Bringing the Wife to the Games

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Author’s Note:

This is a continuation of the Reindeer games and New year’s games stories and builds on characters and settings from those stories.


It was no doubt that it had been a hard year, with my wife gone for nine months in Iraq, but things had gotten significantly better in the last two months with her home now. Stress was always a factor at work, but that had gotten a bit better now that I was moved into my permanent office, which was a bit different than my last temporary office. Of course the rooms still had to have the doors closed, but now I had only a small window in the door, and my office was L shaped with separate area for my servers and such around the corner. This was nice because I could easily hide when I was working on the servers and needed to concentrate, since the students couldn’t see me through the little door window.

Of course, this never stopped Angie from walking in if the door was unlocked to leave papers or other items that I needed. Today was no exception, and I was engrossed in reconfiguring a server license when she scared the shit out of me.

“Hey handsome!” she said as she stood at my desk, looking down the L part of the office to where I was working.

“DAMN!” I said after I jumped almost a foot in the air.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No problem.” I said as my heart tried to crawl back down into my chest again. “I just didn’t hear you come in.”

“I didn’t make a lot of noise either.”

“I guess not.” I said with a smile.

“I haven’t seen much out of you for the last few weeks, and I missed you at my last party.”

“Oh.” I said thinking about how much I would have liked to attend her valentines party. It didn’t take too much imagination to see her dressed in some kind of sexy outfit for some of their sex games.

“I’d have loved to come, but with my wife home…”

“Yeah… Too bad she’s not into that kind of thing.” She said with a frown.

“You know. I would have said the same thing. In fact, before she left there was no way. But now, I’m not so sure. She’s been home for almost two months and she seems almost insatiable sexually. Hell it used to be only in the bedroom completely naked, but lately. I don’t know if it was not having any for almost a year or if the different environment over there had some effect. Hell, the other day she was still wearing her workout clothes and washing dishes after dinner and I walked up behind her and started playing with her ass. Normally she would tell me to stop, but instead she told me that if I was going to tease her I better put my dick someplace useful. So playfully I pulled her shorts and underwear down, half expecting to get a nasty comment, and instead she stepped out from the sink and bent over, shoving her ass out at me. You know me… stick it out at me and I’ll be more than happy to fill it! So I dropped my shorts and pulled out my dick and shoved it into her. Hell, after I got her off there, she pulled up her top and lay down on the kitchen table and we fucked right there until I came inside her. I never would have expected that from her.”

“That sounds kind of fun, but maybe she was just over horny?”

“That doesn’t explain the canoe trip.” I said shaking my head at the memory.

“This sounds like a good story… Tell me all about it.” She said as she pulled a chair around to sit in.

“You remember that warm spell a couple weeks ago?”

“Yeah… It got up to ninety a couple days. Really hot for the middle of April.”

“Yep. I took a day off and took her canoeing, which she has always loved to do. Anyway, we got ready and headed down to the river and all. I didn’t think too much of it till we got about a mile or so downstream and she wanted me to stop, so I pulled onto the shore. After she got out she pulled off her shorts and t-shirt. Of all things, she was wearing a bikini!”

“Is that bad?”

“Hell no. I thought she looked pretty good before she went over, but she came back twenty five pounds lighter and there wasn’t a bit of fat on her. All the walking and sweating got her really lean. She looked damn hot in the suit, but before she left there was no way I could get her to put on a two piece suit, let alone wear one in public.”

“And you’re complaining? I don’t see a problem.”

“Oh I’m not complaining… I was just surprised. But I was even more surprised when she asked me to put some sunblock on her. I started with her back and when I got down to the strap of her top she just said, let me get that out of the way, and reached back and undid it, pulling her top off and tossing it into the canoe. I mean, we had the river pretty much to ourselves, compared to a weekend, but standing next to the river topless was not what I would have expected.”

“Sounds good. What’s the problem?”

“No problem… you haven’t heard the best part yet. When I got down to her bottoms she pushed her ass out at me and pushed her bottoms off so I could ‘get all of her ass’, which I did. She turned around and let me rub cream into bursa eskort bayan her chest and tits while she undid the tie of my suit and pushed it down so I was almost as naked as she was. “

“Tell me she didn’t stop there.” Angie, said, her skirt now pulled up in her lap and her fingers idly stroking her pussy through her panties.

