day. Tracy had one hand on my balls and the other around the base of my rod. A few minutes of that and I was rock hard. Tracy pulled away and then she got back onto her beach towel. She was on her back with her legs spread wide.

“She aksaray escort wants you bad,” said Pete.

Damn, I couldn’t believe this was happening so quickly. I didn’t have to be asked twice. No one said anything about a condom so I slid my hard prick into Tracy’s wet pussy.

“God damn Tom, you’re so fucking big!”

I was glad I could satisfy Tracy like that. We soon got into a fucking rhythm. Tracy slapped her legs around my back and I began to drill her pussy. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what Pete was up to. I thought he might be standing behind me observing us fucking. I soon lowered my face and I began to bite on Tracy’s nipples. The surf was loud that day. It was drowning out all the screams of Tracy as she took my cock.

I unlocked her legs and I pushed them back towards her chest. I dug my toes into the sand and I gave her the deepest strokes I could produce. The sun was beating down on my back. I hadn’t even had time to put lotion on. I knew I would be burnt later. I had never had sex on the beach before. All I can say is, for a middle aged woman, Tracy had a tight pussy. She had her muscles locked around my dick in a death grip.

“I finally heard Pete call out, “fuck her hard Tom, She wants it bad today.”

She certainly did. Tracy had her face next to my ear. She was practically whispering that she was going to need me more than this one time. I knew that if it was possible I wanted my cock buried inside Tracy more than this one time. Tracy’s pussy was going into convulsions. I knew she was having multiple orgasms.

“Cum in me Tom, I need a real man’s seed in me.”

I guess Pete wasn’t a real man in Tracy’s book. I did as she asked. We worked our way up to a final climax and then I exploded inside Tracy’s deep gash. I think we both let out these screams as we came together. I bathed Tracy with my scalding loads and she made sure she got every drop out of me. We continued fucking for some minutes until I finally started going soft. I slowly pulled out and watched as our juices spilled out and down Tracy’s ass crack.

“Holy fuck!” Tracy said.

She said she hadn’t had sex like that in years. What Pete thought of that I didn’t know. When I did pull out fatih escort I looked back. Evidently Pete had been stroking himself and I could see a puddle of cum down on the sand in front of him. Tracy stood up and took me by the hand. We walked down to the water’s edge and Tracy pushed out my cum the best she could. She kissed me on the mouth and she said she had something to give me.

We walked back and Tracy got out a pen and some paper.

“Contact me, she said, this is my phone number and name.”

She asked me if I was going to be around for the next few days. I said I was. She asked for my cellphone number and I gave it to her. She said I would be hearing from her. Just like that I put my trunks back on and headed back to my parked car. What a fucking day, I thought to myself! I found myself a motel room and I checked in. I was right. I was sunburn on my back. I applied lots of lotion and took a cool shower.

It was around dinner time and I thought I would head out for some food. My phone rang. It was Tracy. Was it possible to meet up, she asked me. I hate to say it but I was still horny. Once wasn’t enough for me. I told her where I was staying. I said not to bring Pete along. She laughed and said I didn’t have to worry about that. An hour later Tracy was knocking on my door. I let her in and she immediately began kissing my mouth.

“I had to see you again Tom, I haven’t had sex like that in years.”

I found out that Tracy was crazed for sex. All the better that it was a young guy who was fucking her. I didn’t get to have dinner right then. Tracy and I were soon in my bed. Tracy told me to get onto my back. She got up over top of me and used her pussy to rub against the flat part of my cock. It didn’t take much to make me hard one more time. Tracy rose up and slid down onto my pole. I have to say, Tracy’s pussy fit me like a glove. She was soon riding up and down my dick.

I needed to touch those big tits of hers. I could barely get my hands around each one.

“Pinch my nipples Tom!”

I did as she asked. Her pink nipples were soon hard to the touch. I brought my ass up from the bed and I buried my prick in Tracy’s greedy hole. She said she barely got back to their motel room and eyüp escort she knew she needed me again. Tracy said that Pete wanted to come along but she forbid him. Pete was a good provider but he wasn’t much of a lover these days. As soon as she saw me on the beach, her pussy began to tingle.

I made Tracy my bitch that evening. She said she would do anything I wanted. Just as long as I would keep fucking her. That wouldn’t be a problem. I eventually flipped Tracy onto her back. She squeezed her legs around me and I took her hard that way. Tracy was definitely vocal in bed. She was begging me to fill her pussy with my fat cock. I would pull out, just leaving the tip of my mushroom inside her. Tracy would cry out for me to enter her.

I drove my hard prick in as hard as I could. I hope the people in the next door rooms didn’t mind all that sex noise. We fucked for a good hour there in my motel room. Tracy pleaded with me to cum in her again. I wasn’t sure how much I had left inside me. We came to our climax and I squirted more seed into Tracy’s belly. I surprised myself that I had anything left to give. After I pulled out, Tracy finished me off by sucking the cream from my spent shaft.

My cock was so tender after all that fucking. Tracy and I did go out for some dinner. Tracy asked me if I was seeing anyone. I told her that I wasn’t. She got a big smile on her face. Was there any possibility that I would want to see her again after we had all left the beach. I asked her where she lived. She ended up being less than an hour from my apartment. I said I was open to seeing her again without Pete tagging along. That wouldn’t be a problem she said.

It is now a month later and I have seen Tracy once more. She drove to where I live and we had torrid sex together. It seems Tracy is addicted to cock. My cock, that is. She spent the weekend with me and I probably had her five or six times in bed. I love the fact that I don’t need to wear a condom. Tracy craves man seed and I gave her more than enough to keep her going. The last time we fucked before she left, I had her lie on her stomach. I pulled her ass up and I buried my hard prick in her pussy.

I told her she was mine from now on. I didn’t want her fucking Pete ever again. Tracy was pleading with me. She would never fuck another man, only me. My balls slammed against her ass and I blew more of my baby cream into her waiting pussy. Tracy says she wants to leave Pete and come move in with me. She says it is too difficult being without my cock inside her. It might cum to pass soon. I will have Tracy all to myself for good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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