Blue Heaven

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Ava Addams

Jack looked down at the little box that he cradled in his hands and then back up at the pint glass, half full with Guinness, that sat on the table in front of him. Had it really come to this? His eyes flicked back and forth between the box and his pint. He was sitting in the same pub that he had been drinking in since he was about fourteen. He had got off his commuter train from London Bridge about an hour ago and was on his second beer. His best friend Shaun had left only few minutes earlier.

Shaun had been the provider of the small box in his hand. Shaun was the man that could get you anything from a Korean hooker to the latest CD from Adele. Every pub in London had a man like Shaun. Jack had known him his entire life. They had been born and bred a few houses apart, and just around the corner from the pub in Clapham where he now sat.

Jack took a deep drink from the pint in front of him and smiled as he saw the white foam rings on the glass. It was a good pint and those white rings were the proof. He looked back at the box that he had asked Shaun to get for him. He could tell Shaun anything and he knew that it wouldn’t go any further. They had a bond built over the last forty five years since they had first met aged five.

Jack began to smile to himself even though he was not in the best of moods as he remembered about Shaun and the box.

Jack had entered the pub to meet Shaun an hour ago. As usual his friend was propping up the bar and chatting with Sheila the barmaid. Once he saw Jack he laughed loudly and hugged his friend and ordered Jack his usual Guinness. Once Sheila had placed the full glass in front of Jack, Shaun delved in his pocket and produced the small box and placed it on the bar in front of Jack with a, “There you go Mate. As promised. Pukka fucking Viagra from the USA. You know the Yanks, they have to have everything bigger so this will definitely sort your fucking problems!”

Jack had turned a deep shade of crimson and snatched the box off the bar before Sheila or anybody else saw it. “What the fuck Shaun!” he scolded his friend.

They had moved to the table where he now sat alone. Jack had handed Shaun the agreed sixty quid and they had sat and talked about anything apart from the box and its contents. They had mainly discussed the football and how shit Millwall were this year. Then Shaun had told him he was off to the West End to meet some bird. Shaun had drunk up and gone out through the side door into the rainy London night and left Jack alone with his thoughts.

Jack sat there and nursed his beer and in his head he went through the reasons he was sitting here and holding the small box that he had just given Shaun three twenty pound notes for.

Jack was fifty years old. He was a branch Manager of a bank very close to London Bridge station. He had worked for the bank for all his adult life. He had left school at seventeen and he had joined the bank two months later. Considering that he had been working in an office all that time he was still in quite good shape apart from a few pounds around the middle. He played squash at least once a week, but the Guinness took its toll on his waistline. He was six feet tall and still had a fine head of jet black hair. No hair dye, it was just genetics. His eyes were a hazel brown and he wasn`t a bad looking man he had been told by a few people.

He had married Julie when they were both twenty nine. They had had no kids and had a reasonably good life with the annual holiday in Crete and meals out with friends and all the other things that married couples do. However, their sex life was shit. Julie just didn´t seem that interested and she would have to have had a few large vodka and tonics before she would let him anywhere near her. If she did let him shag her there was no oral, no anal and just straight forward missionary. Jack was sexually frustrated to the point of having a subscription to the Blue Movie channel and tuning in every night when Julie went to bed and wanking like an adolescent.

Julie did surprise him once though. She walked out about ten years ago and went to live with a woman in Hampstead that she had met through some lesbian chat room. Well that explained that, was his only thought, and if he was really honest he didn´t give that many thoughts to Julie except he was happy that she was fucking gone.

As a forty year old single man in London he had more than a few hook ups with the local bar flys who would shag you for a couple of port and lemons and a Chicken Tikka Masala. This scratched his itch for a couple of years and he was relatively happy with his life.

Then he had met Jill at a banking seminar. She worked for another bank in Victoria and also lived in South London. She was one year younger than him and also recently divorced. Her marriage was also a sexless one he had discovered later. They hit it off from the first minute.

