Beautiful Men

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Big Boobs

[An Account from the PRISM Chronicles]

Chapter 1

An Unexpected Opportunity

Huffing and puffing wouldn’t make it go away any more than believing that Howard Hughes’ enormous wooden aircraft, the Spruce Goose, was a practical way to build a usable plane made it so. His fiancée, Parker Scott, had gone to considerable trouble to get him an interview with a professional journal when from out of nowhere The Journal of Beautiful Men, a magazine with unusually sharp photos featuring attractive men, articles about them, explicitly sensuous scenes, and contests for a variety of honors based on whatever were their interests, contacted her.

The well-known magazine informed Parker that it was familiar with PRISM Designs and its interesting, highly varied exploits involving rather far-ranging subjects. The company’s discoveries of unusual and barely-heard-of treasures in the accounts of pirate Anne Bonney and the Circle Gold affair had piqued their interest. When Ashwynde Richardson, Special Projects Manager for PRISM, sent photos of Mark Campbell to the magazine for their consideration, she had sealed the deal.

The editors in a conversation with Ashe remarked that they had not met a man so sensuously attractive yet with his winsome personality, humor and range of normal interests. His youth, his powerful body and his incredible mass of thick, black wavy hair falling past his waist had prompted one editorial assistant to label him ‘Samson’ after the biblical character of long hair and raw physical power fame.

The journal sent Mark several copies of recent issues to examine. He was impressed with the remarkably sharp quality of the photos and the range of print items about the subjects’ interests, accomplishments and activities. The explicit photography of nude males in every conceivable pose, venue, concept, and erotic intimacies aroused Mark. When Lauren saw them, she urged him to let Beautiful Men feature him at length and in as many unrestrained activities as he was willing to participate.

He and Lauren had just returned from Tennessee and the Circle Gold business, and despite his preference for their home and office in the Everglades, he had to get some work done in their Palm Beach office. Lauren went on to Swamp Central while he donned a charcoal-with-pinstripes suit, a white shirt and a colorful tie. He had hardly entered the building when he found himself accosted by a group of young assistants and participants from Parker’s and Ashwynde’s program of individual development of talents, social graces, and sensuous interests for teens.

With several young men and women vying for his attention, he led them to a conference room near Ashwynde’s office where he spent a thoroughly enjoyable forty-five minutes with the group. The girls were already showing signs of what he called “the PRISM influence” in their variety of sexy clothes from the company’s line of young misses’ erotica. Several young men studied Mark from a distance, and he thanked them for being present. Personally, he thought they were quite attractive; they already showed the company’s penchant for long hair. He enjoyed a slippery little jolt as he wondered what they’d look like in more intimate circumstances.

For a group of young people barely more than eighteen, he found them quite impressive in their attitudes and unquestionably in their physical development.

After this enjoyable interception, Mark went on to a room near Lauren’s and Ashe’s offices; it had comfortable furnishings, featured large windows along one entire wall, and was the refuge where they went to relax, enjoy intimacies, and even display themselves to whoever might be watching if they so desired. Lauren, Parker and Ashwynde already had followers who could be counted on to take pictures and observe them from nearby buildings when they’d opened the vertical blinds to expose themselves.

He was tired, but he took the time to undress slowly and hang up his suit and other clothes. Today Mark wanted to spend time thinking, touching himself, enjoying the smoothness of his skin, and brushing his long hair until he enhanced every wave. This always aroused him. He stood before the large windows, hopeful for watchers this time. Sliding the brush through his thick, long hair generated tiny snaps of static electricity and fluffed out the deep waves surrounding his face.

The softness of the hair about his eyes felt delicious, and his cock was now standing before him, hot and swollen, the Prince Albert ring in its mouth causing a miniscule tingle there. He turned sideways to view himself in a full length mirror and saw his lovely, smooth body surrounded by his glossy black tresses. Both of his eyes were nearly concealed by waves caressing his face and shoulders, falling densely to his bottom.

Lauren had made him aware of a gradual thickening of his hair in recent months, something almost unheard of for men his age. He knew of no other instance in which a man even had hair the gorukle escort length of his, and for it to be getting heavier, denser was both an erotic thrill and something record-setting.

