Bobby , Jilly Ch. 4

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Jilly’s boss, Mike, had a big veiny cock. Mike’s wife Mary was scared to look at it, she thought it was so ugly. She loved to have Mike’s cock corkscrewing up into her hot cunt, but the sight of his great horse-cock frightened her. She wouldn’t lick or suck Mike’s dick except with her eyes closed.

When Jilly took the job as Mike’s secretary, she saw right away how big the bulge was in his pants. Mike himself was no oil painting, but Jilly had jerked off a few times thinking about what it might be like to get to know that big bulge in his pants better.

It was a few months before Mike worked up the courage to come on to Jilly. All the things Mary had said about his dick and how big and ugly it was had made Mike insecure about what other women might feel. But after a brief bout of passionate kissing, Mike felt Jilly’s fingers caressing his erection through his pants, and when he didn’t stop her, Jilly boldly unzipped Mike’s pants and brought the huge organ out of his shorts, to look at it. From the awe on her pretty, sultry face, Mike knew that for the first time he was going to be treated right.

As the baby-featured girl with the turned-up nose went to his knees before him, Mike had no idea yet just how right Jilly was going to treat him. After that first glimpse, Jilly sucked Mike off every way they could think of. Every lunchtime at the office, she would jerk Mike off into her luscious mouth and drink him, or she would suck him off with her mouth alone, licking and sucking up and down faster and faster until her pretty dark-blonde head was a blur and Mike exploded into her hot, hungry sanal rulet lips.

Other days she would pull his raging cock out of her mouth at the last minute and jerk him off onto her face, covering her lips and sweetly tilted nose and cheeks with his creamy spunk. Or she would jerk him off, slowly and sensually, leaning in at the last moment as Mike writhed and gasped in orgasm, and taking the full ejaculation on her face and lips.

Sometimes she would let him jerk off into her mouth until he filled it with semen. Or jerk off against her gorgeous face until his pulsing organ splattered it with spunk.

But what Mike loved best of all was when Jilly slowly and lovingly worked him to orgasm with her face alone, just with the caresses of the silky, perfect skin of her nose and cheeks, accompanied by the dirtiest talk he had ever dreamed of. It was their special routine.

After all the years of feeling ashamed of his huge veiny penis, Mike couldn’t get enough of Jilly’s adoration of his monster cock, the way she gazed at it with dreamy eyes as she masturbated him, the way she kissed and licked it and begged for his semen all over her incredibly pretty face. The way sweet Jilly talked to him when she kneeled between his legs, licking and loving his penis, working him to one orgasm after another.

And Jilly understood perfectly how Mike felt. She knew just what he needed. And she loved to feel her power over the gigantic, gnarled cock smearing her nose and cheeks with pre-cum and throbbing wildly against her face when she spoke the filthiest words she blackjack could think of:

`Oh baby, you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen, the biggest one I’ve ever kissed or sucked, the prettiest cock I’ve ever stroked off onto my face, you know I can’t wait for it, I’m dying to feel your hot spunk burst out of this gorgeous cockhead.. right here, baby…’ and between words Jilly would lick maddeningly at the drooling aperture in Mike’s vast flat cockhead. `…right here and all over my face where I can smell it and feel it and lick it and taste it. I love these great big veins, I love to lick them and make them throb as you get closer and closer to giving me the hot cream I want, I want it all day, baby, every day, I want you to imagine I’m starving and I have to be fed on your cockjuice, your cum, your spunk, I can’t live without it…’

And all the time, as she spoke, Jilly would be sliding her mind-blowingly pretty face up and down the huge veiny monster of a cock. Oiled with pre-cum, her heavenly, sweaty face felt like hot silk, like hot wax against his agonized, unbearably stiff cock.

Jilly’s eyes drilled unceasingly into Mike’s, as she watched his eyes cloud over in the numbing ecstasy of approaching orgasm, as her words and the slippery sliding friction of her nose and cheeks brought him to a crazy pitch of excitement.

Looking down, Mike felt as if he was all cock, as though the only piece of him independently alive was the huge penis jerking against Jilly’s childish face, panting now through pouting lips, slack with lust. The mixture of her bingo verbal assault, her aural rape of his cock, with the picture in front of him of her luscious sensual baby-face adoring his veiny horse-cock was too much for him. Orgasm seized him.

`I love your cock,’ Jilly went on purring as she watched and felt his giant cock spasming against her nose and cheeks in the moment preceding orgasm, `I love your cock, I love your cock, baby, I love your cock, I love your cock.’ It became a chant, one that drove him over the edge.

`I love its smell,’ Jilly chanted, her voice hot and low, `I love its fucking size, I love the big thick veins, I love this fucking huge cock, it’s so pretty against my nose, so hot, I can’t wait for the fucking great fountain of your spunk, I want you to cover me with it till my nostrils are full up and I can’t breathe…. I love your spunk, I love your spunk, baby, I love your spunk….’

`Aaaaghhhhh!!’ Mike roared, barely able to keep his eyes open as the slick up and down of her precum-coated face against his gigantically stiff cock brought the first splattering rope of semen firing straight up into the air and down onto Jilly’s incredibly pretty, sweaty, pre-cum-slick babyish features.

Time after time, as he yelled and trembled with each violent spurt out of his hugely distended penis, he watched the cataract of spunk rise up above Jilly’s spunk-drenched baby face and splatter down on her lips, her spunk-coated nose, her cum-slick cheeks.

And how she loved it! Jilly went on and on mumbling her adoration through spunk-loaded lips as the cum rained down on her soft, sweet, delicate features. It thrilled her to bring her boss’s huge organ to a mind-shattering cum all over her willing face – and to do it purely with her words and her spunk-slick nose and cheeks… that was the biggest power trip of all.

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