Boarding School Ch. 06

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After last night I was curious as to what more I could learn from my Master. So far I had gone from being a novice, knowing nothing really about sex, to discovering more about my body and the body of another. Also what pleasure I can give and get. This knowledge revealed what turns me on and the ability to turn on another man. It was like starting at high school to graduating with a degree. I was excited to know what more I could learn and so eager to learn it. I was overcome by the fact that the use of my body could give someone else so much pleasure and also that I had a whole body to myself to worship, which gave me so much satisfaction.

So I arrived on the sixth night trembling slightly with anticipation. Going through the procedure I was left standing in my bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. It felt so good, the rush I felt when walking, as my smooth thighs and calves brushed together. My pleasure was evident to him, as my cock strained against the satin of my panties.

“Come over here and sit on my lap.”

As I walked over, he opened his robe to expose a beautiful pair of satin and lace black panties. I sat down sideways and felt his hard pantied cock against my pantied ass. The two materials slid against each other and I couldn’t help wriggling my ass so his cock was sliding against me. It felt so good so hot and so natural.

“Now tonight is the biggest test of your submission to me. This will really test whether you are willing to be my little slut, to give yourself and serve me without question for my own pleasure. Are you willing to do anything I ask of you?”

Over the past week I had changed my persona and my character had changed. The amount of pleasure I had experienced with this man meant that now I would do anything for him as long as that pleasure kept happening. I can’t really explain it but I was really hypnotized by him and yes, I would do anything.

“YES,” I said.

“Good, that is excellent, but first let me stroke your beautiful body, you have no idea how hard and hot I get by the feel of your soft, smooth skin.”

He then proceeded to stroke my entire body placing wet kisses on certain areas, it had me trembling with goose bumps all over. My favorite and most sensitive places were my ass and cock area of course, but also the insides of my legs, my back and sides, nipples and neck. Have I missed anything? In fact my whole body was electrified through my skin.

“Stand up and come with me.”

He led me over to a table and told me to bend over it at the waist. I laid the top half of my body on the towel he had provided on the table. My cock and balls were touching the table’s side.

He then approached the front of the table with pieces of soft rope. Fastening one piece to my wrist he repeated that with the other. He then tied the other ends to the table legs. My arms were now stretched out in front of me and securely tethered to the table legs. He then moved behind me so I couldn’t see as he spread my legs apart, but felt more rope attached to my ankles, which were tethered to what must have been the table legs also. I was now completely vulnerable and couldn’t move. This was, like everything else, very new to me and I had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen.

He moved around and sat down near my head.

“Now, you know how I love fucking you beşevler escort and how much pleasure I get out of that, it really turns me on. But what I don’t get to see is how your body reacts to being fucked. I would really like to see and experience that.”

“Do you remember the time in the toilet when John burst in and used your body to get off?

“Yes.”. I responded.

——- At this point I should recount what happened with John.——

It was fairly soon after starting my last year of school but my first at boarding school. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a shock and difficult for me, as a bit of a loner, to get used to. Especially the sharing of toilet and showers with all the other boys.

On this occasion I had just finished in the toilet and about to leave when an bigger boy pushed the door open, came in and locked it behind us.

“I need to use you for a minute” he said.

I asked what he meant.

“Just take your pants down”.

I protested of course but he roughly told me it would be ok, he just needed me for a minute.

“I need to put my cock between your legs.”

I said no, but he insisted and roughly undid the buttons and zip, pushing my pants down. He then released his cock, which was so big, so much bigger than mine and the only other cock I had seen. It would have been 8 inches and was fully erect.

He held it in his hand then pushed it between my thighs. He then held me close and started to fuck my thighs. I panicked and told him to stop as I didn’t want him to cum on my pants and underwear.

“Don’t worry and stand still.” He said.

He was using me and my soft skin to get off. I was trying to struggle to get free but he was much stronger than me so my attempts were futile.

So I was standing there shaking, trembling, while being used for his pleasure. His hands moved down to my ass cheeks, grasping them to pull me against him as he fucked my thighs faster and faster.

The longer this went on, I had to admit it did give me a tingling feeling having a hot, smooth, hard piece of meat rubbing against my thighs. My cock began to harden.

He was pumping me harder and faster, holding me tighter against him and finally let out a low moan, pulling his cock out so that the head was positioned between my balls and ass, sitting on my perineum.

I felt his cock pulse and throb and the area between my legs getting wet with hot liquid. There was so much it started running down my thighs. He was shaking and grunting for what seemed like minutes.

Finally pulling his cock out, grabbing some toilet paper, he wiped it. He then put it back in his pants and zipped up.

“Thanks. Now pull your pants up. You will let my cum dry between your legs as a reminder of what I have given you and the pleasure you got from being used.”

He was looking directly at my now hard cock.

“Also tell now one. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I said.

That is how he left me. I quickly flushed the toilet and left. For the next 15 minutes or so, I had this hot, wet feeling between my legs, which was accentuated when I walked. Also my cock was hard but I didn’t really know why.

I remember all about it to this day especially the hot feeling of his cock brushing my thighs. It really did feel so good.

————- Return to cebeci escort Story ————

“He put his cock between your thighs and rubbed it there until he came?”

“Yes,” I stammered.

