Brandy Stern

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Brandy Stern

By FosterK

Brandy Stern stood in front of her full length mirror, not bad if I do say so myself She mused. Standing five foot eleven inches in her stocking feet, she weighed in at 175 lbs, a far cry from her weight just six months ago.

Brandy had struggled with weight loss for years, made excuses about being big boned, having a genetic propensity for weight gain, slow metabolism, etc. With a Body mass index of 37 and weighing over 260 lbs. A close friend suggested that she try a new technique, diets exercise etc. had not had any great effect in the past so she decided to take her friends advice and try gastric banding, a radical medical procedure that restricts the size of the stomach.

After the procedure she played golf three times a week, ran on a treadmill twice a day, even bought a bicycle and spent hours pedaling around the local parks. She remembered the day she went to buy the bike and the over-heard conversations from the mechanics who set the bike up. “Better put a couple more PSI in them tires Bart.”

“Yeah,” said another man, “hope she don’t exceed the safe working load of the frame.”

She had glared at the mechanic as he wheeled the bike out, we’ll see who has the last laugh, she thought.

Now the woman looking back at her from the mirror was almost a stranger to her, her skin had toned, she sported a light tan from all the outdoor work, and for a woman who had recently turned fifty she looked ten years younger.

Carefully choosing items of underwear she proceeded to dress. Her two teenage daughters were out and her husband had taken himself off to his favourite destination, the yacht club, she reveled in the peace that ensued as the house became quiet and she was alone.

Panties, full shaped, waist band high İstanbul Escort on the hips, she never did get the thong thing, that thin strip of material pulling into your arse crack, Brandy couldn’t think of anything less comfortable, she’d rather wear nothing, going commando as they call it, and often did.

Brassier next, something soft yet supportive, with lacey edges, and able to show off her cleavage. Her breasts, while not huge were proportionate to her new frame and large enough to give her a matronly rubinesque figure.

What she needed now more than anything was a good fuck. Burt, her husband wasn’t up to the task, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer some years back and it had been removed, no threat to his health now though, but no threat of sex either. He had all the drugs all right, Cialis, Viagra, tadalafil, but as he confided to a friend one day, the instructions were clear, take at least 20 minutes before you plan to have sex, but since they never actually planned to have sex it seemed pointless taking the drugs.

What she needed to find was a casual lover, some one who could be discreet, whom no one would suspect and some one close so it would not seem unusual if they were seen together. Brandy went through a list of potentials. She immediately discounted the losers at the yacht club, her husbands’ friends. She thought about her girlfriends’ husbands. The engineer? No scratch him off the list, after twenty years of marriage they were still so lovey, dovey it was almost sickening. The airline pilot? Nope, too self centered, The cross-dressing neighbor? She shuddered at the thought, I’d never get him out of my wardrobe.

Suddenly it hit her, the ideal candidate, a friends husband Dirk, living not too far away, reasonably fit, tall, about six foot, Kadıköy Escort not overweight, now that she had her new figure she didn’t want to waste time on a fat man. She though back to a wedding she had attended a year ago. Her husband was off socializing leaving her and Dirk alone at the table, his wife had begged out at the last minute with a severe migraine headache. An announcement came over the PA system, unintelligible as most PA systems are and not able to compete with the ambient noise level, “Munufufnff mnff lnff fefefulnunuf fuff” the announcer said. Dirk turned to Brandy.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“I think it said ‘turn to the person sitting next to you and give them a long sensuous kiss'”

Dirk looked at her obviously knowing that she had made this up, he weighed up the options, she was not an unattractive woman, what could it hurt, he thought. “You sure you want to do this,” he asked. “Once I kiss you, you may not want to stop”

“Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you?” she offered, “I think I’ll take my chances”

Dirk leaned in for the kiss, he held the back of her neck and brushed his lips against hers, so soft,” he thought, if only.

If only what Dirk? She’s your best friends wife. Said the good angel standing on his shoulder. The little red devil standing on the other shoulder poked his trident at the good angel.

If only she would lose a few pounds, he means, Mr. Goody two shoes.

Brandy too was enjoying the experience, he’s right, I don’t want to stop.

Too soon they broke off the kiss hurriedly looking around for witnesses. No one seemed to have been paying attention to the couple, and here was Burt heading for the table with a round of drinks.

Since then, the two had never mentioned the incident, but that’s going to change Ataşehir Escort today, thought Brandy as she put the finishing touches to her makeup.

A crisp cotton shirt and designer jeans completed her clothing. She slipped on a pair of beige, suede ankle boots and smoothed her hand across her bottom. The jeans fit like a second skin, she had been on a virtual shopping spree since the weight loss. She knew the clothes looked good on her. The last thing she grabbed on the way out was a small card with four blue pills in individual bubbles, just in case.

The 5.8 litre V8 engine purred into life as she turned the ignition. That was another thing. She thought back to her previous self and how difficult it was getting in and out of a sports car designed for the beautiful people. Well, she was one of them now, she now turned as many heads as did the bright red sports coup. Next stop, Dirks place, Brandy knew his wife was away at a sales conference.

She pulled up outside the house, no need for secrecy, it was common for Brandy to visit this house. Her heels clopped on the path as she walked to the door.

Dirk got up from his computer to answer the doorbell, surprised at seeing Brandy there he invited her in. He could not help an admiring glance at her new found body.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” He asked somewhat formally. Brandy knew it was just one of Dirk’s quirky ways, he was far from being a formal kind of guy.

“Well Dirk,” she said putting down her handbag and turning to face him, “I thought it was about time to talk about the affair.”

“W…what affair?” asked Dirk slightly taken aback.

“Why OUR affair darling.” Brandy stepped closer, placed her hands on his cheeks and planted a kiss on his lips.

The light came on in Dirks head, he though about the night at the wedding, If only he had thought. “Oh, THAT affair” he said closing in for another taste of those sweet lips and wrapping his arms around Brandy’s slim waist.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, she thought, feeling the press of his erection against her.

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