Brighton Grad – Wedded Bliss

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Walter met Marjorie, the mother of basketball player Doug Slade, at Doug’s graduation party. After an inebriated mutual seduction, they ended up in bed until morning. The relationship progressed and at the end of chapter five, Walter asked Marjorie to marry him.

I apologize that this took so long but my flash drive disappeared – and thank you to those who encouraged me and requested this not knowing it was in work.

Walter stood in the room and looked round the people gathered for his…wife! It was finally done and they were married. He smiled as he spotted her across the room talking to some of her girlfriends from work. As he looked at her, he experienced the same excitement he felt when he saw her for the first time this morning.

Marjorie wore a cream colored, strapless sheath dress that wrapped tightly on her wonderful figure. It was gave lift to her small breasts, was tight through her narrow waist and really accented the exquisite flair of her hips. Diagonally across her thighs, the dress had a double-layer scalloped flair that ended at her knees in front but trailed to the floor in the rear in a suggestion of a train. She wore strapped-on high-heel sandals in a matching color on her stocking covered feet. She wore a rustic silver necklace that, with the matching earrings, were African made and celebrated her African heritage, as did her naturally blow-out hair.

For Walter, looking at her was like deeply inhaling a wonderful smell as it filled him with pleasure. She saw his look and smiled at him, melting his heart. They had come though so much to get here, but now they were finally married.

They had met when Marjorie’s son Doug had invited Walter to his high school graduation party. After spending the summer trying to hide their relationship from everyone, they decided to let their friends and family know. Walter’s mother was first; although she was aware that he was spending great amounts of time with someone, she was not pleased about the age difference. The prospect of having a daughter-in-law that was her own age and a step-grandson that was the age of her own son was not great. But after meeting Marjorie and seeing them together, she could see that there was a loving relationship.

Doug was the worst; they waited until Doug came home from college for Thanksgiving to tell him. Doug flipped out that one of his high school classmates was seeing his mom. It was even worse that he was white and definitely not one of the cool people. His reaction was so violent that Walter and Marjorie stopped seeing each other for a while, but their desire for each other made them totally miserable when apart. And eventually Doug came to the realization that he was more concerned about what people would think than about his mother’s happiness. He did refuse to call Walter ‘dad,’ and would introduce him only as my mother’s fiancée, and later husband.

They had scheduled the wedding to happen during the college spring break, so Doug could give his mother away, and Walter would not miss much school for his honeymoon. They had invited a small group of friends and family. Doug and Walter both invited only their friends that were mature enough to respect the relationship, but that did include some of Walter’s friends from the jazz band, and they were playing softly downstairs. As Walter surveyed the rest of the room, he noticed his mother. She was leaning on some guy from Marjorie’s workplace, champagne glass in hand, giggling. Most importantly, her nose and cheeks were bright red, telling him she was already a bit drunk, and would likely get worse. He made his way over to her and took her aside. She was worse than he thought and he took her upstairs to guest bedroom and got her to lie down. She argued a bit but once she lay back, she quickly dozed off.

When he returned to the room, it was time for Walter and Marjorie to say their goodbyes. They got in the waiting limousine for the two hour ride to Niagara Falls, the first stop on their honeymoon. They would overnight in a honeymoon suite overlooking the falls, then go to the train station on the Canadian side for a week-long, trans-Canada train trip. Walter had thought about having sex in the limo during the ride, but Marjorie asked him to wait until they got to the hotel. He could see she was a bit tired and he let her doze against him as they rode.

He dozed off as well and woke up just as they stopped at the border crossing. He rolled down the window and handed the guard their passports, the he gently touched his new wife’s face to wake her.

“Honey,” he said softly. “We’re almost there.” She woke up with a smile on her face as she looked at him. She looked around, and smiled at the guard as he handed their passports back. Walter put the window up as their driver moved away from the border station.

