Bon Chance Pt. 01

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Enormous silvery-gray storm clouds are far in the distance over an ocean of aquamarine, white foam is cascading down the waves. As the water gets closer, it turns a pale green color and rushes onto a white sandy beach. At the end of the beach in the distance is a large black rocky crag jutting into the sea. Rising up from this is a hill getting more densely treed as it curves around the backside of the beach.

A man’s body is lying on the beach, sodden and covered in sea vegetation. There is an orange cooler lying close to the body. The man is in his mid to late 30’s, he is wearing khaki-colored dockers, no socks and a pale yellow short sleeve shirt. His pants have a woven cord belt with a small gold buckle, there is a watch on his left wrist, and it has a gold stretch band with a black face. His body is twisted; it appears that a leg may be broken or disjointed. The wind is starting to dry and rustle his blonde hair. The hair is medium length, a professional looking cut. His chest and stomach are covered in curly light brown hair; he is well built, a little on the heavy side.

His head starts to turn slightly to the left; it rises slowly and then falls gently back to the sand. His left arm moves up to his head, his hand cups underneath and his head moves up again, the leg that is twisted slowly straightens and he struggles to lift his upper body off the sand. As he sits up, he groans loudly and spits sand and a small amount of vegetation out of his mouth. He moves sideways into a crouch and then jerkily stands up. His left leg is only used for balance and is not supporting his weight.

He gazes down the beach, then out to the sea, back around to the trees surrounding the beach and then down to the other end of the beach. The view is beautiful, the kind of location that appears in travel brochures.

The man walks to the far end of the beach. As he walks, limping slightly, the sand dips slowly and a river appears emptying into the sea.

The man reaches the river and falls into it and takes a deep drink, then, choking, he spits it out. He crawls further up the river and drinks again, this time cupping his hands and drinking from the water scooped up. After several drinks, he sits in the water and gazes out to sea.

After a quarter hour, he stands up and walks to the promontory jutting into the sea. He crawls up the rocky slope to get a better view. When he gets to the top, he surveys what he can see of the island and the sea. To the south, he sees a smaller beach similar to the one he came from, but smaller and with more rocks.

He climbs inward toward the center of the island, although he is getting higher, he cannot see as much as trees are growing denser. The vegetation is also getting thicker, making progress difficult. After climbing at length, he gets to an area where there is a rocky outcropping and he can see more of the island, all he sees is sand, trees and water.

He decides to climb back down toward the beach he came from. As he descends, he comes across a small bush with orange berries. He pulls off a few of the berries and bites off a small piece; it is somewhat sweet and a little dry. He decides that it will be all right to eat, he sits down and takes more berries and eats for a while.

After finishing his meal, he continues his walk to the beach. He comes to the river before he is out of the jungle. He drinks from the river and once again sits in the river and then lies against a rock letting the water cool his body.

After resting, he takes off his wet shirt and trousers and slowly inches his way down the rocky river bed wearing only his wet underwear. As he gets to the beach, the sun goes behind the mountain and he knows that he must find a place to rest for the night.

He walks along the edge of the jungle until he finds a small area beneath a small rock outcropping. It will give some shelter from the wind and sun; he carefully looks around the area for any sign of dangerous insects, vermin or snakes.

He breaks off many leafy branches and forms a mattress to sleep on. He is trying to get dry wood together to make a fire as it gets dark, but he has no way to start the fire.

He puts his dry pants and shirt back on and lies down on the makeshift mattress. As he is lying there, he can feel and hear insects crawling around and over him. He finally falls asleep in spite of the creatures and sleeps fitfully until full moon lighting up the beach wakes him.

He walks in the moonlight along the edge of the jungle a ways and then urinates, he walks back to his new home and lays down to try and sleep again.

The man wakes with the rising sun, kayseri escort he gets up quickly and runs along the edge of the jungle and then suddenly pulls down his pants and squats quickly, his body convulses wildly with violent diarrhea. After several minutes, he gains control of his body and looks around for leaves or something to clean himself with. He then steps out of his pants, underwear, and walks over to the river where he washes off the remainder of his stormy ordeal.

He wades upstream and takes several handfuls of water. He walks back up to his camp and as he has dried off, he puts his pants back on. He sits down, head in hands and closes his eyes, pondering his current state.

He then gets up and walks northward along the edge of the jungle, crosses the river and continues to the other end of the beach. He sees nothing but jungle and sand on his walk, the north end of the beach has a small sand dune and he climbs it to look to see what lies beyond, nothing but sand and sea and rocks and jungle.

He climbs down and heads back south toward where he made his camp, realizing that he will need to do much more exploring to find anything else. As he walks back to his camp he passes the cooler that was lying on the beach next to him when he awoke, he takes off his shirt, throws it into the cooler and carries them both back to his camp.

He goes up the river, gathers rocks, and carries them back to his camp, he piles them up and then decides to make a fire pit out of them, and he then puts his dry wood in it. He takes several of the rocks and knocks them together trying to make a spark, after 20 or 30 minutes he finds two stones that spark when he hits them together. He looks around for dried leaves and then gathers them and throws them onto his dry wood. He works feverishly trying to start a fire, to no avail.