“Well he did that on my command with the proviso that if he did that to gauge your reaction, I would, at a later stage, let him fuck you properly. So tonight I am going to let John fuck you while I watch and get off as he uses your body for his and my pleasure. Do you understand and are you willing to do this for me?”

What could I say, I couldn’t move and if I wanted the pleasure of my Master in the future, which I definitely did, I would have to submit.


“Good, good gurl.”

With that, there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t see as I was facing away from it but did hear it open and a greeting and then closing again.

“Here she is for you as I promised, you can now fuck her.”

Now I did remember that day vividly, I also remember that Johns cock was about 8 or 9 inches and fairly thick. I had never had anything that long in my ass and was a little worried if I could take it all. I also knew that John was not the gentle type, which added to my apprehension. But I had agreed so now had to suffer the consequences.

I then felt a hand pull aside my panties and gently remove my butt plug. By the gentle way this was done I knew it was my Master. There was a rustling noise behind me, which sounded like clothes being removed.

Then I felt it, the head of a cock at the opening of my ass, or should I say pussy. Pressure, I felt as the head popped in but he didn’t wait for me to get used to it, he just kept pushing and pushing and pushing passed my second sphincter. It may have been because of the plug, as it didn’t hurt and no lube was used, well not in my hole, maybe I was creating my own juices as Master had told me would happen.

Deeper and deeper until it hit bottom. Or so I thought, what I found out later is there is a third sphincter before the bowel. This one is a little more difficult to pass. But he kept up the pressure until it finally gave way, he had now entered my bowel. The pain was excruciating, because to pass this barrier, it needs to be done gently, but as I said before, John was not gentle. I then felt him pull out to the head of his cock and slide back in to the hilt, I could feel his balls hit mine and thighs hit mine, as he picked up the pace. My third sphincter now offered no resistance, but the pain had gone.

Soon he was fucking me hard, intensely hard and deep, as I said before, his body was now slapping against mine. I could feel his cock spreading my canal as it had never been spread before, but now it felt pleasurable, it felt good, my body had adjusted to take it all and I was loving it.

I turned my head and could see my Master sitting with his robe open playing with his beautiful cock. I smiled a grimaced smile and he nodded and smiled back.

It seemed to be going on for hours, the abusing of my ass, but it was probably about 10 minutes, when the thrusting became more intense and faster. With each thrust he was hitting my prostate which was building up a feeling in me that I wanted to pee. I swear I could feel the head of his cock swell inside me. That did it for me and I started to pee. But it wasn’t piss, my cock throbbed and kolej escort pulsed with the most intense cum I had ever had. I could feel my ass gripping his cock with each cum spurt. Then he stopped on an inward thrust, holding my hips and pulling me onto him, I wasn’t going anywhere as I was secured to the table. With grunting and almost a guttural scream, he unloaded into my bowels. I could feel the pulsing, feel the warmth, as I was flooded with his hot cum.

He collapsed onto my back and rested there breathing heavily into my ear. As his cock began to shrink, I could feel it traveling along my canal exiting my hole with a plop. I must have been gaping from the abuse as cum started exiting me, running down my balls and legs. The sensation was not unpleasant, in fact it feel tingly good.

I lay there as John got off me, heard the rustling of clothes again, more conversation with thank you’s, then the door opened and closed and it was just me and my Master alone again.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“I did, thank you Sir.”

“You looked so beautiful taking that big cock in your tiny body. You did well.”

All I could say was Yes, I was exhausted and sweating, my back shining from John’s sweat. Master gently stroked my whole body again and it felt good.

“We won’t be putting the plug back in as I want your pussy to return to normal and we really don’t want his sperm to be absorbed by you body, only mine.”

He towelled off all the juice and sweat from my ass and legs and replaced my panties over my hole. I was then released from my bondage and he said:

“Roll over onto your back.”

I did so and he pulled me up so my head was hanging over the table.

“Now you need your daily dose of my cum and I have built up a fair bit while watching you get fucked.”

With that he placed his cock head on my lips and I opened my mouth to receive it. He pushed it in, deeper this time and it made me gag.


I tried to and each time he hit my gag reflex the gagging got less and less, soon he was fucking my mouth and his cock entered my throat, it felt good. Holding my head his cock was pistoning in and out of my mouth. Then with a final thrust he held my head with his cock deep in my throat and came. Pulsing his load deep inside me. He was not joking about a built up load, it seemed to go on forever. When he finally withdrew his cock my mouth was a mess of drool and cum, he leant down and kissed my lips. Then towelled my face.

“Well done little one, you took me all the way down, I am very proud of you.”

He helped me off the table and with wobbly legs and said:

“Now get down on the floor and clean up your cum. We don’t want to waste any of it as it is, like mine, so precious.”

I got down an my hands and knees and began to lick my cum off the tiled floor. I couldn’t believe how much there was. It must have been my biggest load ever. It tasted nice but would have been better had it been warm.

After I had finished and swallowed it all, he helped me up and led me to his chair. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap. His now flaccid cock felt so good between my ass cheeks. I thanked him and kissed him. He threw his arms around me and squeezed me tightly to him.

“Now get dressed.”

I did as ordered, the stockings feeling so good under my trousers.

“I will see you tomorrow night. It will be our last night of these regulars but never our last time.”

I was walking very strangely as I left, my ass had taken a pummelling and I would be feeling it for some time. I was wondering what was in store for our final regular night.

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