Breaking Avalanche: New Specimen

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The sound of their muffled voices game them away and Tifa’s crimson eyes snapped open, its only been an hour and more Shinra soldiers were lining up at her cell door for another lesson. She sighed and slowly rolled out of her cot avoiding the smears and blood and teeth from the last glut of meat heads that tried to bum rush her.

She had to admire their tenacity while gave her shoulders a few slow rotations loosening the stiffness them. After what they did to sector 7 she had no problem drilling anyone that wore a uniform for Shinra. They had labeled her entire team of freedom fighters as terrorists and pinned the collapse on them. Fresh outrage seethed through her, she was worried that she was going to start enjoying this if they kept it up.

When she heard them gently sliding the metal bar from its slot to unlock the door, she assumed a wide fighting stance and clenched her leather-clad fists tightly. The door burst open and the first man charged at her wearing a navy blue and combat padding that guarded his knees and elbows. His helmet covered most of his head except for the mouth that he was shouting his battle cry from, a perfect target.
She snapped out a quick jab and his head snapped back
with a muffled whimper. His legs turned to jelly and while he collapsed to his knees, he folded back on himself and his body painfully contorted like a gymnast. She mentally winced at his posture thinking that maybe she should pull her punches a little.

That thought was quickly dashed when she saw they had elevated their tactics to using weapons now when the next one barreled in. If they wanted to hurt her that badly, she was not going to hold back. He had raised his baton high to lash out at her, but she was swifter and stepped into the attack halting the grown man’s strike at the elbow. He did not have long to fully process his mistake.

Her knee drove into his groin and she felt his protective cup under his pants meet against the bone, then she felt it break with a sharp CRACK. His feet were lifted off the ground when she drove her knee into the meat of his loins embedding the plastic of his cup up there as well. The force of the impact had knocked his helmet from his head so she could see his eyes bulging from their sockets, yeah, he was no longer a threat.

Still, they kept pouring in like a rising tide and she felt a pang of worry when all she could see was more heads milling about outside the cell waiting for their turn. The pace of the battle picked up as they came at her in greater number. She could only shoot a quick punch to the left when she saw him committing to an attack and he was sent staggering back with a grunt when she connected with his chest.

She only just barely noticed the incoming attack from her right and could only raise her forearm in defense to block the incoming baton. She winced at the impact but retaliated with a side kick catching him in the midsection. He curled around her boot blasting her bare thigh with thick ropes of phlegm before the momentum of her leg launched him off her foot and splayed his body out against the unforgiving metal wall.

The sound of crackling electricity made her hairs raise on end and she saw the guard wielding a long rod emitting flashes of blue bolts between two prongs at the very tip of the weapon. He was rushing in right down the middle with his arm cocked low to stab at her. His thrust with the weapon aiming for her midsection and she could just narrowly avoid it by side stepping his lunge.

She grabbed the overreaching arm of the soldier with her right hand and pulled him past her to unbalance him. He helplessly staggered forward and her left arm drove its elbow into his oncoming face with enough force to stop his head dead in tracks. His body lurched past until his spine could stretch no further and it tugged at the rest of his body until his feet kicked out from under him.

While she clotheslined the one guard, the one she had only thrown a jab to her left came up from behind and brought his baton around to her throat. She gagged when he applied pressure and hauled back on her with enough strength to lift her off her feet. Her stomach knotted with fear when he cut off her air supply and she instinctively clutched at the club he had wedged in his elbows.

Another soldier came rushing in to grab her and she rewarded his careless charge with a boot to the face. His helmet split down the middle from the impact and helped unbalance the man behind her from the force of her kick.

They both collided into the wall and when she felt his hold slacken she put all her weight forward. Her feet planted firmly on the ground and she curled her body low to the ground lifting the man over top her bent body. When she felt his head leaning over hers, she snapped the back of skull right into his face with a crunch.

His grip went slack with a pained grunt and she slipped from his noose before driving her elbow into his diaphragm knocking all the air from his lungs with a wheeze. Her neck was throbbing but the fight was still on and she saw another soldier was coming with another dreaded shock stick.

