Behind the Big Tree

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For years I’d heard the same rumour, ever since I can remember, the local girls would chatter excitedly about it all the time, the guys who knew, from seeing it after University football practice had all confirmed it, my friend James has a very big penis.

I don’t like football and I don’t care much for most girls, so all I had were second hand accounts and my own warped fantasies, where the object I craved to see was much bigger than was humanly possible.

Up to this time my sexual orientation was still undecided, I had had a few of brief encounters only, and these only from around my 19th birthday. A girl I knew used to let me touch her intimately but she wouldn’t let me go all the way and she was not touching me for all the gold in the world, so that didn’t last. Another had masturbated me to a very messy climax as I came, spraying semen all over her bedroom. She didn’t want to know me after that.

I had another friend, around that time, a guy who used to like to jerk off together with me while watching porn, his theory was as long as we didn’t touch it wasn’t gay for him, it was alright to play with ourselves from a safe distance for that to be the case and when it was over I’d leave and we’d say no more until the next time.

Yet again I spoiled that scene when, during another porn session at his apartment, we were watching a scene where a girl was sucking two huge cocks, one at a time and then rubbing their cock heads together for a bit, then sucking again until they both came liberally, all over each other’s penises and her face too.

I was really turned on by this film, secretly envying the girl and wishing I was in her place and had two monster penises like that to play with. He seemed to enjoy watching this too and I watched fascinated as he began to come too, lying back on his bed, his eyes now tight, normally at this point I’d come too in my chair while I watched him ejaculating, but this time I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore at the sight of his lovely stuff squirting from the end of his cock and, feeling that familiar tingle in my loins and taking inspiration from the movie, I stepped quickly and quietly across the imaginary divide and began rubbing my rock hard penis against his as he was pumping out the last few drops that ran down his shaft.

I had an incredible orgasm shooting hot strings of spunk all up his body and as far as his face. I think some even flew into his mouth as he drew in gulps of air after his own efforts. He shouted at me that I was a queer, to get out and never come back.

Anyway James and I were both in our first summer break of university, 2 months plus and nothing planned. My parents had offered me the use of their cabin for a week, up in the hills about 20 miles away and I could take a friend, my mother’s face forming a strange faraway, smile I’d never seen before now, when I said I’d ask James if he’d like to go. Had she heard the rumour, or heaven forbid had she gone Mrs Robinson on him? Who knew?

We’d arrived, a few days later, laden with supplies, mostly beer and pizza, unpacked like guys do, which basically meant opening a suitcase and taking whatever was needed from it. The cabin itself was a 3 room affair, a main room with basic cooking facilities and a sink, then two bedrooms either side of the central wall. There was a shower/toilet block about 400 yards away which served the other 3 cabins in the clearing which was surrounded by the big forest of oak trees.

There was another clearing, accessed by a path through the trees where a beautiful lake was situated. We had made a beeline for this lake almost as soon as we’d got the travel dust out of our hair. I hadn’t mentioned it yet and was on the verge of saying how we could skinny Büyükesat Escort dip, as the lake came into view only for my hopes to be cruelly dashed by the presence of a couple of thirty somethings, no doubt from another cabin near to ours, who were having a picnic by the lake.

James called out hello to them and they waved back, I could see the way he looked at the blonde lady who was wearing a bikini that was fairly revealing and showed how well she looked after herself, as she had a very trim looking figure. Her partner was clad in loose fitting Bermudas as, disappointingly so were we, which the loose fitting cloth denied me still, the possible truth of how big my buddy’s endowment actually was.

We waded out into the water and swam for a bit and you know how these things go when your luck is out, as we began to wade back to shore, as James said he was tired and wanted a beer, they too had decided to leave ahead of us and my chance to suggest how swimming in the nude might be a fun thing to do was again cruelly taken by fate.

Near to our cabin about 20 yards away, was a tree much bigger than the rest and we’d taking to using it as a urinal as it offered cover from the other cabins and was considerably nearer than the block. There were some tall bushes not far from the tree and I’d found myself hidden there after telling James on the first night I wanted to go for a walk by myself.

