Boobs, Balls and Breakfast

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Kyle stretched as he exited the pool, his cock erect as he dried off. Emily looked hungrily as his bloated nutsack dangled, heavy with the army of sperm inside it. He turned and looked just as hungrily at her gorgeous breasts as she slowly stroked her clit.

She was so beautiful.

He often flashed back to their wedding. She had wore nothing but a veil and garter belt. Kyle, nothing but a bowtie. Everyone else was drunk and fully nude, hands stroking cocks and fingers sliding into pussies as they recited their vows to the nude minister, Kyle’s grandfather Frank.

Frank was reading off their marital duties and stroking his long stiff dick.

“And Emily,” he said, “do you promise to love and honor Kyle? Giving him his marital due? Fucking him and allowing him to fuck others as you both see fit, as long as you both shall live?”

She turned to Kyle. “I do.”

“And Kyle,” Frank said, “do you promise to love and cherish Emily. Fucking her pussy and ass as so we are naturally inclined, allowing her to get her fill of sexual partners as long you both shall live?”

“I do.” He replied and Emily smiled widely, rubbing her belly, bloated with Thomas’ developing life.

“Then I declare you husband and wife,” Frank announced, “now suck my cock!”

Emily wasted no time getting to her knees and taking the swollen cock into her mouth, slobbering down the rigid shaft and sucking him to the base.

“This is quite a slut here Kyle,” Frank said approvingly.

Emily went through the day fucking every man present while Kyle fucked all the women. As Victoria screamed as Kyle fucked her, he looked on proudly as Emily took cocks up her cunt and ass in rapid succession.

The orgy continued for several hours and the two were worn out when they arrived home but couldn’t resist fucking the living shit out of each other for the whole night.

As he walked over to her now, Emily was at wet for him as when they first married. They kissed tenderly, his cock rubbing against her belly and smearing his precum down her soft skin.

She rubbed her thumb on the spongy and purple cock head and spread her legs and felt his strong fingers enter her pussy while he sucked her stiff nipples.

“Mmmm… Yeah, that feels good…” she moaned as he fingered her faster. She then lay all the way back and spread her legs, soon feeling the massive prick of her husband enter her flooding twat.

The sensation of his cock hitting her spot made her legs quickly wrap around him and lock over his ass. He began to thrust deeply and she moaned louder as he began to fuck her.

“Oh yes…” she groaned, clawing his back.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Kyle growled as he felt her pussy clench. Nevertheless, he continued fucking until his balls slapped against her asshole. Her pussy was still perfect, gripping his cock like a glove while he pinched and pulled at her bullet-hard tits.

“Aaah!!” bursa eskort bayan Emily cried as she squirted, coating Kyle’s dick and hips in her pussy juice. He began to fuck her faster, grunting with each deep thrust. He braced himself on both hands and began to fuck harder and harder, pounding into her spot.

Emily threw her pussy up to match his thrusts and Kyle’s balls tightened. She begged for him to go faster. He panted as his throbbing cock glistened with Emily’s juices.

She looked up deep into his eyes and his arms began to shake as he fucked harder. Both of them screamed to the heavens as Kyle tensed, filling Emily’s cunt with gallons and gallons of warm sperm.

As he pulled his limp cock out, Emily fell back and caught her breath. “That was fucking incredible!”

Kyle laughed, his cock laying in a puddle of their mixed juices. It was then that Wendall walked out to them. His own cock dripped from a recent orgasm.

“That was hot you two,” he said, holding his camera, “it’ll make for some nice candids.”

Kyle looked at the shots from different angles, Emily screaming as he fucked her, close-ups of their bodies connected, videos of him rapidly fucking her and of her breasts bouncing.

“I’m sure our fans will love it honey,” Emily said with a ruffle to his hair. He smiled and headed into the house to upload them.


Thomas stepped out of the shower and sighed with contentment as he stroked his hard prick. At the same moment, Cassidy walked in and saw him.

“Finished with the shower bro?” she asked.

He nodded and stood, her eyes moving to his engorged penis and she smiled. She then peeked into the shower and saw the walls covered in oozing white jizz. “How many times did you jerk off in here?”

“22,” he replied without even the slightest shame.

She smiled and touched her cock head and he instantly erupted, firing a pearly streak across her breasts. Cassidy shrieked and laughed.

“Looks like that still wasn’t enough!” she continued to laugh, kissing him as she got into the shower and turned on the water, rinsing off his cum before turning the nozzle to her pussy.

“Mmmm…” she said, feeling the powerful blast pleasure her insides. Outside the glass, she could clearly see Thomas jacking off. She moaned louder, rubbing her clit as Thomas fisted his dick harder, groaning loudly.

He jerked it faster and faster as she then began to rapidly finger herself. She bit her lips as she squeezed her breasts and then turned the nozzle on her ass. Thomas gripped his dick tighter and beat his cock with all his power.

They too came together, Cassidy’s juices shooting onto the bottom of the shower as Thomas’ cum shot with audible thunks onto the door of the shower. The orgasm made him shake and moan until he finally ran dry.

Kyle then walked in and saw the scene, smiling as he saw bursa otele gelen eskort bayan Cassidy sucking and licking Thomas clean. His cock got hard seeing Cassidy’s ass.