“No, she didn’t stop there. When I was kneeling down to do her legs she put one over my shoulder and pulled my face to her pussy. You know I love eating pussy, so I dropped the bottle and went at it. I had her almost ready to come when we heard some canoes around the bend, so we ran to the bushes, since my suit now on the ground and hers was in the canoe. She bent over with me behind her and I just pushed my dick right inside and started stroking. I didn’t care who was watching at that point, I was so turned on.”

“Oh god that sounds like it was so fucking hot.” Angie said, as she pushed her panties down and off her legs, spreading her legs wide to show me her sopping wet pussy. “Don’t stop now. What happened next?”

“Well, we stood there fucking, I was banging away, and as the canoes went down stream we realized that the bushes we were behind didn’t hide us from that direction. There was one girl in a brown bikini who turned around and looked. There was no way she didn’t see us. I exploded inside Nancy with that young lady watching. I think she came right after me.”

“Oh god… That had to be wild!” Angie said as she rolled her chair over to where I was standing and started undoing my belt. “Don’t stop now. I just want to see your cock while you tell me the rest of this.”

“Well if that wasn’t enough, when we passed them later on that girl was definitely watching us go by, so we knew she saw. Nancy said I should flash her my dick if the chance came up.”

“So did you?” she asked as she pulled my pants and underwear down and started to gently stroke my rock hard dick.

“Actually, I didn’t. Nancy did. When we got to Pulltite we had to ride the bus back to Akers to get the car. The group that the girl in brown was in got on the same bus. Nancy and I were in the last seat, with me by the window. The girl in brown and a friend of hers, both mid twenties or so, sat down in the seat right across from us. As soon as the bus started moving Nancy fished my dick out of the leg of my suit so the girl could see it sat there, jacking me off right in front of them. She seemed to be getting off showing them what they missed.”

“Oh fuck. Did you cum?”

“She made me squirt all over the back of the seat in front of me.”

“Oh fuck.” Angie said, standing up “You gotta fuck me. I am so fucking turned on right now.”

“What about your rule of no sex unless your husband is there?”

“You’re going to split hairs at a time like this?” she asked as she turned around and bent over, using the chair for a hand hold and pulled her skirt up over her bare ass. “You said you knew what to do with one of these.” She said as she arched her back so her pussy was only inches from my hard dick.

“That I do.” I said as I shuffled up to her and pushed my dick easily into her wet pussy.

“Oh yes.” She hissed quietly as I slid into her. “It won’t take to many, so feel free to go anytime you want.” She said quietly, moving the hand that was holding her skirt to between her legs to play with her clit.

I slid in and out of her pussy, making sure not to allow our bodies to slap together loudly. Even with as much sex as my wife had given me in the last few weeks, talking about what happened on the river had me primed and quickly ready. Angie came just before I did, her body shaking and trembling as my dick spurted cum deep into her.

“Oh god that felt good.” Angie said, leaning to reach for some paper towels. She wadded up one and held it to her pussy as she pulled off my dick, and sat in the chair, letting our juices be absorbed by the towel. She leaned forward and quickly licked and sucked our cum from my dick removing any evidence my wife might find of our little tryst.

“You should get her to come to one of our parties. I bet she would do it if she’s as hot at you say she is right now.”

“I’d like to, but I’m afraid that it would scare her off completely… not to mention the fact I would have to admit I was screwing around while she was gone.”

“Leave it to me. I have an idea.” She said as she pulled her panties up. “Thanks for the great screw.” She said with a kiss. “Next time I’ll try to wear something so you can see my tits too.”

“Sure.” I said with a laugh as she walked around my desk and disappeared out my office door.


The next day I was hard at work at my desk when I heard a rap on the door. I looked up as a very chesty lady wearing a black thigh length skirt hugging her slim hips and a cream colored satin blouse that was quite obviously covering a pretty large pair of knockers. She looked a bit familiar, but I couldn’t quite place her.

“May I help you?” I asked.

“It is Mike, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” bursa sınırsız eskort bayan I replied, curious now.

