Brothers and Mothers Pt. 04

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Solo Male

I was in a deep sleep when I heard the door open and close.

The lights in the family room were dimly lit, I guess Aaron turned them down for me once I fell asleep after our jack off/blow job experience.

My eyes adjusted on the wall clock. 3:22 AM.

Mom was home I assumed so I just rolled on my side on the couch and tried to go back to sleep.

I was slowly drifting when I felt a hand on my hip.

I looked up and mom was smiling down on me. Her hair in curls, lips glossed pink and her ears dangling gold hoop earrings. She was wearing a denim jacket and yoga pants as far as I could tell, but of course she looked stunning.

“Why are you asleep on the couch?” She asked me, her hand rubbing slowly up and down my hip.

“I don’t know” I replied, “Must have fallen asleep during the movie.” I lied.

She gestured for me to push my legs in and sat down on the couch in front of me. There wasn’t much space, but she didn’t need it. Her ass was small enough.

She pushed her hair aside and I watched as she removed her denim jacket. She was wearing a skin tight, dark purple bandeau under it that stretched down just below her ribs that immediately made me shiver. Her boobs were so perfectly rounded in the dim orange light, her hair fell in golden locks around her bare shoulders and I wanted to jump her right then and there.

“Riley was, SO mad” she exclaimed, in that valley girl voice that made her sound like she was still in high school.

“Rob, apparently cheated on her again.” She said throwing her denim jacket to the other end of the couch.

She motioned for me to scoot back some more so she could lie down next to me.

My heart was pumping as she took the thin fleece blanket aside and tucked in next to me.

She smelt amazing. A mixture of strawberry and lime with a subtle hint of alcohol.

“I am so tired though” she continued. “That girl can talk all night and I don’t even have to say a word.”

She brought the blanket up over her bare shoulders and nuzzled her back into my chest.

I could feel myself getting hard and I was worried she might back into it, so I slowly reached down and tried to adjust it inward without her noticing.

“Robs an asshole and he’s always been an asshole, why does she do this to herself?” I asked trying to divert her attention. “She’s a hottie, she could find someone better.” I said desperately trying not to breathe anymore of my mother in.

“Hot! You think Riley’s hot huh?” She said with a hint of jealousy in her voice. “I suppose I could hook you two up, that might solve all her problems!”

I chuckled and said “No thanks. I’ve seen her mean side.”

She laughed back and said “Goodnight sweetie. I’ve missed you, more than you know.”

She turned her head back and kissed me slowly on the lips. I felt her hips bend back slowly and her ass rubbed up against my still hard cock.

After her lips left mine she looked at me and smiled then turned back around.

She grabbed my wrist from my waist and slowly moved it up over her belly and breasts and let my hand rest gently on her chest right above her bulging cleavage.

I know she had to have both felt my heart pounding and cock rising.

‘This is insane’ I was thinking. ‘Is this normal motherly love?’

Once she was still and her breathing deepened, I knew she was asleep.

I tried to remain as still as I could so I didn’t wake her, but I was WIDE awake.

My hands were practically on her tits and my cock was hard against her ass crack.

I wanted so badly to explore her body. Forget that she was my mother. She was a hot beach babe with a playmate body and she was laying next to me.

I waited. I waited for a good hour before her grip finally fell from my wrist and she turned slightly on her back. Her face to the ceiling.

Her ass was still pressed up against me, but her torso was now facing upward. Escort

One of my arms was under the pillow we shared so I had to slowly pull it out.

Slow enough not to wake her, I wrestled my arm free and used it as a brace for my head, propping myself up so I could look down on her. My other hand began exploring, gently.

I pulled the fleece blanket down so that I could reveal her top.

Her tits pressed together so perfectly. I stared at the line of her cleavage.

Her tube-top was pulled down even further now revealing a good portion of the top of her boobs.

I wanted to free the nipples so badly, I could taste them in my mouth.

I started to run the back side of my hand over her chest, around the crevice of her mountains.

Slowly my hands traced her form. They were so firm.

I very sheepishly pulled her top down further and further until POP, one of her nipples came loose.

I looked up to examine her expression. Nothing. Her face was in a deep sleep. I pulled the other side down a bit further and that nipple too became free.

I just stared for a while. Looking at how perfectly round and supple her tits were. The nipples hard like gems. The small nickle-size areolas were flat to the skin. I had always loved big fake tits.