Anger seethed in her veins and she scowled rushing in at him before she delivered a spinning kick to the man. He saw her strike coming and attempted to block the incoming foot by raising an arm in defense. The kick came in with such force the limb was contorted around her shin with a wet crackle and then his face took the barely diminished brunt of her fury.

She hit him so hard his helmet was sent spinning above the cluster of soldiers like a top. His head was violently twisted away from her and his body was forced to follow. The side of the jaw she had hit had completely caved in and his mouth was spraying blood and shattered teeth over the blue uniforms of those closest to him.

Two men were forced to wrestle with his body when it limply crashed into them. They were surrounding her in her cell and she flew into a fury lashing out at anyone that came too close. She lost track of the number of times they had struck her in the arms, body as she weathered their attack and lashed back them many times harder.

No matter how many soldiers she punished with her blows they just kept pouring in on her. She was more fighting in a panic now as they crowded her. Stars exploded into her vision when a baton solidly connected and smashed her in the knee. She screamed out in agony and her leg crumpled under her weight.

In that small window of weakness, an arm shoved under her chin and she felt the soldier dragging her to the ground. She was bent over her backward in the choke hold and he wrapped his legs around her waist before locking his calves together. She could only let out a pained gurgle when he yanked back on her neck with all his strength.

She was stretched out over atop of him and she tried to gouge at him with her elbows but more soldiers surged in grabbing her by the arms and legs. She felt like she was being smothered and thrashed wildly in their grasp. She was certain she was going to die she was pinned under so many bodies trying to restrain her.

Then she saw one standing over her with a collar attached to a long rod poised to strike and her eyes widened in fear. When the hold on her neck was released there was nothing she could do and felt the cold collar clamp around her neck.

“We got her!” The guard that just leashed her called out in triumph. She felt them all climbing off her and foolishly freeing up her limbs. When she got her first lung full of air, she roared out with her crimson eyes wide in defiance and kicked straight out at the man that gave her this new piece of jewelry.

“FUCK YOU!” She shouted while he was rag-dolled into high the ceiling by the blow before impacting the corner of the roof at an awkward angle. The guards around her scrambled away as their comrade lay in a crumpled heap on the metal floor.

She rushed to get back on her feet ignoring the deep ache in her knee to continue the fight. They were all backing out of the cell, eyes wide in fear of her while other swiftly carrying their wounded out. She felt a pang of worry when only a handful remained and looked far too smug for her liking as they chuckled venomously.

Then hit her, electricity jolted through the collar and she went stiff as a board. Her body rapidly twitched with powerful contractions and her teeth clenched so tightly she could hear them grinding in her head. It was an awful pain, worse than she had ever experienced. It had her own muscles feeling like they were trying to rip free from her bones.

When the shock faded, she collapsed to her knees gasping for air and clutching her chest in pain. It felt like she was being shocked for minutes and she felt absolutely drained from the experience. She felt damp between her legs and the humiliation hit her that she had pissed herself from shocked so bad.

“You gonna play nice or do you want another?” One of the guards spoke up and she looked to see what one held the remote. She saw no sign of one and then she looked at one of the cameras tucked in the corner of the room. Her lip curled into a sneer and she stubbornly started to rise finding if difficult to even clench her fists.

Another shock coursed through her body and an agonized scream was ripped from her throat from the pure agony she felt. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks while her body still shook uncontrollably from the trauma. The stink of burning flesh stung at her nose from the prongs searing into her neck under the collar. For what felt like an eternity she was at the whims of the electricity coursing through her.

When it finally ended she collapsed onto the floor in a heap. She could only lay there gasping from the hot agony that pulsed through her body and between her ears. Her vision had narrowed into a dark passage and the sounds of laughter echoed through her dazed mind. A hand gripped her under the chin and she was forced to look at the visor of the guard manipulating her head.

“I’ll ask you again, are you going to do as we say, or do you want to get fried even more?” He grinned an awful smirk at her seem to greatly enjoy her suffering as his thumb stroked over her bottom lip. She attempted to bite at his intruding finger but he managed to snatch it away. He rose with a shake of a head and chuckle in his voice.
“Have it your Sex hikayeleri way – bitch.”