She was a natural blonde and her long hair hung down to the middle of her back when it wasn`t pinned up at work. She had a great figure and Jack later found out she went to the gym two or three times a week after work. She was shorter çankaya escort than Jack at five foot nine inches, but had legs that seemed to go on forever and they finished at the most glorious bum he had ever seen. It was hard and shaped like a heart when seen from behind. Her breasts were a handful at most, but like her bum they were hard and not sagging. Her face was plain but dominated by the most beautiful blue eyes the colour of a glacier. In all she looked like a Viking princess, Jack thought.

Over coffee on the last day of the seminar they had agreed to meet up the following week for a beer and a curry. Jack was happy. Probably happier than he had ever been before. The anticipation of the expected date gave him a feeling that he hadn’t experienced since his first date with Ann Swanson when he had been fourteen years old. Then it all came crashing down to earth a day before they were supposed to meet. Jill`s Mum was sick and she had to go and take care of her in Leeds. Maybe next Friday, was put in both of their calendars.

The big day arrived, and Jack had received no cancellation and he felt his anticipation grow. He went out in London in his lunch break and bought a brand new outfit of shirt, jacket and trousers. He even splashed out on a new pair of bright red silk boxers. You just never knew what might, and in his fantasies, would happen that night. He even tided up his two bedroom flat and changed the bed sheets just in case it all went as he planned.

They had arranged to meet at a curry house in Croydon. Neutral ground in the middle from her home in Caterham and his in Clapham. Jack was there at seven for their seven thirty meeting. He was already on his second Cobra beer when Jill pushed through the door at seven twenty and entered with droplets of rain following her through the door.

Jack stood to greet her and was left open-mouthed as he took in her beauty. Her long blonde hair was worn loose and splayed out over her shoulders and half way down her back. After he took her wet jacket and handed it to the waiter he saw that she was dressed in a figure hugging pale green sheath dress that accentuated every curve in her toned body and finished at least four inches above the knee. Her nylon clad legs led down to her shoes that were in a matching green with two inch heels. Her makeup was subtle but still brought out the best features of her luscious full lips and sparkling blue eyes.

After stammering a welcome that left no one in the restaurant in any doubt about how nervous he was, they were seated at a table for two in a secluded corner. Jill seemed equally nervous and the first five minutes were painful to say the least. Eventually Jill was provided with a beer and Jack with his third. This helped Jack to relax noticeably and Jill also took a long draft of the beer to calm her own nerves.

After the usual platitudes and talk about the crap weather they began to talk. Plates of poppadum’s and pickles came and went. Main courses and rice arrived and were demolished. The Cobra`s came at regular intervals and they just talked. When everything was eaten and drunk they were still talking, about family, work, movies, holidays, travel and every other subject under the sun. Jack was mesmerized by this woman, and when she reached out and held his hand gently across the table he sensed and hoped that maybe the feeling was mutual.

Jack got the bill and glancing at his watch he saw it was nearly twelve. They had talked for nearly five hours and were totally comfortable in each other’s company as if they had known each other for years. Jack didn’t want this evening to ever finish. He was going to suggest another drink in a pub, but Croydon is not one of the safest places to spend a Friday evening and he didn’t want to end the evening getting knifed or mugged. He took a deep breath and asked, “What shall we do now?”

“Don`t know about you, but I have had enough beer and really should be going home!” Jill`s response crushed him.

Jack recovered well and trying to hide his disappointment he rose from the table and helped Jill on with her jacket that the ever helpful waiter had provided and then his spirits rose dramatically as Jill added, “You are welcome to come with me, for a coffee……or something?”

Jack had never slung on his jacket quicker. They left the restaurant and outside she slipped her arm through the crook of his. After a few minutes of standing on the pavement surrounded by groups of drunk people leaving the nearby pubs Jack managed to flag down a black cab.

The driver was a typical London cabbie, and was telling them bawdy jokes as they made the twenty minute drive to Caterham. By the end of the trip all three of them were laughing loudly at his awful and risqué humour. Jack figured the cabbie was happy to have got a fare that wasn’t going to try and rob him and he and Jill were just in that good place where you are in good company and after drinking four or five beers.

The cab deposited them outside a modern three storey block of flats. Jack paid the cabbie and keçiören escort gave him a generous tip as Jill walked towards the front door. The cabbie gave him a salacious wink and a, “Cheers Guv, have a great night if you know what I mean?”