“I guess the limo was a little wasted,” she purred with the lusty twinkle in her eyes that he so enjoyed. “I know that sex in back would have been great. I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

“Baby, I would rather you rest and feel good than have sex now and be tired later.” Eskort Kız He replied as her gently caressed her face and neck. “We have the rest of our lives to fulfill every fantasy that your horny mind can think up.” She looked into his eyes and the love that she felt for hi was so overwhelming that the tears started to flow again. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him again long and hard. They got lost in the kiss and his hand cupped her breast through rigid structure of her gown.

Their embrace was interrupted by the sharp turn of the limousine into the hotel driveway. She sat up and they straightened their clothes as the driver stopped and the valet opened the door for them to get out.

“Mr. and Mrs. Meyers,” the uniformed valet said. “Thank you for staying with us.” The driver was already moving to the back of the car to get their bags out and a second valet was getting a cart for the luggage.

“How did you know it was us?” Walter asked.

“You had reservations for tonight,” he answered as he helped Marjorie out of the car. “And your driver called ahead to update us on your arrival.” Walter took the time to go over and thank the driver, giving him a substantial tip, before escorting his new wife into the lobby.

The front desk was similarly prepared and within moments they were in the top floor honeymoon suite and alone. Walter surveyed the room and saw that someone, obviously Marjorie, had pre-arranged to have the room set up just for them. There was a bouquet of flowers on the table and rose petals scattered on the bed; a magnum of champagne was in an ice bucket next to a sideboard with a large tray of fruit, cheese and crackers; there were two candles lit in the room that filled the room with vanilla, similar to Marjorie’s perfume. Outside the large windows was a beautiful view of the American and Canadian falls.

Walter tried to sweep his wife into his arms, but she stopped him, holding both hands as she looked into his eyes.

“I want to do this for you,” she whispered, struggling to control her voice. “You have given me so much that I never had before. I have been married before but had no idea that is was not real love, or how much that failure had scarred me.” The tears were again flowing, the reason she had used waterproof makeup earlier. “I love you so much and I never want to go back to the person I was before I met you.” He started to speak but she reached up and covered his lips. “Shhhh…Just let me do this.”

She moved one of the chairs so it was about five feet back from the window. She opened the window curtain to revel floor to ceiling windows that framed a perfect view of the falls. It was dusk and the lights were just coming on to illuminate the falls in various colors. She went to the door and turned the room lights out, then came back to her husband.

She undressed him layer by layer, slowly and carefully removing everything and carefully laying it aside until he was standing next to the chair naked. Then she turned and faced the window.

“Unzip me please,” she whispered. Her reached up and unzipped her dress. She stepped away and turned towards him. She let the dress fall away and reveled to him that the only thing she wore under the dress was the stockings. She moved the dress aside and stood before him in cream-colored stockings and matching high-heels, with the beautiful scene of the falls behind her.

“You are so beautiful!” Walter hissed his own voice shaky and unsure. She walked up to him and, stretching up, locked her lips on his. After an eternity of pressing against each other, she pushed him back to sit him in the chair. Then she knelt before him. With her eyes staring into his, she moved forward and took his hard cock in her mouth.

Walter’s cock was big enough that she had to stretch her lips to accommodate it, but she had done it before. Tonight was going to be different and she suppressed her gag reflex as she slid her wet lips onto the thick hardness of his cock. She relaxed when she had over a third of his large cock jammed between her lips, and started sucking, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock. Walter’s prick always tasted very good to her, but it seemed even better now that they were married and he was hers forever. Marjorie shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and feel of the huge cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled and laved over his swollen and purple cockhead, basting it with her spit. She tasted the salty pre-cum juice that oozed from the little hole in the tip.

“Oh God…yes,” Walter moaned. His had rested on the back of her head, not forcing but definitely guiding and providing feedback. Marjorie responded by sucking harder, almost gagging herself with the pulsing stiffness of her young husband’s pale hard-on. She eagerly jammed her face into his hairy crotch, trying to inhale even more of his cock. Her pussy ached as she thought of how much of his cum would soon be spewing out of her new husband’s tremendous prick, spraying inside her pussy.

