Becoming Alice Edwards slave

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I had no one else but myself to blame for the circumstances. I was the director of a small social service agency but had clearly been derelict in my duties. It had come to the attention of the Board of Directors and it was time for them to deal with me.

The president of the Board was Alice Edwards. She was in her early 30’s and the deputy administrator of a much larger and well funded agency in the same town. She was not beautiful but petite, bright and very confident. I would soon feel her power and learn the source of her confidence.

I could not help but notice that during Board meetings she would immediately slip off her shoes and reveal a pair of sexy feet. She had no idea at the time but this was a fetish of mine and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her feet. She enjoyed flexing them and sometimes curled up on a chair with her feet exposed.

As the Board president Alice was my boss. She was not happy with my recent performance and had scheduled a meeting in my office to deal with the situation. I was several years younger than Alice and always felt intimidated by her. I was not equipped at my age for the position I held and had not done well in my job.

The meeting was scheduled for late in the day in my office after the staff had departed. Alice arrived and got right to the point.

“You are not measuring up to the Board’s expectations as our director and we are thinking it may be time to make a change and relieve you of your position. I’d like to know why if you think there is a reason we should reconsider our position.” Alice said. She had slipped off her shoes as usual and was sitting with her feet curled underneath her in a chair across from me.

I was intimidated and knew she was right. I had taken to leaving the office early most days and often found myself visiting a porn store not that far out of town to get in the booths and watch porn. Most of the time it was kink porn that got my attention, especially fetish scenes and domination type movies.

I decided it was best to admit my failures at the office and put myself at Alice’s mercy. She had made it clear that a decision was coming. And glancing at her exposed feet as she sat on the chair only made me feel more in need of her mercy.

“I know I have not been giving the job the attention and focus it deserves. I am sorry I have disappointed you and the Board. I am not sure I was prepared for being a director at this point and took advantage of the situation. I have not been giving the organization the respect it deserves. I don’t want things to end with my being fired without a chance to make things right. I deserve to be punished for my performance.

I believe I could do better but I need your help. If you give me the chance I will do what you say when you say. I need to be much better and should have asked for your help earlier. Please consider helping me Alice!” I was begging her and I could see a different look in her eyes.

“If I am going to help you I am going to make it tough on you. You have let me down and the Board and the staff. You will report to me day and night. You will be here early and leave late. You will be on call to me whether you are home or in the office. I know you only live a block away from the office. I want your personal phone number and will use it to monitor your work. Is that understood?” Alice demanded.

“Yes I understand. Whatever you say I will do if you give me the chance and help me.” I replied in a submissive manner.

“I have heard your words but I want to see more to show me you mean what you say. You are going to have to humble yourself to gain my help. This is going to take more of my time than it should. So I have to be convinced that it will be worth my time and effort.” Alice said and as she did she stretched out and draped her feet over the arm of the chair. Seeing those feet exposed and pointing at me made me want to find a way to get that chance.

“I am begging you for your help. I was wrong. I will Mardin Escort humble myself any way you want. You are the boss and I will do what you want.” I said and got from my chair to my knees. I figured if this wasn’t enough display of being humbled I had no chance.

And then I blurted out, “I would kiss your feet for the chance to gain your help. I will do anything you order and then if I fail please fire me.”

Alice looked at me on my knees and got a strange glaze over her eyes. “You better be ready to work like you’ve probably never worked before. And I may make you kiss these feet just to show me you mean what you say. In fact if you want that chance crawl to me now and place a kiss on each foot.” Alice said.

I was part in shock and part in lust. I could not believe my ears but did what she ordered and crawled across the floor to her feet. I planted a light kiss on each sole.

Alice pulled her feet away and put her shoes back on. She got up from the chair. I stayed on my knees. Alice said, “I am going to consult with the Board and suggest you be placed on 90 days probation. No vacation days and under my strict supervision. The office opens at 8:30 in the morning but you will be here at 7:30 each day. I will call your desk and get your home number in the morning. You leave at night when I allow it. Understand?”

“Yes Mrs. Edwards I understand and will be on duty as you direct.” I was not getting off of my knees without her permission. She seemed to like my response and having me on my knees. A slight smile came across her face.

