Bliss , Serenity – the Journey Inward Pt. 01

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‘Bliss and Serenity the journey inward.’ pt 1

The two Cd’s kissed with the more dominant one on top of the other. Going by the name ‘Candy Kane’ the larger man held both penises together at near 7″ his was distinctly larger than the smaller 5″ one of the submissive below him. For some the look would be odd to see that such a large pair of hands were tipped with a red color on the manicured nails.

On his back Jeff Talbot spread his legs hoping to feel the bliss of penetration that came with accepting the treasure of warm cream being left behind at the conclusion.

Slick with lube the cock slid in as the two bodies began to move as one. Likely no different than a woman he could feel the thickness filling him up. Feeling so wet he welcomed the sensations as the piece moved in and out providing a sense of connection.

The padded bra pretty in its appearance was still clasped around his chest. As the fucking motion grew steady and measured he could feel the movement, it shouldn’t be there yet it was. Jeff had made up the name Cindy earlier in the night pulling down the bra cups he saw what he felt.

Could his areolas and nipples really have grown and expanded in size? Had the contour of his breasts truly taken on the shape of a woman’s? Appearing as a lovely pair of d-cups there a was a pointed shapely look to them as the pair sort of sloshed around. Did that mean they were filled with milk?…not just any fluid but that kind that’s called mothers milk used to nurse a little one.

Dressing up at home alone there were times he thought himself pretty after seeing how he looked. Working up the nerve he decided to go out dressed as a woman for the first time ever. Jeff felt so nervous walking into the gay bar on that night. Pointed to the one area by the beefy lesbian bouncer a little too thick around the waist than she’d like he took up a spot perched on a stool with no back support.

The regulars called them wallflowers because they were looked on as ‘Pansies’ ready to be plucked like a flower in a garden.

The truth was he didn’t know why yet seemingly out of nowhere some 10 months before he began to have the urge to dress feminine. Before that even though he was married he treated women and girls as mere eye-candy, something to be conquered then fucked and thrown away in pursuit of a new one.

It was the way of the male ego once it has acquired an object of desire it will discard it and insists one find something new.

As to his on and off cheating of his wife Grace for a good 4 years like marks on a gunslinger’s holster he figured what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt the talented woman often so busy now days building her company’s brand.

The sun peeking thru the open slit of the curtain that didn’t close all the way alone in the hotel room Jeff felt the sting and betrayal of the morning beard growth as it helped ruin the illusion that came with still being dressed as a woman. A look in the mirror to see the smeared makeup he knew needed to get home then to work and back to the reality of his married life.

Heels in his hand purse strap on the shoulder the torn material of his tights ripped on one side present he began his walk of shame. In search of his car not totally sure he knew where he’d left it parked it took a good twenty minutes to find his automobile.

Jeff woke up in a bolt it was another one of the frequent dreams he had been having lately.

With Grace out of town at a business conference the former straight male now looked down to see the expensive nightgown of his wife caressing his skin. It reminded the husband not to worry about being caught by the woman.

Having been banned from sleeping with Grace in her bedroom Jeff knew he shouldn’t have used the bed overnight as he wondered if she would ever forgive him for his past infidelity.

The day before in an apparent rush to leave on her trip Grace had left his chastity cage off after giving the metal restriction its regular weekly inspection. He’d yet to learn everything Grace did fulfilled a purpose that it had been intentional something that could be leveraged bringing new behavior from her protégé.

For near 10 months of wearing it his penis had been made a non-factor. As the time passed the chastity fueled a severe case of erectile disfunction that had already been percolating just below the surface.

What had once been a focal point of his masculinity and assertiveness was made redundant the moment it was locked in place. As part of the agreement of trying to save their marriage he wore the cage surrendering the freedom of having a hard-on whenever he felt like it.

Both hands slid his hair back behind his ears enjoying how it felt. Jeff lifted the hem and slipped his hand on the panties. There just something about the tactile feel of the way the lingerie felt on his smooth hairless skin that made his limp dick feel semi-aroused.

