Being with Ben

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This is my first submission. Let me know what you think.

Samantha stood in front of the full-length mirror in her room. Pulling her long blonde hair back into a tight ponytail. Many people compared her to Betty from the Archie comics. Sweet, wholesome, and with a killer body. Only Sam didn’t have an Archie. Her 18th birthday was last week and has been without a boyfriend for over a year. Normally it didn’t bother her to be alone, but today was the day of her family reunion. And usually Samantha had a stud on her arm. Everyone always knew what kind of guys Sam brought, tall well-built (well hung but they didn’t know that) boys with brown hair and blue eyes. Although Sam never had problems finding guys under that description she always found it difficult to find one with the brains to go with the brawn. Growing up she always watched wrestling with her brother, not for the action but for the cut pectorals, impressive pipes, and ripped abs. But now at 16 Sam found watching such guys didn’t do it for her anymore and was tired of her hands being the only one visiting her sex. At 16 Sam snagged her first boyfriend of whose incredible linebacker build kept her wet all through their time together. But he was dumb as a rock. Next came the twins at the gym whom she dated separately and also secretly from the other. Which was fun again, but…eventually it had to end when one found out about the other.

“Sam, come on! Grandpa has the boat waiting.” Sam’s mother called up to the opening where Sam’s attic bedroom laid.

“I’ll be right down!” Sam called back down. Taking one last look at her cropped tank top and cut-offs she decided this was good enough. They were taking the boat over from their cottage to Sam’s great uncle’s cottage down the lake. After climbing down and jogging down the 15 steps to the dock, Sam joined her family and took her seat beside her father in the front of the pontoon boat. It was the Cadillac of water transportation. Approaching her great uncle’s Sam noticed about 60 people milling about on the long green lawn. Which mean a lot more of the extended family showed then was expected. Sam’s heart skipped a beat. Maybe Benny was there. She thought to herself. They were 3rd cousins and were inseparable as children. Until his father got a job offer out of town. Both Sam and Benny were heartbroken. Under Sam’s bed she had a photo album of pictures from when her and Benny were little. Numerous pictures of the two of them hugging, kissing and dancing. At four years old it was all very innocent. And on Benny’s rare visits to home they always visited as long as they possibly could. Benny’s dad (Sam’s great uncle) always joked on how Benny was the love of her life after meeting the male bimbos she kept bringing to the reunions. It was 3 years since Sam last saw Benny, his tall frame, his crystal blue eyes, his dimples, and his messy brown hair that was always in his eyes. He was a heartbreaker.

“Sam? SAM!” Her mother called, waving her hand in front of her daughter’s face.

“What?” Sam looked around. Everyone was off the boat, hugging and greeting relatives that were on the dock helping them tie up the boat. “Oh!” Sam climbed off and absently hugged and greeting with a few cousins, all the while scanning the crowd.

Holy Shit! Ben thought to himself. Looking over at the dock Ben almost dropped his beer. A crime in Canadian culture. Ben had watched as the smooth riding boat pulled up, knowing his favourite cousin would be on that boat. Ben sat back down in his chair and watch Sammy hug his grandfather. She had to be about 5’6″ and filled out the way guys’ only dream about. With a “C” chest, athletic body and long blonde hair. Which he noticed was pulled back just how he remembered. Which he didn’t mind, it meant he could see her beautiful face better. Her full pouty red lips, her sky blue eyes her cheeks that were always pink, giving her a look of innocence at all times. As Ben looked down her long legs he felt his dick get hard and did the only thing he could think of. Place his cold beer on his shorts hoping to reduce the swelling. He couldn’t believe he was growing hard over his cousin. In the back of his mind he wasn’t surprised, if they weren’t blood he would haul her to the woodshed and make her scream with pleasure. Snapping out of his daydream he saw that she was looking around. For me? He thought. Then their eyes locked. Blood rushed back to his cock, making him more then uncomfortable. There was so much electricity between their meeting of the eyes that Ben was surprised everyone couldn’t feel it. Then he realized their cousin Mark was talking to him. Looking at Mark broke the connection. Immediately he looked back, only to find her bent over a cooler fishing out a vodka cooler. (Their family wasn’t picky about underage drinking) Watching her bend over and her tight ass peek out a bit under her shorts almost made him shoot right there. His cock was trying to give any freestanding tower a run for its money. Ben began to panic. There were about 60 people here and Ben didn’t want to draw attention to one of nature’s pain in the asses.

“It’s been a while since you have been back, eh?” Mark asked.

“Uh yeah.” Ben replied to the best of his abilities considering his lack of blood.

“Listen, go jump in the water.” Mark said pointedly.

“What?” Ben looked up at the guy. Completely confused. “The water is freezing!”

