Becoming Mindy Ch. 04

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I have taken some shortcuts in this story to make it more readable. The process of getting hormones was a little more detailed (i.e. psychological evaluation and ongoing group therapy sessions), but would bore the average reader, lol. Although I combined three separate visits to tell this part of the story, it is fairly accurate (i.e. He fucked me on each visit instead of just this one time). I started hormones about three weeks after.


Steve and I woke up around 2 and he told me that he had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for me because of the hormone pills. I was to be at the doctor’s office at 4:00. He had made special arrangements for me to be seen on a Sunday.

I got in the shower while Steve made us something to eat. After I showered, I fixed my makeup and put on my casual clothes that I had arrived in the day before, a t-shirt and yoga pants with flip flops.

I ate with Steve and then had to go the doctor’s office. I was nervous, but Steve assured me he was a great doctor and had worked with other people wanting the same thing as me.

I arrived and found the door locked. I knocked and I heard the door unlock and it opened. Standing at the door was a knockout of a man. Tall, broad shoulders, dark complexion, blonde and well-dressed. I was mesmerized as I walked into the office.

“You must be Mindy,” he said. “You’re even prettier than Steve said you were.

“I’m Mike,” he said as he locked to the door behind me.

“Hi, and thanks,” I managed to say.

“Let’s go back to my office and get started,” he said as he put his arm around my waist and led to the back.

Once we were in his office, he began to ask me some questions about what I wanted to achieve and my long range plans with the hormones. I told him the same things I had said to Frank the night before.

He explained what to expect for three, six and twelve months of the therapy. I told him I wanted to take it three months at a time and he said that was fine. We talked for quite a while on the topic.

“Well, you’re already a very pretty woman and the estrogen therapy will only enhance that. If you stick with this, you’re going to be the hottest trans-woman I’ve worked with.”

I blushed a thank you before he said he needed to take a blood sample so we could have a baseline of various things as we move forward. As he took me to the room where he would take the vials of blood, his hand drifted down to my ass. I was getting excited that this hunk of a man found me attractive.

He took the blood and then we went back to his office. He asked me a few more questions before he asked if I wanted to see some pictures of other girls that he’d helped become more feminine.

“I’ve helped 14 others and three of them went all the way through sexual reassignment surgery,” he said as he handed me a photo album. “A couple more have had breast augmentation. It is all documented here.”

I flipped through the pictures and was amazed at how many of them looked like woman. They were all in various stages of astalavista porno undress at various times throughout the process.

“So, is that what you want,” Mike asked when I finished the album.

“Yes,” I replied with a smile.

“Good, you’re going to make a beautiful woman Mindy,” he said. “Since you came in here dressed as a girl, I need to change up the usual procedure here. I want to take some pictures of you as a guy, albeit one that has shaved and already has a feminine look. That way we can document your progression.

“However, first we need to talk about your payment,” he continued.

“I have insurance and plenty of my own money so that is not a problem,” I replied.

“I’ll charge your insurance, but I don’t take cash as a co-pay. I’ll be available for you to call at any time day or night. I also have regular support parties for the girls at my place about three or four times a year and you’ll be invited to those from here on out. This level of support goes way beyond the co-pay and insurance payment. Undetrstand?”

“Of course. I didn’t know you did all of that for your patients, but I am glad. Steven said you were the best. So how do I pay,” I asked knowing the answer but playing the innocent girl. I was already looking forward to seeing this stud naked.

“It’s pretty simple. You’re going to suck my cock and then I am going to fuck you. Not just this time, but also that is the payment for each visit. After we fuck this time, most of the time before we fuck, I’ll take pictures of you naked so we can chart your progress. If this arrangement is not okay, then you’ll need to find another doctor. Are you okay with this Mindy?”

“Yes, Mike, I am,” I replied.

“Do you have any heels with you,” Mike asked.

“Yes, in my car.”

“Go get them and put them on.”

I walked, almost ran, to my car and got the blues heels from the previous night. When I got back to the office, Mike had already undressed. I gasped when I saw him chiseled body. He was completely shaved and his cock, only half-hard, was already huge and thick.

Without a word, I just walked to him and pressed into his body as our mouths met. My hand went to his cock and began to stoke him and his cock immediately responded by going fully hard. When our kiss broke, I looked down and saw a nine-inch cock that was thick enough that I could barely wrap my hand around it.

“Undress yourself Mindy and put on those heels.”

I stripped as fast as I could and slipped on the blue heels. As I got undressed, Mike had moved over and sat on the couch.

“You’re even prettier naked Mindy,” he said once I was naked. “Now get on your hands and knees and crawl over here.”

I did as he said and crawled to him with my eyes focused on his massive cock. This was going to be biggest cock I’d ever sucked or been fucked by.

“Show me how good of a sissy cock sucker you are Mindy,” he said once I got to him.

I wasted no time and began to suck his and stroke his asyalı porno cock. I had developed a pretty good deep throating technique, but his massive girth caused me to struggle to only get half of him down my throat. I kept trying to get more in my mouth, but was unable to get anymore down.