We’d been drinking beers most of the afternoon and the tree had seen a lot of use as we visited it to relieve ourselves on many occasions. I knew that if I hid in the right spot that I might finally catch a glimpse of his legendary manhood. Sure enough he had come along for a piss and walked around the tree, he peeped around to see if anyone could see, then turning, he almost looked right at me through the bush before unzipping his jeans.

This was it I thought! But no, again I was left with nothing to see as he turned to face the tree and after emptying his bladder he zipped up and walked back to the cabin to his room for a nap.

Now 24 hours later supposedly out tramping the forest again, I was once more hidden in the bushes but I’d angled myself to get a much better view, if he adopted the same position to pee away some of the large amount of beer we’d drank again for most of the evening. It was getting dark soon and I’d all but given up hope, when I heard him stumbling through the undergrowth toward the tree. He’d obviously drunk some more since I left and he looked half drunk.

This time he didn’t bother to check and undid his trousers ready to pull out his cock, I still couldn’t see it, just tantalisingly out of my sight, if only he’d turn a little. I couldn’t bear it and started to creep around to try to see what I could see and then I stepped onto the little twig that finally changed my luck. I froze as he looked around to see what had made him start so, as he quickly pulled up his zip again.

He looked in the wrong direction over to where I’d been before about ten yards away. Seeing nothing he turned around and I was soon to be seeing everything, right there in front of my very eyes was going to be the object I’d longed to see so much I thought I’d burst sometimes.

My heart skipped a beat as his hands first pulled down the zipper on his jeans and I thought he’d pull it straight out like most guys would now do. Instead he also undid the button at the top and it soon became apparent why. He simply couldn’t get it out without making more room for himself. I was trembling with fear and excitement as he reached into his boxers and finally my life had a meaning to it.

It was very long but not fat at all, which made it look all the longer Elvankent Escort somehow, the skin colour was quite light and he had a longish foreskin which covered the head completely. I’d seen very few cocks in my life, and none came anywhere close to his in length, As I looked he shook it by gripping the base quite forcefully to help start him peeing I guess and, as he did it seemed as though the shaft was so long it seemed to bend in two directions at once, like an S bend . He’d drunk a lot of beer and very watery pee began to powerfully squirt from the end of it onto the grass near the bush I was hiding in.

He seemed to piss for what seemed an eternity, but as he began to finish he pulled back his foreskin revealing entirely the glistening wet head and I watched fascinated, with a deep growing desire to put my lips over it and draw it into my mouth, while the last jets of clear liquid squirted in short bursts from the end of it.

He now shook off the last few drops and after it was over, I had two regrets now one, I may never see a man do that once again and two, my desire to have sucked it as he finished pissing, was now replaced by an even more insane obsession to have taken hold of his cock, from the very moment he had pulled it out, putting it straight into my mouth and instead of shaking I would tickle the end of it with my tongue to stimulate him into starting to piss and then keep on sucking and swallowing until he had finished and beyond. I was still thinking about how good that would feel, when suddenly he spoke.

“I know someone is there, come out don’t be afraid,” he said.

I stayed where I was, rooted in fear the erection I had swiftly fading,

“You were here last night too weren’t you, come on come out or I’ll come in there,”

I slowly pushed my way through the bush and saw the look of surprise on his face.

“I suppose you thought it was Blondie from the other cabin,” I replied to him.

“No, I-I-I no I thought it was… well I don’t know what I thought, I never thought it would be you though.”

I decided to come clean and told him of how long I’d wanted to see his massive cock and how I’d heard all the stories and if they were true or not. I didn’t tell him how much I wanted him now I had seen it and how much of an effect he had unleashed within me in the last few moments. The sexiest women in the world all paraded naked in front of me, could not be able to make me feel the level of passion I was feeling right now in the presence of his majestic prick.

“Well now you’ve seen it do you believe the stories?” he asked,

“Yes oh yes, it’s incredible,” I replied breathlessly,

“Bigger than yours I’ll bet,” he said winking at me, “do you know I’ve had gay guys offer money, just to look at it.”

