Bought , Paid For Ch. 01

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Three aces, a queen of hearts, and a two of diamonds. Motioning for two cards, Ivory prayed they were good enough to get her out of the mess she had gotten herself into.

Her father’s debts, revealed on his deathbed, ensured that Ivory was forced into the untenable position of having to gamble for the family home her mother had always known. Working as an escort wasn’t earning her enough to support the insurmountable debt that was her father’s legacy.

She stared across into the midnight blue eyes of the man she had met earlier that evening and turned down the offer of his company. After a few hours of watching her gamble away her savings, he made her an offer he was sure she could not refuse.

He would pay off whatever debt was troubling her in exchange for her presence in his bed for a month.

Fire flashed in Ivory’s eyes before she maliciously told him what he could do with his offer. It was then that he offered to play her one hand of poker, promising that if she won, then he would pay off her debt and leave her alone.

But if he won, he would take her to his bed for a month, and depending on how she pleased him, he would still pay off the debt. A win-win situation from her point of view, so Ivory had agreed.

Ivory dragged her eyes away from his to view the two cards she had been dealt. She exhaled a breath of relief when she realized one of them was in fact another ace.

Risk took in her relief and smiled to himself. So she thought she was free of him, did she? Risk glanced down at the eight, seven, six, five, and four of spades that he had originally been dealt. Ivory had been so enmeshed in thought that she did not even notice that he had refused to take a card.

Ivory revealed her hand with a feeling of triumph knowing that she had just gotten her first big break in months. Risk observed her supposed success for a full minute before he laid his hand down and smiled back at her triumphantly.

Ivory slowly realized that he had in fact beat her and that she was now required to be his personal sex toy for the next month. Fear quickened in her heart as she took in his feral smile and read the explicit sexual intent therein.

“Shall we,” he asked, rising from his seat and extending his arm.

Ivory stared at the proffered arm for a few seconds before coming to some swift conclusions. If she didn’t do this, then the family house was as good as lost. She also didn’t know this man from Adam or what he would be capable of if she refused him and riled him to anger.

She did know that he was extremely wealthy, as he had graced the pages of who’s who in the society pages for several years. Of course, she hadn’t paid much attention to the names, just glanced at the faces and the going fashions. Afterall, in her line of work, they didn’t pay you for your brains or scintillating conversation. If she pleased him, then her worries could be over. Clinging to this thought, Ivory slowly got up from her seat and took his arm.

They walked out to where his sleek Jaguar was parked in silence. As he came around to open the door for her, she asked, “Am I to know the name of the man who will be fucking me for the next month?”

Risk smiled at her openness and at her attempts to ease the tension from the situation. After tucking her into her seat he replied, “Risk.” He slid into the driver’s side and proceeded to drive.

It was another ten minutes or so before Ivory worked up the courage to speak again as her nerves were stretched to the limit.

Knowing what she was about to say would not be well received, Ivory gently broached the subject that was plaguing her mind.

“Listen, I know I hurt your ego when I turned you down back there and you won my presence in your bed fair and square, but I don’t think it would be asking too much for you to release me from our deal. It was a crazy offer made in the heat of the moment and it was accepted in the same vein,” Ivory finished on a rush watching his face for signs of a response.

None was forthcoming.

It was another three minutes or so before Risk deigned to answered.

“I can appreciate your nervousness, but I can assure you this is a situation you will enjoy once I’ve got you bursa eskort on your back in my bed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you begged to stay longer than the required month once this is all over. Since I took my first lover, there have been no complaints, and believe me, I’ve had all kinds. Pleasing you would barely take any effort.” Risk smiled, knowing he was deliberately bating her to get her physiological responses flowing.

Ivory took the bate. “How dare you presume to treat me as though I am just another one of your women. Unlike those women, I do not come to your bed willingly and neither do I intend to enjoy what you are going to force on me. You haven’t got what it takes to please me. Common courtesy would be high on my list and you haven’t even bothered to ask my name.”

“Why should I,” Risk drawled, “It is you who will be calling out my name in a matter of minutes, not the other way around. As for my not being able to pleasure you, well, I think we should put that little challenge to the test.”

Risk began to slide his hand up under her dress. Ivory could only stare as his long fingers made their way past her knees. Ivory was dismayed at his continued ascension, realizing he would soon know that she had not worn any panties that evening because of the close cut of the dress. Risk easily brushed past her punitive attempts to still him from his goal and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was readily accessible.

Risk gently, but firmly pushed her thighs apart, letting his hand drifted downward. He gently massaged small circles around her clit before continuing on a downward path towards her plump pussy lips.