Never in his desires from his teens to now had he anticipated that his hair would grow to its present beauty. It constantly delighted him as he touched it during the day, whether unbound as he usually wore it, or tied in a monster pony tail. As he granted his mind and body the quiet release necessary to truly enjoy his sexuality and longings, a delicious heat gripped his hips and stem.

He was completely stiff now and his shaft stood before him, a beautiful creation, thick, shapely, sometimes straight and sometimes with a sexy curve. Its crown was a delicate tanned flesh, swollen around its edges, with the Prince Albert gold ring in its mouth. Parker had shot a series of black-and-white and color silhouettes of his body, face and hair, and his shaft with its clearly-outlined ring; it had become one of their most popular and downloaded internet photo sets.

Four months previously, Mark had been selected ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Year’ by The Journal of Beautiful Men, an honor that was both completely unexpected and that had put him in the worldwide eye of the erotic community. His PRISM team was overjoyed for their lover; apparently, a host of other men and women were also interested in him, for his volume of mail, phone calls, and actual stop-on-the-street events had increased tenfold.

He would never attempt to sidetrack any of these. To him they were a great honor and an enormous erotic jolt…other people actually took time out of their lives to be excited by him and let him know it. Treating them casually, making obscene gestures, and uttering stupid, infantile remarks about his public ran against everything he had ever been taught. His mother, Lauren, with whom he regularly made delicious and prolonged love, adored him for living out his upbringing; his admirers were drawn even closer to him.

Mark turned slightly and watched his shaft jiggle left and right with a delicious heaviness as he laced his fingers behind his head, then slowly thrust his hips forward. Gazing down on his smooth body and dense puff of soft hair curving in sexy dark arc over his penis, he longed to taste himself, something he had never attempted.

Mark walked slowly to the couch and lay down, conscious of his movements and enjoying them. He really didn’t know if he was flexible enough like his girlfriend Courtney to bend forward and get his stem into his mouth. He was definitely long enough. He loosened himself with several sit-ups, almost afraid of failure in his sensuous endeavor. Then he stroked his cock briefly, though it could not have gotten any more firm and long than it was now.

Finally, he bent forward, assisting himself with his left arm and hand grasping his thigh as he used his right hand to direct his penis toward his mouth. He felt no discomfort; rather, he moved closer and closer to his lovely stem until its tip kissed his lips with moisture. He opened his mouth and drew it in, closing his lips about what was probably an inch-and-a-half of smooth, tender flesh. He was comfortable in his position and mouthed his treasure, relishing the sensation of warmth, the feel of closing his lips around its head, his taste, and the erotic charge of having his own body in his mouth.

The sensation was difficult to describe in words. He felt warmth and wetness on his cock. It was round, perfectly so; it was large and solid within his mouth, it tasted delicious, a delicate cream flavor mixed with a clean, erotic scent he could not identify. Sensuous thoughts raced through his mind; visions of this long, stiff beauty standing out before him, a desire to be nude around others and completely aroused, a hunger to spurt his cum in a stream as others watched, the smoothness of his skin to his touch, the femininity of his long, thick hair, his satisfaction with the gold ring in the mouth of his penis. And his desire to be intimate with another young male.

He drew gently on his stem, then touched its crown with his teeth and finally tugged at the gold ring in its mouth. That brought a delicious little tingle in its head and he sucked it more insistently. This he would do again and again, now that he discovered he could perform it.

He wanted to experience an orgasm, spurting cream directly into his mouth but wasn’t sure he could actually get himself into position. Mark released himself, lay flat and caressed his cock, denying himself any quick movements, running his hands over the velvety smoothness of his flesh, relishing the bare flesh around his penis and balls. Electricity rocketed through his body as he touched the tender spot just below his crow, announcing his loss. He quickly resumed his position with his shaft in his mouth, relaxed, and softly massaged its head.

An exquisite burning in his hips gripped him as honey coursed through his body. altıparmak eskort bayan Such delight! So intimate! He spurted sticky strings into his mouth and savored his flavor. He bathed his crown with saliva as more cum followed, its flow enhanced by the circling movement of his tongue and gentle sucking. Its consistency was heavy and gooey; he drained himself of his cum and swallowed once more. It slid easily down his throat, a flavor of lightly salted cream and something that vaguely reminded him of cocoanut marking its passage. Now that was different, he chuckled to himself.

