Birddoggin’ Ch. 2

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It was a summer Saturday morning and I was feeling especially randy. Understanding my own nature, I knew that this condition wasn’t precipitated by any urgent biological need.

It was because I was alone in the house with Summer, my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter.

Images of her wonderfully firm breasts had burned into my mind from the other night and everywhere I looked I saw shapes that reminded me of Summer’s bosom; the rumpled fold of a bedspread or the ripe, delicious apple I ate this morning for breakfast.

Whenever I was birddoggin’ a woman, I had a tendency to be a bit obsessive about her. With my beautiful Summer just now, I was in full-bore birddog mode.

Summer had run her bath already. It was her Saturday morning ritual. We all had our rituals on Saturday morning. Summer took a two-hour soak, or so it seemed. Lori, my indulgent wife, usually went shopping, but sometimes it was just out to visit with girlfriends. Me? I usually just hung around lazily, planning plans and scheming schemes about whatever pretty girl I was birddoggin’ at the time.

And she happened to be the naked girl in my daughter’s bathroom just now.

I’ve always been one for the direct approach. Persistence, concentration and unflagging determination. That’s my motto. It’s done well by me so far.

So I knocked on Summer’s bathroom door.

“I’m taking a bath, Daddy,” she yelled happily, making noises by splashing around a bit as though to verify her claim.

“Yes, I know, babe,” I told the door. “But your dear ol’ Dad is dying of loneliness out here. What do you say I come in there and wash your back for you and we can both be entertained.”

“Dad!” Summer said, laughing in exasperation. “You know that Saturday morning is my bath time, my by-myself time.”

I turned the doorknob and cracked the door open a bit so she could hear me better. Another motto: If they don’t tell you specifically not to do it and it gets you closer to the girl, do it!

“I know, dear. And I can respect that. I just wanted you to know that if you’re spending Saturday mornings in the bathtub masturbating, I’d love to help.”

“Daddy!” Summer howled with laughter. “You’re a dirty minded man with a one track brain.”

I pushed the crack in the door wider until I could just peek in and see her sitting upright in the bath. She could see me too, looking at her through just the sliver of an opening.

“Yes, dear. That’s true,” I said agreeably. Another motto: When you’re birddoggin’ a woman, by all means, be agreeable.

“Now that you’re an adult I think it’s time you learned about men, sweetheart. We’re all dirty minded and we can only mentally operate on one track at a time. I’ll be glad to teach you so much more if you’ll just let me wash your back for you.”

I nudged the door open a bit more with my foot. Summer leaned back, her small firm breasts riding high and lovely on her slender chest. She had her honey-blonde hair up in a bun, held up by a scrunchie in the back I’d be willing to guess. Just looking at her made me hungry, again; I wanted to lick and nipple those pink nubbins that crowned her breasts until Summer and I both cried for me to stop.

She was looking at me full in the eye, thinking about my offer. That’s always a very good sign. Whenever ‘doggin’ a woman, I always let them have plenty of time to think it over. Women have usually surprised me. Their often as dirty minded and one tracked as the guys. Even wrapped in an innocent package like Summer.

“Mom’s not here,” Summer whispered very softly. “It wouldn’t be right.”

Ah! So that was it. She thought that since her Mom was with us the first time that I initiated sex directly, we should only fool around when Lori was here. That would cramp things a bit, though it had been awfully exciting to play with Summer when her Mom had been sitting on the same bed with us at the time.

“Your Mom knows she’s not always going to be here, Summer,” I explained. “As long as we’re honest if she asks, and don’t try to sneak around when she’s here, she’ll be understanding. She loves us both and we love her. Nothing about you and me will ever change that, dear. I promise.”

“Are you sure, Daddy?” she asked, sounding like a little girl. “I want to, but I just can’t believe she doesn’t mind.”

“She invited you to come sleep with us, didn’t she?” I reminded her, leaning casually against the doorframe, establishing an unchecked presence in the room. “That was her own idea. I didn’t put her up to it. And, if she offered, then it was from the heart. You’re Mom’s the type that doesn’t change her mind on stuff like that.”

“I meant to ask you about that,” Summer said, suddenly flushed with what looked like embarrassment. It sounded like an intimate father/daughter question coming up, so I moved gently into the room and sat on the toilet just four or five feet from her.

