Bobbi, Unexpected Ch. 01

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It was one of the LAST things I was expecting to find when I got home from work that night.

I live in one half of a two-level apartment duplex, not far from my job — working as a mechanic — as I have been since I finished trades-school four years ago. While I was glad to move out from my parents home, the one thing I did from the get-go is offer an extra key to my younger sister. The proviso was she could visit any time she felt the need to, so long as it wasn’t at too odd of an hour of the day (or night), and so long as she called ahead . . . just in case.

Well, this time Bobbi — short for Roberta — must have decided the “call ahead” didn’t apply this once. After all, she’d checked with me three days ago, right when I was starting a five-day, 12-hour “on-call” deal at the garage. Bobbi later admitted that, knowing I should have been out for a while, she clearly had decided it would be okay to let herself in, on the general principal she’d be gone long before I got home that night.

What she didn’t count on was the fact work at the garage was slow. Dead slow. To the point my boss told me to go ahead and leave early.

So, I get home around two in the afternoon — dropping my toolkit and work boots off at the front door, and really felt the need to get to my shower, clean off the gook and gunk and relax for a while.

Passing by the entrance to the living room-slash-den, I heard music. Now I clearly remember turning off the T.V. and the radio this morning before I left. I peeked around the corner of the doorway . . . and did a classic, cartoon, Bugs Bunny style double-take; shocked at what I saw!

The doorway was across from the long couch that dominates the far wall of my living room. From there, I had a clear view of Bobbi; who was sprawled across the cushions, clearly off in her own little world as she listened to one of my Jazz and Blues CDs in the stereo unit nearby. There was a couple of beer cans on the coffee table in front of her, as well as a rumpled paper bag and some open wrappers of Bobbi’s favorite Mexican take-out place.

The mess wasn’t what shocked me. What shocked me was the fact my little sister was buck-ass naked! More than that, Bobbi was also rubbing her hands all along her trim, compact little body, clearly in the process of some self-pleasure play.

Now, I’m not immune to the fact Bobbi’s a woman. We lived together for nearly seventeen years with our parents, before I moved out. Now, Bobbi was twenty-one, and far be from me to lie but my baby sister really grew into her inches, so to speak. She’s a short little thing; barely five-five, about one-twenty — even soaking wet (no pun intended there, pervs!). But Bobbi packs it all in equal proportion. She’s got killer hips and legs, and even though she’s barely a C-cup (she’s more of a well-topped off B), her boobs rarely ever just get a single glance when she’s wearing a tube top or anything less concealing. Add to that a pug nose, Cupid’s bow lips and eyes and hair that are as black as ink, the later of which she’d left in a short, gamin-style cut.

She’s a stone-fox, believe me.

So, at that point, watching her squirm on top of my couch in her birthday-suit . . . well, brother or not, I’d be a fool not to be struck stupid by the sheer sight of her. Granted, the only thing I had on my mind just then was that shower I had planned . . . but, you know how the plans of most men go. Especially when confronted with a naked chick giving herself a good time. Even if that chick happens to be their sister.

Truth to tell, I had been standing there for a couple of minutes watching Bobbi pleasure herself. The way her hands trailed over her “beaches-n-cream” skin, slipping across her delectable boobs and across her firm tummy, just barely brushing against her sex . . . you’d have to consider me a dead man, if I wasn’t sporting a chubby. Which I was. A pretty stiff one, and from the tightness in my cover-all’s it was going to be a whopper when it finished filling out to its six-and-a-half limit.

I should have just backed out, headed upstairs and took my shower.

Any other brother worth their salt would have done that.

Me? Color me a pervert, but that shower was now the furthest thought in my head just then.

Knowing that I’d be in Dutch if Bobbi was to catch sight of me then, I ducked back behind the doorway and silently shed my cover-all’s. I wiped off as much of the oil and grease from my hands and forearms as I could on them, then made short work of my socks and undershirt. Now all I wore were my cotton boxer-briefs; standing there for a moment to gather myself.

Granted, I wasn’t thinking through all of this at that moment. What I was planning . . . hell, a hundred or so things could go wrong. Again, big-head had no think-sense. I was running on pure hormones and sudden, unfading lust.

I peeked around the corner again, and Bobbi was still off in La-La Land — her head tipped back against a throw pillow, eyes closed, mouth open escort bayan bursa and gasping as she was tweaking her berry-red nipples with both hands. Her legs were spread wide, one propped against the back of the sofa and the other stretched out to the floor.

Perfect, I thought.

