Boiled Peanuts

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Double Penetration

It’s Saturday evening, and my white lover is miles away and won’t be able to come home for weeks at the very least. I’m restless. Since I can’t have him, I want something to make me feel better – maybe some of that Southern delicacy, boiled peanuts, will do the trick. My son has taken my car for the weekend and left me his truck, which has been giving him trouble – just last weekend, we had to push it out of the road where it cut off. I decide to take the truck to the Corner Store… it’s only two miles away, after all. As long as I don’t slow down too much, everything should be fine, right? So I go… and when I’m about a quarter mile from the store, I come barreling down on this little old lady sputtering to a stop as she signals a left turn… Can’t pass-I have no choice but to stop… and when I apply the brake completely, the truck cuts off. Right in the middle of the road.

What can I do? There are a couple of houses right there by the side of the road… Of course, I don’t know the people… I could walk home and call someone… but it’s almost a 2-mile walk… or I could walk to the Corner Store… but that would mean leaving the truck. I decide that the best plan would be to knock on someone’s door… So I choose a neat, clean house with a sporty looking car parked in front. I knock, and when the door opens, I see an attractive twenty-something black woman dressed to kill. As I try to explain my predicament, she tells me she doesn’t have time for this–she’s on her way out–but I can talk to her boyfriend about it. As she runs out the door, she calls him. “Tim!”

Apparently Tim didn’t hear her leave, and not knowing that she is gone and there’s a strange white woman in his living room, he comes out of what must be his bedroom, yawning and naked. I’m standing there with my mouth falling open and my eyes bulging. Looking around and not seeing his woman, he sort of growls, “Why don’t you come inside so I can close the door? You think I want the whole world to see this big hard-on I’m sporting?”

I’m not at all comfortable with this situation, and I start to stutter. “I need to use the pho-pho-phone! My truck has stalled in the middle of the road, and I…I…I…”

Tim gives me an appraising look and says, “Ummm… how are you gonna pay for this phone call?”

Still hoping I can get out of this fairly easily, but not at all sure, I reply, “it’s just a local call, b-bu-but I have money…”

Tim looks at me with a certain light in his eyes… He says, “I’ll handle the truck for you… you will pay for it, all right… but I don’t want your money.” He picks up the phone and dials, and when the other party answers, he says, “Hey, Nate… there’s a truck on the road in front of the house… come get it and take it to the shop… and make sure it’s all the way out of sight!”

Feeling altogether uneasy, I start for the door.

Tim asks, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I say, “I’ll just wait by the truck.”

With that guttural voice, he says, “Nooo. We’ll take care of the truck. As for you, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.”

I’m looking away from him, looking around the room, trying to avoid looking at that great big thing sticking out between his legs. And he says, “While we’re waiting, why don’t you and I get to know each other a little better?”

And I say, “Er… I really should be going now…”

But Tim has other ideas; he says, “Come here, you white bitch.” I obey, thinking maybe it would be dangerous not to. As I walk over to him, I’m staring into his face, mesmerized. He takes my face in his hands, and seeing the fear in my eyes, he asks very quietly, “What’s the matter, baby… ain’t you ever seen a real man’s dick before? Well, now you’re gonna see one up close and reaaaaal personal.” He has both my hands in one of his, and he pulls me into the bedroom. I’m trying to drag my feet, to get away, but Tim pops me on the ass and tells me to behave erzurum escort myself like a good little slut and maybe I can even enjoy it without getting hurt.

I’m scared out of my wits, but that slap makes my ass tingle, and I’m starting to feel excited as well. And feeling a little ashamed of myself as I realize that I’m getting wet between my legs.

Once in his bedroom, Tim says, “Get on your knees, slut. You’re about to get a taste of black dick.” I hesitate. I’ve never been called a slut before. It has a strange effect on me. He grabs a handful of my hair and says again, but more forcefully, “On your knees, slut!”

I sink to my knees, and he pushes my head down towards the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. God! Must be all of ten inches, and even harder than it was when he first came out of the bedroom, and dripping pre-cum. I can smell it, and I feel my traitorous pussy getting wetter by the second. Tim smacks my face with his stiff cock. It feels warm, soft and hard at the same time. When I refuse to open my mouth, he pinches my nose, and when I can’t breathe any more, I gasp for air. The moment I do, he shoves that enormous dick in my mouth and tells me, “Suck it, baby…”

I am somewhere between fear and desire to please him and just plain desire, and I start to lick and suck and drool as best I can. Tim starts moving my head up and down on his shaft. I’m gagging and coughing and moaning, but as his pace increases and I get into the rhythm and start getting over the fear, I’m moaning more and more. Ashamed, frightened and yet excited.