“Mom didn’t want to… I mean, she wasn’t inviting me to…” Summer sounded like no matter how she tried to word Onwin it, she just couldn’t speak the words.

So I helped her out by telling her, “I took it that she was inviting you to come and sleep with me. Your mother has never expressed any sexual desires for you to me. But, if I were you and interested one way or the other, I’d talk to her about it. It might be something she wouldn’t feel comfortable telling me.”

“This is all so new to me,” Summer said, shaking her head in wonder and exasperation.

Wanting to comfort her, I kneeled down at the side of the tub and eased her forward to wash her back just like I used to do when she was a baby.

“We’ll never do anything you don’t want to do, sweetheart,” I explained low and gentle as I washed her back. “If anything concerns you or bothers you, your mother and I have always been here to answer any of your questions. There’s nothing you can’t ask. We both love you.”

“There’s so many questions,” Summer said, sounding a little dazed by the situation and definitely confused.

I soaped my hands up and switched to Summer’s front. The bathwater, which came up to the middle of her bellybutton, was so soapy that it was opaque. That meant Summer was already clean, so I just caressed and massaged her with my soapy hands.

“Just ask any question, baby,” I crooned softly into her ear while palming her breast. Summer shivered ever so slightly in pleasure, but seemed too mentally distracted to really get into it.

“OK, why are you doing this?” she blurted out finally. “Did I do something to turn you on or anything? Something I don’t know about?”

“No, honey!” I said as compassionately as possible. Her nipples were firm and I swirled each one very lightly in the flat of my palm to make them erect. “You’re just a beautiful girl and I’m just a horny guy. You didn’t have to do anything except stand there breathing and I’d be turned on by you, even if you are my daughter. Especially if you are my daughter! All fathers feel like that.”

“All men are like this? They’re all attracted to their daughters?”

“Every one I’ve ever heard of that was willing to be honest about it. Yes! Summer, I guarantee you that every girl you went to school with was lusted after by her father. Even the ugly ones. A man’s daughter is special to him. He wants to love and protect her. He wants to teach her and be the one that makes her a woman. Whether he has the courage to admit that to himself or not.”

Summer turned her face to me fully. Her eyes were warm and large, two infinite blue skies I could get lost in very easily.

“And girls. It’s not weird if they want the same thing?”

“You mean to be loved and protected by their fathers? No, there’s nothing weird about that, darling.”

“No, Daddy,” she said, exasperated with me. “I mean if they want their fathers to teach them. And … and make them a woman.”

I smiled at Summer, my best warm, protective Daddy smile.

“No Summer, there’s nothing weird about that; not if the relationship is not weird. Not if they love each other and no one is being forced to do something they don’t want to do.”

Summer leaned forward. I met her in the middle and our lips pressed delicately together. She tilted her head just slightly and the velvet of her lips made my whole body ache with desire for this lovely creature.

As she leaned back, I returned my hand to Summer’s soapy nipples. This time, my daughter’s hands rose up to hold mine to her breast. Summer leaned back and closed her eyes, so sensual and exquisite.

“I’ve always thought about you, Daddy,” she said so softly that I could barely hear her. “I always felt guilty about it. When I play with myself, most of the time it’s you I think about. Your hands on me, just like now. Your lips, kissing me. Your … dick … in my mouth, and in my pussy.”

“We can do all that, darling. It’s all yours, with no strings attached.”

“I don’t know, Daddy,” Summer said, opening her eyes and looking directly at me again. “You’ve always been just a fantasy until now and I still feel a little guilty even thinking about it.”

“Well, I won’t lie and tell you I’m not going to rush you,” I smiled, causing us both to grin, easing the tension. “You know your dad, or should by now. If you give me an inch, I take a mile of pleasure, and then some!”

Before she could reply, I went on, “If it were me, I’d climb into this tub and take you right here and right now. Or lift you out and take you wet as you are to a soft bed somewhere to ravish you like you never dreamed of being ravished before. “

“That’s the man in me that wants you right now as much as anything else there is. But I’m also your loving father. That part of me will take as much time as you need and do anything I can to make you feel loved and protected.”

“Does that make sense?” I asked my daughter.

“Yes, Dad,” she said softly. “I have two sides in this too. At least two, maybe a million! One part of me wants you to climb Onwin giriş in here too, though the soft bed seems a nicer idea than this funky water. But the other part still wants to be your little girl. I’m scared you’ll never look at me the same once we do it.”