Mark looked at Ben. “Exactly. You know how many cold swims I had to take mardin escort around Sam? I am used to her now, I can handle it better. But do you really want to be pulled aside by your grandmother about lusting after relatives?” Mark asked, looking in the direction of his and Ben’s grandmother, making their way over.

“Good point.” Ben ran the short distance to the lake and jumped off the short dock, praying the water will do its job.

Sam watched as her gorgeous cousin dived into the water with grace. When she finally saw him she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Her mouth started to water and her nipples started to become rock hard without being touched. He filled out beautifully. He was a fantasy come to life. At 6’2″ with beautiful sculpted muscles and deep tan that enhanced how toned he was and was a stark contrast to his bright blue eyes. While half listening to her grandfather and Uncle’s conversation about people who used to work at the Mill, Sam took in the whole sight of him. His chiselled bare chest, his full lower lip that was perfect for kissing, his shorter cropped hair that looked downy soft to his nice calves that had a sprinkle of dark hair. He was better looking then all of her ex’s, the best quality of each of them. Then it hit Sam. She based her ex’s on Benny. Only none of them had his brains. And considering he got into college on an academic scholarship she assumed he was no dimwit. When Benny began to climb back out of the water, Sam felt her mouth go dry, watching all the water roll of his body, wanting to lick up every last droplet. Her fingers itched to run down the planes of his body, to kiss his square jaw, to run her tongue across the groves of his eight-pack. Sam shook her head. What am I doing? He is my cousin! I have to stop thinking of him this way! Sam thought to herself.

“Hey Sam have you said hi to Ben yet?” Her aunt asked, holding a cooler of her own.

“Uh no, not yet, he was…swimming.” Sam explained, trying to form a cohesive response.

“Well…” Her aunt nudged Sam forward towards the dock. “Go say hi!”

Sam walked towards him with lead feet. Her stomach was in knots. Under her breath she was muttering greetings, trying to see which one sounded best. Although her mind was coming up with much more dirty greetings. Every step that Sam took towards Benny became electrically charged. As if a magnet was pulling her towards him. When he saw her coming, Sam noticed him stiffen, as if about to go into battle.

“Hi.” They said at the same time. Standing a safe foot apart from each other while Ben towelled off.

“How are you?” Sam asked, proud that her voice didn’t sound shaken.

“Good good. How have you been?” Ben asked, trying to sound casual, while his body was literally shaking.

“Excellent. Wow that water must be cold.”

“What do you mean?” Ben looked down checked to see if anything was exposed and looking smaller then normal.

“Your shivering. Here I’ll give you a hug, warm you up.” Sam smiled trying play it cool. Sam stepped towards Ben, who dropped his towel. When in his embrace she felt his skin was cool from the water. But at the same time was burning her up.

Ben gave her a loving hug, feeling brave after buying him some time with his quickie swim. Although he started to feel the effects wear off a bit sooner then he would have liked. What Ben would have liked is to keep Sam in his arms for a long time. Somehow she just felt right. But her curves were also turning him on, and he felt his blood begin to rush to his groin. Ben jumped out of her arms. He saw her confusion and blushed. Luckily she didn’t feel it. “Your awfully warm.” Ben stumbled at his lame excuse.

“Yeah I was tanning before we came. I was thinking of having a swim. Want to join me?” Sam asked, something in the back of her mind was telling her there was another reason for his sudden departure.

“Uh sure.” Ben turned and dived into the water welcoming the cool wake up call. After surfacing Ben turned to see Sam slowly pulling her top off. Her eyes focused on him. To anyone watching it was just a girl getting ready for a dip, but for them, it was a sexually charged show, meant for their eyes. Ben watched as she slowly pulled the zipper down on her shorts, the sound of the metal teeth deafening. As Sam bent over to pull her shorts down Ben got a great view of Sam’s full cleavage, her areolas edge showing just slightly from the edge of her small bikini. With a wicked grin Sam dived in, cutting the water like a knife. Ben looked in the direction of where she would surface, remembering her outstanding swimming ability he knew she could end up a lot further out then most people. Suddenly he felt a pair of hands at his ankles, sliding gently up his legs. Soon Ben felt her breasts brush against his legs as she shimmied up his body with a swimmer’s grace. He almost stopped breathing when he felt her hand inches from his dick on her intimate trek to the surface. Ben could feel his blood rushing back south, despite the cold water. FUCK he thought to himself. But considering the way she was looking at him earlier, Ben had a feeling maybe she wouldn’t care that much that she was turning him on. Soon as Sam got to the surface Ben felt her hands on his head and before he knew it he was dunked. Which meant one thing…WAR. Ben and Sam spent a while wrestling and tossing each other into the water, relishing in the opportunity to touch each other without raising question. Ben nevşehir escort wrapped his arms around Sam’s waist, preparing to toss her over his head when his dick pushed up against her ass. Despite the clothing it fit well into the little groove of her cheeks. All action stopped. Sam slowly rubbed her ass against Ben’s cock, making it swell even more.

