Bitter Sweet 06

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Brother Sister

Chapter 06
Settling in

As we walked up stairs the door to the lounge opened wide, Dmitri stepping aside as Chloe called out from inside. “Dafne, can I have a word.”

“Go to the room,” Dafne said, glancing over her shoulder.

I walked on past as Dafne went in. I was left wondering what was happening and fearing the worse. I sat on the bed, propping a pillow up against the headboard and leaning back on it.

Waiting was the boring part of this lifestyle, being left alone with my idle thoughts was bad enough; leaving me in the dark as well was doubly frustrating.

I tried thinking about what I could cook for tea, wondering if the stuff I’d ordered earlier had been delivered yet. If she hadn’t ordered me here I could have checked and maybe used my time to put things away.

Dafne was smiling when she walked in. “She’s updated the website with photos of me,” she announced as she walked over.

“Good ones?” I asked, swinging my feet to the floor.

“Stills from the CCTV of me in the dungeon,” she answered. “I’ll show you.”

She opened her bag and fished out her pad as she sat next to me. She tapped at the screen until the front page popped up then turned the screen to me. She zoomed in on the full face picture then passed the pad to me.

She looked attractive, a mischievous smile on her face. I swiped the next page over and saw her paired with Chloe, the contrast in their figures and ages painfully obvious.

I handed it back. “That should bring in a few clients,” I remarked.

“It was a bit of a surprise but I quite like it,” she replied, swiping the page back.

“Yes, it’s a nice candid shot.”

“We’ve got four clients, one in the morning, two in the afternoon and one in the evening.”

“Drawing them in already?” I joked.

“Ha!” she tossed back. “We’re getting back up to speed, it’s normally around twenty a week.”

“Ah,” I acknowledged, as she turned the pad off.

“Let’s get out of these clothes,” she said, lifting a leg and wiggling her foot, “and into something comfortable.”

I slipped off the bed and onto my knees in front of her; she leant back lifted her foot up and rested her ankle on my shoulder. As I smoothed my hands up over her knee to unzip the boot my cock started to twitch in anticipation.

With the boy shorts on my imagination had to fill in when she changed over legs and flashed me. It encouraged my cock to thicken more as my expectancy built.

She brought the second foot down and straightened up as I laid the boot with its pair.

“Stand up.” she ordered. “Let’s get that belt off you.”

I did as she asked, letting her find my cock standing proud as she lifted the flap. She giggled and looked up. “One little soldier ready for action.”

She let the flap fall and edged forward to reach around me and undo the belt. Leaning back, she drew it up, the laces pressing in as they scraped up the underside my shaft and over the helmet.

One hand closed around my shaft as the other tossed the belt next to the bed. “You’re going to have be patient a while longer,” she said softly, giving it a squeeze before releasing it.

I took a step back as she looked up at me and started to rise. As she walked off toward the wardrobe I paused to pick the boots up before following her. She opened the door and then turned to me as I caught up.

“Leave the boots, you can hang my clothes first.”

I dropped the boots and reached in for a hanger as she unhooked the waistcoat and revealed her breasts peaking over the top of the corset. My eyes flicked from nipple to nipple, judging them both a little swollen.

I took the waistcoat from her and slipped it onto the hanger. She was standing with the skirt pooled around her feet when I turned back. I crouched down, she put a hand on my head as she stepped out of it.

She watched me as I rose, feeling her eyes on me as I hooked the dress and put that back. “The corset can go back in the drawer,” she said, turning her back as I turned to her.

I undid it and let her take it off from the front. She folded it as she turned and handed it to me. “Bring me a t shirt,” she said as she walked off back to the bed.

Leaving the boots where they were I put the corset away and selected a t shirt. She was propped up on one elbow watching me as I walked over. “Sit,” she said as I reached the bed.

She took the t shirt as I sat, swinging one knee onto the bed to face her.

“Do you think you can manage an evening out? Chloe’s suggested we go to Alphonso’s. You’ll have to be on your best behaviour,” she asked, looking into my face.

“Yes, if you want, who’s Alphonso?”

“It’s a club, only the right people get invited, so getting my face known would be a good move,” she replied.

“Sounds an interesting place. What time are you thinking of?”

“Oh ages yet,” she replied, then in a more seductive tone. “We’ve got plenty of time for some fun first.”

“Mm,” I answered, putting my hand on her thigh.