“You mean once we make love? Once we fuck?” I said, intentionally vulgar. At least, innocent Summer thought it was vulgar. The idea of fucking her made me throb all over.

“I won’t look at you the same, Summer,” I said honestly. “And you won’t look at me the same either. But you’re an adult now, or learning to be one. You’re entering college in the fall. We have to learn to interact with each other as adults now anyway. That’s a hard thing to do, no matter what. Our relationship is changing as you mature, no matter what. We’ll always have love. Sex is just another means of being intimate, of expressing intimacy.”

Summer leaned back again and closed her eyes, trying to make sense of her conflicting emotions. I could have left her to it, let her settle things on her own; but I know young girls. Sometimes they just need loving guidance.

“I think of it this way, Summer. I want to be more intimate with you. You’re a very special person and I can’t think of any downside to being intimate with you, as long as we’re honest and respectful of each other and to your mom. I’m already going to be thinking and fantasizing about you. I’ve made love to you hundreds of time in my head, young lady. It sounds like you’ve done the same for me. I just want you to be there next time. Really there. I know the real you will be so much better than the fantasy. I just know it.”

Summer moaned softly and if she was anything like me then all the fantasies we’d ever had about each other were whizzing through our heads just then.

I saw her briefly in my mind on the kitchen table. She was naked and I was eating her for breakfast.

Summer and I were making love on her frilly, feminine bed for the first time. We were cumming together, her legs wrapped tight against me as our bodies arched together in climax.

We were making love in the shower. After we fucked hard together, both of us eager and anxious, Summer knelt down and licked our combined flavors off of my softening staff.

I don’t know what Summer’s fantasies of me were, but the ones I’d had of her were steamy. I wanted to explore all of mine, all of hers, and then put our heads together to come up with a few more we both could share.

When my thoughts returned to the physical girl and her warm breasts my hand was still trapped against, I looked up and Summer was staring into my eyes again. Her own blue pools looked bright and alive with need.

“I’ve always wanted to taste you, Daddy,” Summer whispered. Then, blushing and breathing deeply, she became more courageous, “To suck you.”

I gently massaged her breast and nodded in encouragement for her to go on.

“I think about it here sometimes, in my bath. I think about sucking your… your…”

“Cock,” I offered when she seemed reluctant.

“Your cock, Daddy,” Summer finally said, flushed and excited. “That’s one of my fantasies of you.”

I stood up and began to take my clothes off.

“That’s just like my fantasies about you too, Summer,” I told her as I shed my clothing. “Eating you. Tasting you. Licking you. I’ll eat you anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you’ll let me.”

Summer moaned and her hand pressed between her legs under the dingy water. I started to suggest we go elsewhere, but this was her fantasy moment, not mine. I’d let her script it.

“Where do you want me?” I asked when I was naked. I almost hated to interrupt her. She seemed to be enjoying her fantasy so much with her eyes closed.

“Stand over me,” she said very softly. “Here in the tub.”

She sat up straight and then leaned back with her head against the wall. Even though it was a big tub, it was still crowded with my feet planted to either side of her bottom. Thankfully, since Summer is tall for a girl, I didn’t have to squat down. Instead, I leaned against the wall over her head and my cock was at the same level as her face.

Summer just looked for a moment, her gaze taking in my stiff eight inches. One hand, her left, crept up my leg and she began to tentatively explore. First she rubbed her palm ever so lightly along the length of my throbbing shaft. Then, her fingertips set out to map the contours of my scrotum, cautiously pressing in to feel my testicles.

Her careful touch was magical, soothing and arousing at once. It reinforced how innocent Summer really was. Even if she’d seen an erect penis before, she wasn’t comfortable around one yet. But it did seem to excite and arouse her. She wore a red-tinged blush on her neck and the top of her chest.

“Can I show you what I like?” I asked, anxious over this slow pace.

“Yes,” Summer gasped in relief. “I don’t know where to start.”

Grasping her smaller hand in mine, I led it to my shaft and gripped it, my hand covering hers. Then I angled my rigid cock down toward Summer’s mouth, but kept a bit away, showing her first how to set a rhythm with her fist.

