Biology 101

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Ami Markham hurried across the quad, a satisfied smile on her lips. She’d just gotten her latest term paper back in Japanese history, and she’d gotten another A+. Her Professor had disagreed with Ami’s conclusions about the end of the war with America, but she had admired the logic of Ami’s argument. One of the nicest things about Dr. Tanaka was her willingness to recognize a student’s right to disagree, at least as long as they could logically defend their opinion.

Now Ami was heading for her favorite class of the day, Biology 101. Prof. Yamato was a handsome young professor, with an informal style that still managed to convey a lot of information. Plus, Ami wanted to follow her mother into the medical profession, so Biology was essential to her ambitions.

As usual, Ami was one of the first students to arrive at the lecture hall, and she took a seat near the front of the room. Most of her other University instructors insisted on assigning designated seats for their freshman classes, but Prof. Yamato let everyone sit where they were most comfortable. In another class this would have been inviting disaster, but he had the ability to command even the most insolent student’s respect and attention.

As she entered the room, Ami noticed a sickeningly sweet smell in the room. Looking around she was unable to discern the source of the odor, but it was becoming slight nauseating. As the rest of the students settled into their seats, complaining about the horrible smell, Prof. Yamato entered from his office.

“What is that smell? Did someone set off a stink bomb in here?” he complained. “Miss Markham would you help me open the windows please, and Miss Webster get the air freshener from that cabinet.” As soon as they opened the windows a cold breeze filled the room. That morning had been the coldest of the season, and it didn’t appear the afternoon was going to be much better. By the time the last window was open, it was obvious that they couldn’t remain so for very long. Liana Webster had begun spraying the room with a lemon scented air freshener, but that only seemed to make things worse.

Realizing he was going to have to close the windows soon anyway, Prof. Yamato motioned for one of the boys to begin closing them. “I guess we’re just going to have to live with the smell folks. Although,” he paused. “I was given some new incense that might do the trick. It certainly can’t make things any worse.” Going back into his office, Prof. Yamato was heard rustling around in his desk. “Ah, here it is.”

Returning to the lab, he placed a small plate on the corner of his desk. “Well, nothing to do, but give it a try.”

“What is it called Sensei?” Liana asked.

“Um, let me see.” he tipped the box to read the label. “‘Essence of Aphrodite.’ Well that should certainly be interesting.” With that he pulled two of the thin reeds from the box and lit them. A delicate cinnamon scent began to fill the air, it was so light, Ami was amazed at how quickly it began to clear the air.

“Alright class, as you know we are about to start a new subject today. I know the next chapter in you text book is about amphibians and the dissection of a frog, but I thought it might be more interesting to skip a few chapters. Moreover, the school forgot to order the supplies in time.” A general laugh filtered through the room. “This next subject is one I’m sure you remember from High School, but it’s time for a more in depth treatment.” A murmur of surprise and conspiratorial glee ran around the room. The University Chancellor was notoriously rigid about professors keeping to their syllabus’s schedules. Prof. Yamato was constantly getting in trouble for his little revisions, but his students loved him for it. The fact that he was tenured and that his students were consistently among the best performing groups on the MSATs kept him from getting into too much trouble though.

Striding over to a display easel covered by a black cloth, Prof. Yamato pulled the cloth away with a flourish. “Our next topic is ‘The Reproductive System of the Human Species.’ The silence and sense of disappointment in the room was palpable. Then slowly a nervous excitement came over the students. One thing was certain; Prof. Yamato would be a lot more relaxed and enlightening then their various High School teachers had been.

As the professor began pulling his displays out to the front of the class, Ami noticed that the incense had completely displaced Eskort the rank smell from earlier. A small voice in the back of her mind also tried to point out the strangely sensual feelings stealing over her body.

At first the lecture was pretty much the cut and dried presentation they remembered from H.S., but as he continued Prof. Yamato began to become more and more expansive and uninhibited in his behavior. “Alright class, now we get to the good stuff, the manner in which the male deposits his semen in the female’s body.”

“This is supposed to represent the ‘penis’,” he held up a small representation of a flaccid cock. “Doesn’t look like much, does it ladies?” A small snickering sound filled the air. “Well when the male is sexually aroused, it can grow up to three times its normal length. Here I’ll show you.” With that Prof. Yamato proceeded to undo his belt and dropped his pants to the ground. The shaft thus exposed was easily four or five times the length of his model and much thicker too. “See! That’s what I’m talking about. Now, once his penis has reached its full length, the male takes it and inserts it into the female’s vagina.”

Stepping completely out of his pants, Prof. Yamato reached over and picked up his next exhibit. “Hmmmm, you know this really doesn’t give you a good idea either. I need a volunteer from the distaff side of the class.” No one seemed surprised when the entire female half of the class raised their hands. “Ok, let’s see…..Miss Markham, (oh the hell with it) Ami! Come over here and help me out.”