“Bow down and show me your humility while I leave and I will talk to you in the morning.” Alice said and with that she was gone.

I walked the short block to my apartment with my head in a daze. What had I done? I needed the chance but had exposed my fetish to Alice and actually begged her on my knees. Did she think I was pathetic? Why had she even entertained letting me kiss her feet? I didn’t know what to think and had no idea what would happen next. The night passed quickly but I had trouble sleeping. I was afraid to be even a minute late in the morning and couldn’t get the picture out of my mind of being on my knees kissing her bare feet.

I got up early and had a quick breakfast and got to my office ahead of time. At exactly 7:30 my office phone rang. I answered quickly. Alice was blunt and to the point. “You had a night to think about our agreement. Do we still have an understanding?” She asked.

“Yes Mrs. Edwards I understand and agree to any terms you demand.” I answered defeated and compliant.

“Good. I am going to have directions for you and questions of you. You must be completely honest with me. Anything misleading ends our agreement. Your personal life will be examined and your work life will be mentored. No slacking. You report to me and any actions require my approval. So you offered to kiss my feet yesterday. Typically that means you have a fetish or are submissive or both. Tell me about that.” Alice inquired.

“I have the fetish and have sub desires. Little experience in real life. I have read about it and watched porn. Your legs and feet draped over the arm of the chair made me offer it to show my humility under the circumstances.” I admitted.

“But you made the mistake of not thanking me for being allowed to kiss my feet. You’ll learn that will not be tolerated. And by the way you’ll be working alone today. I have given the staff the day off. I will be over and we’ll have lunch in your office. We’ll discuss the changes I am making with work assignments. Things are going to be much different. Get busy preparing budget reports and program reports for my review. I will see you at noon.” Alice said in a demanding tone.

“I am sorry I did not thank you for kissing your feet Mrs. Edwards. I will have the reports prepared for you. Thank you for this chance.” I replied.

I spent the morning busy and focused on the reports. During the short break I took Mardin Escort Bayan I walked across the hall and into the office of our education dept. head Sandy Haslem. She had been given the day off by Alice and I wondered how she would react to the new office situation. Sandy was my age. We were both several years younger than Alice Edwards. Sandy was a favorite of Alice and was being mentored by her for future success. Sandy was bright and over qualified for the position she held. She was plain looking and had a voice that made her sound like a little girl. It could wear on some people. She had been divorced and now had a much older boyfriend. In the rare times I had seen them together she had seemed in charge.

Sandy was not a looker but did have a great body and was very fit. She had colored her hair blond and it did get her initial extra attention. In her office was a pair of flats that she often changed into when in the office for comfort. On this morning with my head still spinning a bit from yesterday I spied the shoes near her desk. I had never done this before but I went over and picked up a shoe to sniff it. Her toe prints were visible inside the shoe. I kissed inside the shoe and put it back.

By the time I had returned to my desk I heard Alice Edwards enter the office. I also heard her lock the outside door to the office. She came down the hall and entered my office and closed that door as well and locked it. As usual she was wearing slacks and flats. She was not a heel wearer. And dressed as a young professional but not in a sexy or revealing manner.

She held a bag with our lunches. Sandwiches, chips and colas were the meal she had decided for us both. As was her custom she got right to the point. “Lets see the reports I had you prepare and I can look at them while we eat.” she said suggestively as the flats were slipped off and she curled her feet under her. I had already confessed the effect her feet had on me.

She reviewed the reports as I sat across from her and took a couple bites of the food. I was very nervous and my appetite was limited. She ate her food as if yesterday had not happened.

She looked up from the reports and casually said, “So I bet the act of kissing my feet yesterday stayed on your mind. Am I right?” Alice looked at me awaiting my answer.

“I could not stop thinking about it. Thank you for allowing me to do it.” I said as I looked her in the eye.

Alice looked at me as she uncurled her feet and placed them up on my desk. Her soles were facing me as she said, “Everyone needs motivation for their lives and their work. I found one motivation for you yesterday if you want to keep your job. I talked the situation over with my husband last night and we both agreed that these feet you keep staring at with be one motivation. When you do what you are told to my satisfaction you may get to kiss my feet. Maybe even lick them. I like having my feet pleasured and its not my husband’s thing. So we have an agreement that my feet can be used for other purposes if I want.”