Jack inhaled the cold London air and hoped the wooziness from the beers would soon dissipate. Not feeling any noticeable difference he followed Jill and concentrated on not swaying about too much. Jill was holding the front door open for him as he entered and they walked up the stairs to the first floor. Jack was walking behind Jill and got a lovely view of her pert buttocks moving under the clinging dress as she climbed. The short jacket she was wearing reached only to her waist and he absorbed the unrestricted view with relish. Jill stopped in front of one of the doors and put her key in the lock before pushing the door quietly open.

Jack entered after Jill and looked around the flat. It was neat and clean with a sofa and two armchairs in the lounge. The TV was quite large for the small room and dominated the space. There were two large picture windows that had the curtains drawn and shelving filled with books covered an entire wall. There was a small kitchen off to one side and Jill walked in there as Jack studied the myriad of books on the shelves.

He was reading the spines and saw everything from travel books to crime stories and cook books. There was one area of the shelves that drew his attention and also made him smile as he saw “The Joy of Sex”, “The Kamasutra”, “100 ways to please a Man”, “50 shades of Grey” and several other books with a sexual theme.

He didn’t hear Jill enter the room until she said from behind him, “Coffee or tea? I do have some wine if you want but no beer unfortunately!”

Jack turned and blushed furiously as it had been obvious what section of the books had caught his eye. His colour only reduced minimally when he saw her laughing with a glint in her eye.

They decided on coffee and Jill returned a few seconds later with two steaming mugs and placed them on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Jack had been unsure of where to sit, but the placement of the cups decided his position on the sofa next to the already seated Jill.

They sipped at the coffee and Jill curled her legs underneath her and half turned towards him with her back against the arm rest. They chatted amicably as they had in the restaurant until suddenly Jill fell silent and her eyes fell to the mug in her hand. Jack was panicking as he had thought he had upset her as his last question had been about her ex-husband and why they had split up.

After a significant pause Jill raised those beautiful blue eyes and looked him straight in the eye and began her story, “My husband and I were very good friends. Unfortunately that was what we were and only what we were. I wanted a full marriage with passionate sex and a loving full bodied romance.” Her face was crimson now as she continued, “He didn`t have a high sex drive. He wasn`t gay or anything but just wasn`t bothered about sex. I tried everything from walking around naked or in sexy lingerie. I would jump on him at times and try to give him a hand job or a blow job while we were watching TV, but he just wasn`t interested. After a time I just gave up. I would go out with my girlfriends and once they had had a few drinks they would tell me stories about what they had done with their husbands and my jealousy would burn. I wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to experience more before I became a dried up old hag and so I divorced him a few years ago.

Jill was tense and Jack saw a small tear escape from the corner of her eye. He watched it slowly run down her face and gather at her chin. Jack placed his mug on the table and moved to hug Jill. His hug was not rejected and she melted into his arms. Jack hugged her tight and began to stroke her gorgeous hair. He took a deep breath and recounted his own miserable story of being married to a lesbian that nearly mirrored Jill`s story.

Once Jack had finished his tale it was mere seconds before Jill raised her head from his shoulder and kissed him deeply. He felt her tongue seek his and they made out like teenagers for nearly five minutes before their lips parted. She pushed him away playfully and picked her coffee mug up and drank deeply before letting out a low, “Wooooooow!” Her smile covered her whole face and she beamed at him and said breathlessly, “Now that`s what I have been missing all these years!”

Jack misread the signs when Jill pushed herself out of the sofa and stood up. Jack thought the evening was sadly over and was shocked as Jill released a clasp on her dress and allowed gravity to pull it to the carpeted floor.

Now it was Jack`s turn to gasp as he took in her toned body clad only in a thong and bra set with matching suspender belt in dark green and the straps of the belt attached to smoky grey sheer nylon stockings. She had kicked of her heels when she had curled up on the sofa but she now seductively pushed her feet back into them and completed etimesgut escort the sensual ensemble.

