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Anna Bell

I step through the door into my bedroom, turning on the light and immediately pulling my brown t-shirt over my head. Tossing it to the floor, I reach down and remove my brown biker boots, setting them in my closet before undoing my belt and tossing it aside as well. My faded, torn jeans quickly follow suit, landing in a pile on the floor and leaving me standing in the room in nothing but a skimpy, skin-tight pair of black bikini briefs.

Briefs made even tighter by the large, throbbing bulge in the front.

Your words, those naughty machinations designed to send me over the edge, fill my head as I crawl onto my bed, sighing softly at the feel of the warm mattress against my newly-exposed skin. My crotch is slightly uncomfortable due to my raging hard-on, but I enjoy the feeling, the self-teasing I get when I force myself to wear such a small piece of garment over my eight-inch shaft.

I want to cum so badly, but not yet. Not before we take this step-by-step.

In my head, you’re still begging for me. Telling me how much you love it when I slide my thick tool in your hot, tight pussy. The palm of my left hand presses against my crotch, my breath catching in my throat as I envision my eight thick inches parting your walls. How they grab my shaft, contracting against it, milking my sensitive skin as I push in, filling you inch by glorious, burning inch.

You whisper in my ear…telling me just how hot I make you, how you love my thumb rubbing your throbbing clit, teasing it in circles much the same way my moist tongue teases your rock-hard nipples. I feel the weight of your firm breasts in my hands, pressing them together and kneading the flesh for our mutual desire.

You drive me wild as you beg, cooing and moaning in my ear. The sound of your ragged breath, those helpless pants in my ear, are so sexy I can barely control my own breath. Your moans rise into an orgasmic crescendo, and the scream signaling your orgasm is just as arousing as the sudden rush of warmth and juices that accompanying the hard spasming of your womanly muscles.

Hmmm…perhaps I should back up a little bit.

You’re lying nude on my bed, your legs spread. I love the wicked smile on your face, the way your soft hair frames it. Your nipples stand at attention, drawing my eyes to your considerable and ample breasts. They’re firm to the touch, but still soft and oh so juicy. My mouth waters simply staring at your peaks. Your legs, long and smooth, tease me, as if your orhangazi escort thighs call my name. Your thighs lead me straight to your core, a warm, hairless mound complete with prominent nub at the top and the tiniest glistening of moisture.

The sight makes my cock jump, the blood pumping through the shaft as it grows. My hands lightly trail over your thighs, massaging the skin up, then down. My fingers trail ever so softly over your inner thighs, and I smile at the way your body jerks with pleasure.

I kiss your navel, my tongue tickling it as my left hand cradles your right breast, feeling the nipple press against my palm. My heart rate doubles, your scent hitting my nose for the first time, drawing my kisses further south. I kiss along your stomach, lavishing in the taste of your skin and the soft noises of your approval.

At last, I reach the promised land; my fingers part your pussy lips, leaking more of your moisture. I reach my tongue out to gather it up, groaning as the salty sweetness hits my taste buds and slithers down my throat. My tongue follows that by lightly flicking against your clit, the throbbing nub shaking at my mercy. I then run the length of my tongue from the valley between your ass cheeks, between the lips of your pussy, until I engulf your clit into my mouth, sucking on it as I would your nipples, my left hand squeezing your breasts in alternating rhythm, my right hand offering two fingers for you to suck.

If it were possible, your tongue roaming over my digits makes my dick harder, throbbing against the mattress as my hips begin a back-and-forth rhythm. I run my shaft over the mattress as I keep sucking on that nub, feeling every twitch of your hips, hearing every coo, sigh, and moan. I chew lightly on your clit, flicking it repeatedly with my tongue, growing quicker as the seconds and minutes tick by.

I keep that pace, and that position, until you cum, crying out for me as your muscles spasm, your legs tightening around my face to keep me between your legs. I gladly lap at your release, tasting your sweetness and relishing in the feel of its warmth trickling down my chin and over my neck. I groan in approval.

I always love the way you cum; so fucking sexy…

I kiss up your body, finally pressing my lips lightly against yours to help you come down from your high. I wrap my arms around your waist, holding your warm body against mine, our conjoined bodies matching our bated, nilüfer escort ragged breath.