She realized he was close to cumming and backed off, leaving his cock shiny and wet. She stood and looked down at him with lust-glazed eyes. With all the incredible sex that they had experienced together, her desire for him was as fresh as that first week. Walter’s eyes looked back at her, caressing her soft brown breasts, then roaming over her slightly rounded belly to focus on the soft curls that covered her womanhood between the sexy curves of her long brown legs. He looked back at her beaming face and realized again how beautiful she was in his eyes.

As she moved forward over the chair, Walter’s eyes were drawn to her small hanging breasts as she leaned forward and put her hands on side shoulders to steady herself. Her breasts hung down on her chest, swaying from side to side as she moved forward until she was inches from his chest, hovering over his thighs. Her pussy was above his penis as she stood straddling him and looking down at him for several long seconds.

Marjorie looked deep into her young lover’s eyes without speaking, then reached back down between her spread legs and ran her fingertips along his twitching cock. Walter lifted his hands up to her firm, hanging breasts and gently cupped them as he felt his older wife lift his throbbing cock up. Seating the wet tip of his penis into the opening of her vagina, she looked down between their bodies and began to sit. Walter felt the swollen head of his cock enter her, stretching the opening, stretching it to accept the cock she had grown addicted to over the last few months.

“I love you,” she whispered, letting go of his cock and pushing down on him. Walter moved his face to her breast, taking her nipple in his mouth. She felt the electric connection between her nipple and her entire abdomen crackle with electricity. Marjorie impaled herself on her his hard, throbbing cock, grinding herself against him, slowly twirling his big pole around inside her pussy and rubbing her clit against his pubic area. Resting on his thighs, she leaned forward and kissed his forehead, wrapping her arms around his head as he suckled on her small breasts.

Now they were truly husband and wife, legally joined now the way they had been in their hearts for months. They celebrated their new covenant between them, a vow of love between man and woman without regard to age or race. He understood as she cried, sobbing against his head and he held her for the longest time before either of them moved. Then finally, Marjorie slowly pushed up on her legs, letting his cock slide down out of her until only the remained inside her.

With another sob, she sat again, taking him up to the hilt for a second time, consuming Walter’s cock in one hungry gulp.

“Walter . . .” she gasped, grinding her hungry pussy down on his penis, clutching at it with her strong vaginal muscles. She began to work her hips back and forth as Walter, leaning back, stared in a euphoric gaze at her small breasts swaying back and forth in front of him. She ground herself harder and harder against him, filling herself with his cock. Walter spread his legs and shifted his hips forward just a touch, then grabbed Marjorie by the ass and began to jerk her hips up and down on him, pumped his big cock into her wonderful pussy.

Marjorie had wanted this to be a slow and loving experience, but their passion quickly spiraled out of control into wild, hysterical fucking. Part of this was that thought of being in front of an open window…it was so reveling. The rational part of her mind knew that no one could see in, but she felt so exposed. Her hips moved up and down as she impaled herself on Walter’s cock over and over again. Even with all the earth-shattering sex they had before, she never felt so alive, so hungry, so free. Even though they were now married, all the taboos they had broken added a fiery passion to their sex. She was in front of a huge window fucking a white man the same age as her son!

She felt Walter’s fingers gripping her ass cheeks as he drove her throbbing pussy onto his cock. He was forcing her down so deeply that her clit smashed against his pubic hair again and again. Marjorie hair was flying about as she bounced up and down on him, her firm tits flying up and down wildly.

Walter was feeling it too. He knew she was very excited as he could feel the juice flowing out of her cunt and running down his cock and under his balls. He knew the fire deep inside her was a fuse burning very short an unholy explosion that would consume them both. He watched as her face the grimaced mask of pleasure and agony that preceded her orgasm. He felt her pussy tightening down on his cock and knew he was getting closer to his own orgasm as she furiously humped herself up and down on his stiff cock.

“Oh baby, Yes . . . Yes . . . Yes . . .” she hissed out, jerking her cunt up and down on him as hard and fast as she could. Then, just as she was right on the brink, Walter slid his finger and touched her butthole.

