Beyond Evil Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Everyone in this story is eighteen years or over. Candace is my editor. Kristy is the narrator. This is the second of a nine part Syfy series. Ben edited this story.


Nerds fight Back

Tánya was in sexual ecstasy. It had been so long since she had one on one quality sexual time with her husband Jake. Jane, their lesbian bitch, had grabbed so much of Jake’s attention over the years.

Jane and I were more than happy to wait on Mum and Dad hand and foot. It made me so wet seeing the sexual glow on Mum’s face as she followed my advice, and let the sex take over. The sparkles in her eyes… not letting her eldest daughter Tilly’s behaviour worry her as much. Without fail, Jane and I rushed back into the bedroom every ten minutes to check on how Mum and Dad were doing; and see if they needed anything. Not to mention how horny it made me to watch my parents making love. On the hour every hour I would have my parents lesbian bitch Jane buried between my legs giving me oral sex; and paying close attention to Dad fucking Mum senseless all afternoon. I just loved to watch my mother’s large natural tits bounce. It took all my self control not to play with Dad’s balls every time he popped out of Mum’s hot pussy covered in Mum’s juices. Jane was so talented and she knew she had to play with my tits as I came in her mouth. As my nipples hardened Jane would suck on my tits with a mouth full of my cum before she swallowed my flavor. Just as Dad felt himself soften, he would look over in our direction watching his lesbian bitch attending to his hot young daughters sexual needs, making him as hard as a rock again. Janes eyes and mine were glued to mum’s pussy, as we watched on lovingly at dads cock growing inside of her.

As dinner time rolled around I could hear Dad’s stomach starting to rumble. I couldn’t take it any longer. I went over and grabbed, kissed and licked my fathers balls tasting my mother’s juices that covered him. I moved my lips to my mum’s vagina forcibly keeping dad’s cock inside of her. Janes hands and mine roamed over my parents inter(?) bodies. Jane whispered in their ears: “We will fix your dinner for you. Don’t you two dare stop fucking.”

A big grin spread across dad’s face and he obediently began fucking mum again with even more force than before. Casibom Beth could hear mum’s cries of pleasure from her position in the spa, masturbating on the balcony. Beth is the middle daughter of dad and mum’s lesbian bitch Jane. Beth joined us in the master bedroom naked and helped us move the coffee table into the bedroom. We ate dinner as a family, and hand feed our parents. Their hands were too busy for eating dinner by themselves. Jane and Beth’s nipples began to harden with delight with all the kinky food games and sex they were surrounded by. As they began to have some quality mother daughter scissor sex, they closed their eyes and began to kiss each other with plenty of tongue, fondling each other’s tits. Dad couldn’t believe his luck. I gathered the dishes and went out to the kitchen to wash up. A big grin spread across my face as I reflected on the happy resolutions of the day. The day didn’t get off to such a great start as I heard mum’s cries of pain. Tilly jumped out of the mirror this morning.

I chuckled smiling to myself, as I thought about preparing mum and dad a bath. I wounded if dad could keep himself inside of mum’s pussy while they walked from their bedroom to the bathroom. I decided on my favourite bath oils for their bath. How could they not love that?

I discussed dad keeping his cock inside of mum with Jane and Beth, while they walked to the bathroom, and we all broke out with laughter. We decided the three of us would carry our parents to the bathroom. Besides, I’d take any opportunity to play with dad’s lovely cock, especially with the added bonus of stimulating mum’s clitoris at the same time.

Once we made it to the bathroom, Jane and Beth decided to make love in the spa before bed. I decided to have a shower and leave the shower Curtain open, so I could keep a close eye on my parents in the bath. Besides, I know how excited dad gets watching me. I can’t count how many times I’ve caught Jane giving dad blowjobs while he spies on me in the shower, or watching me naked on the toilet. I blissfully masturbated and urinated in the shower while I watched my parents fucking… and enjoying their bath I prepared for them for half an hour. Mum teasingly slowly dried herself off as I rushed over to them and began to lovingly give my dad Casibom Giriş the blowjob of his life. There was still a hint of mum’s juices covering dads penis. Mum dried me off while dad cleaned my pussy with his tongue. “I love you guys so much.” I smiled at my parents. My parents wrapped their arms around my shoulders while I gave my dad’s raging erection a hand job. I fingered mum as we walked out onto the Balcony to join Jane and Beth.