By now, Tim’s moaning too and telling me how good it feels. “Does it feel good, you white slut? How does it feel to have a mouthful of real man meat? You like having this big black dick in your throat, don’t you, baby? You’re nothing but a cock-sucking slut, but I have to give you credit-you’re pretty good at this. I just might want to use you again sometime.” He hears me moaning against my will and feels my body tensing up, and his body is responding as well. As I feel his balls tightening, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and splatters me with spunk–my face and my hair–but his dick is still hard. I can’t stop myself from licking at the thick gobs of cum that drip into my mouth. I feel like a slut.

He says “You really liked that, didn’t you, you fucking whore?”

Needing to cum now, badly, and having been so close, but unwilling to admit it, I sullenly ask him, “What are you going to do to me?”

He knows I’m too proud to admit it, but he wants to hear me say I enjoyed it. “I’m just gonna sit back and read the paper for a while.”

I say, “But you… you… I…” He looks up and sees me rubbing my cock-hungry cunt. I am truly becoming a slut.

“You wanna tell me what you want, bitch?

I stand there dumbstruck… knowing I want him to fuck me but determined not to ask. He can see it. He knows it. “What you want?”

“I… I…”

“Tell me what you want, slut!” and he smacks me on my ass again. I whimper, but refuse to ask him.

Tim goes back to reading his newspaper. I start rubbing my pussy to bring myself the urgent relief I need, but he slaps my hand away. He jerks me to my feet and throws me on the bed and says, “All right… I’m calling the shots here. We’re gonna do this my way. You had the chance to tell me… but now it’s gonna be me all the way.” With me on my back, he ties my hands to the headboard and secures me to the foot of the bed by my ankles. My pussy is completely exposed, my legs spread wide, and I am aching for release, but I will not give him the satisfaction of saying so.

He leans over me and takes a nipple in his mouth through my tee-shirt. I whimper and moan, and arch my back, pushing my big tits forward to try to get him to suck harder. He sucks a bit more, as I moan and try to rub against him in any way possible. Tim keeps sucking. erzurum escort bayan I begin to whimper and I’m just about to cummm… when he stops, looks at me and laughs, and picks up his paper again.

I’m lying there with every nerve tingling–looking at him over there placidly reading the bloody newspaper-and I whisper, “Fuck me!”

“What’s that?”

‘Fuck me!”

“I thought I heard something… nah… must’ve been the radio down in the shop…”

“Fuck me, damn you!!”

“Are you talking to me?” He walks over and slaps my thigh hard with his open hand. “Cause that’s no way for you to be talking to someone in the situation you’re in!” The slap is sending shivers through me.

I whimper, “Please! Fuck me!!”

“That’s it baby, let me hear you beg for it…”

“Fuck me… fuck me… please!

“Hmmm… wonder what’s in Section C today…”

“PLEASE! FUCK ME! I need to feel your big black cock in my cunt! PLEASE! I want you to make me cum! Fuck me!”

“Ahhhh… that’s better! All right, bitch… I’ll fuck you!” Tim comes over to the bed and starts pulling off my clothes. I’m wriggling at every touch of his fingers. Then he unties me, and rips off my lacy panties, my DD-cup bra. . . and I can see from his throbbing cock that he’s not nearly as bored with me as he was pretending to be.

He turns me over and tells me that first he’s gonna taste me…and by now I’m whimpering and ready for anything he might do. He starts by licking the insides of my thighs. When he gets to licking all around my pussy, I’m dripping and oozing from all the tension. I put my hands in his hair and pull him into me. Again he licks and nibbles and sucks until I’m almost there, and this time when he asks, “What do you want, slut?”

I reply without hesitation, “Fuck me!” I realize I am a complete slut.

“What do you want?”

“Oh god, please fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me! Don’t make me wait another minute! I’ll do anything you say, I’ll be your fuck slut forever– just please fuck me with your big hard black dick! Put it all the way in me… Pound me! Fuck me! I can’t wait to feel you inside of my pussy! I want it!”

And he says, “I think I will fuck you, you cock-hungry slut… get on your back.” I lie there trembling and thrusting my tits and my cunt at him. He takes his cock and holds it touching my cunt lips, I am pushing at it with my cunt, begging, moaning. Suddenly he pushes it deep deep deep into my pussy with one thrust, then starts to pound into me. “Does that feel good, baby?”

I start to moannnn… “Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss fuck me”

“Oh, baby that does feel good, don’t it? Mmmmmmmm…”

“Ahhh ahhhhhhha ahhhhhhhh”

I’m thrusting back at him as he pounds his beautiful meat harder and harder into my oozing pussy.

“Ain’t this the best dick you ever had, baby?”