“Ohgodddddddddd . . .” she howled as the fire of their sex consumed her. She lost control over her body as wave after wave of contractions and spasms racked her body over and over. In a distant way she felt him grunt and lunge up at her, driving his cock up into her as deep as he possibly could. His penis jerked and spurted his cum inside her while she ground herself down on him.

Then the intensity of the sex was too much and actually became painful. She cried out again and tried to get away from him but he held her tight in the grip of his own orgasm. Her body hungered for the sexual release and now wanted it to be over…to rest…to stop.

Walter opened his eyes and realized that even as her body still shook and twitched, Marjorie was passed out. He rested and held her a while until he caught is breath. She was still unconscious, breathing slowly now. As he waited, his softening cock finally slipped out of her flooded hole. As he struggled to figure out how to lift her up, she awoke enough to allow him to get up and guide/carry her to the bed.

Walter went to the bathroom for towels and wiped up the flood of juices that had poured out of her during the orgasm, and put a washcloth over her pussy to soak up the fluids that were still running out of her. After cleaning himself, he curled up next to her and wrapped his arms around her. They would sleep for a while, wake up to eat and drink…..

Next Morning

Walter awoke to the ringing of the room phone; he grabbed it and answered. It was fully bright outside and the room bathed in light as they had left the curtains open.

“Mr. Meyers?”


“This is the front desk. You asked for us to call if you did not come down for breakfast. Our driver will have to leave in an hour to take you to the train station on time.” That bit woke him up completely.

“Yes…Ok…thank you,” he stammered. “Please send a bus boy up in 45 minutes.” He hung up the phone and looked over to Marjorie. Her body was only half covered by the bedclothes and much of her latte colored skin was exposed to his view. Just looking at her filled him with love for her…and desire for her in spite of the celebratory sex they had last night. He nudged her awake.

“Marjorie Meyers,” he said gently. “You need to wake up. We need to pack and leave within the hour.” She purred and she rolled onto her back and looked up at him. Then the meaning of his words penetrated her good spirits and she accelerated into hyper-drive to get herself ready in time.

Later, they followed the porter with their bags out to the platform. The train was made up of long silver rail cars, with some double deck cars with observation canopies. As I walked along, I noticed that the mirror finish windows allowed the interior of each compartment to be visible from the outside only if the interior lights were on. The cars stood gently humming and travelers and those seeing them off were still milling around on the platform as the porter guided us to our car and helped us aboard.

We entered our compartment and found a 14 x7 suite with a table and two armchairs next to two large picture windows. It appeared that they made the suite by combining two smaller compartments as there were two wash basins and two toilets in the suite. There were also two lower beds so no one had to sleep in an upper. The porter informed us that this was a top-of-the-line suite, and we should thoroughly enjoy the trip across the country.

As we settled in, the speaker came alive with the announcement for all guests to board and all visitors to leave because the train will depart in two minutes. There was a shuffle of activity in the passageway as people complied with the direction. After the traditional “All ‘boaaard,” the powerful engines increased their roar and began to move the heavy train out of the terminal.

With slowly increasing speed the train moved through the suburbs of Niagara Falls and out into the more rural areas of Ontario. They were now passing farmlands and vineyards as they headed west. Marjorie was working to organize their clothes in the limited storage space of the compartments, but when she had finished, she found Walter had dozed off watching scenery outside the window. She decided to change into a light and flowery summer dress before lunch.

“Wake up, darling.” Marjorie gentle shook Walter awake. Walter woke up unsure of where he was, but a look around the compartment and the rhythmic rumble of the train on the track reminded him where he was.

“It’s lunch time, my husband,” she purred as she leaned over to kiss him. As she leaned forward, he saw she had changed into a dress while he had napped, and her beauty caused a faint tingling in his groin. The dress was an abstract flower design that set off her mocha skin and brown eyes. The scoop neckline was conservative while she stood, but as she bent over to kiss him, he could see she wore no bra to contain her firm breasts. The dress reached to just above her knees and had a short slit up the back to nearly the top of her thigh. She wore no stockings and some platform casual sandals that raised her ass just like her high heels. He moaned as she teased him with her kiss. She broke the kiss and pulled him to his feet, leading him out of the compartment and to the dining car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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