Tifa’s screams erupted through the speakers of the monitoring station as one of Hojo’s assistants depressed a button tuned to her collar to deliver her another harsh jolt. Hojo unflinchingly watched as the woman straightened out over the floor and wriggled like a worm on a hook. He was idly counting the seconds in his head while she endured the torment.

“D-doctor… I think she has had enough” His assistant had meekly spoken out of turn and he silenced the little upstart with just the slightest glare before continuing to watch the convulsing woman. Having lost count, he started all over again while she twitched on the floor foaming at the mouth. He found himself quite impressed from her display of both raw power and endurance.

“You may stop the shocks now – assistant.” He passively instructed and put end her torment, strong or not, the heart could only take so much. The girl on the monitor curled into a ball and he could see the smoke curling off the overheated collar. He stroked his chin in fascination she was off the charts for a normal human, the first zap he gave her alone should have killed her.

“Who is this woman?” He asked no one in particular as his cluster of underlings milled about to be the first to slake his curiosity.

“Her name is Tifa Lockhart – she is 19 years old and was born in Nibelheim – Doctor.” Someone spouted off from his peripheral vision. OH, my, this was an interesting development; she would have been just a child during the incident that occurred there. He stroked his chin again as he inspected the screen recording her suffering.

“How peculiar, for a woman to have such talents and such a usual eye color.” He mused out loud while a slow grin curled at the corners of his mouth. What were the chances that she had been exposed to fair dose of mako energy from the reactor all those years ago? It was hardly a perfectly working system at the time, experimental even so the possibility was likely. It was the only reasoning that explained her unique physical talents.

“I want this woman transferred to the exotic specimen holding cells, I think we have stumbled on a… playmate for Red Thirteen.” He chuckled gleefully at the prospect of finally wearing down that troublesome animal’s sense of morality with this woman. He was further titillated wondering if the experiments could possibly yield some cross-species results.
“Yes, she will be perfect practice for when it will be time for his moment with the ancient.”

“B-but… D-doctor how do you know its possible with either of them.” Another pesky assistant chimed in trying to ruin his desire to see the experiment through.

“I don’t KNOW if it will work, but we won’t know if we don’t try.” It didn’t matter if the experiment was a success, what mattered was they at least tried it a few times for good measure. He had an impressive batch unique creatures at his disposal and he was going to tinker with them until he was satisfied.
“Now – if you all are done questioning my work… get that woman transferred to my lab!”

Hojo walked into a large cylindrical room with his arms clasped behind his back. It was spacious to hold larger beasts and composed of nothing more than metal panels. He had made some quick adjustments to hold a human, most just a small bed and crude metal toilet. This would be the woman’s new home and It was right next to the interesting animal counterpart he was keen to have her copulating with.

His prodigious forward thinking mind had already made some accommodating modifications to help link the rooms if he so chose. Just across the room, there was a metal shutter and behind it was a particular restraint he was keen to put to use when he felt the time was right. An eager rush of excitement coursed through him thinking about all the suffering he was about to inflict on them, for the science of course.

He turned at the sound of heavy boots clomping towards the doorway and two men were carrying his new acquisition into the room between them. They had her by her arms and legs, and her body swayed limply between them from the heavy dose of tranquilizer he had administered on her.

He grinned at the sight of purpose built restraints one burly soldier had slung over his shoulder. It looked innocuous enough, just two heavy metal bars that clanged against one another. When properly employed, though, he would have this female in quite the compromising position. They lacked any sort of finesse or style in replace of pure durability to contain a woman of her amazing capabilities.

“Here is fine.” He gestured to the middle of the room with an open palm and they dumped her onto the floor with a hard bang. The restraints followed with a gonging clang before and they both bent down to start stripping her down.
“No no – your work here is done. You may leave us.” They both exchanged looks and then slowly got up to walk away leaving the unconscious woman with the doctor.

He had all the help he needed when pulled a large pair of scissors from his coat. Once he was alone a mischievous grin spread across his face looking over her. She was laying on her back wearing the same clothes she had when they captured her. Her creamy skin was still bearing the marks of the beating she had taken to be subdued. She truly was a gorgeous find from head to toe every bit looking unmistakably feminine but with a delectably muscular build of a warrior.

