Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 12

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Black Stockings

I was back in my room after an exhausting day of training. The prostate stimulating butt plug had been removed. I longed for the sensations it had provided me, and I had asked Madam Christina to leave it in. She had only smiled and said, “So easy, so easy; but no I will not leave it in. You will have to earn the pleasure you have learned that your ass can provide.”

Before we had finished for the day, I had been required to again put on the penis extender and service Dolly. Madam Christina had me practice my aim until I no longer fumbled entry. And I had been given a preliminary ass worship lesson. I had performed to the best of my ability, but had not been allowed another orgasm.

Now, back in my room, I was still very aroused and I wanted to masturbate. If it weren’t for the arousal monitor around my cock I would have piled up a mound of panties from the dresser drawer and humped them like a dog. But, fearing repercussions, I knew that restraint was in my best interest.

Madam Christina had supervised my showering, had reinstalled my arousal monitor, and then she had escorted me bare-naked from the shower, back to my room.

Before she left she had teased me unmercifully and I knew this is why my cock ached to be stroked and I wanted to spurt. “Select some panties, Tom. I don’t want to have to see your little equipment. It does nothing for me,” Madam Christina had commanded as she sat on the edge of the bed seductively crossing her legs.

I had gone to the bureau and selected a modest peach-colored hipster and slipped them on.

“Now find the matching bra, Tom, and select some sleep forms that you can wear to bed.”

Soon I was dressed in a matching bra and panty set and kneeling in front of Madam Christina. My erect cock was outlined by the tight nylon and Madam Christina made note of this by rubbing the front of my panties up and down with the toe of her boot.

I had trembled with excitement as she told me, “You did a good job today, sissy. I will be providing a report to Kelli. I think she will be pleased. Just think how you now will be able to fuck her with a full eight inches, no more worry about premature ejaculation and no more selfish fucking. Fucking will now be for her pleasure. What do you think, Tom?”

I had stumbled to answer, “I want to please her, Madam Christina, and I, I, I…” I had been too embarrassed to continue.

“What is it, sissy boy? There should be no secrets, especially given what I have witnessed you do,” Madam Christina had responded.

“I, I had an incredible orgasm today. It was far more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced,” I had managed to say.

“Yes, I know that you did, sweetie. I planned it that way. We all did,” and she had smiled and reached out and patted my head. “When we first heard Kelli’s story about you, we knew what you needed in order to get your masturbation under control. I want you to understand one thing, Tom, and you have a choice to make.”

“Yes, Madam Christine, what is it?” I had answered.

“Here’s the thing. You can either continue your nasty masturbation habit. Of course that will cost you your marriage to Kelli. Or you can promise to never again masturbate outside of the supervision and permission of a woman. If you choose the latter, there will be many more orgasms for you like the one you experienced yesterday. But Kelli will choose when and where, or whether she chooses to delegate that authority to another woman.”

“But I’ve been jerking off for so many years, I am afraid that I can’t stop,” I had weakly argued.

“Yes, you can, Tom. Kelli will help you. You will have to decide whether you want pleasure like you experienced earlier today or whether you just want a quick wank into a pair of panties.” She had paused for effect. “You will have to go to Kelli and tell her that you are fighting an urge to jerk off. She will know what to do. We have taught her.”

“I want to make that promise. I do, and I will.”

“Okay, then, I am going to go summon Ms. Panington and have her come up here. And we Mardin Escort will get Kelli on FaceTime. While you are waiting, Tom, I suggest that you carefully consider what it is that you will be saying to your wife.”

So that is the situation that you find me in now. I am trying to compose myself. I am trying to resist the urge to masturbate. I am trying to think. What do I want to say to Kelli? What have I learned so far at the Institute? What is it that Kelli wants from me? Can I make a promise to never again sneak a wank?

I was sitting on the bed lost in these thoughts when I heard Madam Christina and Ms. Pannington at the door. I immediately got on my knees and faced the door. My cock, with an occasional soft stroke over my panties, had remained engorged.

As the women walked in and stood before me I kept my eyes to the floor in deference to their authority and beauty.

“Does he have a hard-on?” Ms. Panington asked, “I can’t really tell,” and she palyfully pulled open the front of my panties and made a display of looking inside, then snapped the waistband back. “Oh yes, I had forgotten for a moment how small he was,” and both women laughed.

“I told Ms. Panington what a good job you’ve been doing, Tom, and she agrees that it would be a good time to call Kelli,” Madam Christina said. “Let’s hear what you plan to tell her, Tom.”

“Well, I, uh, I uhh…” I hesitated, then continued, “I want to tell her that I have accepted that I am a sissy, that I want her to use me for her own pleasure, and that I am prepared to do anything and everything she asks.”