Now exhausted, he slowly rose, intending to gently stroke his hardness as he stood before the huge glass window of the office. He saw several men and women watching him from nearby offices and excitement coursed through him. His body was warm, smooth, and responded to his touch with a renewed hardening. He leaned with a delicious tiredness against a support column, the warm sun bathing his naked loveliness, and continued gently enjoying himself.

He thought of the several tranny-girls whose photo collections he enjoyed among his computer images…the blonde British beauty, now in her fifties yet with marvelously smooth flesh and a slightly curved penis so full that he could almost taste her, the lovely outfits she wore that enhanced her up-skirt photos…the raven-haired Brazilian girl with a shaft large enough to be immortalized in a museum somewhere…that sensuous, white-fleshed girl called Kayleigh with her sexy freckles…and most of all, his own stunning Ashewynde and her penchant for showing off herself everywhere she went.

He could feel her great cock as she moved behind him, touching his hair, inserting her finger with its coating of gel into his hole, then sliding her shaft into his body and resting there. The thought of being completely filled, of feeling himself expanding to admit her bulk, nearly caused another eruption. For sheer erotic power, Ashwynde had no equal. Good Lord, but she was huge! He thanked his good fortune that it was his ring she wore on her left hand.

He recalled the delights of intercourse with his mother, Lauren, at their cabin in Tennessee. He flamed with heat as he thought of his gorgeous fiancée, Parker…Parker of the incredible good humor; of that lovely face; of the great, heavy breasts she loved to show off; of the thick, black body hair she so carefully cultivated beneath her arms, covering her thighs, and that sexy train of it up her tummy.

Mark bent slightly forward and held on to a corner of the room as waves of heat and a sexual wind rippled over him. He intended to capture his cream and devour it, yet he didn’t want to touch himself…the loss must come from his thoughts, from taking in his image in the mirror, from memories of touching and making love with every one of the women who lived with him. Courtney with her legs wrapping his waist as he stood buried completely within her pussy. His black beauty, Arabella, as she literally wore him out sexually with her enormous appetite.

And then there were the images of the young men in the magazine.

Chapter 2


He surrendered to the waves of sexual desire enfolding him with warmth and contractions in his hips and stem. Cream spurted onto the tile floor in glistening strips of sticky, buttermilk-hued goo. He had successfully brought on this orgasm without touching his body. A rope of cum clung to the gold ring in the mouth of his cock, swaying as he turned before his reflection in the mirror. He wondered idly if it would finally drop away onto the floor or if he would capture and consume it. After several seconds, he enjoyed the latter.

The image in the mirror was one of intense male sensuality, a beauty who, except for certain lines in his powerful body, could pass for a striking woman. His face was now almost concealed by the waves of his enfolding hair, and he felt its warm weight over the whole of his back. He moved his hips slightly and his penis shook heavily.

So erotic. So intimate.

Mentally, he acceded to the request that he meet the young men of the Journal of Beautiful Men and perform whatever sensuous arrangements the editors would describe. Mark had never considered an attraction to men, but the tempo of the sensuous relationships among his women at their home in the ‘Glades had moved him to a point of desire in which he was willing to experience that, too. Ashe, Lauren, Arabella, Courtney and Parker had all expressed their desire to have several attractive men there for shoots. They wanted to observe, and he agreed.

Another very quiet, very slow change had crept through him during the past months, He had slowly become aware of his true loveliness because of his massive, unusual growth of wavy hair, his body and his facial structure. It was not exactly feminine yet it communicated a sensuality impossible to define. He really felt “beautiful” at times and in unexpected situations nilüfer eskort bayan with others, during business, and around their home. He caught others staring at him as he went through each day’s work load; more and more often he brushed out his hair, leaving it hanging in its rich glory during his professional day, noting the stares of other men and even the obvious discomfort of some.

The image and impression he cast in a business suit, in casual wear, and during dates and personal contacts was obviously sexually loaded; now, he allowed himself to enjoy this newly-appreciated sensation whether it occurred with women or men.