He kneeled beside her and placed the point of his closed scissors against her plump bottom lip and pressed the metal into her soft flesh denting it. He slowly ran the sharp blades down her neck knowing full well the drugs in her system were far from depleted and he could play with her as thoroughly as he pleased. He usually liked his subjects alive and wriggling, but she was simply too dangerous of a creature to expose himself too.

The scissors slid over her white tank top between the generous swell of her chest. She had a very impressive bust that strained at her top making the material taught against his blade. He continued to drag them before stopping when he reached the hem of her top just under the naval. They yawned open and he slid the bottom jaw under her shirt against her skin.

The blades closed with a hiss and the bottom of her tank top parted a fraction. With every cut he made in her shirt, his excitement grew. He sliced until his blades were surrounded by her breasts as he slowly exposed her chest to his roving eyes. Just the sight of the underside of her mounds made his groin pulse with excitement. He paused when he the last fraction of her split top in the jaws of his scissors to savor the moment, then he closed them.

He huffed in delight when the tank top burst open once he released all the tension in that final cut. Her large breasts wobbled slightly once he exposed them and it was such glorious sight to behold. The suspenders she wore wrapped around the sides of her chest and only helped enhance their look as they pushed them together.

His heart was already racing as he placed his scissors over her stomach to inspect them with his trembling hands. He placed his palms over the chocolate colored tops of her peaks feeling her warmth and her silky smooth skin under his palm. He started to gently knead them in his hands pondering how they could look so full but feel so sensuously soft under his touch.

Her nipples stiffened from his exploration and he gripped those chubby looking protrusions of flesh. Her thick areolas tightened and bunching up around when yanked at her rubbery buds. The texture of them fascinated him as he rolled them under his finger watching her flesh twisting between her fingers. He wondered if she enjoyed men playing with her the way he was or was it possible this would inflict pain.

He released those taught nipples, letting them snap back into place before his hand stroked over her midsection. Just as he thought, that deceptive layer of fat was concealing the most powerful core he had felt in a woman before. He shuddered as he stroked along her stomach his fingers snaking close towards the hem of her skirt.

He resisted the temptation to just plunge his hand down there and snatched up his scissors again. The suspenders had to go no matter how much they complimented her breasts and he grabbed them both in his hands. She was lifted off the ground when he pulled on her straps making her slack body bend in the middle.

When he cut the black leather suspenders she flopped flat to the floor and her mounds put on a wonderful dance for him. He moved his full attention to the lower region and he could feel his throat was getting dry from the anticipation. She had an extremely short skirt on to accommodate her powerful kicks and he pondered if she had also been distracting the guards with what she could have been wearing under it.

He was eager to find out and very carefully snuck his blades over the top of her skirt. As he cut her leather belt snapped apart. He carefully sawed into the tougher material of her skirt. His eyes lit up at a flash of white from her thick cotton panties already sporting a small split in the top of them were his scissors snagged on them.

Her skirt fell around the sides of her hips and was left with only her underwear to cover her modesty. The white material was already dark with moisture around her loins and clung to her flesh like a second skin. He could not be certain if it was just from urine when he had her electrocuted, but he was curious to find out.

With two snips and the waistbands were cut loose and he eagerly yanked those panties from her groin. A shudder of arousal coursed up his spine at the full looking folds of her femininity looking more like a pair of pouty lips. He tenderly stroked her pussy feeling a wonderful heat radiating into his hand.

He groaned feeling his manhood getting stiff just by stirring those thick lips around. He pried them apart and they split with wet smack tantalizing his ears a sensual kiss when he exposed the pink valley of inner flesh. His hand shuddered as he stroked deeper between her petals to stroke at her slippery but firm protrusion at the apex of her sex. He coaxed it with swirling fingertips feeling swell under his touch giving him, even more, to tease at.

Her breaths were quickening Sikiş hikayeleri and her cheeks flushed as he stroked between her legs but he continued to explore her womanhood needing to satiate his curiosity. He gently probed for the hole between her slick folds and then sunk two fingers inside. He groaned when he plunged into such a juicy passage and crudely stirred at her softness.