Ivory moaned low in her throat as she watched his finger slide deeply into her, soon joined by a second and then a third. All the while, Risk continued to watch the flow of traffic as his hand learned her lush folds. Ivory began rocking against the gentle thrust of Risk’s fingers trying to drive them deeper.

Risk smiled to himself as he felt Ivory begin to give herself up to the pleasure of the moment. Ivory closed her eyes as Risk continued to thrust his fingers into her. As Ivory began to moan louder, Risk picked up the pace and occasionally altered the deepness of his thrusts, shallow, then deep, then shallow, both intended to and succeeding in driving Ivory mad with desire.

Risk continued to push Ivory closer to orgasm with each change in his caress, but never allowed Ivory to reach complete fulfillment.

Pulling into the private garage of his luxury apartment, Risk parked the car and withdrew his fingers from Ivory. She opened her eyes and moaned in protest at the lack of pressure she so desperately needed.

Risk took advantage of the disorientation and frustration he knew Ivory was feeling, and lowered his head over her and began to suck on her clit. Ivory came up off the seat in her pleasure, clasping her hands behind Risk’s head and urging him on. Risk began thrusting his fingers into her, hard and fast. He gave no quarter as he felt her begin to shudder underneath him. He continued to viciously suck her clit into his mouth and finger fuck her hard.

Ivory came in a shuttering mass of confused nerves, screaming Risk’s name, just as he had predicted. Risk began to take long licks in between her legs, delighting in the taste of her pleasure. Ivory turned her head away in shame, but could not control the small shutters that continued to wrack her body as Risk continued furiously nibbling, sucking and stroking her cunt.

Almost immediately, Ivory felt another wave of fire shoot up her skin and knew she was on the edge of orgasm again. Risk took one last lascivious lick of her sweet juices before raising his head and licking his fingers clean in a decidedly suggestive manner. Ivory looked away in mortification and yearning.

Risk could read her so well and knew how she hungered for him, but despised herself for being such easy prey.

Handing Ivory his key card, Risk instructed her. “Go up to my apartment, penthouse floor, and I will be up in a moment.”

Ivory slid out of the car and made her way over to the elevator while trying to deal with her whirling thoughts. Risk had brought her more pleasure bursa bayan escort than she had ever experienced in her whole life, and yet he was a stranger.

Maybe he was right, Ivory mused. If he could push her this far, this fast, in a matter of moments, then how likely would it be that she would indeed be addicted to him in a month’s time.

Ivory exited the elevator as she arrived on the top floor and beheld the absolute luxurious surroundings of the apartment before her. Plush carpet and vibrant colors brought a touch of the exotic into the atmosphere.

Ivory wandered around, noting the high tech kitchen unit installed, wondering if he cooked as well as he did other things. She perused the decadent bedroom done in a variety of maroon, scarlet, gold, and purple, under laid with the same rich midnight blue as Risk’s eyes.

Teel walked back into the living room and stood by the columns framing the left side of the floor to ceiling windows done in tinted glass. She leaned her head against one of the columns and was drifting in and out of thoughts about Risk.

Ivory suddenly found herself surrounded with hot male flesh as she was pressed against the column. Risk must have come in while she was in the bedroom and disrobed, she thought.

Risk brought his hands up under her dress again, this time removing the flimsy barrier from between them. He unclasped her black lace strapless bra, and began to knead her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingers, stimulating her, preparing her for what was to come.

Ivory felt growing against her back and gave a slight shutter at the sheer size of him. One hand abandoned its position on her breast and headed south, stroking the curve of her smooth stomach before continuing on to tangle in her wet curls.

Risk licked his way from her neck to her ear. “Tell me your name,” he whispered.

Ivory remained silent, partly because the pleasure he was giving her was taking her breath away and partly because she doubted if he really cared.

Risk continued to stroke her, inserting two fingers into her while his thumb continued the swift circles around her clit. The air caught in Ivory’s throat.

Risk took advantage of her precarious position, continuing his demands. “Is your name Soaked? Did your mother know that you would grow up to crave cock buried deep inside you and that you would get soaking wet just thinking about having it fill you?”

Ivory began to shudder in his arms, at his words and at his continued ministrations. She didn’t know why his insults should make her even more aroused, but they served to stroke the flames of her arousal even higher. She began to moan and move against his hand wildly.

Risk continued, “Did she name you Receptive, knowing that your body would be quick to accept the hand of a lover. That you would have an insatiable appetite for fucking that would leave you willing and ready to be bought and fucked?”

Ivory moaned in despair at his disparagement of her character, and moaned again at his withholding of the ultimate pleasure.

“Did she name you Ivory, for your pale and luminescent skin that would draw a man across a crowded room and make him wish to stroke you until you purred with pleasure, as you do now,” Risk whispered.