The truth was it was more than that and he knew it. He felt a deep bond with his inner-self that made it feel authentic…as acıbadem escort though the Goddess of all had intended for him to be wearing feminine things.

The fingernails varnished in red slid the vibrator around his penis using the satin-like feel of the panties to help add to the sensations of masturbating. His penis wouldn’t get hard yet it still felt nice tucked inside as the vibrator ran along the head treating it like a clit. He wondered how many men near his age had been cursed with erectile disfunction? Or perhaps it was the impact of months being chastised like a lady-in-waiting’s handmaid.

Inside his mind he had a voice that urged him on to accept a feminine grooming regimen. Grace made it easy purchasing the necessary items yet never commenting. First the hair on his legs was shaved off a few weeks later the same with his chest until nearly all the hair on his body below his neck was removed.

He couldn’t explain why yet learning how to keep them manicured and contoured Jeff had also slowly let his nails grow longer. He had also done the same with his hair.

Grace Fury pulled open her laptop the fresh croissant held aloft with two fingers she gave a tug to her bathrobe to cover her exposed breast before looking at the feed of her home’s security camera.

The fact she had retaken her maiden name had been a source of irritation to her husband of 12 years. It spoke to the woman’s desire to reclaim the power she had once felt back when she was single.

Holding the tab she scrolled through the video-feed boxes until she saw him on her bed wearing her nightie. A smile came on her face watching as he removed his panties and played with the vibrator. I-phone in hand Grace wanted to time it.

“What pretty nails my pet…seems things are indeed progressing just as Juniper said they would.”

His penis soft yet aroused her husband realized he could cream if he kept the vibrator moving. As Jeff lifted his head back in joy she made the call. Just as he was about to come the sound of the landline phone near her bed loudly rang out. The first couple of rings startled him enough his warm come oozed out into the pink panties before flinging the soiled knickers up in the air behind the headboard.

Out of breath he answered the phone.


“Hi honey…it’s me.”

“Oh hi…hello Ms. Grace.”

“What you doing?…just thought I’d call before heading to my big meeting…they’re ready to capitulate.”

He looked around the room as though she was there. Jeff felt envious it was supposed to be him going to an out of town business meeting throwing around huge numbers like they were a way of keeping score. Yet it was not to be his once promising sales career was now a thing of the past.

After months of watching him unable to secure a job in his real estate field Grace had a friend named Joan who owned a clothing store take him in to help with stocking and other mundane tasks. The part time job got him out of the house a few days of the week while affirming his woman paid most all the bills.

It was a violation of the ‘man rules’ that declared the male pay for everything. Psychologically his mind told him if he wasn’t paying for the expenses he must not be a real man.

Juniper her confidant had told her that near all males tie their self-esteem to their income especially when it was large. With his former big paydays gone his sense of self-worth plummeted even more so once he took the job essentially acting as a stock-boy.

Yet it too performed a function educating him in the different styles and selections of women’s clothing and lingerie while learning sizes that often baffled most men when buying a present for their sweethearts.

“Ummm nothing…just about to get ready to go to work.”

It was a small paycheck but one he never saw. The act emasculating Grace had it sent directly to her checking account making him dependent on her for any money he used. His drivers-license taken away the fact he rode his bicycle to the job made him feel belittled.

“Have you finished all your laundry?”

Having always considered such things as ‘women’s work’ it was another source of angst for Jeff until it wasn’t. Out of a job Grace insisted he take on the domestic chores in the 5 bedroom home.

“Yes Ma’am though I have to do some ironing later today after work.”

“Very well…you know how demanding I can be about keeping things clean and in order.”

Part of him liked being told what to do by the woman.

The woman added her compliment as a way of noting his progress.

“…though I would add sweetie you seem to be developing a flair for the domestic.”

“Yes Grace…thank you Ma’am…shall I have dinner ready for when you return this evening.”

Jeff’s response was an acknowledgement that Grace had become the loving female authority figure in what had become a female led marriage.

“That’s nice of you baby but no…you’re doing so well on your smoothie-drink dieting atalar escort let’s not break with it…besides the women and I are going to stop out for some drinks once we land…bye bye for now.”

