Brief Encounter, ‘X’ Script – Act 03

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Scene 1

Alec sits nervously, alone in the snug of the Red Lion in Millford. He has an half pint of Bass in front of him as he looks nervously at his watch. The door opens slowly to reveal Laura; dressed immaculately. He stands and she offers her soft cheek for him to kiss.

‘Sorry I’m late again, Alec. I decided to do a little shopping on the way!’

‘Oh, Laura, thank goodness. Please, can I get you a drink?’

Laura sits next to him on an old ‘settle’.

‘Thank you. I’ll have a medium sherry.’

Alec goes off on his errand, as Laura makes herself comfortable. On his return, they clink glasses and Alec offers Laura a cigarette. She takes the offered ‘Craven A’ and allows Alec to light it with a ‘Swan Vesta’ match. Sensually, she steadies his hand with the lightest of feminine touches to his wrist.

She takes a few puffs on her cigarette and turns to face Alec.

Alec makes to say something, but she interrupts.

‘Alec, you are such a sweet man. I like spending time with you, but I feel that I must be open with you, if our relationship is to progress.’

‘Why, yes, of course, Laura.’

‘You see, my marriage has been rather unhappy. I am certainly not looking for sympathy, but I feel that I should explain how my feelings and ‘tastes’ have come about.’

‘I see. Yes, I would feel honoured that you could trust me with a confidence.’

‘This is not easy, Alec.’

‘I am all ears!’

‘Very well!’

She takes a deep inhalation of smoke and continues:

‘It started when I was young. You see, in the summer, mummy and daddy would go abroad on holiday. Almost every year, I was sent to stay with mummy’s friends in the country. Mr and Mrs Farquhar. I got to know them as Uncle Peter and Aunt Penny. They had a lovely house and gardens, close to the sea. It was idyllic.’

‘Sounds nice. Did they have children? Were you sent alone?’

‘No, they were childless. Casibom I’m an only child. They were very kind to me and such fun. At one time, I even wished they had been my parents! As I grew older, Uncle Peter began to show me more personal attention. It was very flattering to receive compliments from an attractive, sensitive man.’

‘Oh, dash it all, did he force himself on you, Laura?’

‘No, of course not. He was really rather sweet. In fact, he reminds me a little, of you Alec.’


‘We spent a lot of time alone together, on long walks and visits. He liked to buy me gifts – lovely clothes, perfume or jewelry. On one holiday, he told me how much he admired me; how he couldn’t stop thinking about me; how desperately unhappy he was when my visits came to an end.

He admitted that he dreamt of kissing me, but of course, I explained that it would be impossible.’

‘You must have been very strong, Laura.’

‘It was just that he seemed so sad. I know I shouldn’t have, but I began to allow him to kiss my hand, when we were alone. Later on, he became even more ardent. He knew that he could not ‘have’ me, but wanted to show the extent of his devotion. Eventually, he got down on his knees before me and kissed my shoes; the high-heeled shoes he had bought me.’

‘Good gracious!’

‘He began to do it every time we were alone. Kneeling and singing my praises. I hate to admit it, Alec, but I began to look forward to his attentions. Sometimes, I would stroke his hair as he bent before me. He told me how guilty he felt; how unworthy of me he felt. I don’t know what came over me, but on one occasion I slapped him across the face. I asked him what his wife would think and told him that he was unworthy of me. It only seemed to make him more willing to please me, in any way I wished.’

‘Laura, did he…’

‘Shh, Alec. Let me finish. You see, I began to realise the power of my femininity. Casibom Giriş The power I had over Uncle Peter. It was a heady feeling. I began to revel in the situation; sending him on little errands, insisting on ever more expensive presents, teasing him in front of Mrs. to Farquar. Then, one warm evening, he had been such a good boy, I allowed him to kiss my nylons. He loved it when I stood over him and lifted my dress to show him my stocking tops. He began to beg to be allowed to kiss my knickers, but I refused, and slapped him every time he asked. Eventually, we did come to an arrangement though. If he took me to see a play in London, I’d let him have the panties I was wearing on the trip, as a sort of ‘souvenir’. Oh, Alec, you see what a strange woman I am!’

‘Not strange at all, my darling. You are the most fascinating woman I have ever met.’

‘There is more Alec, much more, but you see, when I grew older, I wanted to push all of these memories away. It was all so sordid you see. It made me feel dirty. I decided to find a conventional man, with whom to play the role of a prim, conservative wife. Eventually, Fred came along. Of course, I realise now, how misguided I was to deny my true feelings and instincts.’

‘So you don’t see a future for your marriage?’

‘It pains me to say it, but no.’

Instinctively, Alec falls to his knees in front of Laura.

‘Would you allow me to worship you, Laura?’

She reached out and stroked his hair.

‘Show me your feelings, Alec. Prove to me that you adore me.’

Alec leaned forward and began to kiss her shoes, tenderly, passionately. After only a few minutes, they heard the noise of approaching footsteps. Alec resumed his seat, just in time, before the door to the snug opened and another couple entered.

Laura whispered to Alec:

‘Should we go to your friend’s flat, darling?’

Scene 2

The couple are sitting together Casibom Yeni Giriş in the flat, holding hands. Laura leaned towards Alec and gave him a long, lingering kiss on his mouth.

‘Should I tell you another secret, Alec?’

‘Only if you feel happy to, Laura.’

‘Yes, I somehow feel free to confide my darkest feelings, darling. Please don’t think badly of me.’


‘You see, if he had been a good boy for me, I would allow Uncle Peter to masturbate for me, on his knees. He always wanted me to show off the underwear that he’d bought me, so I’d take off my dress and let him look. Look, but not touch! I was shocked, the first time he got his thing out, but I was fascinated to watch him, pumping away, whilst staring, oh so intently at my lingerie and stockings.’

‘Oh god, Laura, he was so lucky!’

‘I made him weak, Alec. He humiliated himself to show his love and I simply reveled in my power.’

For a several minutes, they sat in silence, until Laura whispered:

‘Would you like to see my lingerie, Alec?’

‘Oh, yes, yes, please, Laura.’

‘Then you know what to do.’

For the second time, that afternoon, he sank to his knees, in front of the object of his desire.

Slowly and seductively, she disrobed and began to pose in front of him.

‘You’ve been such a good boy today. You can take it out, Alec. Take it out and show me how you feel about me,’ she comanded.

He needed no further encouragement and began to masturbate for her.

She continued to tease and taunt him, using the delightful feminine wiles she had learned with her ‘uncle’.

It wasn’t long before Alec was spurting long strings of sperm onto the linoleum.

‘Oh my god, Laura, I worship you!’

Before they left, Laura went to the bathroom and removed her panties. She rejoined Alec and handed him the delicate, perfumed chiffon garment.

‘Do you recognise these, Alec. They are the knickers I showed you when we first met in the refreshment room at Millford Junction. Your first encounter with my briefs! You may keep them, as a token of your enslavement. You do want to be my slave, don’t you?’

‘Oh, Laura!’

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