Soon, I turn you onto your stomach before raising you onto your knees. I massage your ass cheeks, kneading the firm flesh between my fingers, leaning in to again run my tongue over your pussy lips. I lean forward again, whispering in your ear, “You want me?”

You nod in agreement, pressing your ass back against my throbbing dick, the swollen tip barely pushing against your opening. With one smooth motion, I slide all the way into you, groaning low in my throat once my shaft fills you to the hilt. My balls shake as they press against your clit, letting you grow accustomed to my girth.

Your tightness sends waves of pleasure through my body, your juice running down my thighs as I grab your hips and begin a slow back-and-forth motion. You meet every thrust with one of your own, our bodies beginning to slap against each other. My bed begins banging lightly against the wall, joining in with our bodies and our moans in an erotic symphony. I slide all the way in with each thrust, picking up the pace steadily as we fuck, sweat dripping from my forehead and landing on the small of your back.

My hands roam along your back, rubbing the skin there before giving your shoulders a light massage, my fingers eventually snaking around your body to cradle and fondle your firm, swinging breasts. I tweak each nipple as I start pumping harder into you, filling you eight-inches deep, my balls hitting your clit each time the underside of my dick slides alnog your g-spot.

Before I know it, you’re screaming again in orgasm, grabbing the sheets so hard your knuckles turn white. Your entire body spasms, your pussy grabbing and milking my shaft with all its strength as I watch your cum spray onto my shaft, coating my lap and running over my balls.

I laugh at the puddle below us on the bed, wrapping my arms around you as I roll onto my back. I hold you close to me for several minutes, squeezing your breasts and kissing along your neck, jawline, and your lips. Our tongues meet and dance erotically, our collective breathing eventually subsiding enough so I can turn you around in my lap. You now face me, my dick deep as it’ll go inside your warm center, our bodies coated with sweat.

My hands cradle your breasts again, pinching your nipples and massaging the firm flesh I can’t get enough of. You begin to rock your hips back and forth, starting off slow. bursa türbanlı escort I groan and arch my back, closing my eyes with a lustful grin at the feel of my dick buried deep inside you, working back and forth against your tight walls.

I’ll never get over just how tight you are, how heavenly it feels each time I slide my member into your hot, dripping pussy.

Once you quicken your thrusts, now bouncing in my lap, I begin pushing my hips up and down, trying to match your rhythm. We both gasp at the sensations, my hands unable to keep still, roaming all over your taut skin. Your back, your stomach, those ripe breasts, your firm, luscious ass…everything’s fair game as you lean down and we again share a passionate kiss.

Your clit rubs against my lap in this position, my arms wrapping around you to hold you close to me. My breathing builds steadily, eventually growing to moans and soft grunts. As that familiasr tingle begins to build, I let out a soft scream, holding onto you even tighter as I whisper in your ear.

“God, I’m gonna cum…”

With that, I shove my cock as deep into your pussy as it’ll go, screaming as my whole body goes rigid. I release all at once, groaning loud and low as my cock spasms in your core for the first time, sending a hot, thick stream of cum into you. I twitch with each convulsion of my shaft, my balls shooting stream after hot stream into you, filling you so full our collective juices run down my shaft and between my ass cheeks onto the bed.

You cum with me, screaming and shaking, my arms wrapped tight around you as we both shake and convulse in the bliss that is our conjoined release. Once my body finally goes limp, my cock slips out of your pussy, a puddle of cum resting between us as I catch my breath, showering your lips and neck with soft, warm kisses.

Once the convulsions stop, I look down at my belly, grinning at the puddles that litter it. I’d held out throughout our entire encounter, knowing that when I finally granted myself release in the privacy of my bedroom, my reward would be a massive, heavy orgasm.

And I was right; my cock spasmed hard, my thighs twitching with each shot of cum that flew from my swollen purple tip and onto my hairless chest. I hit my right nipple, a river of jizz running to my navel, which is filled with a milky white. The juice is warm against my skin, and I let out a satisfied sigh as I let go of my softening cock to run my fingers over my own release.

Satisfaction quickly gives way to tiredness, and tiredness eventually leads to sleep. I don’t even bother putting my underwear back on, or wiping myself off; next thing I know, it’s morning and I awake to the sight of myself naked between the sheets, my cock as hard as it had been the night before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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