Being owned – Part 14

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I was sitting on the windowsill in my bungalow and looking outside. The sun was shining brightly, but a cold wind rustled the nearly leafless trees. It nearly hurt, this longing to be outside, be active, do something.

I had been staying in his house for four days. The routine was suspended, only he had fucked me, again and again, in both shapes. On the fifth day, he had declared, that I was no longer ‘in heat’ and brought me back here.

Back to the old routine. A morning fuck with one of his dogs, an evening fuck with him, sometimes a dog before that. In the meantime, there was not much to do. It was too cold to go outside, so I had the choice between reading or watching the telly. Or, as now, sitting at the window and wishing I could go outside.

Movement in the distance made me focus again. The dogs were running there. Unaware of the cold, they were playing, chasing each other. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I blinked them away. ‘No, I won’t cry’, I told myself. ‘It’s no big deal, it will get warm again. I just have to wait. A long time to wait.’

I sighed. And then I spotted him. He was walking behind his dogs. Dressed in jeans and a windproof jacket, his black hair tussled by the strong wind.

Without thinking, I got up, moved to the door. Even though he and the Great Dane had only left me just two hours ago, I wanted to go to them, him. “What have you done to me?” I muttered, as the cold wind hit my naked skin.

The cold grass chilled my feet, my nipples hardened painfully and goosebumps erupted all over my body. But I did not care.

Joyful barking erupted from the pack, as they spotted me and they changed course. I could see his face: he did not seem pleased.

“What the hell are you doing?”, were his first words from a distance, while I was already surrounded by the dogs. Words failed me at first, he looked furious, as he came closer. “I saw you…”, my voice trailed off, I had heard the shiver in it.

“It’s too cold for a human.” But it didn’t feel as cold as his voice. “You could catch your death out here.”

I just looked at him. Clothes would solve this problem, but as he had told me, I had to stay naked. One of the dogs nudged my leg with his cold, wet nose and I looked down, scratched him behind the ears.

My owner sighed. “Why?”

I had felt lonely, trapped, hated to be inactive, kağıthane escort I wanted to run with the pack, I wanted to be near you. All these words raced through my head, but I didn’t open my mouth. Instead I let my hand run through the fur of the Irish Wolfhound.

“I don’t know”, I finally admitted. It had been a decision on the spur of the moment. He sighed again.

“I have to admit, I never had a pet like you. The others had to stay in the basement, either in a cage, or chained up. You are nearly part of the pack, as far as a human can be.” He smiled down on me. Even though I was feeling the cold stronger now, or rather, my skin getting numb, his smile seemed to warm me.

“So, what are we going to do now?” He reached out, touched my stiff nipple. I flinched, shrank back. They were so cold, it really hurt. He nodded. “Thought so.”

“Sorry”, I murmured, looked down.

“I ought to punish you. Running outside, getting cold, clearly not thinking. But I never forbade you, to go outside, so you broke no rule.” He sighed again. “Since you are my property, I have a responsibility.”

Slowly, he pushed one sleeve of his jacket and jumper up, exposed his bare skin. “Don’t know, if this is a punishment, or a treat.”

I gasped, as he drew a fingernail over his skin, leaving a bleeding wound. “Drink.” The order came in a harsh voice, leaving me no time to think.

His blood was hot on my lips, felt like burning all the way down to my stomach. The coppery taste appalled me at first, made me gag.

“More”, he whispered, and I obeyed.

I could smell it, felt it… and tasted it; and it tasted good. All of a sudden, the taste was what I wanted, what I needed. Greedily, I sucked at his wound, tried to get more of this heavenly drink. Feeling the skin close under my lips, I growled, nearly bit him.

My owner pushed me away. Lips torn back in a snarl I glared at him. He smiled. “Still feeling the cold?”

Slowly his words sank into my mind.

I didn’t feel the cold. I felt… a burning in my stomach, the urge to run. The smell around me hit me full force. Dogs, wet grass, decaying leaves, petrichor… And I could smell him. A smell that made me horny, my crotch wet and my legs tremble. He was a male, a strong fertile male, a leader and all my body ached for. eyüp escort Safety, getting fucked, being able to rest.