“Yeeeeeesssssssss yesssssssssssssss yesssssssssssssss… Oh, fuck your white whore! Make your pig fuck-slut cummmmm!” I’m screaming, out of control with lust and desire because he’s pounding me all the way with every inch of that big slab of meat… and then “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I’m yelling it out as I feel every muscle in my body tighten as I reach my peak… I’m trembling and tensing and my hips are convulsing and my pussy is squeeeeeeeezing his dick…

Finally after a series of wonderfully forceful orgasms, I start to relax. Tim pops me on my butt and makes me get up on my hands and knees. He says, “Don’t think you’re the only one who gets off tonight, you hot little white bitch.” and he slaps me on my ass again. My butt juts out like a cat being stroked, and as I whimper and mooooaannnnn he takes my hips in his hands and starts to fuck me from behind with that stiff black rod. He’s holding on to me tight with his big firm hands-I can feel his fingers tearing into my flesh, but I don’t escort erzurum mind at all–I’m thrusting back as hard as I can and screaming with every stroke… and in no time I’m cummming again because it feels sooo fucking gooooodddd. Tim’s still pounding away at me, and I can feel the intensity building for him, too. I’m screaming my head off and then we’re both cumming and grinding into each other. He’s got his arms locked around me like a dog wraps his forelegs around a bitch and he’s thrusting and grunting and I’m milking his cock. I’m screaming as I hear him grunting and moaning obscenities at me. He is gripping me so tight it is hurting and making me cum again as I feel him shoot his hot spunk into me… this brings me off again…

Then we both collapse… and I hear the door open. I’m too groggy to think about what it means, and then I hear a voice… It’s Nate, a giant of a man. Tim is a big guy: 6’2″ and about 230 pounds…but Nate is closer to 6’6″ and more like 270 pounds… and black as ebony. I’m lying there, feeling very sated… and Nate says, “We got the truck out of the way, Tim… now you get out of the way and let me have some of that!”

I look up at him. He’s already taken his cock out and he’s stroking it. I lick my lips as I make eye contact. He doesn’t move, just continues to stroke and stare into my eyes. I get up on hands and knees and crawl over to him… I sniff at his big black black black dick, just like a bitch in heat… and then I put my hand around it and lean into it and start to lick it… from his balls all the way up to the tip. Nate’s cock is much bigger than any I’ve ever encountered before-so big I can’t get my hand all the way around it. I can’t get my mouth all the way around it either… but I do my best! I try… licking slurping moaning licking slurping moaning licking slurping moaning licking licking slurping moaning…

Nate says, “Ohhh baabyy!” and I lick and slurp some more, moaning all the while. I try to get my mouth around it so I can suck it, but it’s so big. Nate says, “Here baby, let’s try it this way.” He sits over my face, with his balls in front of my mouth, and starts to fuck my tits. He holds them and squeeeeeezes and tweaks my nipples as I nip at his balls and lick and suck them. He starts to moan, and then he says, “Slut, I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!” He moves into position and sinks that monster cock into my cunt, all the while biting at my nipples.

He starts to fuck me… fuck me.. fuck meeeee… and I’m already filled up… He plunges his cock deep into me and pulls it all the way out each time before slamming it into me again, and he fucks me sooo hard that I’m screaming again! But I’m screaming because it feels so good very good wonderful good–I’m whimpering and moaning, and he bites harder on the nipple in his mouth. I’m arching my back and thrusting back at him and suddenly I’m cumming again, but Nate doesn’t stop pounding away pounding thrusting pounding pounding pounding and I’m grinding back at him and grinding… He rolls me over so that he’s on bottom and I’m on top. He’s holding my hips close pulling me to him stroking me deep and hard… He holds my body close to his and he says, “Hey, Tim…don’t you want to fuck this white slut-pig in the ass?”

As for me, I’m practically howling with lust and animal-fucking-feeling-good… and I hear Tim say, “Yeah, I’m ready for some of that…” I’m squirming with a combination of pleasure and fear, and in spite of my screaming, Nate holds me still so Tim can shove his once-again rigid cock up my virgin ass. He gives me a few seconds to adjust to the feel of his thickness in this new hole, and then starts to thrust. As soon as he does, I start screaming how good it feels and telling him, “Oh, yessssss! Fuck me in my white ass… Fuck me in the ass with that big black cock of yours! Oh yesssss, it feels so good! I can feel both your big black dicks filling me up filling me up! Oh yesssss oh I’ve never been fucked like this before! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’m cumming again!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I can feel Tim’s hot juices spurting in my ass as Nate bathes my cunt with gobs of his thick slimy jism. We collapse in a heap, and I know that even though this is my first black experience, it won’t be my last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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