Slipping down to my knees, I crawled as slowly as I dared, crossing the distance from the doorway to the couch. Moving as carefully as I could to avoid startling Bobbi, I angled myself between her spread legs and propped one arm on the floor as I leaned over her lower body. This close to my sister, I could smell the scent of her aroused little snatch; spicy, with a hint of the soap she liked to use. Her tummy was rippling with waves of contractions, making her hips tip up and down like a rocking ship. I could also see how her labia had flowered out a bit, showing under a light covering of dark, fine hairs. The sheen of wet made the light from the sun streaming in from the window appear to sparkle along her pussy lips and on the end of her clit; peeking out of its hood, wriggling like the nose of a rabbit.

Well, I had hope this little “bunny” wouldn’t freak out at what I was about to do next. I peeked up at Bobbi’s face, and she was still too into herself to sense my presence. Hell, here goes everything! I thought. Summoning what courage I had left, I slowly lowered my face to her crotch. When I was close enough, the next time Bobbi’s hips bucked up, I opened my mouth and covered the whole front of her pussy with it. At the same time, I put my tongue to work with a long sweep from bottom to clit in one swipe.

The reaction from Bobbi was, at first, surprising. She moaned at contact, and lifted her hips higher to keep the connection with my mouth sealed. “Oooo!” she gasped, bending her back in a bow. By then, I was committed. I put all my pussy-eating skill and knowledge into the act; forming a tight suction and lavishing my tongue up one side of her quim and down the other. “Ahhh, yessss!” she hissed, before bucking back towards my sucking lips and probing tongue.

This went on for several uncounted moments — during which I discovered my sister had a very, very tasty-sweet pussy! The flavor was like double-rum and butterscotch (my favorite!), and the texture felt awesome against my tongue. At that point, I knew I wasn’t going to be deterred from finishing what I started just then.

It was about then that Bobbi stopped playing with her boobs and dropped her hands down towards her crotch. When her hands nudged against my scalp, Bobbi froze in mid-buck. “Mmm-mhuuh? Who–?”

At that, I had to look up from munching on her cookie, and a small part of my stomach dropped at the sight of the shocked expression on my sister’s face. It couldn’t have been more than three seconds for the fact to register in Bobbi’s lust-fogged mind; her brother — me — was between her naked thighs, with his mouth, on, her, pussy! From the way her eyes widened and the sudden tension in her thighs against my shoulder, I knew I had one of two options;

Either quickly back out and beg for Bobbi’s eternal forgiveness . . . or, as they say, go all-in and hope she doesn’t kill me for it later.

Well, as Bobbi’s chest lifted, her breath gathering for what I expected was a shriek of titanic proportions, I made my choice. I quickly wrapped one arm around her right thigh and brought my other arm up to pin her lower body down. In that same motion, I put my mouth back on her pussy and zeroed in on her clit; thrashing it with rapid, wet strokes, making my tongue blur like a humming bird’s wing.

The effect was instant and to the point; the breath Bobbi had been gathering exploded out of her lungs like a geyser, but it was more like a surprised hiss than the horrified shriek she’d been planning. Bobbi clamped her other leg against my shoulder, stiffened up and put both hands against my head to shove me away. “Jerry! Wh-whu-what the, f-fuck-?!” Her protest had little time to gather steam. My tongue-lashing of her clit was sending waves of pleasure spiking through her pussy, her body and — as she’d tell me later — her very soul. The shock wave of my desperate action blew her attempt to unseat my mouth from her pussy, and with in a minute, she was shivering from the intensity of it all.

Seeing I had her gob smacked for the moment, I eased back on the rapid strokes and switched back to a more firm, steady beat as I nosed back down to include the rest of her pussy in my efforts.

“J-Jerry!” Bobbi tried to speak, but the mounting sensations in her quim soon made it nigh-impossible for her to speak. Eventually, the tension in her legs lessened, as did the force of her hands against my forehead. Unbidden, Bobbi’s next sound wasn’t a word. It was a moan of pleasure-realized, as she suddenly tipped her head back, exposing her throat briefly before she flopped back onto the couch. “Oooh, nooo, Jerry!”

I would have pulled back to give her some sort of encouragement, but I bursa sinirsiz eskort figured if I didn’t let up on my pussy-eating effort, Bobbi would be quick to castigate me for my sudden, taboo act. So, I upped the stakes, and let go of her thigh so I could put one hand into my task work. Making a vee with my fingers, I spread her labia apart and drilled my tongue deep into her snatch; while using one finger to tap her clit with a sure, steady beat.