“I thought so, but I wanted to be sure.” She said as she stepped into the office and allowed the door to shut behind her. “I take it you don’t remember me?”

“I’ll be honest, you look familiar, but I really can’t place where I know you from.”

“That’s ok. You only met me once.” She said as she stepped away from the door so she was standing in front of one of the book cases that were against the door wall of my office. “This might help though.” She continued as her hands moved to the buttons of her blouse and began undoing them.

I was a bit stunned as she pulled the material of her blouse apart and exposed her huge tits inside a lace bra.

“Still not?” she asked with a smile as she shrugged her shoulders out of the satin material and quickly flicked the clasp in the middle of her back, allowing her lace bra to slide off her shoulders and land on the floor. “Do you remember these?”

“Mary?” I asked.

“Still not sure, huh?” she asked with a wicked grin as she reached behind her. It only took a moment and her black skirt was sliding to the ground leaving her completely naked above the tops of her thigh high stockings. “Do you remember squirting your hot cum all over my body now?”

“That I do.” I said as I stood up and walked over to her. She reached out and gave me a huge hug, holding me in place with one hand while quickly undoing my pants with her other hand. She pushed them down and pulled my hard dick from my underwear.

“Ohhhh. That is the dick I remember. Hot, Hard and definitely primed! Got time for a quick fuck?”

“God Mary! If I wasn’t standing within three feet of my unlocked office door I might very well do that.”

“Oh I can fix that.” She said, letting go of me. She reached over and pulled the door open the two inches needed to click the lock down and then let it close again. “Now how about that fuck?” she asked as she turned around and bent over a few inches.

I was so turned on at that point that I would have fucked her anyway she wanted, but I had a much better idea. “Come with me.” I told her as I pulled her around my desk and into the back portion of my office.

“Oh much better.” She said as she sat on the computer desk and lifted her legs.

I slipped between her legs and pushed my dick easily into her wet pussy, stroking deep and slow.

“Oh yes… Just what I needed today.” She moaned quietly as she stroked her clit in time with my strokes. I moved both hands to her massive tits and began squeezing and playing with her nipples as we both worked closer to climax.

“I’m going to cum!” I grunted as I tried to hold back the flood that was building.

“Give it to me! Fill me up. We didn’t get a chance to do that at the party!”

In reply I allowed the last bit of my climax to build, my body suddenly jerking, driving my dick deep into her wet pussy as it spewed the first squirt of cum into her. My body jerked time after time while hers trembled and she made small mewing sounds, trying to keep things quiet. Finally she pulled me down against her, her bare tits smashing into my chest.

“That was a good fuck. I loved how your dick felt at the party, but that was even better.”

“I’m glad you liked it… but what are you doing here?”

“Angie said she thought I could help with a little problem. You want to tell me about it?”

“Angie? Oh yeah. I was wishing I could find a way to get my wife involved in the games.”

“That’s easy… I can just invite you to a party.”

“No, it’s not. First off, she has no idea I’ve been doing this while she was gone to Iraq, and second… well to be honest, before she left she was kind of prudish, although she seems a bit more free now. I’m afraid that if I wait I’ll miss the opportunity.”

“Ahhh. I get it.” She said as I pulled out of her and reached for some paper towels. “You want to get her eased into it.”

“That’s the idea.” I said as I wiped her pussy off and then cleaned my dick.

“Let me think on that for a second.” She said as she walked naked around my desk to get her clothes and then back again.

“What does she like to do, socially I mean?” She asked as she put her bra on, allowing me to help seat her big tits in the lace bra.

“We play spades, other than that, not much.”

“Card games? Oh good. How about we invite you over for some cards.” She asked.

“How do I say we met?”

“I work on campus silly. I’m the admin over in chem.”

“Wow.” I said shaking my head. “I had no idea.”

“Surprised huh? Let me send you an e-mail and we can get together for cards. It’ll be very innocent so you can show it to her. We won’t do anything the first few times, then I’ll figure a way to get it started.”

“Ok. Thanks.” I said as she finished dressing.

“No, thank you. I’d love to get a chance to have you at another party, if you know what I mean.”

“I gorukle eskort think I do.” I replied as she reached out to hug me, giving me a very wet kiss before she released me.