It came out softly expressing his good-bye he was reminded it used to be him that said what she just had.

One final look before heading into the bathroom Grace watched him walk into the kitchen as she commented to herself seeing him open the refrigerator door. His arms so much thinner his hand with its pinky finger lifted aloft out of play held the plastic container as he gulped down the smoothie drink he’d grown used to having every morning and evening.

“Feel its power changing you darling…Oh I do look forward as the day draws nearer that our roles are more clearly defined set in stone…you’re going to make such a lovely supportive spouse after we renew our wedding vows.”

Her laptop left on the table showing the list of work emails Grace pulled out the smart looking skirt suit ready to close the deal that would help provide the leverage she’d been working towards.

The woman held up the freshly ironed pair of ivory-white tights looking for any inconsistencies in its fabric’s smoothness. Laying them next to her La Perla bra and panties set on the bed Grace next selected the pair of high heels to go with her power suit.

The pair of heels dangling off her two fingers Grace gave a look in the floor mirror at her sculpted body. Standing at 5′ 10″ and a 164 pounds the pretty pair of c-cups that still retaining their buoyancy and allure mingled with the muscled-up look of her arms and shoulders. The gift of weight lifting for near a year at the time she had started she never realized just how strong she could become.

A ping sounded out informing her a new text had arrived. The words a reminder from Juniper her life coach. … ‘I am confident, I deserve all that I acquire, the only limitations I have are what I put on myself, I am powerful I am woman…repeat it three times before you leave your suite…luv Juniper.’

Picking up her phone within seconds the two were speaking.

“Thanks Juniper for the words of encouragement…you’re such a marvelous life coach.”

“Grace you know I like seeing women excel…you making this deal brings us women as a whole one step closer to superior females taking their rightful place…tell me any new developments with your pet of a protégé?”

“You mean Jeff my husband…he has adopted well to wearing panties these past months and his lingerie fetish is expanding…I just watched him using one of my vibrators to get wet while wearing one of my nighties. Lately he’s been sneaking into my bedroom and rummaging through my intimate wear drawer to look at my bras any time he thinks I won’t catch him. What with me being out of town it was a lay-up…he doesn’t know I have my hidden home security cameras on all over the place.”

Juniper replied

“If you shine a light on it studies have shown 80% of Cd’s are heterosexual…I would also add that they want to be dominated by a woman. It’s all part of a power dynamic. They will sacrifice their personal power in return for sexual gratification.”

Juniper paused before continuing

“So you purposely left him unlocked and uncaged?”

“Yes months in a chastity cage has had an effect…he should have been as stiff a flag pole. I think he’s losing control over the ability to get his dick hard anytime he wants like he used to. “

“Good let him have his fun with vibrators like us women… helping to strip away his masculinity wearing lingerie enhances his desire to be feminine…he is getting to that place he now wants to express it perhaps even openly yet know that you are the power in your marriage …turning him into Cd will just be a precursor to transforming him into a full-time t-girl…perhaps even a post-op.”

“It’s the price he’ll have to pay for cheating on me…with his breasts developing some days I find it hard to believe he used to be a huge homophobe.”

“Big things have small beginnings Grace. He’s moving past what I call femme-drifting…ready to go beyond just dipping his toe in the world of a crossdresser… in the end your t-girl will appreciate being under your thumb at the ready to do the bidding of the dominant woman that rules over his life. …making progress you’ve come a long way since we first met all those years ago.”

“Yes Mistress Juniper…I remember the day you told me of your calling. I had never met a real professional dominatrix before.”

“Well your law firm certainly performed up to its reputation getting me out of the lease so I could purchase the building for my yoga discipline, ballet class and photo studio.”

“That was when you suggested after getting caught cheating again that if he wanted to try and save the marriage Jeff attend your mindful meditation yoga class.”

“Ahhh yessss…the power of hypnosis once a mind is made open…I’ll let you go and will be glad to hear your merger goes through…its aydınlı escort time you think about addressing him by his new name Grace. He is ready to be outed…planted deeply inside by the mind-programming his new name is laying just below the surface in his subconscious.”

Grace spoke.