“Just came in to tell you two that breakfast is ready,” he said, “don’t be long.”

They nodded and Cassidy continued to suck him until he came again inside her mouth. The two headed to the dining room and saw everyone else had already sat down.

Everyone loaded up their plates. There was much more in the kitchen anyway. A lot of food was needed to keep their physical appetite in line with their sexual one. But that didn’t mean they still wouldn’t get their need for sex in during meals.

Indeed, almost all the woman had a tall glass of freshly extracted cum while the boys were getting their fill of the milk of their mothers and sisters. Ronnie attempted to shove his cock into Selena’s pussy but she playfully swatted his ass.

“Now, now,” she said, “you know I want to fuck you honey but we did it all night. We need to replenish.”

Ronnie looked disappointed. Seeing it, Selena lowered her head to his dick and began to suck, her loud slurping filling the dining room. However, most were too preoccupied to give it any thought.

She pumped half of the rigid tool with her hand while crudely slobbering down his throbbing shaft. Ronnie’s eyes widened as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Fuck!” he shouted in his small voice. Selena giggled, shoving two fingers into his asshole. He cried out louder, gripping the chair firmly as his orgasm was on the horizon. Despite the slick puddle of saliva and precum underneath him, he maintained his grip, moaning in an increasing pitch.

With one final gasp, his cock exploded into his mother’s mouth, his cheeks filling as they took every drop his tiny body gave her, sucking to the base before sliding back up. His cock glistened with saliva and her lip gloss as his balls fired stream after stream of sperm.

Once he ran dry, Selena pulled off and raised her empty cup to her lips, spitting the fresh man cream into it. Once she was finished, the cup was nearly full. She kissed his cheek and rubbed his head.

“Good boy,” she said, “Make sure you get them extra full this time. I want to be flooded with your cum after breakfast.”

She gave him a large serving of bacon and eggs just as another large batch was set onto the table. The family ate and had their fill, speaking of all sorts of sexual depravity.

Not long after, Marie was on her back, holding her legs spread far apart as Thomas gave her a good pussy pounding. Meanwhile, Melanie was on the recliner, Kyle sitting and holding her bouncing tits as she rode his cock hard.

“Haaaaaahh!!!!” Melanie gasped as her climax struck, “oh FUCK!!!!”

Kyle pistoned his hips, slamming his dick deep into the mature slut as they kissed, bursa eve gelen escort Melanie frantically rubbing her clit. Thomas cried out as he and Marie came at the same time and Kyle came soon after, Melanie making sure to drain every drop of hot sperm from Kyle’s dick.

After blowing another massive load into his mother, he headed upstairs find Victoria and Simeon in her bedroom. Simeon’s hand glided over his lubed cock, tied tightly with a cloth at his root.

She watched him intently, rubbing his chest as he pounded his dick as hard as he possibly could. His groans, starting softly in his chest, got louder. The scene was so arousing, Kyle began to jerk off as well.

“Ahhhh!!!” he shouted, Victoria slowly untying the cloth, “I’M GONNA CUM!!!!”

His entire body spammed, firing blast after blast of cum, shooting it everywhere. It landed on the bed, floor and even the far wall, one round barely missing his father.

It was then Kyle noticed that Victoria was masturbating as well, holding the boy’s shoulders as she roughly fucked herself with his dildo. Simeon could eventually go no longer but Victoria finished him off, shoving her pussy slick dildo into his ass and he screamed out again, cumming on his chest and lap.

Kyle could hold back no longer, shooting his load onto Victoria and Simeon. He smiled as they cleaned each other and Victoria began to suck him off. It wasn’t long before he came again. Kyle pulled out, letting Victoria have a go and he quickly came again.

He and Simeon then ravaged Victoria in each hole until she passed out, Kyle filling her unconscious ass with cum.

“We did good huh Daddy?” Simeon asked with his father’s approving hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah we did my boy,” he replied, “we sure did.”

Fucking continued for many more hours until they could just not fuck any longer. Kyle awoke sweaty and covered in his cum as well as many others. His cock was limp and laying over his thigh as he stood, shakily, to get some water.

Once he was hydrated, he walked back into the sex reeking living room and lay back, stroking his cock. Rubbing the precum into his swollen head, he groaned as he stroked his slick shaft. He went faster, his eyes closed as he lay his back, gripping the cock tightly as he moved up, loosening his grip as it slid upward.

Kyle groaned as he felt an orgasmic wave build up inside of him that was coming in strong. Suddenly, without warning he felt his ass tighten, an instant later his balls drew-up, then his dick began throbbing. He could feel the cum begin surging up the tube in the underside of his dick. He moaned as an absolutely massive spurt of his white cum spewed out of his piss hole.

It flew through the air, landing a full two feet in front of him and onto the coffee table. Barely a second latter another big spurt of cum shot out of his dick: this one didn’t go nearly as far, maybe a foot. His knees were beginning to buckle but he managed to keep jacking off.

His orgasm seized him, paralyzing his whole body except for his rapidly moving arm, coaxing out more and more of his seed, firing everywhere. The final shot seemed to unlock his body. He lay back in exhaustion and released his limp dick, falling back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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