“Very good, Tom. I think that she would like that,” Ms. Panington responded, “And about your nasty masturbation habit?”

“I want to tell her about the orgasm I experienced today. I want to ask her if she will allow me to have such, well, girly-ish orgasms, if she will use the prostate massaging butt plug on me. And, um, I, I umm, I want to ask her if she will allow me to continue to wear sissy clothing.”

“So, you’ve decided then, Tom. No more unsupervised masturbation. From now on, Kelli owns your cock, and she owns your sissy ass?” Madam Christina asked.

“Yes. That is what I’ve decided, and that is what I want.”

“Okay. I will get her on FaceTime then. Remain on your knees. I believe she will like that,” Ms. Panington said.

“Hello Kelli, so nice to see you. I have our trainer, Madam Christina here with me, and Tom as well. Here he is. He is asking to talk to you,” and she turned the phone towards me so that Kelli could see me, in my peach bra, breast forms, and matching panties, kneeling with an obvious erection outlined through the thin nylon in the front of my panties.

“Hi Tom, don’t you look cute.” Kelli said, “Do you have a stiffie, Tom? It’s hard to tell,” and all three women laughed. “Why don’t you show me how excited you are to talk to me.”

I pulled my panties down below my balls and exposed my twitching cock.

“It’s so cute, Tommy. All it is missing is a pretty pink bow. What do you think, ladies?” Kelli was playing this for all it was worth.

Madam Christina stepped to one of the dresser drawers and returned with a pink silk ribbon and tied a large bow around my penis as they giggled with satisfaction.

“Tom has been very compliant, Kelli. He has been practicing fucking with the 8-inch penis extension, and he’s done a wonderful job practicing pussy and ass worship. We think you’ll be quite pleased,” Ms Panington told her as the phone remained focused on my now pink-ribboned dick.

“Oh my. I am so happy to hear that. I so look forward to Tom’s having a more manly size. Maybe I’ll have to retire my Hitachi,” Kelli joked.

“He has something he wants to tell you about the orgasm we allowed him to have today, Kelli,” Ms. Panington continued. “Go ahead, Tom.”

Ms. Panington tipped the phone so that it focused away from my cock and instead on my face. “Kelli, I love you so much,” I started, “And I understand why you sent me here. I have been selfish. I was more interested Mardin Escort Bayan in getting off sexually than in pleasing you. That hasn’t been fair, and I apologize for my inadequacy as a lover.”

“Well thank you, Tom, so nice of you to say that. Yes, you have been inadequate. I will accept your apology, but things must be different going forward, Tom. Do you understand that?” Kelli was now speaking quite sternly.

“Yes, Ma’am. I do. I want to serve you Kelli. I want to be the best lover you could ever imagine.”

Ms. Panington interrupted, “Tell her about the orgasm you were given today, Tom.”

“Oh, yes. Sorry. I, uhh, well, they, umm, put a vibrating butt plug in my ass,” I could feel my face turning red.

“Yes, Tom, go on. I know about that. I picked up one of those devices when I was there, complete with a remote control,” Kelli said, encouragingly.

“Well, it was absolutely mind-blowing. The best I’ve ever had. I want to be allowed more of those. It would be such a privilege for you to give me such pleasure, Kelli, and I want to do my best to give you mind-blowing orgasms as well.”

“You seem to think this is some sort of negotiation, Tom; that if you learn to get me off that I will get you off in return. That won’t at all be the deal, Tom. Here’s how it will be: Your job will be to serve me, to worship me, to obey me. If you please me I will keep you and allow you to wear the frilly feminine things you so crave as the sissy you are.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I just…”

“Don’t interrupt me, sissyboy. I wasn’t finished. About your desire to be allowed orgasms of any kind, the way it will be Tom is that orgasms will be doled out as rewards, Tom. I think that you find that I will be quite fair, but not over-indulgent. What kind of orgasm, how, when, how often, that will all be up to me as you have clearly demonstrated that you have no self-control. Now you may speak, Tom.”

“Thank you, Kelli. That is what I want. I love you so much and I want to make you happy. I have admitted that I am a sissy. I love wearing these feminine things. I admit that I have no control over my penis and that it is best that you take firm control. I will dedicate myself to serving you to make up for the years that you went without,” and tears began streaming down my face.

They were tears of joy. They were tears of relief. Most of all they were tears of submission. My body began to shake with deep sobbing, and I hid my face in my hands.

“Take you hands away from your face, Tom,” Kelli finally began, “Do you promise to submit to my authority?”

“Yes, Kelli, yes I do.”

“Do you promise to never again masturbate, and that I will choose when and if you may have an orgasm?”

“Yes, Kelli, yes I do.”