“I want some more of that tongue of yours,” she said Şerifali Escort pushing herself up to a sitting position.

“Mm,” I replied with a smile.

I turned and climbed onto the bed as she moved toward the top of the bed.

She swivelled, lifting her feet up as she drew her knees in. “Take my shorts off,” she asked, laying back.

I looked at her over her knees as I slid my hands down her thighs, my cock already thickening with expectations. As my fingers hooked the waistband she lifted her hips, letting me slide it down under her arse.

I sat back on my heels and tossed the shorts to the bottom of the bed. She sat up and crossed her legs. My eyes automatically tracked down to her bald crotch when I turned back.

“Lay down,” she said. “Head on the pillow.”

I twisted and lay facing her.

“On your back,” she said as she pushed herself up onto her knees.

I rolled flat as she shuffled across, lifting my hands to steady her as she clambered onto me. I slipped my hands over her thighs as she settled, guiding her lips onto mine.

As my tongue brushed over the wrinkled folds of her hunny hole she leant forward. Her hand grasped my stiff shaft and moments later I felt her soft warm lips slip over my helmet.

While I lapped and sucked her through two climaxes, her tongue and lips kept my cock hard and tingling. After the second one she switched around and rode me till I climaxed then, sweaty and exhausted, she flopped down on top of me.

She lay in my arms long after I’d plopped out, eventually stirring to look up at me.

“Come wash my back,” she said softly.

I followed her through to the shower, happy at the thought of running my hands over her naked body. Washing her breasts turned into a kissing session which migrated back to her nipples.

She dressed in just the t shirt and shorts and quickly brushed her hair through, while I put the boots away.

“Are you hungry?” she asked, turning to me after she laid the brush down.

“Not really, we can eat if you want,” I replied.

“Chloe wants to use the kitchen between five and six. It’s four ‘o’ clock now, we can eat early or late,” she explained, standing.

“Late’s okay with me, what time are you thinking of heading to the club?”

“About nine-ish, there’ll be plenty of time,” she replied, walking over to the bed.

“Plenty of time is a problem, we could do with a screen in here unless you want to watch Chloe’s choice of programs,” I added, as I walked with her.

“I was thinking that as well, I’ll have to talk to Chloe about it.” she replied, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yes,” I acknowledged, sitting next to her.

“How do you feel about role play?” she asked, turning to look at me.

“I don’t know much about it, what are you thinking?”

“I was thinking of a Lord servant relationship. Being forced to submit or go begging on the street. It’s been a fantasy of mine for a long time now.”

“That’s a strange reversal of roles, why would you want to play the sub?”

“It was in an old film, it made me tingle when I watched it,” she confessed. “I used it to frig to now and then. There, I’ve told you one of my secrets.”

“I used to do it to Vidi stars. Melanie Morrison was my favourite. There’s a secret back. If you want to play it out we can try.”

“Yes,” she replied instantly. “We’ll talk it through and do it soon.”

“I still think it’s strange, I can see why I’m the first you’ve told.”

“Haven’t you got any fantasies?” she asked.

“Not like that, women worship my cock in my fantasies. They beg me to fuck them.”

“Typical man,” she retorted with a chuckle. “All about the mighty penis.”

“It’s all that matters when it’s self gratification. Something quick and simple to masturbate to,” I replied defensively

“Alright, I’ll give you that, have you never seen or read something and wished you could be there, stand in their shoes?”

“Maybe the odd once or twice when it’s been a beautiful woman,” I admitted.

“That’s not really what I mean,” she said, lying back on the bed. “I suppose you’re not as imaginative as I am.”

“I’m an engineer, facts are what guide my life,” I replied.

“Not any more,” she replied, turning to me.

“Okay, score another point,” I answered with a chuckle.

“This life is new to the pair of us, it might have been standard in our house but we were treated as children and kept out of it. I know a lot about it of course, the unwritten rules and code of behaviour, but I’ve only had a few weeks with Angla to learn how it works. Now I’ve found you I want to make it work, we can share a comfortable life together if we do it right.”

“Running a place shouldn’t be difficult, if you can keep the customers happy I can manage the accounts and things”

“I’m sure you can, I’m not worried about that part. To make it work we’ll have to play Mistress and sub a lot. It might be hard on you at times.”

“As long as I’ve got a loving you at the end of the day I’ll be happy,” İstanbul Escort I reassured her.