“Pump it slow and easy like this, baby,” I cooed. “When my hips start moving, you’ll know I want it faster. See those clear drops weeping out of the slit. That’s called ‘precum’, Summer. It’s to keep you slick inside. Some girls like the taste.”

She took the hint, leaning forward slowly just enough to swab the crown with her small, pink tongue. The feeling and the sight were electric. My hips danced forward, nudging her lips like an eager boyfriend knocking at the door.

But, as her father, I pulled back a bit, not pressuring her. Summer showed she was listening to what I had said, though. As my hips began to rock, her hand worked just a bit faster, stroking about half the length of the shaft each time.

“That’s it, babydoll. Don’t rub – grip! Let the loose outside skin slide along the hard muscle underneath. When you get the urge, just bathe the head again. Enough to keep it wet. That feels so good.”

“This DOES feel good, Daddy,” Summer groaned. “And it looks so hot. But I have to taste you more. In my mouth. Please stick it in my mouth!”

“OK, girl,” I told her. “I want that, too. I just didn’t want to rush you.”

“I’m not a child, Daddy,” she replied sharply. “I’m a horny woman. Don’t tease me with it. Fuck my mouth.”

I know she didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded great anyway. Pressing her shoulders and head back against the wall, I brought my cockhead to her lips and Summer opened wide to take me in.

I slid in and gasped. I was prepared to tell her to wet her mouth, but it was already wet. And hot. Her mouth felt feverishly warm. Her off hand abandoned my shaft and reached around to pull my ass cheeks closer. She took another three, then four inches in before she gagged. Since I knew she would, I was ready with a quick backstroke.

But she recovered fast and soon she wanted more. She pulled me back with that eager left hand again. Meanwhile, her right hand was doing an underwater waltz between her legs.

She had me rock in and out of that sweet mouth, three inches at a time. Summer had been right and I had been wrong. She did want me to fuck her mouth. It wasn’t deep, but she made it tight and wet and warm.

Agonizingly warm! I’d never felt a woman with a warmer mouth. Like a warm, tight vagina. That’s what Summer’s mouth felt like! It was easy to close my eyes and believe I was fucking her. She was moaning and whimpering with her mouth filled up, sounding just like a young girl getting laid.

She became frenetic, pulling my hip back and forth briskly with her left hand. Not that I needed the encouragement. My balls felt tight and full, the familiar burn started in my prostate and began to scream up my thick staff. Just at the time she screamed out in her own release, I flooded first her mouth and then her chin with thick, heavy white cream. Release had never felt so good or precious as when achieved in my daughter’s sweet mouth. Wave after wave passed through me, I shot semen against her wet lips, against her cheek, and finally into her hair.

“Oh, Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Summer chanted, rocking her hips in the water until she came to rest, nuzzling and nursing on my testicles. I slumped briefly against the wall, precariously upright in the slippery tub, my hands caressing my daughter’s face and neck.

We were comfortable in this seemingly awkward position. I could have stayed here all day, as long as Summer wanted to softly root against my balls and occasionally take my relaxed cock into her mouth for a brief kiss and suck. Eventually though, she pressed back on me, wanting to get up.

“Cut the shower on, Dad,” she said in a husky, mellow voice. “Let’s rinse off together, then I’ll let you dry me off. Would you like that, Pops?”

She laughed, knowing I hated that name, but knowing it was endearing coming from her. We rinsed, and kissed, and cuddled under the warm spray. Her enthusiastic, exploring hands, and her soft body to rub against, soon had me erect again before we were done.

But there was no hurry now. Summer had become the compliant playmate, devoted to doing anything I asked.

She allowed me to lean her against the wall of the shower and caress her firm butt cheeks with soapy hands for the longest time. Even the fingers that slipped between those firm globes didn’t distress her much, nor the soapy tip that swirled around her ticklish anus.

When I had delved and pleased myself enough with her sudden submissiveness, we finished up and Summer stood before me as I dried her with our largest thirsty bath towel. It took a while, but only because I was savoring the experience I’d dreamed about so many times.

“Do you know how often we’ve showered together in my dreams?” I asked her. “Or how often I’ve dried you off like this?”

“Every Saturday morning you were in the bath with me,” she countered and raised. “When we were through, would you like to know what we did?”

“Yes, Summer,” I groaned in wonderful agony. “I’d love that very much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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