I remember the day my mom got them. I was 14. She didn’t tell us about them, because why would she, but I remember her suddenly having tits, I was too young to know what happened, thought it was a normal thing for a 32 year woman to suddenly jump 3 cup sizes, but when I turned 15 I found myself more attracted to pornstars that had fake tits as opposed to the natural look.

I’d only ever touched natural breasts on girls I’ve fucked in the past, but there was always a longing to play with a woman’s huge fake plastic tits.

Now was my chance. They were my mothers.

I couldn’t help myself anymore. I had to feel them fully, I wanted to taste them.

I began massaging the boob furthest from me. Watching as the skin folded into my fingers. I let my thumb caress lightly over her nipple and watched as the motion made it tighten even further.

I brought my middle finger to my mouth to wet it by sucking on it then brought it down to her nipple to grease it, making it smooth like butter.

I switched tits and gave the other equal attention.

I wanted her nipple in my mouth.

I slid my body down slightly so that I could get my lips to it.

I brushed my lips softly against the side of her breast and started firmly squeezing the other tit, watching how sexy her body glowed in the dim orange light.

I began kissing her nipple, then tonguing it, then my full mouth was wrapped around it and I began sucking it. Harder as I became lost in the feed.

I was sucking my moms tits! The feeling of lust, forbidden taboo and the hunger for more was so much that my body was shaking. My dick ached with stiffness.

I don’t know how long I had been sucking on her massive tit when I felt her body begin to grind.

It took me by surprise as I had been so lost in her massive melons.

She was pushing her hips against me.

I freed her nipple from my mouth and looked up at her. Her eyes were still closed but she was now biting her bottom lip.

I let it play out.

I told myself that if she woke up I would pretend like this was all happening in my sleep.

I slid back up behind her and her body turned away from me so she was completely on her side but she continued to buck slowly and methodically up against me.

I rested my head into her neck, pulling her hair to the side so that I could smell her skin and kiss the bare flesh.

I felt a hand slide behind me and onto my ass, her pull was motioning me to continue the grind.

My hard cock was pulsating through my shorts against her soft yoga pants on her ass crack.

I decided to reach down and freed my solid shaft from it’s prison.

Her legs spread apart as I guided my dick in between them, it’s shaft resting on her pussy lips through her yoga pants, the head popping out the front side. She closed and tightened her legs around me and I began dry humping my moms pussy.

I heard her moan. “Oh Jace my baby boy” she said “That feels so good”.

Her hand grabbed mine and brought them up to her tits and squeezed them hard.

I continued to hump her pussy and squeeze and massage her tits for a while, my cock dripping pre-cum onto her legs while I didn’t hold back on taking as much those perfect boobs in as I could.

I called out to her, “Mommy I want to fuck you so badly.”

One of her hands held mine and guided them over her tit, pushing it upward to her mouth, I saw her begin sucking on her own nipple.

“You like mommy’s titties don’t you?” She whispered quietly.

“Uh huh” I groaned back.

Then in unison we both slid our other hand down to her waist line, past her tight strong belly and slipped under her yoga pants. Her hand on top of mine.

I could feel she was wearing lace underwear. We slipped beneath them to her hot, wet pussy. It felt heated and damp.

‘She needed this.’ I thought, ‘She knew what was happening, she called out my name and said “mommy”. She’s guiding me. There’s no stopping now. I’m gonna fuck my mom.’

My fingers reached her clit and I began to rub it with my middle and ring finger. Gripping it in between and rolling it.

I would occasionally break from the clit to run a finger inside her, but I could tell she just wanted me to focus on that little pebble clit.

I rubbed it firm and fast, using her pussy juices to keep it lubed up.

I was kissing her neck and biting her shoulders while she moaned and thrust onto my fingers. Both of her hands played with her tits and nipple while fingered her.

Her pussy lips were tight and gripped my fingers when I inserted them into her and I wondered if she’d had work done down there too.

“Oh mom, you’re so wet” I whispered to her.

“I know baby, for you”. She groaned back.

Her head turned back to me and our mouths met. We opened for each other and kissed deeply. Her tongue played against mine, and I wrestled mine against hers to push further into her mouth as we became locked on one another.

The kiss was as deep a kiss as I’d ever given to anybody. My fingers still inside her as we kissed passionately, barely taking time to breath.

As I fingered her she rolled once again onto her back, this time completely flat.

With one hand on my head, not wanting to halt our tongue-locked kiss, the other slid the blanket onto the floor.

