Bird of Prey Ch. 13

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Clyde made sure he recorded everything as Fox-Janner greeted the soft blonde, not with a kiss, but a harsh slap about the face; he then virtually dragged the distressed nymph up the stairs, his cock poking up and lifting the black silk. In the bedroom he ordered her to strip, and with just her panties on, he pulled her down on to her knees by her long blonde hair and thrust his cock into her face. Though not exactly endeared by Fox-Janner’s actions, Clyde’s balls tingled and his cock stiffened as he viewed the pert little breasts and effeminate features of this waif that now sucked urgently at the tyrant’s stiff cock. Though the two women were appalled by his actions they were not exactly surprised by what they saw; they already had enough to blackmail him with, as being violent with a young lady during a sex session would certainly be frowned upon within the staid circles he moved within, but may not be quite enough to make him relinquish his dubious business interests. As painful as it was to watch, they would allow him to continue, and deliver his own coup-de-grace.

Clyde was astounded at the two women as they seemed prepared to watch him punish the soft beauty continually; having seen her dragged to the bed and thrashed with a leather strap, he was ready to march in himself, his erection had waned at the sickening sight. Elaine raised a half-smile as she grabbed his wrist to stop him leaving the van, and made him watch as she noted Fox-Janner removing the punished blondes panties; as the mean chairman removed his silk kimono to reveal his stiff cock in all its glory, he moved behind the soft blonde and moved her round to the end of the bed, his hands grasping her slender waist above her sweet rounded bottom. As the two moved sideways on to the concealed camera, Clyde gasped and the two women gave satisfied sneers; protruding from the front of the pretty blonde was a little extra. mersin escort The camera now showed two erect cocks; the sweet blonde was a t-girl.

As the three prepared to leave the van and give Fox-Janner his life-changing news, they ensured the equipment was left recording as they watched whilst he penetrated the whimpering blonde as he stroked her excited little cock; her erection as much to do with fear as excitement. Another car appeared in front of the van, Elaine smiled.

“Perfect timing; Irma’s here, she knows a great deal about administering drugs; she owns a specialist nursing home and loves to subdue struggling males. I know he won’t come quietly, even with the evidence we have.” Irma was accompanied by Angela, the rubber goddess who was also a Ju-Jitsu expert; both were very keen to hold him down whilst Gloria, the housekeeper who had been treated like a slave and whose own daughter had been abused by him, administered the sedative which would begin the process of his submission. As the two peeped into the van and viewed the lap-tops, the scene they witnessed cemented the justification of their cause; Fox-Janner had emptied his balls for the first time and was now thrashing the sissy once more. Now was the time to move.

Fox-Janner jumped from his task with outraged indignation as he was disturbed by the smiling women accompanied by Clyde. The sissy wept pitifully on the bed, and Clyde felt somehow compelled to comfort her, as he did so the smirking Irma wagged a finger, summoning Fox-Janner to her, as she passed a large hypodermic to his smiling housekeeper. He pondered for a moment and was about to bolt when Elaine pulled the camera from the top of the curtain.

“Oh yes, we have it all on film; I think you’d better come quietly, else it’ll be the worse for you.” She smiled with pleasure as Irma and Angela kocaeli escort removed their coats to reveal leotard clad bodies. Their pussies buzzed excitedly as they knew he would require subduing before he received the first of many injections. Gloria lifted the needle and squirted a little of the contents in the air as she sneered at the man who had enslaved her.

“You be a good boy for the ladies and allow your submission to begin; you are going to be my maid, here in this house which you will willingly give to me, come now, come and take your medicine.” Fox-Janner made a spirited dash for the door, despite being naked. He was stopped smartly by the buxom matronly figure of Irma, and the chubby Angela; they smiled with pleasure as he was wrestled to the floor, their pussies bulging as they got to grips with their victim. Fox-Janner had his first whiff of feminine supremacy as Irma locked her thighs about his head, the women laughed as his cock stiffened with fear and excitement as he sniffed the warm cunt which nestled against his nose. Irma sneered with delight.

“Oh yes, we shall have some sport with you first; you’ve earned it and you’re going to be made to know your place.” The two then took great pleasure in twisting and contorting the struggling male; he knew it was hopeless but would not submit, much to the delight of everyone else in attendance. He moaned and cried out, sometimes in agony, sometimes in near ecstasy as the two dominant women treated him to various holds whereby he was allowed a good sniff of their sweaty cunts and savoury anuses as he was held completely subdued and utterly helpless. He panted and puffed as he struggled forlornly, making his inhalation of their delicious scents all the more intoxicating, and making his cock rigid enough to tie a white flag to.

The women became thoroughly aroused samsun escort as they demonstrated their absolute superiority over him; both taking turns to show him they could do it alone, so he was completely belittled. In a grand finale, Irma sat with her huge arse over his face whilst Angela locked his legs. He could just see his smiling housekeeper come over, through the splendid crevice in Irma’s cheeks and felt the needle pierce him. Angela then took great delight in gently nursing his erect cock as he sniffed at the delicious scent of Irma’s asshole; the scent of utter defeat. The women cheered as he blew a fountain of hot semen for them, at last submitting in absolute ecstasy, before the injection left him in a catatonic state; conscious but unable to resist.

Elaine was also nicely aroused by the spectacle, but noted that another drama was unfolding. The soft blonde t-girl was now wrapped in a sheet and nestling closely up to Clyde, who comforted her in a tight embrace; she was looking into his eyes as he held her warm and safe. Clyde had a healthy erection and had thought initially that seeing the dominant wrestlers was responsible, but now found he was harder than ever; he could not understand it, but was as helpless as Fox-Janner now was as he sniffed her hair and squeezed her deliciously feminine body.

They smiled softly at each other as he let go with one hand and gently put his hand down the front of her soft torso to find her little cock was also stiff and erect. The sissy spoke for the first time, her voice just slightly deeper than such a petit girl would normally be, but just as soft and effeminate, and somehow very sexy to Clyde’s ears.

“Will you let me stay with you tonight, please…? I’m so scared; I promise I won’t trouble you again if you find you don’t want me.” Clyde simply kissed her full on the lips and felt her whole body jump with excitement as he did so; he wanted her badly.

When the two broke from the kiss they found the women smiling at them. The two didn’t need to say anything, and Elaine nodded her approval with a smile as they left; Clyde would not need to be conquered by the women, he had conquered himself.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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