Black in Me Pt. 04

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By the time I was in my early twenties the AIDS scare was rearing its ugly head, so my days of anonymous, unprotected sex were ending. I was hoping to find a boyfriend and settle into a more domestic lifestyle and, at age twenty-five, I did just that. I met Leo on the basketball court where he knocked me to the ground while attempting a layup on an asphalt court. A brief description of Leo — he was about 6-foot, seven inches tall and weighed close to 350 solid pounds. Anyway, I came out of my dazed state with him comforting me and taking me to the local emergency room where he worked as an x-ray technician. He asked me for my phone number to check up on me, which I took as a sign that he might be interested in more than just basketball. At least I hoped so, really, really hoped so.

A few weeks had passed before I heard from Leo and I was beginning to wonder if he was going to call at all. At the time I was going out with a guy named Anthony and we agreed to meet at a bar known for it’s rough trade and leather men, which sounded exciting to me.

I had never been to that bar before and didn’t know what to expect. Upon entering I noticed a lot of bigger men which only made it more interesting. I ordered a beer and stood observing the crowd of hot men of various races, ages and sizes. I didn’t see Anthony so figured I’d have a couple of beers before calling it a night.

Based on the stares and glances I must have had that “new meat” look. One guy was particularly aggressive, so I went to different part of the bar to get away from his drunken advances. The back of the bar was dark, smoky, and smelled like sex.

Curious, I explored and saw a group of men huddled together around a partition. Getting closer I saw there were men getting their dicks sucked, men on their knees, and one guy was bent over with someone eating his ass. Having my curiosity about the back room fulfilled I was now very horny. The moans of the half or fully naked men and the atmosphere of sex was alluring. I went behind the partition to investigate more and I recognized Leo, sitting on a bench with a white guy between his legs blowing him. His head was thrown back and eyes closed in pleasure so he did not see me. My first reaction was to go away so that Leo wouldn’t think I was spying on him so I headed to the front of the bar. Then after reconsidering, that this was an opportunity for me to get closer to Leo on a sexual level. ‘What did I have to lose?’ I thought so headed back to see more.

Not wanting to disturb what looked like a great blow job, I stood and watched at a distance. Another guy lifted Leo’s shirt, exposing a large hairy chest and began to suck his nipple. Leo started moaning and pushed the white man’s head down onto his dick as he shot a load into his mouth. ‘What a hot scene!’ I whispered to myself, watching as the guy pulled off Leo’s dick, revealing a humongous dark cock. It was wet with saliva making it shine beautifully in the dim red light. Leo got up and put his dick back in his pants, making his way out from behind the partition.

Sitting at the bar, trying to be casual, I sat drinking my beer awaiting Leo to walk past, and hopefully notice me. I was truly intimidated by him and hoped he would take the lead. On his way out of the back room, Leo saw me and looked very surprised, but quickly smiled.

“Hey man, what a fucking surprise,” Leo said as he approached me. We hugged

and I could feel he was sweaty.

“Yeah, was supposed to meet someone but apparently not happening.”

“Who would turn down a fine man like you?” Leo asked with sincerity.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” I said stupidly, at a complete loss of clever things to say.

Leo laughed. “I’m sure. So how long you been here?”

“About 30 minutes.”

“So, what did you see?” Leo asked with a grin.

“Everything,” I admitted with slight grin.

“So I noticed,” said Leo as he reached and felt my semi-hard dick.

My laughter was more out of embarrassment that humor. “You headed out?”

“Just getting started, going to get some fresh air outside. C’mon, let’s catch up.” I followed the big man outside, stopping in silence as others greeted him. We spoke outside for a good while, mostly small talk about relationships and the increasing gay presence in the neighborhood where we were.

“Let’s go in the back,” said Leo, opening the door to the bar.

I was anxious but unsure. “Not really comfortable with that Leo.”

“Just a few minutes,” he said as he grabbed my arm and led me to the back, past the hoard of men. There was another section even further back that was a bit more secluded, but still within sight of anyone who wanted to see. As we made our way I watched the guy who just blew Leo on his knees giving head to another black guy. One guy was getting fucked while sucking someone. I had never thought this much open sex was possible in any public area but was definitely excited about it.