I moaned. The last time, I had tasted his blood, I had been injured. It had healed me, but I had only fleeting memories of that night. Had it been like this? I tried, but I could not remember.

One motion of his hand sent the dogs running again. He followed. For a long moment, I just stood there, inhaling the air, taking in the scents. It was overwhelming. A sharp whistle brought me back to the present. He and the pack were far down the meadow. My owner was looking at me, patted his leg. “Come on.”

Walking at first, then jogging and finally running I crossed the distance. It – I – felt amazing, like I could run forever, do whatever he wanted me to do.

We reached a small group of trees. Fallen leaves covered the ground, like a thick, but smelly carpet. The dogs scattered, sniffing the ground, ears pricked and tails wagging. I had stayed close to him, shooting him glances every now and again. He pointed to a fallen tree.

“Bend over, legs apart.”

His deep voice sent shivers down my spine. The rough surface didn’t bother me at all, as I bent over the trunk, legs spread as far as I could manage.

“That’s a good bitch”, Smiling he climbed over the tree, stood in front of me. “Do you want my cock?”

“Yes”, I nearly panted. He unbuttoned his jeans, let them fall to the ground. I licked my lips, stretched forward, to taste his semi-hard cock. He laughed, a soft little laugh, and stepped closer. Smelling him so close to me made me moan again.

His cock tasted nearly as good as his blood had, a little bit salty, wild and full of promises.

One of the dogs sniffed my crotch. I didn’t care. His dick grew in my mouth, while I was sucking and licking. “You like that, do you?”, he murmured, trailing his fingers through my long, ginger hair.

“Uh hm”, I moaned, feeling and tasting his pre-cum on my tongue.

“Let’s see, how much.” Holding his pants up with one hand he climbed back over the tree, shooed the dog away. “Very much.”

His finger ran down my spine, made me shiver. Down the crack between my ass-cheeks, delving into the wetness of my cunt.

I moaned again, turned my head to look at him. “I haven’t had your ass for a while.”

While mecidiyeköy escort he said these words, his finger trailed back from my cunt to my asshole and back. And again, and again. Without warning he shoved some fingers up my cunt. It felt so good, just as it should be, and I pressed against them. He withdrew his fingers, spread the moisture over my ass.

“Please”, I begged, my body reacting to his touch, longing for it.

“Both holes?”, he whispered in my ear, while he played one finger over my asshole. The idea made me gasp, and a sharp pang of longing spread through my crotch. That must feel great, both holes filled, fucked.

“Maybe another time.” His fingers entered my cunt again, wriggled and I heard a squelching sound. I was dripping wet… Moaning, I closed my eyes. One finger pushed against my asshole. Tenderly probing, lubricated by my wetness it slid in easily. He fucked me with it for some time, widened me, before a second finger followed. “One more”, he panted. “One more, before you get the real thing.”

“Please…”, I begged, wanting it. The third finger widened me even more, it felt good, him moving inside me. I arched my back, pressed me against him, again and again.

“Now”, his voice was a whisper. One last time he stroked my cunt, spread the moisture up my ass. Then I felt his cock.

Gentle pressure against the hole, one hard thrust and he buried himself deep, so deep. I gasped. It hurt, but it was him, my owner. And it felt good, somehow, at the same time. He fucked me, deep, slow, intense. His balls hitting my pussy-lips each time.

A whimper of pain escaped me. “Let’s make this as good for you, as it is for me.”

I wasn’t sure, if I had heard these words, but I felt his breath in my hair, and he reached out, stroked my crotch. His finger found my clit, rubbed it with every thrust.

“Oh fuck”, I gasped. The sensation brought me close to the edge, even the first touch had been so intense. His hard cock in my ass, his finger rubbing almost painfully over my sensitive clit.

“Oh, yes”, he panted, the pressure on my clit in perfect harmony with his thrusts, even as he quickened his pace.

I panted, whimpered, was overwhelmed and so close.

Opening my eyes, I saw the dogs. They were gathered around us, watching us. I did not care; not anymore.

I felt the tension building up, as his thrusts got harder and faster. “Oh”, I gasped, felt my body tightening up, shivering with the orgasm. He pressed himself against my back, I felt him cum, deep inside my ass. So intense, so close… so… good. I shivered again.

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