Ashwynde and Courtney had established several sub-divisions on PRISM’s erotic website they had finally registered as ‘I Am So In Love With My Breasts,’ I Am So In Love With my Beautiful Shaft,’ ‘Gorgeous Legs and Bottoms’ [this one featured men, tranny beauties and women in sensuous poses from behind, the men and trans-girls usually with their swollen shafts and ball sacs trapped behind their squeezed legs], ‘Beauty Down Her Top,’ ‘Her Beautiful Open Top,’ ‘Erotic Piercings and Inserts,’ ‘Anal Beauty,’ ‘Beautiful Men,’ ‘Beautiful Women,’ ‘Sexy Body Hair,’ ‘Sweet Pussy,’ ‘FlexErotica’ featuring nude men and women in sensuous stretching, flexibility, sexual intercourse and oral delights, ‘Erotica On Display’ featuring public nudity and ‘Tasty Beauties’ displaying oral erotica. ‘Beautiful Men’ was where they wanted to feature Mark. Undoubtedly, there would be many more ideas, for the categories of erotica increased almost daily.

The quality and sharpness of all PRISM photography, free and paid-by-membership, had brought the company widespread attention and several awards. Few erotic websites offered only high resolution, razor-sharp imagery in all of their fare.

Courtney and Ashe had taught Mark how to maximize the image of his physical strength as he combined it with the beauty of his waist-length hair in posing for photos, and in moving casually through a series of pictures featuring him caressing himself, in the throes of an orgasm, tasting his cream and displaying himself nude in a wide variety of public and private locations.

Parker and Courtney were expert at photographing him in the midst of passion, his cock hard and standing out before him. His fiancée was particularly adept at catching his thick spurts of cream, its fall onto his penis and his sticky caresses of the lovely thing using his cum. He had also at Courtney’s suggestion begun to enjoy the pleasure of various anal inserts and plugs. Mark decided to try several in the course of a business day when there were no physically demanding actions to make this erotic pleasure impractical.

The insert, often known as ‘a rosebud,’ that he enjoyed most was a solid stainless one with a large anal retainer bulb at one end, the shaft, and a slightly rounded display tip that featured an emerald yet did not have edges so pronounced that they would irritate his anal cleft as he moved and sat. It nestled comfortably within his body, the visible head and its gem surrounded by his soft flesh; he could feel its bulk within himself, a delicious weight when he stood and a slight but definite inward pressure when he sat. He could feel the enlargement of its round bulb inside his body, and it felt intimate, delicious, full, satisfying. After the first day with his secret pleasure in place the sensation was natural and he resolved to do it often.

They were so comfortable that Mark began wearing the inserts in most of his public nudity appearances, casual and professional. At Parker’s request he tried a weighted bar with a rounded end and rippled surface that prevented the twelve-inch-long insert from falling out when he walked about nude. The heavier four inches were retained inside his body; the remaining eight protruded from within his anal cleft in a deliciously erotic display. Mark enjoyed this more and more frequently on the sun deck of PRISM’s Palm Beach office and on the beach. His following of men and women had become accordingly more noticeable on the website.

At some point in the near future, Ashwynde and Parker planned a trip to the beaches of Europe where public exposure and nudity were accepted and even sought. They particularly wanted a photo shoot with that Italian beauty who habitually strutted around Europe in skirts so short that she called them her “dollar bill skirts” because their length was that of a one-dollar note…or maybe just a little longer. They also hoped to talk her into pictures that revealed her face which, in all her erotica up to now, was obscured either with a ‘smudge star,’ by photography that featured her body minus her lovely face and head, or by photographing her from behind.

Parker’s final surprise was her announcement that four of Mark’s favorite trans-ladies, Hanna Jett, Marie Cordona, Della Delione and Kaylee Fox had been engaged by PRISM for a series of lengthy shoots with Mark. They would be arriving in the very near future, a reasonable accomplishment since Hannah had to fly from England and Della from the west coast state of Washington. These trans-girl favorites of the PRISM crowd were lovely women and were extraordinarily gifted with both sensuous assets and virtually no inhibitions.

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