“Sam honey are you okay?” Ben’s mother called, a look of concern on her face.

“I-I’m okay cousin Judy.” Sam stumbled. Trying to wipe the look of shock off her face. Never in a million years did she think Ben had such a thick dick. It felt as if she was sitting on a log, a warm throbbing log. Sam was very wet and it wasn’t from the water. “Ben I am going to go dry off.” Sam broke from their embrace and swam back to shore, confused and troubled by the intimate feelings she was developing so quickly for her cousin. Looking back she saw Ben was still in the water. He was doing laps between the dock and the raft, obviously trying to cool down. Sam decided to grab another vodka cooler and visit with her family. That after all was her reason for coming.

Ben watched Sam from the other end of the picnic table. She was involved in a conversation with her uncle about his cottage. Apparently he just bought one a few doors down from her family cottage. Which made the count up to 12 different Blackstone’s on the lake. Yay for them. Ben thought to himself. He was still thinking about his encounter with Sam in the water. Dinner was over, most of the family had a considerable amount of alcohol in their system, including himself. He found out some interesting things about Sam since he has been gone. Like that she will be attending a college down south near his own University, also no one called her Sammy anymore. Just as no one called him Benny. Suddenly Sam’s uncle jumped up. Checking the little black box attached to his hip. He was one few sober here, and he was sober for that reason.

“Well everyone it’s been great, but duty calls.” He smiled.

“Aww bummer! Well it was great visiting with you Uncle Roger.” Sam smiled. “Maybe next time you can show me the new cottage.”

“Better yet, why don’t you stay there with Steve tonight. So I don’t have to take him with me.” Roger tossed her the keys to his cottage. Referring to his 10 year old son who was busy playing in the water with many of the kids.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Sam smiled. Steve would probably go to sleep at a decent time, leaving the big screen and a fridge of alcohol at her disposal. With that Roger waved goodbye to his son and took off for town to save lives. After another hour most of the family left except for a few that were planning to go to Sam’s cottage to continue a bit more partying without disturbing the older set. Sam snuck a look over at Ben who is engrossed in a conversation with his mother and Sam’s mom. Apparently they didn’t feel he was sober enough to drive back to town. Frustrated Ben’s mother turned to Sam.

“Samantha honey, do you mind if Ben sleeps over at Roger’s camp with you? I don’t think he is fit to drive home.” She asked.

“Mom I’m fine.” Ben argued quietly. This was a battle he wanted to lose. To agree right away after disputing the fact for 15 minutes would cause suspicion.

Sam’s heart skipped a beat and could feel her pussy grow wet again at the idea of Ben and her sleeping under the same roof. “Sure.” Sam shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant about the idea. Over to her side she heard a few of her younger cousins and Steve beg to not be separated yet. Apparently Bev’s twins and Steve weren’t quite ready to end the party.

‘Hey Sam, is it cool if Steve comes with us? I can drop him off in the morning.” Bev hollered over the pleading children.

Sam’s heart stopped altogether. Her and Ben ALONE! At the cottage alone, no kids, no family, no eyes. “Sure.” Sam choked out. At the same time she heard Ben give in to his mother. He’d be coming home with her tonight. The two of them…all alone.

Ben took in the sights of the massive cottage. Outside was a hot tub and the inside had every luxury from a massive television and stereo to two refrigerators and a pool table. It was paradise and it was his and Sam’s for the night. Every since his mother made that offer Ben has been completely hard thinking about the possibilities. He knew nothing could or should happen, but in his dick was telling him he could not pass up this chance. Ben sobered up during the last few hours over at Sam’s family cottage. But he pretended to be drunk, just in case anyone had the idea he could drive home now. Sam was looking sober as well. Sam drew her fingers slowly over the velvety soft material of her uncle’s overstuffed couch.

“Okay I will see you two tomorrow.” Sam’s grandfather announced as he walked out the door heading back to his own cottage where the party was still going on.

Sam stiffened. She was anxious, nervous, and excited in every sense. She had no idea what Ben was planning. Would he just stay up and watch television? Go to sleep? Sam wanted to know, but didn’t want to ask. Her mind said she shouldn’t care, but her body was screaming for Ben’s rough hands to caress her skin again.

Ben watched as glimpse of apprehension flashed across Sam’s face. Was she worried he’d make a move on her? Or was she worried he wouldn’t? How do you approach this? He thought to himself. He’d be a lot more confident if it wasn’t for the fact they were bonded niğde escort by blood. But between their swim and the stories he heard from various family members, Ben realized he loved her. His ex’s didn’t mean a thing compared to this girl- no! Woman. There wasn’t one thing on her body that said girly, not from her firm ass to her slim waist to her more mature face and well rounded breasts. Man he wanted her now. “So you wanna play a game of pool?”