Ivory reached behind her with one hand and grabbed Risk’s penis, desperately trying to force him where he belonged: inside of her, giving her pleasure. “Yes,” she breathlessly begged.

“Yes, it is your name, or yes, you want my cock,” Risk tormented.

“Both,” Ivory screamed in frustration. “Ivory is my name, and I want your cock.”

Risk needed no further incentive to give her the fucking she was begging for and moved his hand down to one of her thighs to lift it further and wrap it around the column, giving him full access to her wide spread pussy. Risk thrust in with little regard for Ivory, burying himself to the hilt after tearing through a barrier to his goal.

Ivory stilled beneath him, shocked at the discomfort and awed by the feeling.

Risk stilled atop her, realizing too late that she was a virgin.

“How can you be such a lusty bitch and yet keep yourself from bursa ucuz escort being possessed so long.” Risk asked with idle curiosity. Anything to reign in his rampant desire to pound into her soft tissue.

“How can you be such a randy bastard and yet not be fucking me senseless right now. This is not the time for chit chat,” she saucily retorted.

Risk didn’t need a second invitation to continue tearing into her innocent flesh and introducing her to the pleasures of the flesh.

Risk thrust slowly, but deeply, rotating his pelvis with each thrust down, ensuring he penetrated her as deeply as possible in their current standing position.

Ivory continued to hold on to the column and move with Risk as the pressure and the pleasure inside of her built.

“Touch yourself,” Risk commanded. Not at all interested or caring that this was Ivory’s first real sexual experience.

“No,” Ivory denied him.

Risk reached around and took Ivory’s hand with his own, bringing it down in front of her body and making her touch herself. Covering her hand with his own and creating a firm friction around her clit.

“Ahhh,” Ivory moaned as the pleasure became overwhelming. She tried to jerk her hand away, but Risk increased the pressure and picked up the pace on his thrusting, pushing her towards climax.

Risk finally released her hand, as he felt the tremors in her body start to subside. He continued to thrust, although more gently.

“Are you ready for round three,” Risk asked.

Ivory shook her head to negate that she was ready for more. Risk ignored her and lifter her in his arms and took her into the bedroom laying her on the bed. As Ivory looked up she realized she had missed a certain feature of the bedroom. There was a mirror affixed to the ceiling above the bed.

“Do you think you can take anymore,” Risk asked.

“No,” Ivory begged.

“Yes,” Risk promised. “Watch and learn,” he promised, indicating the mirror above them.

Ivory watched as he entered her once more. Seeing his long hard length disappear between her legs and then reappear, then disappear was exhilarating. The visuals were starting to get to her, because she could feel slight tremors racing through her yet again.

Ivory was surprised into letting out a slight yelp as Risk rolled onto his back leaving Ivory on top.

Risk found her startled face comical and gave a slight chuckle as he informed her, “It’s my turn to watch; you ride.”

Risk started off by lifting Ivory slightly off his length and then letting her slide back down. When she picked up the rhythm and then began to change it to suit her needs, Risk sat back to relax and enjoy the show.

Risk loved watching Ivory’s breasts jiggle as she slid up and down his length, bringing herself pleasure, using him as he would most assuredly be using her again.

“Don’t play with me; fuck me,” he encouraged her. Knowing the words would bring out the slut in her. He liked her acting like a whore for him. He liked her knowing her role in his life.

Ivory picked up the pace, furiously pumping herself up and down Risk’s rigid length. Enjoying the look of exquisite pleasure-pain that danced across Risk’s face. She liked when he talked dirty to her, and she wondered if he liked the same. She would find out.

Ivory suddenly stopped moving. Risk looked up at her questioningly.

”This is boring me,” Ivory challenged. “How would you like to try out that counter in the kitchen? It looked sturdy enough for fucking to me.”

Risk’s eyes lit up at the invitation. “I think something could be arranged,” he offered, once more lifting her and carrying her to the kitchen, but instead of laying her on her back as Ivory had expected, he bent her over the counter.

Before Ivory could work up a protest, Risk slid back between her legs, and began fucking her hard, deep, and fast.

“I wouldn’t like for you to get bored again,” Risk warned her. “I have a reputation to maintain.”

Ivory felt the orgasm come upon her swiftly and could do nothing to fight it down. Another two thrusts and she climaxed in his arms. Risk followed her over the precipice as her contractions overwhelmed him.

“Not bad,” Ivory complimented. “A girl could get use to this,” she added breathlessly.

“We’ll see,” Risk commented noncommittally, pulling out of her dripping cunt.

Risk ran a finger between her folds and licked the juices off. “We shall see.”

To be continued . . .

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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