I rolled to move on top of her.

She slid her free hand down to my cock and began to jerk it off.

We parted kissing so that I could sit up on my knees between her legs.

I fingered her while she stroked my dick.

She was looking me in the eyes, her tongue kept slowly licking her pursed lips and she would bite on her bottom lip.

She looked so hot. The hottest girl I’d ever been with was my own mother.

As she jerked me, I removed my hand from between her legs and motioned for her to remove her top.

She obliged. Removing the useless tube-top and throwing it to the floor.

She reached down and grabbed my fingering hand and brought it up to her mouth and began licking the fingers I was using in her pussy.

Closing her eyes she sucked on my fingers like a lolly-pop. Removing them from her mouth only to tongue in between them, then back in again.

She like the taste of herself on me.

She stopped and slid my hands back down to her tits.

I cupped both hands around the bottom of her boobs and squeezed them together, moving back in for another long kiss.

She jerked me harder. One of my hands released her tit and I slid it down to grip her ass.

Her yoga pants had somehow manages to reach just below her buttocks.

We stopped so that I could pull them the rest of the way off.

“You want to fuck you mommy?” She asked rubbing my ball sack.

Her legs spread eagle in front of me. One foot on the floor, the other over the back of the couch.

I grinned and said “Yes mommy, I want to fuck you so hard”.

She took the back of my head and brought it down to her tits.

“Suck on mommy’s titties and shove that big cock inside of me.” She exclaimed.

I did as I was told. I began sucking hard on her nipples and removed my shorts the rest of the way at the same time.

“Harder baby, bite them” she said. I did.

“Now stick it in mommy”. I did.

The head of my cock slid into her with ease.

The feeling was euphoric.

I wanted to cum before I even made it all the way inside her, but held back.

I pushed myself inside of her and instantly began fucking her with force.

She moaned and let out little whimpers. Her hands gripped to my biceps as I pumped her.

“Harder my sweet boy, fuck mommy harder, give it all you got” She spoke.

I slammed into her harder and harder and harder until we were both grunting and crying out.

After a few minutes of fucking like that, she pushed me back, looked devilishly into my eyes as I fell out of her.

She turned her body around stuck her ass in the air and I didn’t hesitate.

My mouth instantly found her asshole. She gasped and stuck her face into the pillow.

I let one hand spread her cheeks while the other fondled her now hanging tits.

I wet her pink rim so much that it was easy for me to slide my tongue inside.

“Mmmm, yeah, tongue mommy’s tight asshole” she said with her face to the side.

I licked and prodded and fingered her ass until I needed to be back inside her again.

The tip of my cock found her pussy and I began fucking my mom hard.

“Pull my hair son” she said in between thrusts.

I reached up and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled back, her body came back with it.

She was smiling and moaning.

I looked down over her shoulder at her bouncing tits.

I wanted to cum inside of her but I didn’t know if she’d allow it, so I nibbled her ear with her hair still in my hand and asked “Can I come in you mommy?”

The question seemed to make her cum on call. She thrust back into me with might and I felt her pussy begin to throb around my shaft.

Her body quivered as I let go of her hair and both hands found her tits again.

She kept humping. “Yes baby, cum in mommy, cum in mommy!”

I was getting close as she kept fucking me. “I want to feel your cum deep in me baby, don’t stop, unload in mommy, that’s right.”

The words were killing me, it was so hot the way she kept saying it. “Come on sweetheart, fill mommy up, that’s it, fuck mommy, cum for mommy”.

I finally let loose what felt like the biggest load of cum a human could unload. I moaned loudly. My hands now on both of her ass-cheeks with such a firm grip that her skin was reddened.

The bucking slowed and finally stopped. We crashed back onto the couch.

I stayed inside of her until my hard on diminished.

She eventually, without word got up and went down the hall into the bathroom with her clothes in hand.

After a while she came back dressed. Knelt down beside the couch and gave me one of those deep and passionate kisses. Her tongue flickered inside my mouth and I felt the small of her back.

The kiss lasted for a long time when she finally parted, smiled and said “goodnight baby, that was just what mommy needed.” she turned and walked up the stairs.

I laid back thinking. ‘So, so far in less than 24 hours, I’ve given my brother a hand-job, blow-job, let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it, he did the same to me, and I’ve fucked, fingered, licked out my hot mom’s asshole and came inside her…

‘Dream come true.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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