She started to pant and her cheeks flushed from him touching her inside. His playing became more aggressive and fingers dug into her walls only feel strong resistance. The sound of fingers wetly stirring in her opening was a delightful music. He felt a slight pang of regret that he was going to allow Red Thirteen to ruin such tight perfection, but he would not let his passions get in the way of his experiments.

He removed his fingers reluctantly and inspected how her nectar clung thickly to his fingers. He brought his fingers close to his face and smelled her fragrance, finding the stink of her to be rather pleasing. Even though it still had that acrid stink of urine souring it a little for his pallet. Still, he tasted her and licked up the mess on his digits, oh yes, a few tastes of this and that beast next door will be frothing at the mouth for her.

He neatly piled up her clothes and dragged the heavy equipment over to her, it was time to get her ready for the next phase of his plan. He rolled her over onto her stomach before he clutched those generous hips in his hands and yanked her back. His lusts surged in his loins making her bend over so crudely and presenting that thick rump to him.

Quickly he tempered those urges and kept on manipulating her body. He shoved her densely muscled legs apart just enough that he could wedge the heavy metal bar between her ankles. Each end was tightly clasped with a thick metal cuff preventing her from closing or opening her legs any further.

He had to move him to work at her undercarriage to lead one more long bar up the length of her midsection to meet with her collar with an audible click. He took this moment below her to grab her arms and pull them between her legs and laid them in cuffs welded to the spreader. When he clamped them shut, her arms were stretched to their limits.

He stepped back to look her over in this compromising position, yes this will do nicely. Her face and upper body were down against the metal floor, those large mounds pushing out around her frame. Her ass was lifted high into the air, putting on display both her inviting looking holes. Those bonds made sure that no matter how much she struggled, she wouldn’t be able to move an inch.

He was so busy gazing at her backside longingly that he had almost forgotten the final tool for his plan. He pulled a long metal probe from his pocket with a pair of leather loops fixed to its base. He gently inserted the chrome rod inside her sex then fastened the device to her thighs to keep it buried in her depths if she tried to expel the device. With a push of a button on its base, the vibrator sprung to life with a low hum as it started to quiver in her slit.

With a sigh, he once more rose up from her placing a hand on the firmness of her ass. She was ready for what he had in store for both woman and beast. His eyes hovered on her rump and he stroked his chin appraising her rear passage. That tightly bunched up ring of caramel colored muscle had no practical use in his experiments.

With a low chuckle, he unfastened his pants and dug his hard cock from his underwear. It was not like she was in a position to protest. There would be no problem with him having a little personal fun with this gorgeous specimen. He guided himself into her until he felt that taught pucker against his pre slickened cockhead.

He leaned in and put his weight into her and was rewarded with her taught hole slowly spreading open around him. He gasped at the heat of her insides when they kissed at his tip. His desires flared with hunger and he shoved into the unconscious woman wanting to feel more. The sensation was incredible as it felt like her guts were pulling him even deeper. It startled him when she purred out a deeply slutty moan when he sank into her.

He tensed up and he could see her looking back at him with her face shoved down into the floor with one eye. Her gaze was half lidded and that crimson orb seemed drunk with lust as she seemed to stare right through him. All his guile and intelligence took a back seat when he started bucking hard into her with a groan of pleasure.

Her body jerked and her asshole was turned into his thick cock ring of muscle. Her insides gripped him fiercely as he plunged deep into her. The texture was grainy as his hard flesh stroked against her slimy walls. The weak moans that spilled past her parted lips only thrilled him more deeply. She looked barely conscious but she was angling her hips so he could get deeper into her ass.

He bent over the top of her and huffed deeply as he runs his organ over the length of her insides making them slick with his pre-cum. Fleshy smacks filled the metal room as his hips collided with her toned cheeks sending ripples up her generous hips. She was pushing her ass right back into his hard connections panting like a bitch in heat and soaking his pants with her arousal.

