Big Beautiful Babs

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I will never forget this Summer. I was Life Guarding at the pool and was up in the chair when Barbara Jean Walters, Babs, came out of the women’s locker room. I had known her since we were both in first grade, and although I had a massive crush on her from day one, I did never had the guts to ask her out, and I remained the only 18 year old virgin in my class.

Babs stands 5’4″ and weighs 285 pounds, so although she had always been the object of my fantasies, I was too concerned with what everyone thought of me dating a “fat” girl. I had never seen her out of her street clothes and when she neared a lounge chair and removed her robe, I thought I would cum in my swimsuit.

She wore a skimpy yellow bikini so the bottom only covered half of her massive flesh. There was no cellulite on her 18 year old body, bronzed to perfection. Her large stomach protruded, with large soft love handles evident from the rear.

She caught me staring at her and I quickly looked back to the pool. The next thing I knew, she had changed her mind and moved to a vacant chair, six feet from the Lifeguard’s stand.

“Hi Jerry.”

I tried to remain casual as I looked down at her behind my sunglasses. It felt like the wind was knocked out of me as my eyes zoomed in on her huge breasts, barely contained by the skimpy material of her bikini top. The beautiful flesh dance provocatively as she tightened the rubber band holding her pony tail. Her massive arms gently shook as she primped and adjusted her tiny suit.

“Hi Babs. I didn’t know you belonged to this pool.”

“My parents just joined. I didn’t know you were a lifeguard. You look nice in your suit, whistle and glasses.”

Oh my God. My dream woman thinks I look nice.

Turning five shades of red, I stammered, “Um…thanks.”

In fifteen more minutes my shift ended, and I headed to the drink machine to get a soda. Taking a long swig, I studied Babs, who now lay on her stomach. The mountain of her buttocks was almost totally exposed, and her legs were slightly spread giving me a perfect view of her crotch, with dark pubic hair coming out of both nilüfer escort sides of her suit.

Although my heart was racing, I knew that I simply had to do something, or kick myself for just sitting on my ass and missing out. It took three attempts to head toward her, but finally I reached her chair and cleared my throat.

“Mmmm Babs, I thought you looked like you were getting a little red, and…um…was wondering if you would like me to spread some lotion on your back.

I was ecstatic when she turned on her side and handed me the lotion and said, “I would really appreciate that. You are very kind.”

I took the bottle in my hand and was shaking so badly I knew I was going to drop it and make a fool out of myself. I managed to squirt a large dollop into the palm of my hand, then slowly moved to apply it to her broad shoulders. Her skin felt incredible. It was soft and fleshy and seemed to mold around my hand as I covered the top of her body. I squirted more in my hand and covered her lower back becoming lost in her soft pliant flesh.

I couldn’t care less who saw me with my overweight Goddess. To me, she was the most beautiful young woman in our Senior Class. Perhaps I was growing up, not worried about what everyone else was thinking.

I moved to her lower legs, which seemed to spread further as I applied the slippery lotion to the insides of her bulging thighs. I stopped about two inches from her crotch and heard a whispered moan of pleasure come from her lips.

“That feels heavenly Jerry.”

Gaining courage by the minute, I finished off her calves and feet and tentatively said, “Um, Babs, my shift has ended, and I was thinking that maybe after you finish sunning, well…maybe we could go to dinner and maybe a movie.

“That sounds like fun Jer, but I have a better idea. My parents are away for the weekend, so I have the place to myself. Why don’t we rent a movie, and I can fix dinner, and we can just hang out at my place.”

I had truly died and gone to heaven. I readily agreed and went to the video store while she went home and görükle escort started dinner.

Her Chicken Cordon Bleu was incredible, and after doing the dishes, she surprised me by turning to me and taking me into her arms in a firm hug, looking me into the eyes, with a seductive smile on her face. I could only get my arms halfway around her huge body, but still in her suit, her bare skin felt heavenly.

My 9 inch penis made a huge bulge in my suit and poked at her crotch. She looked down at it and smiled back at me.

“I’m so glad you seem to like me Jer. I have had a crush on you since 3rd grade, and knew that one of us would eventually have to make a move. I know I’m fat, and that may be a turnoff to you, but I would really love it if you would make love to me.”

“Oh Babs, I have had a crush on you forever. I absolutely adore your large body, and would love more than anything to make love to you, but…”

“But what sweetie?”

“But I’m a virgin. I don’t know what to do.”

“Is that all? Jer, don’t worry about that. I am a virgin too. I’ve kissed a couple times, but that’s the extent of it. We can just play it by ear, and do whatever feels right.”

I slowly moved my mouth to kiss her as I silently thanked God for my good fortune. Our lips and tongues hungrily explored each other’s mouths as my heart pounded uncontrollably.

I caressed the soft folds of her skin, becoming lost in the bulges and crevices as her giant stomach ground into my crotch. I took a chance and untied her bikini top and her massive breasts fell free. I needed both hands to lift one of her magnificent tits and I leaned in, so gently bite and suck the nipple and watch it harden.

Babs moaned and let her hands wander to the string of my suit. She pulled at it, then slipped the suit and my jock over my legs, causing my penis to spring to life beckoning for her. When she grasped it in both of her hands and gently began to stroke it, I thought I was going to cum in a matter of seconds.

I had to stop her because I wanted to savor this moment, and I placed bursa escort my hands on the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slipped them over her huge buttocks which shook magnificently, released from the restricting material. She was truly beautiful and as we stood, totally naked savoring each other’s bodies, I whispered with hunger in my voice, “You’re so beautiful Babs. I want you more than anything.”

Babs took my hand with a smile and led me into her bedroom. We kissed again when we reached her double bed and our hands explored each other’s body, wanting to know every sensitive inch, crying out to be caressed.

I was able to get my arms far enough around her so that I could caress and stroke her buttocks and the crack of her delicious bottom. I then moved my hands around her body and began to stroke the thick wet hairs of her crotch, as she once again stroked my cock and caressed my ass.

Without breaking our kiss, we lay down on the bed, side by side and kissed and stroked each other for another half hour.

Babs finally broke the kiss and exclaimed, “Please take me now Jerry. I can’t stand it anymore and I need to feel you in me.”

I moved between her massive legs and took my rock hard cock in my palm and slowly inserted the head into her warm moist opening. Slowly I moved deeper, inch by inch and when I was 7 inches in, I broke her hymen causing her to cry out briefly. After assuring me that she was fine, she begged me to insert all of me into her. Slowly I inserted the remaining two inches into her, and I had never experienced anything so outstanding. The walls of her vagina were so tight and warm, and sucked my nine inch member as I slowly thrust in and out.

I could not believe it. I was making love, and it was to the most remarkable woman on earth. She directed me to move faster and faster as I could hear her breaths coming in gasps, and both of our bodies developed a layer of sweat as we pumped and thrusted, our hungry bodies slapping together uncontrollably.

She was on the edge of ecstasy, and when she inserted a finger into my rectum, both of us cried out in unison as we came in orgasms which seemed like they would never end. Gradually we regained our breath and I pulled out of her and lay beside her, taking in her beauty.

Babs had made my first experience truly unforgettable and I had found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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