Bottoms Up Again

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Once in the shower, Sally and I didn’t take long getting to business, as she began washing me without even being asked. I grinned and enjoyed her magical hands as she touched, fondled, and groped me every step of the process. I began to really harden in her hands and she would stop just shy of making me cum, knowing that she would have to pay for her cock teasing ways. She had a look of complete mischief on her face the whole time, but she wasn’t ready for what I did next.

As I washed each inch of Sally’s skin, I kissed and licked it … except the armpits, of course. Otherwise, however, I licked and kissed every part of her flesh as I washed and rinsed it, making the shower smell suspiciously like a very wet pussy. Sally squirmed, sighed, and moaned as I tasted her, finally breaking out into a crescendo of cries that emanated from her lips while her face created the impression that she was dying or something like that. When I ran my tongue along her butt-crack, Sally held onto the spigot for dear life and seemed as if she were about to break it as she screamed at the top of her lungs to the rest of the household…

It wasn’t long before we had an audience, as Kelly rushed to the door. They found a very slick and very satisfied Sally, who knelt before me in adoration and gratitude, kissing my cock before I pulled her to her feet to kiss her mouth. When that happened, Kelly didn’t give us a chance to dry off before she went to her knees and took my dick into her mouth. Sally rushed to join her and my cock was now as stiff as it could possibly get from having two Southern cuties suck my dick so hungrily as a team.

Just when they thought that they had me, I rose and began drying Sally off, while Kelly did the same for me without being told. I led the way to the backyard, where I sat down on a chaise longue and motioned for them to join me. Then I cleared my throat.

“Alright, boys and girls. You’re gonna start supper soon, I hope. I’m starving. I don’t know about you. However, let me lay down some more rules and I hope that we’re clear here. We have all agreed that I am in charge and that I will collar each of you as my slaves. There are some pregnant women around and therefore they must quit smoking cold turkey … and so must the rest of you. It will be better for the women, the unborn, and all of us, not to mention our budgets. I will rent out the other home for visitors, tourists, etc. whatever, but not permanently, in case I have need of it for whatever reason. Tomorrow, I’m moving boxes into this place and gorukle escort bayan I will live here with you to give you the firm and loving domination that you crave and need.

“Girls, whenever you have an urge to smoke, suck a cock. Same with you guys. That should cure you of the urge to smoke enough, I think. Sucking cock is a whole lot better for you than smoking tobacco, and you know it, too,” I commanded them.

“We’ll help you, I promise … but right now, I really want a smoke … bad,” Martin turned to me, seeing his chance.

“Well, in that case, kiss my cock, but work with your sister Belle. I want to feel both of your mouths on my dick, licking and sucking away at it,” I instructed the young man.

Martin grinned and immediately planted a kiss on my dick, while I asked, “Who will cook the food?”

“Let us handle that. Lowell and me. We’re a couple. We should work together on it,” Mary suggested with a wink.

Meanwhile, Belle got to her knees to join her brother and plant her share of kisses on my cock. They began licking each side of my stiffening rod, sometimes, letting their tongues overlap to entwine with each other’s. Sally and Kelly, not to be outdone, now came over to me and pleaded with pouty faces to be allowed to serve me in some way as before … so I gestured for each of them and put my hand on each of their, well … bottoms. I was already hard as a rock, but I wanted some fine entertainment for now, so I pointed to Mark and Shannon.

“Shannon, Mark, I want you two to sixty-nine with each other. Think that you can do that for me? Let Shannon get on top, Mark underneath … and Mark, I really want you to eat her like it’s going out of style. Eat her with the same appetite that you will eat supper later on tonight. Chow down. Go for it like my ex-wife is probably going to town on her girlfriends. Shannon, same principle, suck his dick like it’s the best thing that you have ever tasted in your life and you never want it to leave your mouth. Focus, no matter how hard this position makes it for you … just focus on your partner’s pleasure, not your own. Is that clear?” I ordered them.

“Sally, Kelly, take turns riding my face. I want to eat each of you out, pussy and ass, while the other girl helps me by licking the other hole. Think that you can do that, ladies?” I instructed them.

“Yes, please … let us sit on your face. You won’t regret it, Master!” Sally agreed enthusiastically, planting her sweet twat on my mouth for me to begin licking away nilüfer escort bayan at it.