Beth’s eyes lit up. “How are you still hard, dad? after the sex marathon you’ve had since lunch time.”

Mum’s face was really glowing by now. “I think my therapist will be really happy with me tomorrow.”

Just when we thought our eventful day was over, and we were preparing for bed, we got the shock of our lives. Out of the glow of the full moon appeared Tilly, rising with a green glow out of the ocean. Tilly’s arms turned into propellers and disturbed the ocean violently. With that, Tilly leaped out of the water and approached the house with speed. Tilly hovered over the balcony.

Jane and Beth rushed back out from brushing their teeth together, to see what all the commotion was about. Beth was strong and growing more and more angry by the second. Jane was fearful and frightened.

Without warning Tilly shot acid from her pussy aiming for dad’s face and cock. “Burn in hell you bastard.” Tilly screamed from the top of her lungs.

With that Beth rushed to her father’s aid to comfort him in her arms. I rushed to the hose and aimed for dad’s burnt areas. “How dare you attack our father like that.” I glared at my evil sister.

I looked over at Beth’s distort face. “I need your help to defeat Tilly, Beth. I’m going to give you powers you’ve only dreamed about.”

“Mum, you go and get a good night’s sleep and make sure you’re ready for your therapy session tomorrow. Besides, your powers aren’t going to work his time. Beth and I have this covered tonight. Mum obeyed my request. “Jane, you go and comfort mum in bed and make sure she gets a good night’s sleep.”

Tilly laughed with delight. “You two go and run and hide. You’re no match for me anyway, and you know it.”

Mum wrapped her arms around Jane, dismissing Tilly’s comments. “I’m not going to let any nightmares I might have tonight (that Casibom Yeni Giriş you have caused me to have) affect me or my powers tonight, Tilly. I’m feeling so empowered by my strength and sexual desires.”

Tilly was now getting really angry at her mother’s new found strength and confidence.

I placed my hands on Beth’s shoulders and breathed my moist breath on the back of her neck. “Close your eyes and think of the powers you would like to have. Don’t tell anyone. When my hands create an orange glow on your shoulders your powers will come to life.” I let go of Beth’s shoulders and Beth’s new found powers overwhelmed her.

“Right. Showtime big sister.”

“Bring it on, Tilly giggled. You two are going to die now.”

Beth had developed superhuman strength, Galaxy porthole openings, and being able to fly, matching perfectly with my speed, tellastransporting(?) through walls and doors and defying gravity.

Tilly zoomed around us creating a purple ring. “That’s a new trick. What do you think you’re going to do with that, Tilly?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m going to control your mind. You two are going to kill each other while I burn the rest of the family to their painful deaths.”

“You’re not controlling my mind!” Beth laughed out loud.

I felt weak all of a sudden as I glanced over at dad standing nervously on the balcony.

Beth flew above the purple ring and jumped on it snapping it in half. For the first time in our lives we saw fear in Tilly’s eyes. Dad applauded Beth’s actions from his view and his burns healed instantly. I regained my strength and gravitated over Tilly with speed; and kicked Tilly through the galaxy porthole Beth had opened.

“This isn’t over.” Tilly smirked as she disappeared into the galaxy’s atmosphere. “I will win. I will be back.” Tilly’s voice began to fade.

“You were brilliant Beth. I’m impressed with your quick thinking.” As we landed back down safely on the balcony with dad, he squeezed us both so tight with a look of pride in his eyes.

“Who’s up for hot chocolate?” Dad asked. He just makes the best hot chocolate.

We chatted on the balcony in the spa together with our hot chocolates in hand. “What a day!” Beth said. “I’m exhausted. Ice cream and bed for me now. Good night you two, sleep well.”

Dad and I weren’t far behind her. We cleaned our teeth together and went to check on mum and Jane. Their naked tangled bodies looked so peaceful. Dad didn’t want to disturb them, so I invited dad to join me in my bed tonight.

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