“You need to love me as a Mistress as well, eager to please me.”

“I am. I’ve come this far because I love you and want to be with you. It’s not going to be this way forever, in three months it’ll get a lot easier and I’ll be playing the perfect slave of an elegant Mistress.”

“And I love you, I don’t want to lose you if I have to be strict with you as a Mistress, there’s going to be times when I have to punish you, I’m only going to smack your bottom in the worst cases because my character would, not doing it would lose her respect. Being a bitch is part of the camouflage.”

“I thought there was a no pain clause.” I queried.

“I know, I had to cheat a bit,” she said edgily. “I promise I’ll only do it to stay in character, they would expect me to chastise you if you step out of line. If it’s only minor I can humiliate you and call you stupid, anything big requires physical punishment.”

“That’s not really fair, you’re asking me to trust you because the rules don’t matter,” I argued.

“Sorry, I wanted you to say yes and I was afraid you wouldn’t. I promise it’s only if I have to. That means if you make a major faux pas. Stay out of trouble and it’s a moot point.”

“I’m not happy with you springing this. I’m going to trust you to be honest in future…,”

“Yes, I promise,” she blurted out. “I just wanted you to sign.”

“I know, your motives were good but I’m stuck with it now. It’s a civil contract and the only way to enforce it is to sue you. I just hope you’re going to respect the clause about anal.”

“Yes, I’ve no problems with that,” she answered quickly as she rolled toward me and put her hand on my leg.

“Well thanks for that I suppose,” I replied sourly.

“It was all for us, you wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t,” she wheedled.

“I may have needed more reassurances,” I replied. “I want you as well, remember.”

“Yes, it won’t happen again, I promise I’ll never trick you into anything else,” she answered quietly.

I put my hand on hers. “Okay, let’s put this behind us then.”

Her face brightened, “I’m forgiven?” she confirmed excitedly.

“Now you’re going to school me in the dos and don’ts before I make any ‘faux pa’s.”

“Yes, let’s lay down and cuddle and I’ll teach you how to survive.”

She spooned into me and we talked till tea time, I learnt that if she wanted she could invent something, not that she would unless it was for sex, other than that it was making sure no one found any insult in your behaviour.

After tea it was time to prepare for the night out, our début into the social scene.

She wore black hot pants and a matching halter-top over bare breasts, fishnet stockings and the knee- high black boots completed the look. She wore makeup for the first time and made herself look even more gorgeous and desirable.

“Ready then?” she asked, looking up at me after she’d made one last check.

“Yes Mistress,” I answered, getting in character.

I could walk with her when we were alone or passing through, if I entered the presence of any other Master or Mistress I should go to my knees. I trailed her down the corridor and went to my knees as I opened the door for her.

Chloe was dressed in a glittery red dress;, it looked strapless and was barely containing her breasts. She wore matching glittery red stilettoes and red lace gloves up to her elbows.

She stood as we entered, greeting Dafne with an appraising scan as she asked,. “Ready?”

“Ah ha,” Dafne nodded.

“Have you got a lead for him?” she asked.

“Do we need one?” Dafne questioned back.

“There’s no rule but most do.”

“Then I’ll not bother this time, see how it goes.”

Chloe walked over, Dmitri trailing behind her. I backed up to let her pass and followed Dmitri’s example as he rose to his feet to walk downstairs. We stayed on our feet till we got to the kerb where we both squatted while we waited for the taxi.

We sat opposite, Dafne and Chloe facing forward and us in the front seats facing them. No one spoke on the ride, which, fortunately was a fairly short one. I was last in, last out, as we stopped in front of another anonymous building.

The doorman opened the door for us and we walked into a foyer. Chloe led us over to a pair of lifts, with one of them opening as we approached. We rode it up to the fifth floor, where it opened onto a carpeted reception area.

Dmitri went down on his knees and crawled out after Chloe, Dafne gave me a quick smile as I went down on all fours to follow her out.

“Mistress Chloe, welcome back,” the receptionist greeted us.

“Salli, I’d like to introduce you to Mistress Dafne, she’s going to be taking over from me.”

“Thank you Mistress, we’ll make a note,” the receptionist said pleasantly. “Mistress Dian is in the blue room.”

“Is Master Cedric in tonight?”

“Yes, he came in half an hour ago,” she replied.

“Good,” Chloe said, turning Ümraniye Escort to the door.