When we got to the far back of the room, we were in almost complete darkness. gaziantep escort I felt Leo rub his hands on my chest, then press his lips to mine, his tongue making its way in. I returned the kiss, felt his tongue press stronger, and felt his breathing getting heavier.

He stopped kissing to whisper into my ear. “Boy I want to fuck you so bad.”

I did not say anything. His cock was going to be a challenge even for the most experienced bottom. He continued telling me his desires.

He undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees, exposing my behind to all those that wanted to see. It felt strange but erotic. Leo rubbed his hands over my bare cheeks while we returned to kissing. After a few minutes he poked at my hole with a finger.

“Damn baby that’s a nice, tight hole,” he said.

I was overcome with desire and passion, barely able to speak, moaning as his finger entered me.

“Damn that’s hot. Fuck I need to be in there James,” he said as his finger entered me deeper, starting to cause discomfort. I was glad I washed my ass before going out — not that I had planned this, but my hygiene was always very good. He could tell I was in some pain so he pulled his finger out, giving my ass a loud smack. “Fucking beautiful,” he said, unbuckling then lowering his pants. He guided my hand to his semi-hard, very large cock. I slowly stroked it, feeling the foreskin slide past the head.

“Put it in your mouth,” he said, putting his large hand on my head.

“Here?” I whispered, not wanting my bar sex inexperience on display.

“Or your place,” Leo suggested, kissing me softly on my lips, both his hands returning to my ass, squeezing it.

“Let’s go then,” I said with unchecked enthusiasm.

Leo pulled his pants back on, laughing. “You said that kind of quick. Either you want me bad or want to get the fuck out of here.”

“Both,” I said, making sure he knew how badly I wanted him.

Leo stopped at the front bar before leaving, kissing the bartender, a well-built, middle aged man covered with tattoos. “See ya Matt,” said Leo in his sexy, deep voice.

“Later sexy,” said Matt as he continued his busy pace of serving drinks.

We got our coats from the coat check and Leo, who seemed to know everyone,

kissed him and tipped him with a $5.

“Thanks sweetie,” said the coat check guy. “Enjoy,” he added as he winked at Leo.

When we got outside the cold wind hit us immediately. The forecast was for

20 — 30 degrees below zero wind chills and it certainly seemed that was correct.

“I parked a couple of blocks from here,” I told Leo, shivering.

“I’m just down the street so I’ll follow you to your place,” said Leo, huddled in his large coat. He put his skull cap on his bald head and pulled his gloves on. “Motherfucker it’s cold,” he said loudly, grabbing my behind. “But got me a hot ass!”

I laughed at his uninhibited behavior. That’s another thing that seemed to make me attracted to Leo — his ability to be open about everything and not hold back.

“What are you driving?” I asked.

“Black BMW. You?”

I was embarrassed to tell him a 12-year old Honda Civic.

“Alright, be there in a few.” He seemed unfazed by me having a beater car.

I pulled up in front of the apartment building and told him where to park and meet me in the lobby while I parked in the garage. I met him there and as we rode the elevator struck up a conversation.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” I asked.

“You can ask anything you want, no guarantee I’ll answer,” said Leo dryly. “But go ahead.”

“Do you believe in having safe sex?” I asked.

Someone got on the 10th floor so we saved the rest of the conversation for later. After entering my apartment, I took Leo’s coat and hat and hung it in the closet. The coat was huge and heavy and bent my cheap wire hanger, so I went and got another.

“I do,” I heard him say as he sat on the couch, pulling several extra-large condoms and placing them on the table.

“I see. Anything to drink?”

“Beer is good if you got it.”

“Definitely. Shot of Jack?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We both downed our Jack Daniels and drank while finishing our conversation about safe sex that was started on the elevator.

“So how bad you want me?” said Leo, spreading his big legs, playing with his dick inside his jeans.

“I want you man,” I said eagerly but not wanting to sound too desperate.

“Doesn’t look like it,” said Leo, still playing with his dick, now growing, straining the fabric of his pants. “Come over here, sit next to papa.”

I sheepishly walked and sat next to him. I was very nervous. The liquor was slowly setting in and I was becoming more relaxed, but not nearly enough.

Leo must have read my mind. He poured us another shot of whiskey and we drank it down simultaneously. The whole time Leo stared at me, making me uneasy, but turned on, by the confident look. Finally, he put down his beer and leaned in to kiss me, first softly, then more forceful causing me to have to lean back as he began to cover me with his whole body.