“Not bad Mindy,” he said as he saw me struggling. “Most girls can’t even get that much down. Now let’s see how your ass handles me. Stand up and turn around.”

I did as he ordered and saw that he was putting a condom on his cock.

“Sit down,” Mike ordered as he added extra lube to his cock.

I straddled his legs and lowered myself reverse cowgirl onto his lap as his cock began to enter my ass. I was already opened from Steve’s 7-inch cock fucking me the night before and Mike’s cock pushed me open even further.

I slowly starting bouncing getting a little more of his cock in my ass each time. My ass quickly adjusted to his girth, which wasn’t any thicker than when I did double anal a few weeks before, but the length was new. However, after a dozen or so bounces, I had his entire cock in me. It was a completely full feeling.

“Well, you really are a little sissy slut aren’t you,” Mike said as his hands on my hips forced me to stay down on his lap and his cock entirely in my ass. “Most girls take a little bit of time before they can get all of me in their ass. Not you. You like my cock in your ass, little slut?”

“Yes, Doctor,” I said as I began bouncing on his lap again. “Your big fucking cock feels so good in my ass.”

After a few minutes or so, Mike rearranged us to the spoon position, which is my favorite. He began thrusting into me. At times he was fast and shallow and at other times he was slow and deep. When he hit a fast and deep tempo, I had my first anal-gasm with him.

“I think you might be the best sissy that I’ll turn into a girl,” he said once he knew I had recovered from my orgasm. “You haven’t even really started the hormones and you already cum like a girl.”

“I want to be the best that you’ve turned,” I said as I turned my head so I could kiss him, which he met with his own mouth and our tongues started to dance while he continued to fuck me in the spoon position. I came again and this time, I shot cum from my cock.

Once I recovered, he turned me onto my hands and knees. He got behind me and started to fuck me doggy-style. There was no tenderness or anything as he began to pound my ass hard and fast.

I was screaming in ecstasy as he brought me to another orgasm. Before I knew it, he quickly withdrew and moved me to my knees. He slid off his condom and began to stroke his cock. I simply opened my mouth as the first of his cum shot from his cock and into my mouth.

He shot three or four more times, each of them going directly into my mouth. I kissed the tip of his cock to get the last of the cum while I kept the rest in my mouth.

“Open up and let me see my cum in your mouth,” he said and I obeyed. “Nice. Now swallow it slut.”

I duş porno swallowed his cum.

“All gone doctor,” I said as I opened my mouth to show him.

“Good. You’re already amazing and I can’t wait to see what you become.

Now head to the bathroom so you can take off your wig and makeup,” he continued. “Once you’re done come back here so we can take some pictures for your before look.”

I did as he asked. Once I was done, I walked back into his office. I was no longer a girl, but I was still just as naked.

“Even without makeup and a wig, you still have a girlie look,” he said when he saw me.

He took several pictures of me in different poses. With him remaining naked as well, I remained pretty turned on as he took the pictures. They were mostly porn girl poses, which he told me would look great when we have the before and after pictures together.

Once we finished, I got dressed again. I threw the wig back on and put my tank top and yoga pants back on. He put on his pants, but remained shirtless.

I felt a little uncomfortable without makeup, but Mike told I still look pretty feminine without it. I smiled and walked toward him. He saw me and pulled me into him and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

“You are fabulous,” he said when we broke the kiss but he kept me close to him. “I know some people that would turn you into a big tranny star.”

“Not sure about that, let’s keep it one thing at a time. Like, when do I get to have your big cock to play with again?”

“Nice question,” he said laughing. “You’re already a cock slut and you haven’t started your hormones hardly at all yet.”

“What can I say,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Most of the girls I’ve turned are pretty big sluts as well. You’ll fit right in.

“However, we need to set up your next appointment in ten weeks.”

We scheduled my next appointment on a Sunday exactly ten weeks away.

“The big question for next time is you need to decide how much of a transformation you want. Are you going to be a girl just on the weekends or are you going to be a girl full time? You’ll need to let me know so I know how to prescribe. You don’t have to worry right now, but think about it.”

“Okay, doctor. I’m not sure yet.”

“No problem. I have your number and you have mine. I have a get together coming up soon with the girls. I’ll invite you so you can meet them and let them answer all of your question since they’ve been at the same point you are right now. You can call me anytime if you have any questions or just need to talk. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

As I turned to walk out, he grabbed me powerfully and pulled me into him. He kissed me hard and passionately.

“I think I’m going to really like you Mindy,” he whispered when our kiss broke. “Just to let you know, whatever you decide is your decision. My two cents are to be happy with yourself and let that help you decide what to do.”

“Definitely something to think about,” I said.

Even though I really wanted him to bend me over the desk and take my ass again, I managed to tear myself away and told him I’d check in with him next week. With a peck on the lips, we finally parted and I headed out of the office.

On the way home, my mind was tormented. Did I want to go full time?

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