She looked at me and pointed to her soles. “Today you get to lick my soles and toes for the first time. I’ll direct how you do it while I explain some changes here in the office. Now get down like yesterday and crawl to me.”

I did as I was told without a word. The crawling part excited me as I looked at the feet of my desire. “Start by lightly brushing your tongue up and down each sole. Do it slowly. Understand this is for my pleasure and your training. Take no liberties with my feet without permission.” She said as if it were the most natural thing in the world to her.

My tongue lightly licked up and down each sole. I did it very slowly and was entranced by the softness of her soles and the very mild shoe scent on them. They were beautiful and I could feel my hardness and some precum immediately in my trousers. After a good ten minutes of this she ordered me to lick her toes and in between them. I knew I had crossed a Escort Mardin line into servitude and perhaps slavery to this woman. But at this point all that mattered was doing what she said and servicing her feet.

Running my tongue between her unpolished but sexy toes was like a dream to me. She relaxed in the chair and lifted her head back on the chair to enjoy her power. I worked my tongue slowly over her toes and in between each one. I though I might have heard a slight muffled moan from Mrs. Edwards but my job was to serve and I did just that. As I continued my servitude to her feet Alice began to school me on some things. “This might come as a surprise to you but your coworker Sandy has made an agreement with me for her mentoring. Both my husband Ron and I are involved in her development both in the office and in her life. She has become submissive to us both. From this point on you will treat her with the greatest respect. She knows about your performance yesterday because we talked last night. I might have her taunt you with her bare feet. You will endure it. “

“In addition you will do her paperwork as part of your increased responsibilities. I will set her office hours. You have no supervision of her anymore. You are coworkers now and she actually has an upper hand because she is in good graces with me. Her servitude is willing and she will keep an eye on you when I don’t. If she gives you an order it is coming from me. You will comply with her orders just as you do with mine. Is that completely understood toe licker?” Alice taunted.

I was now suddenly dumbfounded. I was licking the toes of my boss and now I was told I was under the control of a coworker as well. I simply replied, “I understand and will do as I am told.” I ran my tongue between Mrs. Edward’s toes again and again. She was relaxed but lunch was over. She pulled her feet away. She slipped her flats on her feet. She got up from the chair. She looked down at me on my knees.

“Open your mouth wide.” Alice commanded. I did as I was told. Alice bent down and spit into my mouth. I accepted her saliva without a flinch. “That is your first fetish kiss. If you are obedient and productive it might not be your last.” Alice smiled down at me. “Anything to say for yourself toe licker?” Alice taunted again.

“Thank you for your time and being allowed to lick your toes.” I said. I really was thankful.

“Sandy will be back in the office tomorrow and I will give her instructions tonight on your assignments for tomorrow. Be early tomorrow. You’ll get a call to check on you. Go out this afternoon and get two extra keys for your apartment for Sandy and I. I got your phone number at the apartment so I don’t need it from you. Bow down now and show humility.” Alice ordered. I did it immediately. And she was gone.

I was so horny from this that before I went out to get the keys I went into Sandy’s office and got down and licked inside her flat. I pulled out my cock and in a few strokes had cum into my free hand. I got a tissue to cover my hand and went to the restroom to clean up. I then went about taking care of my assignments from Alice Edwards. Where would this all lead? I had never felt more motivated to work for Alice. And I wondered how the new situation with Sandy would evolve. From having a job I didn’t really want I now could not wait to get to work tomorrow.

A new chapter in my life had opened. Whether I got fired or not being able to kiss the feet of Alice Edwards and lick her toes were moments I would never forget. Tomorrow I would find out just how Sandy Haslem would react to knowing what Alice had made me do. And me knowing that she had become the submissive of both Alice and her husband Ron as part of her mentoring agreement. The few times I had gained a glimpse of Sandy’s bare feet they were her best asset as far as I was concerned. Sexy looking and usually well pedicured. How would I even address her? What would she say to me? What did Alice have in mind for us?

The next chapter of this unusual dynamic would begin tomorrow morning. What would Alice and Sandy do once they had the keys to my apartment? Would Alice take over completely? I certainly was more motivated than ever to please Alice Edwards. I was ready to work hard for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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