“Talk to you later stud.”


Later that afternoon I saw that I had an e-mail from Mary.

“Mike, you said as we were talking before our committee meeting that you were looking for someone to play cards with. I would like to invite you and your wife over tomorrow evening at six for some bar-b-q and cards. I have attached a PDF of a map to our house. Please let me know if you and your wife would like to join us. Mary K.”

That did sound innocent. I called my wife and she agreed so I replied that we would attend.


The next day went completely uneventful. My work kept me quite busy so I didn’t really have much time to contemplate what might happen that evening.

After work I headed home and changed into some Dockers and clean polo shirt. My wife was uncharacteristically wearing a dress, usually reserved for church.

“You look gorgeous!” I told her as I walked out of the bedroom.

“Your just saying that because you’re a horny bastard.” She replied with a smile.

“Uh uh. It’s cuz you’re wearing a dress. You know how that turns me on.” I said as I stepped over and pulled her to me for a kiss, giving her ass a squeeze in the process. “You smell good too.”

“It’s your favorite.” She whispered as I held her close and slid my hand up under her dress to play with her panty covered ass. “But unless you’re going to strip me and screw me right here, we should get going or we’ll be late.”

“As long as you’ll still be interested later.” I replied, allowing her dress to fall back down over her firm butt.

We arrived at Mary’s house after about a half hour drive in the country. It was a large home with a winding driveway set well back in the woods, very secluded and private. I could see why she would host parties out here, you could quite literally run around the yard naked without being seen from the road.

I walked around the truck and helped my wife out and then led her up the stone walkway to the front door.

“This is some place. What does her husband do for a living?” Nancy asked me.

“I really don’t know. I know Mary from a committee we both sit on, but other than that I don’t know a lot about them.”

“Hey! Welcome!” Mary said, opening the door and stepping out before we had quite made it to the door. She was dressed in a simple cream colored silk pullover that made her large chest seem even more prominent and the same dark skirt she had worn in my office a few days previous. She moved to Nancy and gave her a warm hug and then gave me the same, pressing her large chest into mine. “Come on in. Dean is out back grilling some steaks.”

“This is some place you have.” My wife said as Mary led us through the house to the kitchen, which was practically as large as our living room.

“It’s a bit large, but we like to entertain, so it comes in handy for parties and such.”

“What does Dean do for a living?” I asked Mary as she started moving dishes of food to the dining room table.

“Actually he’s a personal injury lawyer. I don’t really love his work, but he’s good at it and obviously, he makes a bundle.” Mary answered with a laugh.

“I think you’re talking about me again.” A man said as he walked into the kitchen from the back deck. He stood about six foot and was probably in his late thirties, which made sense since I figured Mary for her early thirties.

“Dean, this is Mike and Nancy… This is my husband Dean.” Mary said as we shoot hands all around.

“Well, let’s eat before the steaks get cold.” He said as we all moved to the dining room.

Dinner was great and after we played spades for several hours, having a great time. Nancy seemed to be hitting it off well with Mary as they cleaned the table and dishes up before we left. On the way home I found out that they had decided we would play again the next week and that Mary had invited her along shopping this weekend. Both of which surprised me.


Saturday came and the girls spent several hours gone shopping in St Louis. When Nancy got home she refused to show me what she had purchased, leaving me quite curious for the rest of the day. After dinner she sent me off to take a shower, since I had been working in the yard and was sweaty and stinky, and didn’t want to have to smell me while we watched a movie she had gotten for us.

I came back out wearing only a pair of workout shorts, and was shocked when I saw Nancy sitting in my oversized recliner wearing a very sexy sheer outfit. “Wow!” was all I could say.

“You like?” she said climbing from the chair and turning slowly so I could see all of her. The outfit was a red shear gown that went to floor level, and she had on a pair of very tiny red panties and a red lace bra on under. It was all I could do to not run over and attack her right then.

“I love it.”

“Mary said you would. She seems to think that guys get really turned on with things like this.” She said as she stepped over to me. “I thought maybe it would be a good idea to see if she was right.” She said as she pushed my workout shorts down, letting them slide to my ankles as my hard dick swung back and forth in front of her. “It seems she was right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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