That completely de-railed any further attempt from Bobbi to stop me. Her hands now went slack against the crown of my head, and her legs were now limp against the cushions beneath us. “Ooh, God, Jerry . . . stop, please! Uhh, ooh . . . Ah, I’m, your, sister! Oooo!” She squeaked at that point, because I shifted gears again, having put one finger that was soaked with her cream between her pussy lips and circled it around her inner hole. “Noooo, doooon’t, Jerry! Don’t p-put your . . . your . . . .” Her words trailed off into a sharp intake of air, when I did just what she was about to tell me not to do. I slowly, but firmly put my finger deep into her pussy. I held it there for a moment — feeling the heat inside her — before I turned it around and slowly stroked the upper wall of her pussy.

That, my friends, was like putting the proverbial penny in the light socket.

“Ah-AAAH!” Bobbi’s hips shot up, nearly making me bite my tongue when they bumped my face. I recovered and continued to poke at that little pocket of nerves, which I learned long ago was the “magic button” on every female and the quickest way to get her to orgasm. With each passing second, I stroked that spot and resumed my attack on her pussy with loving gusto.

Bobbi was nearly in an apoplexy. Gasping, panting, groaning and mewling, she peppered her sounds of mounting pleasure with “Oh no!” and “Jerry!” and “Ahh, God! Fuck!” and every other sort of colorful expression that only took two or three words. She was now laying flat on her back, arching till her shoulders and feet were lifting her body up to meet my face and hand. The next thing I knew, Bobbi squealed and clapped both hands against my scalp, before she panted and said, “Oh, no, no, no-no-no-ohmyGodYES, I’m cummin’, JerryyesI’mCUM–! Oooh!” There was another shriek, but this time it held a triumphant note and held there.

Down at my end of things, Bobbi’s pussy literally clamped down on my finger like a vise-grip, just a second before a fine spray of pussy-cream hit me square on. Fuck me! I never figured Bobbi to be a squirter! I thought. Even so, I wasn’t a fool. I quickly covered her vibrating pussy with my mouth, taking in as much of her tasty cream as I could. It was nearly too much for me to handle, but I got at least two good mouthfuls out of it all, before Bobbi’s quim slowed down and began coasting through the end of her orgasm.

For her part, Bobbi had flopped back and let go of my head; shuddering and moaning as she road out the aftershocks of her cunt-quake. All the while, I kept up the contact with her pussy; letting her down easy, while continuing to relish her flavor and her quivering.

Eventually, Bobbi managed to get herself back together; enough so she could lift her head to peer down at me. Her eyes and expression were all fuzzy with satisfaction, but I could see some hesitation beginning to surface in her black eyes. “Jerry?” she said weakly.

I decided then and there, hell, damn me for doing it, but I’m not going to apologize for it.

But, I wasn’t going to be bashful about it. I lifted my face and kissed the thigh nearest to me, before I looked Bobbi squarely in the eyes and asked, “Damn, Bobbi, where did you get such a sweet-tasting pussy, huh?”

It was such an absurd question, that it had the effect I was hoping for; instead of getting defensive, mad or otherwise, Bobbi just looked at me cross-ways, and started to laugh softly. “Jerry!”

“Well, it’s true!” I leaned back down and gently kissed her pussy, backing off when I felt her hips twitch with the sensitive touch of our skin. “Honest, kiddo. That,” I said, nodding down at her quim, “is about the best cookie I ever ate!”

That made Bobbi laugh all the more, and she reached out and softly cuffed me. “Jerry! You’re not supposed to say that!” She then gently touched the side of my face, as her laughter softened before she asked, “You mean that, huh?”

I growled, using a quote from one of our favorite movies; “Ab-so-floggin’-lutely!” That made us both chuckle, and before I knew what she intended, Bobbi leaned up and curled herself into a ball around my upper body and shoulders, giggling against my hair. Deciding I had avoided a major emotional meltdown, I hugged her back and shifted us so that we were more or less sitting on my couch together.

Eventually the laughter stopped and we were both silent for a few moments. Then, I said, “Bobbi . . . I know this might not be appropriate for me to say, but . . . I’m sorry.”

Bobbi escort bayan leaned back to look at me, her expression one of tolerant exasperation. “Yeah, well you should be, buster.”

“I mean for interrupting you and your . . . well, you know.” I held up one hand in defense, saying, “But, you couldn’t blame me for what I did, really.”

Bobbi just shook her head. “Well, you shouldn’t have interrupted my private time, Jerry.”