I knew that much, of course and I settled in for a chance to really devour Sally first, running my tongue along her slit to tease her while she gasped in reaction to me … and to Kelly rimming her ass. My poor fiancée had no idea just how eager I was to lick her pussy … it was the one good thing that came from my marriage, in that my ex loved to be eaten out, and I had gotten very good at it as a result from the practice. Sally had such a very sweet, juicy, and bare twat, too, her lips moist and dripping her juices as she creamed herself repeatedly from both my tongue and Kelly’s. It was evident that the young slut would be very easy … and eager to please. She was right. I would be extremely pleased to have her as my wife. Who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, Martin and Belle really proved how much they knew their stuff, sucking my hard cock and my balls with the same exact gusto and talent as each other, though that made sense as they were from the same family. I wondered just how much practice Martin had on sucking dick, but I got the impression that the ladies had understated the degree of it considerably. As for Belle, well, she really transferred her fondness for tobacco to an eagerness to all but inhale my cock. Pretty soon, her brother and she had a solid pattern of swapping cock for balls, balls for cock. My every nerve ending was alive as the siblings went down on me, even as I did my best to tune it out (not easy at all under the best of circumstances) and dine on Sally, or Kelly, who now took her cousin’s place while Sally began licking her butt as well.

By now, Mark and Shannon were both so far gone that I could hear incredible noises and definitely smell their arousal as they got it on … and pretty soon, Kelly and Sally both needed it badly, too, so I began to finger Sally’s asshole while I licked Kelly’s bottom now. Before too long, both women creamed themselves on me, their fluids soaking my arms and my face … By God, they were delicious, as was the sound of Mark and Shannon as they came at last. By then, it was too much when combined with those loving, wet, and warm tongues on my cock and balls, and I came all over Belle and Martin alike, some even getting on Belle’s tits.

“Oh, damn, that was terrific, boys and girls! You really know how to please a guy, that’s sure. Now, I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve worked up a bit of an appetite, and I was already rather hungry bursa otele gelen escort bayan when I got here. How much longer for supper, Mary, Lowell?” I demanded.

“Master, we are almost done, I swear it! Here, though, you do look like you could use something to drink in the meantime. Some more peach tea, or something stronger, perhaps?” Mary winked at me, now walking over to kiss me passionately on the mouth.

“A cold beer would be nice, if you don’t mind,” I smiled at Mary.

“Mind? That’s funny, Master! All that we have is yours now. Our house, our money … our bodies. Everything. A cold beer? You can have the entire six-pack if you want, or both of them, for that matter,” Mary reminded me.

“Yeah, well, I’ve decided something else,” I blurted, having just thought of it, after being reminded of just how power I suddenly possessed.

“Yes, Master?” Shannon asked me as she brought me the coldest beer that she could find in the ice chest.

“No birth control pills. Period. Anyone on those goes off them. No spermicidal jellies, or condoms with spermicide, or anything of the sort. I want to start breeding you ladies as soon as possible,” I grinned at them, “though, of course, Mary and Belle are already in the family way. I can and will pick the next ones to breed them as well. I can and will decide this, down to the nth degree.”

I freely admit now that selecting which of the four men living in this house would sire their spawn. It was a power trip that really started to excite me. The more I thought about my new position, the more I liked it. Hell, I loved it. A guy could get used to a life like this. No more being sexually frustrated. No more being cut off or given the cold shoulder. I could come home from work and have my pick of the men and women in my harem to service me.

“Well, Master, dinner is served,” Sally broke through my thoughts now, bringing me the very first plate.

“Why, thank you, Sally,” I beamed at her.

“We always brought Mama’s plate to her first. It’s only fair to do the same for the new Top to all of us Bottoms,” she winked at me, while the others surrounded me and Mary in particular played with my hair, while Lowell began rubbing my feet.

Yeah, this was the life … things for me could never be the same…

A song from my past just seemed to fit me and my mood best of all…

I’m on the Top of the world, looking out on Creation…

Well, with all of those willing Bottoms at my service, I truly was on Top, and it felt just right, as if it were the way that it was always meant to be. To be here, with these Bottoms … even though I had never been to this part of the world before … I was home at last, and I’ve never felt more welcome. I have certainly never looked back, as the rest of my adventures that I am about to relate will make perfectly clear.

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