Brothers Do Love Sisters Part 3

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Dan had been getting a shitload of pussy lately, with his little sister being horny ALL the time and Stephanie taking him out and fucking him silly. He was taking vitamins and working out regularly just to keep up with them. Things were about to get even crazier if that were possible.

This is Dan’s story….

I had gone into town this morning to pick up a couple parts that I needed for my truck. I also had stopped in the local restaurant and had a big breakfast. I was pretty content and figured I would have an easy day working on the truck. I pulled it into the shop and decided I would let it cool off a bit and walked over to the house.

I entered the kitchen through the back door and it appeared that there was nobody home but me. I was headed back to my room to get an old t-shirt to work in when I heard my sister Jennifer moaning. Of course, I had to check it out, so I carefully walked down to her bedroom door. The door was open and when I peaked around the corner I fucking near passed out!

There was my hot little sister, her feet were on the floor and she was bent over and face down on the bed with her sweet ass sticking out and Sam, our big black Lab, was licking her pussy and ass like an ice cream cone! Jenn was moaning and had a hold of the pillow trying to muffle hear moans, but it wasn’t working. Sam was working hard trying to lap up all the sweet girl juices that were running down her legs. I wasn’t sure who was having the most fun, her or the dog. That was when I saw the big red dog cock dangling below Sam. It must have been about a foot long and was about as fat as a cucumber.

Jenn turned her head towards me and she opened her eyes and saw me standing there watching. She screamed and scared Sam, and she tried to cover herself, but I had already seen plenty.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she asked as she turned rosy red with embarrassment. “I thought you went to town.”

“I did go to town. It looked like you and Sam were going to town too.” I laughed.

Sam came to me and I petted him and then he went back to Jenn and tried to get her to let him go back to work on her pussy. He kept trying to get under the blanket to get to his prize but she kept the blanket wrapped around her legs.

“I’m so embarrassed” she cried “I can’t believe you found us like this. You gotta promise not to tell anyone Dan, you gotta promise me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say a word as long as you let me watch.” I promised. “How long have you been doing this little deed sis?”

“This is only the second time. I let him do it because he made me feel so good the first time.” She explained to me that she had been laying in the back yard tanning the day before yesterday and had taken her bikini off to avoid tan lines. Jenn said she must have dozed off and Sam had come up behind her and sniffed her sweet pussy and he just started licking it. She said it startled her and she woke up and rolled over and Sam got his nose between her legs and was licking her vagina. She tried to push him away but he was on a mission and besides she said it really felt great.

Jennifer told me that she came about six times before she finally got on her feet and ran into the house. Sam followed her but she closed the door and left him outside. She said he was whining and barking, but she was scared to let him in until she got dressed. She thought he might try to fuck her. She said she let him in later and he sniffed her and she kept yelling at him until he left her alone.

Today when she got out of the shower and was walking around in her room, Sam came in and when she petted him, he gave her pussy a big lick and she couldn’t resist him. She said it had only been a couple minutes before she saw me, but she had already came twice!

“Let him lick you some more Jenn, I want to watch.” I pleaded.

“I will if you promise to get him off me when I have had enough.” She said. “You can’t let him try to fuck me.”

“I promise I won’t let him fuck you, but I can’t promise you that I won’t try to fuck that sweet little pussy.” I told her as I winked at her.

She pulled the blanket off her legs and Sam was all too happy to continue where he had left off. I realized then that my cock was hard as a rock and I quickly dropped my pants and began to stroke myself. I stumbled to the bed and sat next to Jenn where I could watch Sam lick her to another orgasm. Sam stopped and looked at me and then he licked my cock and went back to licking Jenn’s cunt.

“Didn’t that feel great?” Jenn asked, “I saw him lick your dick. It feels great doesn’t it?”

“Wow, his tongue feels like sandpaper.” I giggled, “It feels great!”

Sam continued to work Jenn’s pussy into a wet mess until he figured it was time to fuck. When he tried to mount her, I managed to get him off of her before he could get inside her. He growled at me and She managed to get the blanket around her legs and after a couple minutes he gave up and went over by the window and laid down and began licking his big red cock.

Jenn and I watched as Sam licked his dick clean and slowly it shrank back inside its sheath and he stretched out and went to sleep.

“Do you think he would actually fuck me?” Jenn questioned, “Do you think he would? Could he make me pregnant or would I get some kind of disease from him?”

“I don’t know” was all I could answer, “We will have to check it out and see what we can find. You know everything is on the internet.”

My cock was so hard it was about to burst as I continued to stroke it. I was suddenly aware that Jenn had rolled over beside me and she reached out and took my manhood in her hand. She smiled as she stroked it and then smiled at me and izmit escort bayan said, “No sense in wasting this perfectly good hard-on.”

She opened her mouth and slipped my cock into her warm and waiting mouth. I smiled as I watched her lips engulf my dick and she soon had me all the way into her throat. She had turned into a championship cocksucker in just a short time. She practiced on me and Jimmy both and had become very good at it, besides she really got off when she blew us. I just laid back and let her do her magic and in a couple minutes I was on the brink of ecstasy. She knew I was close to cumming and she stroked me and sucked me until she felt me ready to blast off. She backed off and pointed my cock at her face and told me, “Cum on your little sister’s face, Danny. Cover me with your sweet cum. I want it all over me.”