Sam’s eyes lit up at the idea. It was a good icebreaker that required no contact or specific skill. “Sure. You break.”

Ben watched as Sam put the balls in the little triangle, but unfortunately it was the rack that was on his mind. Normally he was an ace pool player, but Ben had a feeling he may be a bit distracted tonight. Ben lined up the white ball and hit it towards the crowd. The crack was almost enough to make them jump. They were too aware of each other to be doing anything other then what people normally when who are attracted. A few solids slid into the corner pockets signifying the balls he was now going for. After a few shots it was Sam’s turn. Ben walked over to where his beer was sitting and was treated to a full view of Sam’s cleavage as she lined up her shot. After sinking one Ben noticed Sam seemed to be in a bit of distress.

Sam was having a bitch of a time trying to line up her balls when all she could think about were Ben’s balls. He was sitting comfortably in front of her, his ankle resting on his knee, giving her a view up his shorts. Although nothing could really be seen, the darken trail of his leg hair held promise, all he had to do was shift a bit to the left… Sam’s shot went wild and she ended up scratching felt rather then hitting the ball.

Ben laughed at the strain of curses coming out of Sam mouth. Apparently she didn’t mean to test the strength of the green felt. “Easy, easy, you can re-shoot.” Her knew this was his opportunity. A chance for him to get close to Sam. The only question was, should he? Should he break the barriers of family and make a move on who could very well be the love of his life? “You were lining up the wrong ball anyway. You should be going for that ball. Its actually the easiest shot. Want me to show you how?” Ben asked, putting his hand just above hers on the pole. He gently brushed her hand with his. He saw Sam’s desire flash through her eyes. They were definitely on the same page.

“Sure” Sam whispered and turned to the table.

Ben brought his hand to her waist to guide her to the best location for the shot. His had was tingling from the contact. Then she did what he only dreamed of doing again since the swim. She bent over. Ben felt himself lean into her ass and his cock started to grow hard again. Sam gasped dropped the pool cue on the table. Obviously she knew what she was feeling.

Sam spun around. She couldn’t handle it anymore. Sam looked into Ben’s blue eyes and knew their relationship was forever changed. She had to be with him. She had never felt such a pull to any man ever. Not like Ben. And Sam was going to have Ben tonight…right now. Sam’s lips collided with Ben’s. His soft lips did not seem as surprised as she was expecting. Sam laced her hands through the hair at the nape of his neck. Sam felt Ben’s hands slide down her back to her ass, where he cupped her firm cheeks. Sliding his fingers under her shorts to touch the heated skin Sam knew this was not going to stop here.

Ben moaned into her mouth. She was so hot. Her lips were soft and eager. Ben got a tasty grip on Sam’s ass and lifted her onto the pool table. In which she immediately butted her body against and wrapped her legs around his waist. Grinding herself against Ben’s hard cock. Ben almost winced with pain. He wanted her now. Ben pushed his tongue into Sam’s mouth, deepening the kiss. He could feel her nails digging into his back. Slipping his hand between them he could feel how wet she was though her shorts. Sam whimpered and pushed her breasts against his chest, wanting more contact then their clothing was allowing. Ben couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled her top over her head, only breaking the kiss for a second, revelling in her sweet taste. He felt her reach back as she undid her bra. Ben broke the kiss to look down. Her breasts were perfect. Perky with contrasting areolas and nipples that were just a little wider then a pencil tip eraser. Ben bent down and took one into his mouth. Giving it a long suck, swirling his tongue around the nipple and giving it a nip every once and a while, loving the way she yelped then asked him to do it again. Sam’s hands were now trying to free him from his shirt. Ben quickly shrugged off the t-shirt. But before he could return to pleasuring her he felt her lips on his chest. Looking down he saw her eyes on his, while she swirled her tongue around his own nipple. And then he felt her tongue travel more south. It trailed slowly across his abs, dipping at his belly button. Ben knew she was planning to go more south. But if she did he would lose all control and he didn’t want to spend anymore time without her silken walls surrounding him. “Now. Sam I need you now!” Sam’s shaky fingers unsnapped his shorts and about made Ben cum right there. While Ben was discarding his shorts and tossing Sam’s shorts aside he heard the sound of pool balls clacking followed by a soft thud. He chuckled when he realized what she was doing. In their moment of intense passion she was clearing the pool table for them. “Aww your sweet Hun-” Ben stopped short when he saw Sam on all fours on the pool table, swatting the balls in with her hand like a cat. Her pussy was exposed and shiny due to how wet she was. Her drooling cunt was just inches from his face. He had to take a taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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