He ran his hand through my hair and took my head in both hands.

“You’re going to enjoy this baby,” he whispered. He got off of me, stood up and took off his shirt, revealing a huge chest matted with dark curly hair and a large but solid, hairy belly. His shoulders were very wide with hair on them as well.

“C’mon baby, get me started,” he said as he reached his hand out to me. I took it and he helped me up. “Suck my tits.”

I bent over and place my mouth on his man boob. They stood out proudly and his nipples stuck out from the hair that surrounded them. I sucked them gently, flicking the hard nipple with my tongue.

“Oh yes,” Leo moaned. “Harder baby, bite ’em.”

So I did. I looked down to see that his penis was stretching his pants and looked humongous.

After sucking and nibbling on his nipples for a few minutes Leo placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded. Here I was, about to get my first taste

of Leo’s dick. His take charge attitude was turning me on. I got on my knees like he told me to.

“Fuck you James. You’re an obedient bitch. I like that,” he said as he rubbed my head.

I reached out to unzip his pants but Leo grabbed my arm, helping me up. “Not yet. Let’s take a shower together.”

“Sounds good,” I said anxious to get things going but appreciating his desire for cleanliness. I led him to the bedroom bathroom where we both stripped. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this magnificent man. The first that that struck me was how solid he was, not muscle, but natural bulk from his round head and thick neck to his wide long feet. He skin tone was black/dark brown dotted with thick curly hair. Though his belly was large it was firm. His thick cock hung impressively a six to seven inches, nestled between how hanging balls that hung like egg sacs.

“Perfection,” I whispered to myself.

“You say something James?” he asked, turning towards the toilet and letting about a strong stream of piss, which I was oddly turned on by.

“Ah yes. That felt good,” Leo said as turned around and put his arms over my shoulders, staring at me with his beautiful almond shaped, clear eyes. His wide flat nose and full lips were perfectly formed. My heart raced and I caught myself taking a deep breath.

Leo looked at me quizzically. “What’s wrong?” he asked, running his hand through my hair, maintaining his direct gaze into my eyes.

“Nothing, everything is so…perfect. Including you.”

“Thank you, James. I was so happy when I saw you in the bar, because, well, I lost your number,” he said, looking at me comically with a grin. “But here we are, naked, and I’m about to fuck your brains out so all is good!”

Leo took me by the hand and led me into the shower. Once the water was at the right temperature, Leo turned me around and soaped my back, then my ass, slowly working in one, then two fingers. While it was uncomfortable, I endured, trying to show him my toughness. After he turned me around and pulled me into him, we kissed passionately, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues.

I reached down and felt his penis. The soft flesh was slippery from the water and soap runoff I stroked it. The feel of it in my hands was exciting me beyond description. Leo took my hard dick and we mutually masturbated each other under the pouring of hot water. After exchanging kisses I sucked Leo’s nipples and kissed and licked his massive chest. It took me a long time to soap his body as I enjoy the strength and power behind it.

“Turn around,” said Leo. “Your ass is fucking amazing,” he said. Sure you don’t have a African-American ancestry somewhere,” he laughed.

“Nope, pure Caucasian here, no black in me,” I said.

“Yet,” he said, backing me up into him. We both laughed at the easy set up I provided to him.

He started to kiss my neck then gave me the order I had been anticipating. “Bend over.” So I did as told, putting my arms against the back of the shower wall, braced myself and waited. I felt Leo’s hands rub my cheeks, separate them and play with my hole with a thick finger, then kneel down licking and biting my butt cheeks then a few, hard, loud smacks. Then he replaced his fingers with his tongue, spreading my cheeks wider and forcefully probing inside of me, swirling around, creating such a pleasurable sensation that literally saw me seeing stars.

The combination of drinking, hot water, and Leo’s hot tongue inside of me sent me over the edge. I started coming. My moans of pleasure and muscle tension indicated to Leo that I was having an orgasm. He quickly turned me around and placed his mouth on my dick, grabbing my ass and pulling me into him so that my groin was pressed against his face. I kept shooting and Leo was sucking all that I had. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. It felt like everything that was in my balls shot into Leo’s hot mouth. After a minute or so he stood up, looked me straight in the eye, and rubbed his hands over my face. He softly kissed my lips. I could taste my own semen’s, salty, bleach taste.