My heart leapt.

“Sometimes they offer me so much I let them play with it and suck it too.”

My heart did a somersault.

“James,” I said shakily “I want that too but I…,”

He put his finger to my mouth to stop me,

“I know, I know,” he said, “but you’ve always been my friend and I sort of knew you wanted to see it all along, but you could never be brave enough to ask. I’m not surprised you tried to find out like this.”

A silence fell between us as I gazed down upon his cock once more. I just couldn’t stop staring at it until he broke the moment saying,

“What are you waiting for it’s yours to play with as much as you want, I won’t touch you though I’m not really into guys, but I’m used to them touching me now,” he offered.

Needing no second invitation I sank to my knees to confront this mighty weapon. Having never really had the chance to play with another Beşevler Escort cock properly before, I tentatively reached out and began to gently stroke it. I ran my fingers lightly from the root all the way to the tip and back again, as my fingertips brushed the head it twitched slightly and he exhaled loudly.

Feeling braver I grasped the shaft around the base and began to shake it like he had done to pee, still wishing I’d been on the receiving end of that, he moaned slightly this time. Using my other hand I circled the shaft just below the head and slowly recovered it with it’s protective sheath. I leaned back and admired my work and was pleased to see that he had the beginnings of an erection as it had begun to draw away from his legs.

Throwing caution to the winds I again grasped the shaft just below the tip and pulled back his foreskin slowly until the shining nut was fully exposed again. I began to repeat this movement again and again slowly increasing my speed and I wasn’t surprised as it got harder still as I took control fully. Now came the moment I was really waiting for as I put it into my mouth for the first time.

It tasted good, quite sweet and I began to roll my tongue around the head as he started to moan appreciatively. I was hungry for his cock beyond belief now and I wanted it all. I started to move down as taking as much as I could in my mouth, but I didn’t get past halfway I think.

It was pretty much erect now and I stopped and stopped sucking to see how big it now was. I wasn’t disappointed but it didn’t look much bigger at all just stiff and although it was pretty stiff it didn’t get above horizontal due to it’s sheer size. I presumed. Still I loved it and grabbing the shaft around the base again I began sucking for all I was worth again.

I soon developed a rhythm his breathing pattern suggested he liked, by sucking deeply up and down the shaft for three or four times, then pulling off and licking around the tip quite forcefully, then taking him back into my mouth and started the sucking pattern again.

He began to thrust his hips in time with my movements knowing to stop when I’d pull back to swirl my tongue around the head, now dripping and shiny with a mixture of my saliva and clear juices that had started to leak their way out of the very tip of his swollen cock head.

Up to now I’d paid no attention to his balls but with my free hand I began to caress them gently, every so often giving them a little squeeze together. He was really taken with this and moaned out loud at this point. I wanted to see just how much he was “not really into guys” and looking up at his face I released him from my various grips at the same time.

He looked aghast and stepping back he moaned “Oh please, please don’t stop.”

While his big glistening cock wagged about in fresh air, so I grabbed him again and pulled him by his cock back to my welcoming mouth and I resumed sucking him again. He took hold of my head and tried to increase my pace which I did of course and within seconds I knew I was forgiven as I felt his cock get so stiff it didn’t seem like flesh anymore.

I immediately sucked as fast and hard as I could knowing he was coming and sure enough my mouth was soon filling up with his sperm. He held my head still as it continued to pump out tasting so sweet onto my tongue as I started to swallow it down as best I could. I rubbed all around his balls and the root of his penis as his orgasm subsided and he released my head to let me suck and lick the rest of his come from around his glans.

Shyness quickly over came him as he began to come to terms with what had just happened to him, and as he ran back to the safety of his room in the cabin, I knew I was hooked on big cock for the rest of my life, as I lay under the stars and brought my self to a rapid and furious orgasm as the taste of his sweet spunk was still fresh on my lips.

In the morning he had gone and we drifted apart after that, I haven’t seen him (or a bigger cock) for many years now but I still remember that night as if it were yesterday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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