“Hey, who’s house is this anyway?” I asked mildly. “And, for that matter, who decided to get naked and not tell me they were coming over in the first place, hm?”

Bobbi closed her mouth, and looked thoughtful for a second. “Well . . . yeah, I think I get the picture there. Still,” she added, whacking me on my bare shoulder. “YOU shouldn’t have done what you did in the first place!” She shuddered a little; the memory of what I had done clearly fresh in her mind. “Gawd, I still can’t believe it. Even more that you LIKED it!”

I made a pass of my tongue across my upper lip — and yes, I still tasted Bobbi’s essence there — before saying with a grin, “I always did like eating cookies, kiddo.”

Bobbi blushed at that. “Jerry!”

“Well, it’s true!” I chuckled, and said with all honesty, “Bobbi, you have a pussy I could eat all day if I could.”

At that, Bobbi ducked her head and looked away from me, but not before I saw the small smile tugging at her lips. “Really?” she asked, almost timidly. “You’re not just saying that?”

Sensing Bobbi had a little self-esteem issue, I said, “Honey, I never lie about something I like.” I looked down her naked body and said, “That is something I’d love to taste again . . . .” I trailed off, then sighed and asked, “That is, if you’d let me?”

At that, Bobbi jerked her head back around, surprise in every pore of her face. “JERRY!” She then asked in a much softer tone, “You mean that? Y-you’d really . . . really, eat me, if I let you do it . . . again?”

I leaned in close and gave Bobbi an Eskimo-kiss on the nose. “Only if you want me to.”

At that, I think Bobbi realized what I was offering, as well as the state of undress that we were both in. She hand both hands on my chest now, palms flat, her whole body tense as a wire. She was either going to push me away, and tell me there was no way I was ever going to do that to her . . . .

“Jerry . . .?”

“Yeah, kiddo?”

Bobbi put her bottom lip between her teeth — a move that was both endearingly cute and sexy — and looked down at my chest for a moment. Then, she looked up at me.

“Would you . . . eat my pussy, again? P-please?”

Now I have to be honest, folks. Had this been just any other girl, who happened to be sitting in my lap, naked and still flush from an orgasm I’d given her, I’d have whisked her upstairs and had her spread out over my bed while I “acquiesed to her demands” as it were. But, the reality was that this wasn’t just any girl. It was my twenty-one year old sister, Bobbi. Eating your sister’s pussy — while I admit from the first time, was so unbelievably tasty! — is a major taboo. I shouldn’t have done it to begin with. But, happenstance and hormones have no real concience, and neither does a stiff dick. Yet, for all I’m a man with lust and libido, I still and do love Bobbi as my sister.

So, I asked her, “You sure, that’s what you want right now, kiddo?”

Bobbi nodded, saying softly, “Yeah . . . I mean, part of me doesn’t want you to, y’know? Because, well . . .!” She blew out her cheeks, and said, “That’s incest, Jerry! We shouldn’t even be here, like this!” She looked down at our naked bodies.

I didn’t say a word. This was her show, and it was Bobbi’s point to make.

She sighed, before I noticed her hands were now slowly making circles on my chest, combing her fingers through the thatch of chest hair there. “But, I have to tell you something . . . I mean–.” She cut herself off, before she looked up at me and said firmly, “Don’t you ever tell anyone else about this, Jerry, I mean it!” Whe she got my nod of compliance, she shivered and said at a near-whisper. “I don’t think anyone has ever made me cum . . . like you just did to me.”

I blinked, but I wisely held my tongue for the moment.

Bobbi looked up at me, a small frown on her lips. “That’s what I can’t almost admit . . . the one time I have a toe-curling orgasm, and it has to be you, my brother that makes it happen! What’s worse, I’m actually thinking I want it to happen again, too!” Now Bobbi looked fit to burst into tears.

I was quick to put a hand on her cheek, holding it there before I said gently, “Kiddo, believe me, it wasn’t something I planned to do today . . . certainly never in a million years did I ever even entertain the thought of doing anything like that to you.” I stroked her cheek and smiled softly. “Still, unplanned as it was, I’ll admit it was without a doubt the hottest thing I ever did, sexually. For what it’s worth though, I won’t ask you to do something that you don’t ever want me to do. Though, I’ll never get the taste out of my memory, Bobbi, that’s for certain.” She blushed at that. “Yet, if you honestly want this, I’ll do it, but if you really don’t . . . then you won’t have to worry, ’cause if you don’t want to, then I won’t, Pure and simple as that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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