His peak was building up fast and he filled a hand with her long ponytail to use it like a reign on her limp head. He grunted deeply when his cock erupted into her hot depths and he kept pummelling his cum into her bowels. The way she moaned when he blasted his load up her backdoor seemed to goad his nuts to keep pumping thick ropes of his seed. Fireworks burst in his mind as he experienced a long and powerful orgasm inside her.

Her walls become slick with his seed and his loins ached while the tight confines of her asshole milked his loins dry. He collapsed on top of her bound body panting with his glasses shifted at an awkward angle. He still felt his member twitching in her hole pouring every last drop of his essence uselessly into her guts. His nuts were aching from such a prolonged release and he groaned when he started to pull out, but it felt like her insides were stuck around him.

He slowly slipped free from that thick ring of muscle with a wet pop and watched as it closed shut to hold in his release. The only indication he had even used her rear end was the wetness that glistened around her pucker. To his surprise, there were more fluids as he saw a steady dripping of her nectar from the mound of her sex. She rolled her hips in pleasure as the vibrator wedged inside relentlessly stimulated her.

He adjusted his glasses before he quickly cleaned himself up with her ruined shirt and tucked his deflating penis back in his pants A wide metal bowl was hurriedly tossed under her body to collect her leaking essence. With an amused grin, he pressed the button on the device buried in her slit and it shuddered more fiercely in her hole.

The groan she made was utterly depraved and he watched in delight as that slow drip quickened almost immediately. That stream of honey was only getting faster; she would have that reservoir filled in no time.

It all felt like a wonderful sensual dream as warm pleasure rippled through Tifa’s body. She licked her lips before releasing a deep moan of pleasure as the sensation of something vibrating deeply in her slit. She had the erotic fantasy of being tied up and having a man using her ass so hard and deep. She tried to move her hand to touch herself only to still feel the hard resistance.

Her brows furrowed as that dream melted away and cold metal of the floor her upper body was pressed too reminded her of her situation. Her eyes snapped open and she struggled more urgently with a distressed whimper, she hadn’t been dreaming. Her asshole was still twitching from being abused and she could feel the heat of a complete stranger’s load sitting heavy in her bowels.

The source of her pleasure as she slept was a vibrator incessantly humming between her folds. She yanked and tugged at her bonds, flexing her toned muscles until they shuddered against the cuffs fused to a large metal bar. To her horror, she couldn’t move anything but her hips. Whatever drugs had been coursing through her body was starting to wear off and that pleasure was getting harsher with every passing moment.

Her cheeks flush in embarrassment at the sound of her own fluids dripping loudly into growing puddle. Was this what Shrina did with terrorists? Did their cruelty know no bounds? Her blood boiled in her veins at the forced stimulation. With a mighty contraction of her walls, she tried to expel the hard cylinder wedged inside her. It needed to come out because she could feel something building up in her depths.

She felt it sliding out over her most sensitive areas and she bit her bottom lip from the harsh pleasure rippling through her body. Then to her shock and distress, it stopped, something was keeping it inside her. She tried to push harder but by doing so she only made vibrations feel all the more intense. Only then she noticed the straps around her thighs keeping the probe stuck inside her. She could only hold it at bay for so long and when her walls were forced to relax, it sunk right back into her depths.

Her eyelids were pinched tightly shut and she clenched her bound fists feeling an unwanted tension building between her legs around the shuddering device. In desperation, she wriggled her hips but this too only allowed the hard vibrator to stroke against fresh spots in her passage. She could only whimper at the sexual torment, why were they doing this to her?

There was no stopping the peak that burst in her core and she strained at her bonds when fireworks burst hotly in her head. Her breaths came in frantic gasps and she struggled against the carnal urge to moan as her passage gripped the device in rhythmic contractions. It deeply worried her when she felt that intense pleasure was not fading after her peak died down.

The sound of a door sliding open behind her made her tense up at the noise but she couldn’t even move her head to see the entrance. Someone blew out a low whistle and her humiliation only deepened being presented to someone in such a way. Heavy boots struck the metal floor and fear twisted at her guts, she would be helpless if he wanted to do anything to her.