No words were spoken as she held out her hand and pulled him to his feet before leading him through a door near the kitchen and into her bedroom. Jack spun her into his arms and resumed kissing her deeply, but this time he ran his hands over every inch of her body that he could reach. Gently he walked her to the bed before the back of her calves hit the end of the bed and she lost her balance and fell onto the pale pink bedspread. Jack fell with her and never broke the kiss.

Once on the bed she shuffled back using her heels and Jack followed her until they were both lying comfortably in each other’s arms with Jack on top. Jack`s hands had found her breasts and he caressed the small mounds through the silky material that covered them. He felt her small nipples grow into hard peanuts that pushed against the silk. He ran a finger lightly over each nipple in turn bringing moans of appreciation from the woman below him. He slid slowly down and dragged the bra downwards so her nipples were released and he sucked each one in turn. As he was sucking one nipple he was running his finger nails lightly over the other and Jill’s nipples were now as hard as bullets. He took one between his teeth and bit down gingerly and steadily exerted the pressure until it elicited another pleasurable moan from Jill.

Leaving her breasts he kissed his way down her body. He paused at her belly button and distributed small kisses around the perimeter. While he was doing this he used his knees to gradually ease Jill`s legs apart until his body dropped into the gap created. He slid further down and kissed the area of skin between the stocking tops and the miniscule thong. He spent a long time concentrating on this area until Jill`s insistent thrusting hips urged him towards her silk covered mound. He rubbed his nose along the covered slit and savoured her musky smell and the thrusting from Jill intensified. He slowly moved the silk aside revealing a perfectly waxed pubic mound that he covered in delicate kisses. He couldn’t resist as Jill thrust her hips once more and his lips came into contact with the moist flaps of her labia and she moaned deeply as he licked the entire length of her gash before flicking his tongue over her engorged nub.

Jill was now writhing in pleasure below him as he continued with steady long licks taking in the entire length of her slit and ending always by flicking his stiffened tongue over her clit until it stood up red and proud from its protective sheath. He dipped once more with his tongue and kissed the sensitive skin between her anus and pussy before his tongue travelled upwards, gathering her sweet tasting fluids before he sucked hard on her clit. She climaxed and bucked hard beneath him as he increased the suction.

Jill was mewling and shivering as he continued to suck and nibble at the small bunch of nerves at the apex of her labia and another small orgasm wracked her body and Jack felt her hands grab him and pull him upwards. As he reached her face she kissed him deeply and then forcefully pushed him away and onto his back. Within seconds she was on her knees and loosening his belt and undoing his trousers before pulling them roughly down just enough to release his rock hard dick. There was no foreplay and she just engulfed his cock with her mouth and began to bob up and down. Her urgency to repay his orally given pleasure was evident. Jack was so aroused that he knew he was close and he tried to stop her, “Jill, I. Am. Going. To. Come. If. You. Don`t. Stop. Noooooooooooooooooow!” but it was too late and he felt the burning in his balls and the passage of his seed up his shaft and then he was filling her receptive mouth with come. Jill continued to suck and swallow until he was spent and empty and he lay on the bed panting and running his hands through her hair.

Jill snuggled up into the crook of his arm with her hand resting gently on his flaccid penis. They stayed like this for more than ten minutes until Jill felt his manhood begin to stir in her hand. Tentatively she began to stroke him and Jack was amazed at how quickly he was responding. He had never been one to be able to screw all night but her gentle hand movements brought him to full erection within minutes. She raised her head from his arm and whispered in his ear,”Fuck me please.”

How could he resist such an invitation and he rolled over between her legs. He pulled the small thong to one side and with his hand he ran the head of his cock along the entire length of her dripping gash before he felt Jill`s hand replace his own and position it at the beginning of her wet, warm vagina and pulling him gently to encourage his entry. He pushed forward with his hips and he slid in easily to half way. They both moved to position themselves better and then he pushed himself completely inside her. Once he was fully buried they kissed passionately and again she pleaded, “Fuck me Jack. Please just fuck me!” and Jack started to slide in and out of her slowly, pulling back until just the head remained concealed before pushing back in to the hilt. The rubbing of the silk thong that had just been pushed aside enhanced Jack`s pleasure and as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist he felt the silk of the stockings rub his lower back and he knew he was in erotic heaven and his second orgasm of the night was approaching quickly.

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