He finally gives up on this project and goes back to the river where he again drinks slowly, he takes off his pants and sits in the water and washes off the sweat and dirt from his labors. He sees a book sized flat rock with a sharp edge on it. He sets it on the riverbank, stands up and puts his clothes back on. He picks up the rock and walks back to his camp. He leaves the rock next to fire pit and walks back into the jungle looking for something edible.

He sees a coconut tree with fruit on it, but it is quite tall. He decides to try to climb it. He wraps large leaves around his feet and takes vines to tie them on. He starts to climb the tree but the leaves quickly shred and come off. He continues anyway, getting half way up the palm starts to bend toward the earth making it easier to climb; he is exhausted and sweating but continues on knowing he must have something to eat. He gets to the coconuts but he cannot get them loose, in desperation he chews on them with his teeth and bending them back and forth until he finally works one loose. He throws it on the ground and gingerly works his way back to the earth, dropping the last few feet.

He takes it to the camp and chops at it with his flat rock until he finally chops a hole in it and he drinks the milk. He works on it to get at the meat but it is very tough and takes a long while. After getting a few morsels from the hull, he lays back and goes to sleep.

He awakens as the sun is going down, he hears a squeaking noise coming from his coconut and realizes a mouse or some kind of animal is inside. He traps the animal inside and runs to the river; he dips the coconut in the river drowning the animal. He shakes the coconut and a small mouse falls out, he carries it back to his fire pit and lays it on his rock.

He then tries again to light a fire. It is very dark and he has sparks galore, but no fire. He finally sets the dry leaves on fire but in his haste to put sticks on top of the flame, he smothers it. He works for another hour trying to get a flame again, finally it lights up and he slowly catches twig after twig on fire until he has a good fire going. He puts the mouse into the fire and turns it repeatedly burning off the fur, the feet and tail. When he figures it is cooked he knocks it out of the flames and gingerly bites into it, he has succeeded in making a crunchy piece of charcoal, but he eats it trying to satisfy his gnawing hunger. He then lies down and once again tries to sleep. He realizes he could starve to death on this paradise island.

The next morning he wakes up and immediately after getting a drink of water sets off to find food. In his search he finds some roots he deems edible, some more of his berries, which he eats sparingly, and some fruit on a low growing kayseri escort bayan succulent.

Having found nourishment he goes back to his camp late in the afternoon and starts working on a fire again. He is more successful this time. He must make shelter and a bed that is more insect proof. As it grows dark, he falls asleep again. He lays there sleeping sweating from the tropical heat. His body is still except for an occasional twitch of the arm or leg.

Waking the next day, he goes for food and the next several days he cuts down smaller trees and brush, he fashions a small lean-to and a raised platform to sleep on. Each day he makes his camp a little more livable and surveys his work with pride. He has to go further and further each day for food as he is eating up the supply of berries and fruit, the roots however are plentiful.

On a trip down to the sea he notices small fish swimming around, he tries to catch them with his hands but is unsuccessful. He decides he might be able to trap them in his shirt, this is also unsuccessful.

On the fifth day, he takes off his pants and uses the flat rock to cut them off above the knee. He walks along the beach trying to catch fish, he wades out deeper and discovers an area where fish hide in the rocks, and he takes off his shirt and manages to trap one of the fish in it. He joyously runs back to the camp, cleans the fish as best he can with his rocks and cooks it on the fire. At last a real meal!

He decides he needs to start exploring the island to see what else is on it; he has seen no boat or aircraft the entire time he has been there. The only sounds are of the ocean, the wind in the trees and birds. He has seen several snakes which he has carefully avoided, but has seen no other kind of animal other than mice and other small rodents.

After a week on the island, his beard is quite nubby and his clothes in spite of daily dips in the river and ocean are looking rather shabby and dirty.

On the seventh day, he decides he must keep a calendar and starts carving the days on a large tree. After his morning drink in the river, he heads down to the beach to see if he can catch more fish. He wades out into the water, takes off his shirt and is diving down again and again trying to trap the fish. After half an hour he finally catches a fish, he carries it to the beach wriggling crazily and he thinks he is crazy as above the lapping of the waves he thinks he hears shouting.

He gets on the sand and suddenly he realizes he does hear shouting, he turns toward the noise and sees a naked man running down the beach toward him! He starts to run toward the man, and then suddenly he stops, sensing danger.

The man runs toward him waving wildly, the man is obviously another white man and not any kind of native, so he again starts running toward him.

The man is completely naked, he is about 5’7″, has long black hair, a very hairy chest, arms and legs.

As they near each other, the new man starts yelling wildly at him in French. He doesn’t understand what the man is saying, “Hey, hello! Do you speak English?”

“Yes”, the other man replies, I speak some English.

They quickly shake hands and embrace each other. “How long have you been here?” he asks the man.