Erotik hikaye When she felt him behind her she tried to brace for the worse but her body still quivered with fear. Instead of more torture, she only heard the metal sound of something being pulled out from under her but also replaced with something. Her brows furrowed in confusion and that curiosity only deepened when the man started walking past her.

When he came into her limited field of view her eyes went wide seeing the guard holding what looked like a dog dish. Her heart sank into her stomach when she heard her forced arousal loudly dripping into another basin. Her mind desperately sought answers, what could they possibly want with a bowl of her fluids?

She could just barely see the man kneeling at a large metal shutter. It shifted open a fraction to allow him to slide the bowl past a low gap into what must be another room.

“Drink up.” The guard had said and her mind was sent reeling as she stared out in wide-eyed horror. She heard the distinct sounds of claws against metal coming from the narrow slot. OH god, they were feeding her juices to a monster! She struggled furiously against the bar holding her legs open but her own forearms were stuck and keeping her knees spread apart.

“P-please… make it stop.” She begged at the guard when he walked towards her once more. She cried out in shock when his hard hand connected with the meat of her ass. That deep ache in her cheek only seemed to enhance the pleasure coursing through her body. She bit hard on her bottom lip to try and suppress how good it was starting to feel.

She grimaced in revulsion when she felt him stroking at her slit in a crude massage of her folds. A click of a button made her suck in a lung full of air in a deep gasp. He turned the device to an even higher setting and her suffering doubled when it fiercely rattled against her hypertensive walls.

Her eyes rolled back into her skull as it felt like the dildo was wriggling around her brain turning it into a thoughtless mess. Her body was tensing up and her hips lifted higher and higher into the air from the sensation of a more powerful orgasm building in her core.

By the time the guard left, she was groaning pitifully while her hips were violently jerking in the throws of her wild peak.

Two days, it had been two very long days since Nanaki had seen any food or water. All he could do was lay curled in a corner to conserve what little energy he still possessed. His throat was dry and his stomach throbbed with a dull ache for nourishment. They must have finally grown bored of trying to make him do unspeakable things and have settled on tormenting his existence.

There were times he had secretly wished for death in this place but he couldn’t have known how terrible it was to go out like this. All he could do was just sit here in agony and waste away. He found himself sorely mentally prepared for such suffering. How much longer would he have to endure such torment before his body finally depleted?

It was a question that haunted him with every passing moment. For the first time in this place, he desperately wanted to speak, to beg for salvation. He knew by breaking his silence, he would let them know that he could communicate at all. It had served him well to just let them think he was nothing more than an animal, but now it might be working against him.

The faint sound of metal rasping over metal made him wearily open his one good eye. His pale yellow gaze fixated on a bowl that had been thrust into his cage. The sight of clear salvation shifting in the basin only made him more aware of how dry his throat was. The surge of relief he felt was a grim reminder of just how much control the humans had over him.

The needs of his body demanded he drink and warily pushed himself off the ground with his four legs and strode towards it. It must be a trap, nothing came from this place without suffering but the temptation was far too great in his state. A strange odor was taken in by his keen sense of smell as he approached, but it was shockingly pleasant.

His eye narrowed in suspicion, they must be enticing him to drink with such a perfume. His head hovered over the bowl as he tried to inspect the fluid as best he could. The scent was so strong it made his mind hazy with an unfamiliar desire. He could feel a heat building in his loins and his weakened mind struggled to piece what could be the cause of such a sensation.

The thirst had won out and his tongue lapped at the liquid. His eye shot open, it was warm against his tongue when it scooped at the substance. A bittersweet flavor burst over his pallet making him growl when it clung to his tongue. It was not water; it was something so deeply intoxicating they must be drugging him.

He couldn’t help but continue drink stating both his thirst and the desire to sample more of a delicious nectar. He held the bowl between his paws and devoured it until is oral muscle was rasping at the bottom of the bowl. He didn’t care how much it made it loins ache, it was too good not too. Once he was certain that he licked up every last drop he was unsure what part he craved most when it was gone.

A sudden projection of a profile of a strange human woman flared on the wall in front of him. His eyes raked over her strangely pleasing looking curves and he lingered on those bread birthing hips. His brows furrowed when he felt unsettling primal urges burning in his loins towards her. Then it struck him in the chest like a hard punch and he looked down again at the bowl, oh no, they didn’t, they couldn’t have.