“This is just beginning” he said, keeping his eye contact.

I was physically drained and ready to get out of the shower and relax and definitely not ready for another round. “Damn that was good.”

“You came quickly.” Leo said.

“Sorry man, that felt awesome.”

“I got a lot planned for you.” He placed my hand on his now hard dick. It felt like a club and had the hardness of a baseball bat. I’d say a good 10 – 11 inches.

Not knowing what else to do I stroked it. Leo remained expressionless, standing before me while the hot water continued to pour down our naked bodies.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” said Leo.

We got out the shower, not able to avoid having our bodies pressed against each other, dried off and headed to the bedroom. I picked up my underwear and started to put them on when Leo said “What the hell you think you’re doing?”

“Just putting my underwear on.”

Leo looked at me and shook his head in disbelief. “Not yet baby. Let me tell you how this works.” He led me to the side of the bed, sat me down and sat next to me. “I don’t know how you did it with other guys but with me sex is totally different. You can’t come and just leave. In case you had not noticed I ain’t finished.” Leo looked down at his half hard penis resting along his big, dark thigh. “In fact, hardly even began.”

“Sorry Leo, you’re right. It’s just that after I orgasm it take me a bit to get horny again.”

“And that’s my problem how?” He could tell I was in deep thought. “Baby, it’ll be good, I promise you.”

I really was not in the mood after such an intense orgasm but I knew I had to play along. Leo had a very sexual presence and I could tell that “no” was just a suggestion to him.

“Tell you what, let’s relax for a few, watch some TV and just enjoy each other’s company.”

“Great” I said, hoping I could either get my drive back or that Leo would lose his.

Leo was obviously comfortable with his nakedness as he got up to go to the kitchen. His ass protruded beautifully and I could not help but stare as he walked away. His cheeks were not spared of the tight, curly hairs that covered his body. I heard his singing in the kitchen, clanging dishes and bottles. He came back with two more beers. “Nice place you got by the way.”

We sat back on the bed, still naked and watched a pro basketball game. Leo held his arm out and pulled me into him so that my head lay on his breast. He was very animated when someone made a bad or spectacular play. I watched him raise his arms in victory when the team he was rooting for sealed the game. His arms were huge, biceps very large and forearms three times as big as mine. I gathered the beer bottles and placed them in the kitchen, then joined him on the bed as the post-game show had Leo showing his disgust in one of the commentators.

“They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” said Leo, shaking his head as he leaned over to look at me, then kissed my lips softly. Leo got on top of me and continued kissing me softly. I could feel his soft penis rest on mine, his nipples and hairy chest rub against mine, his big belly pressed against me against me. With his legs he forced mine apart, allowing his growing dick to slide between my legs. His kisses got deeper as his dick quickly grew to its full length, now pressing eagerly between my legs. Leo got up on his knees, powerfully lifted and spread my legs, exposing my hole.

“Damn boy you got a nice pussy,” he said as he bent down to lick it.

His tongue on my hole was sending waves of pleasure through my body and my cock was again fully erect. He was very good at this. Not a small man myself, my legs were pinned behind me by Leo’s powerful arms and his ass eating was the best I had ever experienced. Although I did feel like a woman being on my back and legs spread, I was enjoying the submissive role. It felt good to have someone take charge and make the decisions, especially in a sexual situation.

I felt Leo’s tongue travel from my hole to my balls, gently licking them and sucking them in. This got me to moaning as y balls are extremely sensitive. He let my tired legs down and started licking my penis, then sucking it all in. I watched as his bald head bobbed up and down my dick, his large lips wrapped tightly around me, giving me the best blow job I ever had. Beads of sweat dripped down his head onto my belly. I reached down and felt his head, smooth and moist. Leo grabbed my arms and pinned them behind me, letting his tongue travel up my belly, to my nipples, and then feverishly kissing my throat and neck. I could feel his dick grinding on mine, wet from his saliva. His entire body was sweaty, creating slickness between us. He then moved to my armpits and I discovered that it was also an erogenous zone. It was both pleasurable and ticklish at the same time — so much so that I tried to get out of his hold. But despite my efforts I couldn’t budge. Leo had me pinned tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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