“I’ve been here about a week, my ship sank in a heavy storm and I grabbed a beam and was washed up on this island.”

“Were you on the Danish Princess?”

“Yes, I worked on the ship; I am one of the cooks.”

“My wife and I were on our way to Mirabeau, we were passengers, I don’t know what happened to her, and hopefully she was rescued.”

“O, mon ami, I hope you are right, I don’t know what happened to anyone else, and you are the first person I have seen.”

They both fall silent for a moment. Then they hug each other for several minutes, each showing much emotion. They are both very happy to see another person and hug each other repeatedly as they talk.

“I have been walking around the island all week, I was so happy to finally find the river and fresh water; I have been eating leaves and nuts as I went along.”

“I have a small camp next to the river, and I just caught this fish, lets go up there and have a meal!”

“Oh, real fish, I am so hungry, how did you get a camp?”

“I looked around the island a little bit and decided I needed a camp before exploring, and it is next to the river.”

“That is wonderful, I have been around almost the entire island, there is nothing here, although I did see a beach that looked like humans had been there, there had escort kayseri been fire and they had a big tree cut down and stuck into the sand, but nothing else.”

“Where are your clothes?”

“I left them on the beach after a few days, I figured I was alone, why bother with clothes?”

“Now you are not alone, you want my shirt to wrap around you?”

“Well, you are another man and it doesn’t bother me, unless you think I should.”

“Well…I guess this is your island too!”

“I like being nude, it is the only thing about being here that is good, I feel free, but I would give up the freedom for a steak and wine!”

“O.k., lets go cook this fish, you say you are a cook?”


“Then I will let you cook, I am not very good at making anything very tasty.”

“Do you have any fruits or anything else to eat?”

“Yes I have found some things, they are not very good, but they have kept me alive.”

“I am happy to have anything to eat; maybe I can help you with what is here to eat, but first let’s eat the fish!”

They walk up to the camp talking the whole way up.

“I am John.”

“I am also Jean, Jean-Claude.”

They reach the camp and John shows Jean-Claude the flat rock and fire. Jean-Claude looks around, gathers a few live branches and cuts them with the stone to make sharp points; he cleans the fish and then looks around for other things he can use for cooking. He takes the roots and pounds them flat, uses rocks and leaves and does his cooking.

After the meal is cooked they sit by the fire and eat, Jean-Claude has made plates out of leaves. They finish the meal in silence.

“You really are a cook, this is fabulous!”

“Thank you, the wilderness cook, I should cook you a feast if we were back in France.”

“My wife is quite a good cook, I can do simple things if I have a refrigerator of food, but I am not a camping Chef.”

“It is all the same if you know how, but it is easier with the right foods.”

“Are you married Jean-Claude?”

“Non, I don’t have a lover or a partner, I am homosexual.”

“Oh, well, I guess that explains your not wearing any clothing.”

“Why? I don’t think that has anything to do with it, but you are American, right? I think Americans have very funny ideas about clothing and morals.”

“I am Canadian, North American, but not “American” as in the USA.”

“I am free with my body; it has nothing to do with being homosexual.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, it is O.K. with me if you like men, I am not prejudiced that way, or should I say in any way, I don’t judge someone because of their sex lives or their skin color or whatever.”

“Have you ever had experience with a man?”

“No, and I don’t want to, I have no desire to do anything like that”

“Some men are straight but have had other experiences, in the military or in school; it doesn’t mean they are not heterosexual.”

“I’ve never had that desire.”

“I have never been with a woman, I have never wanted to, so I understand.”

“Yes, I think in that way we are different and the same, but we are all we have until someone saves us, so we should stay together to be friends until then.”

“Of course!” They shake hands.

“Let’s go to the river and wash up, it is getting late!”

“Yes, I have sand where it is not comfortable, show me the way.”

They walk over to the river where there is a small pool, they both wade in and rinse off.

“Are you bathing with your clothes on, I will not watch you if you are shy.”

“I guess I am not comfortable being naked around men, I am sorry.”

“Mon dieu! That’s silly; you must take off your clothes when you bathe.”

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean that. I am just not used to bathing with other men watching.” He takes off his wet pants and throws them up on the shore. “I will have to trust you, we are going to work together, and I guess you will see me naked sooner or later anyway.”

“I’m not looking, but thank you, I will admit to you that you are a nice looking man, and even though you are not homosexual I might be interested in you. I don’t want to lie to you and say I wouldn’t be interested.”

“Thank you for being honest, I will try not to turn you on then!”


“Unfortunately now my pants are wet, I won’t be able to sleep in them.”

“My friend, I promise not to molest you; I will sleep somewhere else if you want me to.”

“No, you need to sleep on the mat, the insects are bad out here, I trust you, I hope!”

“Thank you, I will earn your trust.” They go up to the camp and lay down on the mat next to each other. John does not close his eyes, Jean-Claude does not dare open his, for fear the other will think he is looking. John turns on his side away from Jean-Claude and Jean-Claude turns in the opposite direction, the moonlight shines on their naked bodies. Eventually they both go to sleep.

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