“Did you enjoy how she tasted – Red Thirteen?” Hojo asked watching in amusement as the massive creature was already scrambling from the bowl with that large predatory mouth gaping in horror. He let a long and loud cackle watching such the animal cowering in the corner, the orange fur on his back had raised up in alarm.

Once his mirth had diminished he narrowed his gaze on the beasts one working eye. For the first time, he truly saw the keen intellect it possessed while it processed what he had just drunk. He leaned in closer and formed a steeple with his fingers in front of his mouth. A suspicion was forming over Red Thirteen, maybe he is not the stupid animal many have deemed him to be?

This was not his first attempt the goad it into copulating with other humans and creatures before. Red was a very stalwart creature with a troublesome sense of morality that struck him as far too human for something so primal looking.

This time, he had made progress, he saw how he looked at the image of the other specimen. The way that eye raked over her like she was a piece of meat. Could it be that he genuinely enjoyed the taste of her? A seed of lust had been implanted, all he needed to do now was nurture it. He leaned back in his chair with a sigh and gave his spine a languish stretch.

“Have one of the guards replace the bowl a fresh one, we will leave it with Red Thirteen overnight.” His command was rapidly complied with by some aide that he would never remember. His gaze swept over to the woman he had bound up but already her name was slipping from his memory, it was inconsequential to him.

They had to mute her cell once they had turned the vibrator up to max, the noises were just too distracting. He grinned in deep satisfaction seeing her eyes almost rolled back into her head but he could sill make out half crescent rings of her exotic crimson eyes. She was no longer just drooling from her groin anymore as a nice thick puddle of saliva oozed out her parted lips.

“OH, and once they are done, have them unshackle the woman. Set her up with an intravenous as well, she must be quite dehydrated by now.” Hojo rose up from his perch at the monitors, he had other pressing matters to attend to and could not become too distracted with this project alone.

When Tifa awoke it happened with a deep groan, everything hurt and demanded her attention. With bleary eyes, she gazed up at the light of her cell buzzing far too loudly. She had no idea what time it was as she struggled to sit the shoddy cot she had been provided.

Her body was bruised and her knees were a bright shade of red from being left bent over on the metal floor for so many hours. She looked at the cord buried into her arm and taped over leaving to a bag of clear fluid. Her cheeks immediately flushed recalling how much she had flowed for them that it required such a transfusion.

Despair clutched at her heart when she finally had the moment to truly process that she had been transferred to an entirely different cell. She had been separated from Cloud and Barret, the last surviving members of Avalanche. The urge to cry rose up in her throat but she quickly tempered it down refusing to let them see her break down like that.

She rose on unsteady legs from her cot and made her way to the metal toilet. She winced at its cool embrace of her rump and relieved that pressure urging at her back door. She buried her face into her open palms at the humiliating sound of her pushing all that cum out. It seemed to be amplified to obscene levels by the metal bowl she was forced to dump it into.

She collapsed back onto her cot still feeling the thick slime clinging between the cheeks of her ass. The shame she felt recalling the pleasure being used like that tormented her. How badly she wished to recall the man’s face, so the next time she saw him, she would make him pay.

The loud sound of claws clicking at metal disrupts her thoughts and she rolls over half expecting to see some horror lurking her in the cell. The slot had been left open, it was no larger than a hand width and she saw a pair of orange furred paws too large for any dog. The sounds of it lapping up her fluids assaulted her ears.

It knocked the bowls aside and shoved its snout against the small opening chuffing loudly and licking its slavering chops. Her heart raced seeing its thick tongue stroking over its furred muzzle and for a brief moment, she actually debated pressing her sex up against that small window just to see what it would feel like.

Thankfully it stopped before her own perverted curiosity got the best of her. She blew out a deep sigh and rolled over again to face the wall. She was trying to ignore the steady pulsing she was feeling between her legs just thinking about that tongue going to town on her like it did with that bowl. It took a lot of unsexy thoughts before she finally bored herself to sleep once more, tomorrow was another day.

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