Ami didn’t even hesitate before she stood up and went to where the professor was indicating. Deep in the back of her head a small voice was crying “Stop!”, but her customary reserve, and self-restraint were nowhere to be found.

“Ami, would you please sit on the table and remove your panties. Class, the rest of the girls might want to do this too. That way you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.” Immediately the entire class, including the boys, began to disrobe from the waist down, shifting so that every one was paired off with a student of the opposite sex. Only a few of the girls at the back of the room and farthest from the incense seemed to hesitate at all.

Reaching over, the professor lifted Ami’s skirt and directed the class’ attention to the front. “Now class, this is what a vagina looks like. Normally a girl as well developed as Ami would have pubic hair covering the area. Miss Markham has apparently made the decision to shave most of hers off. Am I right Ami?”

“Actually Sensei., I just had it waxed. I spend a lot of time in bathing suits and leotards, so it’s more comfortable this way.”

“Well, lucky for us that you do. It makes it a lot easier for me to show everyone what I’m talking about. Ladies, if you are done examining the men’s cocks, please allow them a closer look at your . Now the vaginal opening is composed of several items.” Reaching down he ran his finger along Ami’s moist pussy. “This outer area is called the vulva, and it consists of the outer and inner Labia. Most of the time this is tucked up inside of the woman, but as you can see, when she is aroused they tend to swell slightly and become covered in a lubricating discharge.”

The sensations from Prof. Yamato’s touch were sending little bolts of pleasure through Ami’s body. “If you take your fingers and spread these folds apart, you will find two items of interest. The first and most obvious is the vaginal opening. If you want, take you finger and slide it into your partner’s orifice. You’ll notice that in many cases, the walls of the vagina are so tight you can barely insert the finger more than half way. Don’t worry guys, if you just continue moving your finger in and out of this opening, it will relax and allow you easier access.” This statement was followed by several gasps of pleasure coming from the female class members.

“Up at the top of these folds you will notice a small object possibly standing erect. This is called the Clitoris, or Clit for short, and it is very sensitive. Most women love to have this tiny jewel gently caressed, it helps them get fully aroused and bring on their orgasms. Here watch as I demonstrate.” Ami trembled as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Her throat began to emit small moans of delight as he expertly manipulated her tiny Jewel.

Now in between these two points many of you may have noticed a tiny opening. This is the urethra and unlike in the male penis, has little if anything to do with the reproductive cycle, although some women have admitted to deriving pleasure from having this opening stimulated.

“Some of you may have noticed an increase in the amount of fluids flowing from your partners vagina. Don’t be alarmed this merely indicates she’s getting ready to accept your penis into her body. Now, there are many ways of accomplishing this act. I won’t bore your with a complete listing of the various positions. My personal favorite is to enter the vagina from the rear. This allows for the maximum penetration of the penis. Ami would you mind leaning against the wall? That’s it. Now, spread your legs just a little.”

The professor reached down and lifted Ami’s skirt so everyone could see. “Now, you won’t be able to insert your penis all the way in at first. It takes some patience, and a degree of skill. I’ll demonstrate. The sensation of Prof. Yamato’s cock entering her pussy was sheer bliss for Ami.

“If the girl is a Virgin, you will encounter some resistance just inside her channel. Don’t worry girls; it only hurts for a moment.” Under his breath he said, “I see you’ve done this before. I never would have guessed.”

Behind her, Ami heard the sharp gasps as the last of the Virgins in the class lost their flowers, but by this time she was too enraptured to care. Prof. Yamato quickly settled into a slow rhythmic motion, as he thrust his cock deeply into her throbbing cunt. Each thrust sent waves of delight washing out over her body and her breathing soon become ragged and heavy. It felt like she could detect every bump and ripple along the entire length of his cock.

With his hands Yamato reached around and began to fondle her chest through the fabric of her blouse. Even with the cotton material of her shirt in the way, his hands brought small thrills of pleasure to the lust filled vixen. The smooth delivery of his earlier lecture had disappeared as he said, “Boys, (huff) you might try fondling your partner’s breasts as you (deep breath) do this. Most women seem to enjoy the (uh) sensation, and I think you’ll enjoy it too.”

“In fact,” he said, “you will probably want to get their clothing out of the way as much as possible.” With deft hands he quickly undid Ami’s blouse and pushing her bra up over her breasts began pinching and kneading them with expert care.

Within moments Ami was coursing on the edge of orgasm, and only her intense desire to only come when Prof. Yamato did kept her from screaming her pleasure right then.

“By now a few of you boys have probably noticed a tingling at the tip and base of your cocks. (ungh!) This is a sign of your impending orgasm. With practice you will be able to hold off this reflex, so you can increase your lover’s pleasure. Don’t be concerned if you can’t control yourself yet. At your age you should be able to maintain your erections even after coming, at least until you partner reaches her climax.”