Through the door there were stairs on the left and blue and green doors set in the right and back wall. Both Dmitri and I clambered to our feet to follow them as they took the stairs up.

We had a choice of a red and white door, Chloe headed for the white door. Inside there were little groups of two seat couches arranged around low tables covering the floor, with a small bar on the right.

There were only a couple of tables occupied; Chloe chose the one at the far end of the bar. Beside each of the arms of the couches were little cushions, when Chloe chose her seat Dmitri knelt on the end next to her.

I knelt next to Dafne and took the chance to look around. The décor looked like pale cream and lilac in the subdued lighting. In contrast the tables were a dark red wood and the couches a velvety lawn green.

A waitress appeared through a side door at the end of the bar. Dafne and Chloe both had schooners of wine while Dmitri and I had little plastic bottles of water.

It was a quarter of an hour before it started filling. There were far more people in suits than there were sporting the more extreme garb. Chloe had a few people come and greet her with Dafne being introduced along the way.

Though I didn’t recognise him at the time, Master Cedric drew everyone’s attention when he made his entrance with his little coterie.

“Here’s the man we’re here to meet,” Chloe said as he made his way to a table at the back. “Master Cedric, or MC to his friends.”

“I know him, he’s been to visit father a few times,” Dafne answered.

“Then he probable already knows,” Chloe came back. “But we need to tell him formally.”

She turned to Dmitri and said. “Wait.” Then stood. Dafne rose and joined her as she walked across.

They were gone about five minutes, both arriving back smiling. They talked a little about Master Cedric until a Mistress Davina turned up to greet Chloe and accepted an invitation to join us.

I tried to copy Dmitri and quieten my thoughts as the boredom stretched on, with, unfortunately, little success. Other people came and went and I began to feel the need to use the toilet.

“Mistress, permission to speak?” I asked as I caught her attention.

She nodded.

“Mistress I need to relieve myself,” I said lowering my voice.

She raised her eyebrows to me and turned to Chloe, leaning across the table. “Chloe, do they have toilets for him here?”

“Mm, downstairs in the green room,” she answered. “Can’t he wait?”

“No, he last went this afternoon,” Dafne stated.

“You’ll have to go with him,” Chloe advised.

“I guessed as much,” Dafne said, standing. “Up,” she ordered, turning to me.

I clambered to my feet, my legs a little stiff and painful from being folded so long. She walked slowly in front of me, weaving her way through the sparse crowd at the bar.

She gave me a quick smile as she took my wrist for the walk downstairs. The green room was full of youngsters, the music loud and raucous. We made our way along the back wall and through the door marked with the kneeling androgynous silhouette.

As Dafne stooped down to unlock me I looked around at the other occupants. All four of them were youngsters, a female pairing and a Master with a female sub.

When Dafne untied me I eased myself with her looking on, then it was the tedious business of redoing it all. For the latter part the toilet was empty and she took the chance to talk to me.

“This has been easy so far,” she said.

“It’s boring for me,” I replied.

“I know, I’ll be glad when we’re on our way home. We’ll be coming here at least once a week to see and be seen. It’s mostly gossip, who’s fallen out with who and the juicy bits of why.”

“Oh,” I said, not welcoming the news.

“At least for the next three months,” she said grinning at her successful tease.

I smiled back at her and heard the door open behind me.

She reached down to take my flaccid cock and thread it up into the loose sheath. Looking up into my eyes she gave a little giggle as she began to stroke my cock and cup my dangling balls.

In my peripheral vision over her shoulder, a couple dressed in straps walked past. My main focus was my swelling cock and the pleasure I was getting from her hands.

She squatted to loosely tighten the laces and kissed my helmet before pulling the flap down and relocking it. I got pinched on the way back through the green room, much to Dafne’s amusement when she made me tell her what happened.

We were there another hour before Chloe suggested leaving. I was glad we were walking again with a taxi seat to look forward to. It felt a bit odd to walk out into daylight when we were heading home for bed.

Chloe talked about the people they’d met on the way home while I enjoyed the comfort of the seat.

I was hoping that Dafne would make her excuses and head for the bedroom but she accepted Chloe’s offer of a hot chocolate nightcap and followed her into the lounge.

Chloe sent Dmitri off to make it while Dafne had me take her boots off. Chloe switched the screen on and settled back in her seat. I settled down next to Dafne’s seat and hoped Chloe would pick something decent to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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