“I like how you put it Juniper… Bliss …a lovely flower of a t-girl named Bliss. I meant to ask you…have you ever kept track of all the males you’ve turned feminine…oh dear me I better go if I want to be on time.”

The woman laid in bed after a hectic yet successful day. Grace has started her law and accounting firm staffed entirely with women 11 years earlier. To think that she had just bought out one of her major competitors filled her with a sense of accomplishment in her abilities.

Securing large revenue-streams she also knew it could be leveraged in her quest to dominate her husband Jeff. With her cementing her position as the primary breadwinner Grace planned on now focusing some of her attention turning him into what she knew he could become.

As she went to sleep she thought about the day 10 months before when Jeff attended Juniper’s Saturday morning class, entitled ‘Where you are life will find you!’

The weekend previous She had found lipstick on her husband’s shirt collar aware it wasn’t hers. All week long she remained cold and distant after confronting him. On Friday evening she demanded he take the class telling Jeff it would help him to re-center his life.

Stifling a hard-on beginning the class with 7 other women Jeff was told by Juniper to stay after the hour-long session. Alone with just his yoga instructor the woman was ready to put her skills as trained hypnotist to work as she had him rest on the couch near her chair.

Hundreds of years before hypnosis was invented in India. By the 18th century western science started calling it ‘mesmerism’ in 1770. Coined by a male physician in 1841 the term hypnotism took hold.

For many the classic image of a watch symbolizes the eye-fixation; a method of inducing hypnotic trance…aiding the unconscious ideomotor processes.

The advent of the ‘Internet’ had created a niche category for professional female dominant ‘Mistresses’. Calling themselves ‘Hypno-Dommes’ alpha-women had learned how to manipulate the male creature without ever once meeting in person.

A nice, easy and pleasant soothing feminine voice regulates breathing and lowers any apprehension creating a relaxed state that is undisturbed…one thus loses touch with their ability to make judgements but their ability to think about an imagery situation increases and also brings a significant decrease in involuntary eye movement. This can be described as trance state. It opens the mind up to accepting new truths and beliefs.

The subconscious mind doesn’t recognize contractions such as no, can’t, won’t, or don’t…when it hears them in fact it flips the intended meaning…so in trying to feminize when a mediocre hypno-domme says ‘you won’t be a man anymore’…your mind actually says ‘you will’.

Binaural beats in the background make one go deeper into their subconscious and better absorb and accept what is heard as one’s truth. When it reaches the epicenter of ‘the will and seat of action’ it accepts any commands as a ‘call to action’. I would add it will ‘always’ pursue the command until it is achieved …no matter how long it may take overcoming whatever seeming obstacles that it may be confronted with.

An important aspect ‘repetition’ aids the subconscious…the more one hears the session the deeper it becomes reinforced within the inner-sanctum of their will …and thus significantly increases the chance it will achieve its intended purpose.

The tinkling water from the fountain in the corner of the yoga studio acted as a pleasant back drop. Set to loop the gentle sounds of an ‘Enya’ Cd played on the speakers doctored to have binaural beats throughout the piece that would aid his focus.

“You find it easy to accept my suggestions…you are more receptive subconsciously …accepting my suggestions…you have opened your mind…you want to listen…completely accepting my suggestions…”

Jeff’s eyes closed over and over Juniper repeated the phrases until 20 minutes in he was deep into trance state.

“…think of something erotic…now listen carefully…I want you to think of something pleasurable…think of something that turns you on…think of something that makes you feel hot…hold on to this feeling of being excited…”

The woman could see a calmness come over him as he digested the impactful information.

“You are ready to submit to your mistress…opening your mind…more and more you want to submit…you need to submit…you enjoy pleasing your mistress…it bring you pleasure to obey her…you are ready to escape to the new world where you always obey your mistress…”

Juniper knew she had him relaxed and still as though acknowledging the power of the words he nodded his head with his eyes closed deep in trance.

“…obeying your mistress fills you with a sense of purpose…you trust her…you believe her…you’re aware your mistress knows what’s best for you…your mistress takes away all your problems…it’s why you always obey her…”

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