The professor had started increasing the pace of his thrusts, and Ami was losing the battle to delay her own climax. Yamato stopped giving instructions to the class as he fought off his own climax. Behind them, the sounds of multiple orgasms filled the air. Several of the girls and two of the boys had achieved more than one climax. Now as the frenzy of sexual activity slowed, Ami’s classmates turned to watch as Prof. Yamato continued to take her from behind. All other sound faded as their animal moans filled the air.

Both of them were determined to delay their own climax as long as possible, in hope of reaching it together. Finally Ami could hold back no longer. She screamed in exultation as her vaginal muscles clamped down on her Sensei’s rod, and cum gushed from Ami’s exhausted body. Feeling her climax, Prof. Yamato sprayed his own copious release into her overflowing vessel. It took several moments for his cock to stop spurting his seed into her pussy, and each throb of his cock sent small shivers of delight up her insides. When his cock stopped pouring its load into her pussy, Ami’s muscles relaxed enough to let him pull his shaft out.

Turning to face her Sensei, Ami dropped to her knees and quickly took his penis into her mouth, using her tongue and lips to quickly cleanse the fluids coating its now semi flaccid length. All thought of the lecture, or the fact that the other students might be watching had flown from her mind. All that mattered was doing whatever it took to get his wonderful instrument ready once more.

Ami had now taken control of their dance and with gentle pressure pushed Yamato back against the middle of the three lab tables at the front of the lecture hall. Not letting his cock out of her mouth for even one second she managed to get him up onto the table and far enough back that only his calves and feet weren’t on the table. Stopping only long enough to yank her bra all the way off, breaking the shoulder straps as she did so, she climbed out of her skirt and on the table to sit straddling Yamato’s midriff.

There was nothing of tenderness or love in the kiss she gave her professor then, only raw carnal desire. Any remaining hesitancy on the part of his organ fled and he became rock hard once more. Reaching down she eagerly guided its head to her opening and dropped her hips even as he thrust up to meet her.

The resultant jolt of pleasure as her body reacted to once more being impaled by Yamato’s organ was almost enough to send Ami into an immediate state of rapture. Arms straight, hands on her professor’s shoulders, eyes locked with his, she began to slowly draw her hips up and down the fiery shaft of pure delight within her. Each successive thrust brought its own mini climax, and sensual moans of delight came from her throat.

Those of the class unable to continue their own activities found their eyes drawn irresistibly to the sight of Ami riding Yamato’s cock clothed only in her open white blouse. The sight of her there, perfectly formed breasts half seen though the now translucent material, combined with their own post coital euphoria seemed to make it as if they were each apart of the spectacle before them.

Slowly Ami began to increase the speed and force of her downward plunges, as small balls of lightning seemed to coruscate across her eyeballs. Suddenly she shifted position so her hands were now behind her on Yamato’s thighs, her blouse falling away so only her arms were momentarily obscured by its material, before it fell from her shoulders onto his thighs.

With every bit of their copulation now visible to the enraptured class, she alternately lifted herself almost completely off his wand, and then ground herself against his pubic bone. Within moments the pleasure became too much for both of them and they came with shattering orgasms so forceful their mixed juices actually fountained up onto Yamato’s chest, belly and the table beneath them.

Somehow Ami maintained just enough control to keep her torso from collapsing backward and falling off the table, instead managing to pull herself to the side and laying beside her exhausted professor.

Luckily for all concerned, this was the last class to use this lecture hall that day. Slowly, the students began to gather their clothes, books, laptops and sundry other items together and either singly or in small groups exited the room. Ami was neither the first nor the last to pull herself together enough make her departure, but she was one of the few who had to leave without being fully clothed. Her panties had completely disappeared and her brassiere was now useless with its broken straps.

Wrapped in a post-coital afterglow the normally shy and studious girl danced across the quad to her next class. Despite the fact that each spin and leap revealed her naked pussy, and her half buttoned blouse alternately was either clinging to every curve of her supple breasts or flying open enough to display them to all in eyeshot.

For the first time in her life, she decided to skip her next lecture and instead moved to one of the quieter corners of the campus. The southwest corner of the quad gave way to a small valley where “Mirror Lake” a small pond was located. Although it was surrounded by a walkways, there were still several areas where one could find relative privacy in its environs and Ami quickly found one of these. Her back against one of the trees, she leaned back closed her eyes and (one hand gently stroking her naked flower) fell into a light blissful doze.

It would be several days before anyone would stop to wonder what could have caused a simple biology lecture to turn into a full on orgy. The cause of the foul odor that had permeated the hall was never discovered, nor was anyone able to find the box of incense Prof. Yamato had used to clear the air. Only those directly involved ever made the connection to that day and the sudden flurry of births at the University Hospital the following year.

To be continued?

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