“And do you agree that, as a symbol of your submission you will only dress in female clothing in my presence?”

“Oh yes, Kelli, yes, yes, yes!”

“Well then from now on I will only address you by your feminine name, and I ask that the staff at the Institute do the same. And your name shall be…Nancy.”

I was at first stunned by this development, but in no position to protest.

“Say it for me, sissy. Tell me your name,” Kelli said, now seductively.

“My name is Nancy. I am Nancy and I wish to serve you and please you. Thank you, Kelli.”

“No Nancy, you may no longer address me as Kelli. The ladies at the Institute have told me that would be far too informal for our new relationship, Nancy. From now on for you it will be Mistress Kelli.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“Good night, Nancy.”

“Good night, Mistress Kelli.”

With that Ms. Panington disconnected the call, set the phone down and she and Madam Christina began to applaud. “Very good, Nancy. Very good. Now off to bed with you. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

As the lights were shut off and the door to the bedroom was closed, I had little option but to go to bed. I lay awake for the longest time. My mind flipped through the events of the day and my entire Escort Mardin stay at the Institute. I thought of the times that I had disappointed Kelli as her lover; how I had been unable to bring her to an orgasm, or had spurted within seconds of entering her. I thought of how I had taken to masturbating just to get myself off, and how my sexual fantasies had turned more and more to exactly what I was experiencing now; being feminized and dominated by women.

I felt happy and excited, and my mind began to turn to what my new life would be like when I returned home. I wondered if I perhaps would not have to continue to look for a job, whether I could satisfy Mistress Kelli by taking care of her and all of the household responsibilities. I shuddered with excitement as I pictured taking care of the house dressed as a sissy maid or maybe as a 1950’s housewife.

My hand drifted down to my cock and I indulged a few strokes. I wanted to jerk off so much. It was difficult to pull my hand away. For a moment I humped the mattress. But I knew that Ms. Panington would check the printout of my arousal during this alone time. I was making progress and maybe close to being allowed to return home. I didn’t want to take any steps backwards, and I certainly didn’t want to return to the nursery. So I tried to distract myself until sleep enveloped me.


As Nancy was trying to get to sleep, Ms. Panington, Madam Christina, and Ms. Jensen were in Ms. Panington’s office and had Kelli back on the phone on a video conference call. “Perfect, Kelli. Just Perfect,” Ms. Panington was telling her.

“Thank you so much. Do you think he takes me seriously?” Kelli asked.

“Without a doubt, Kelli. He will be like putty in your hands. Not only does he love you very much, and not only is he deathly afraid of losing you; but Kelli, he likes you being firm with him. He likes submitting to women. He likes being allowed to wear feminine things. Rarely do we see men who are so innately submissive. It is a fantasy for some, but for your husband, this seems to be who he is,” Ms. Panington explained.

“And you should have seen his face as he had his first prostate orgasm. And he’s been begging for another one,” Madam Christina added.

“What we find is that wives often have to experiment with how frequently to allow their submissive to have an orgasm,” Ms. Jensen chimed in, “There seems to be a magic number between overindulgence and too infrequent to maintain motivation. We find that it is best to keep him on the edge.”

“And one thing that will make it easier about your little Nancy is that he has such a strong fetish for women’s panties—he seems to desire all feminine things, mind you—but panties are really his thing. We think that he’d do just about anything to be allowed a panty-sniffing session or to be allowed to wear the ‘mommy panties.’ That was a brilliant idea for us to get all those panties made up that replicate those pairs of his mother’s that he first wore and masturbated in as a boy,” Ms. Panington said.

All four women were silent for a moment, and then Kelli began, “I’m thinking about coming out there to give him a test run. I actually just looked at flights and looks like I could get a reward ticket and be there by tomorrow afternoon. What do you think?”

“It’s your husband, Kelli, and your money. If you test him out and he’s ready to take home we can easily fill his spot with someone from the waiting list. Remember how long you had to wait?” Ms. Panington answered, “Sure. We’d love to have you. We will prepare the Mistress Suite for you, and we will have Nancy primed, prim, and feminized for you when you get here. We’ll keep it a surprise. We will want you to walk in on him when he is in a most humiliating state. Just send your itinerary and I will have Ms. Jensen pick you up at the airport.”

“Great. See you ladies sometime tomorrow then.”

“Oh, Kelli, before you go, just one question, are you sure about the makeup and hair? I know that you want him to be a sissified male at home, but consider how humiliating it would be for him for you to surprise him when he is fully made up and dressed as a complete hussy?” Ms. Panington asked.

“Mmmm. Let me sleep on that. I will send you an email in the morning. I’m going to get some outfits together, then get some sleep. Goodnight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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