Her wish was my command as I unloaded a big load all over her face, neck and beautiful titties. There was cum everywhere.

Jennifer continued to lick ad suck on my dick until it started to soften and there was not a drop of cum left in or on it. Then she took her finger and scooped up all the cum she could get and licked it up and swallowed it. It was a pleasure just to watch her and she smiled at me all the while she was licking her fingers.

I bent over and gave her a kiss on the lips and that let me taste my own cum. I knew she liked me to do that and I kind of liked it too.

I pulled up my pants and said, “Come on Sam, let’s go to the shop and get our work done so we can come back and play with this oversexed woman later on.”

I slapped Jenn on the ass and Sam and I headed to the shop.

After a couple hours in the shop, I had finished my work on the truck and Sam had gotten a pretty good nap, so we headed in to get cleaned up and ready for supper. Mom and Dad had both come home and Jennifer and Mom were working on preparing the meal for us all. It smelled great and Mom told me it was just spaghetti. That was fine with me as I love spaghetti. We all sat around the table and Mom asked what we had done all day.

Jenn and I laughed and said not too much as we looked at each other and smiled. We knew we couldn’t tell her everything.

“Fixed my truck and played with Sam for a while” I told her. She just looked at me and smiled.

The next day I had to take Mom to town and I had to pick up supplies that Dad had wanted me to bring to the farm. We were gone almost all day and when we got back home I spent all afternoon putting everything away and then I went and fed all the animals so Dad wouldn’t have to do it when he got home. Mom said he had promised to take her to dinner and I figured they could get going sooner if the chores were done.

Dad offered to take Jenn and me both along for dinner, but we declined saying that they should have some time alone. Actually, the two of us were wanting some time by ourselves.

As soon as they were gone, Jenn wasted no time in dragging me into the den to her computer.

“Look at what I found today while you and Mom were gone.” She exclaimed like an excited young girl, “look at this!”

She showed me a website that she had found that showed women being fucked by dogs. It had loads of pictures showing women being fucked and even having oral sex with dogs. There was even a section that explained how to have sex with a dog and what you needed to know about the act.

“I read all this and it says that you can’t get knocked up by a dog and that if you are careful and keep the dog clean, it is pretty safe sex. You have to watch out for what they call the knot. Look at these pictures and you will understand.” Jennifer continued “The dog’s cock will get inside you and if the knot gets in, it will swell up and you get stuck together and can’t get apart until it goes down. It looks like it could really hurt.”

“I have seen dogs locked together before,” I told her. “They throw water on them to get them apart sometimes.”

“This really makes me hot,” Jenn said, “I was soaking wet when I got done reading this. I know it sounds crazy, but I think I want to try this. I know it might gross out some people but it makes me horny as hell. What do you think? Will you help me?”

“Wow, are you really sure you want to do this? I mean I see what you read and saw here on this sight but are you sure you really want to try this?” I quizzed her.

She responded by taking my hand and sliding it down the front of her shorts. Her pussy was on fire and soaking wet with her girly juices. I got my answer without her having to say a word.

“OK, we will make sure Mom and Dad are going to be gone all day. Then we will get Sam and give him a bath and the we will see what happens. It might be a couple days before this can happen, but if that’s what you want, I will help you pull it off. Just be sure you really want to go through with it, please.” I said as I looked her deep in the eyes.

“You’re the greatest brother a girl could ever have, I love you!” she giggled as she hugged me tightly. “I’m so fucking horny; I don’t know if I can wait.”

“You can always sneak out to the shed and get Sam to give you a little head. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind licking that sweet thing between your pretty legs. I know I would if you give me the chance.” I told her as I slapped her on the ass playfully.

It was several days later that I had gone to see Stephanie. She was on my mind a lot and I had to see her. I drove to her place and knocked on the door. Her brother, Jimmy, answered the door and invited me inside. We walked into the front room and his Mother and Father were sitting on the couch watching TV, and their golden retriever was laying on the kocaeli escort bayan floor napping. The dog looked at me and raised his head, then laid his head back down and resumed his nap.

“What a killer watchdog,” Mr. Cook laughed. “He damn near chewed your leg off, Dan. How have you been, its good to see you, it’s been a while.”

“I’ve been in Atlanta going to school and working, sir” I answered, “I haven’t been home in quite a while. I ran into Stephanie and Jim the other night and I figured I had better come and say “Hey” and take your daughter out on the town.”

“Well it’s great to see you, Dan, and Steph needs to get hooked up with a guy like you.” Mrs. Cook spoke up. “Now we need to get Jimmy a date too.”

“Gosh, Mom, I can get my own date.” Jimmy complained, “In fact I’m calling Dan’s sister, Jennifer, to ask her out this weekend.”

“I’m sure she will be happy to go out with you. She is just lounging around the house and could use a little cheering up.” I replied as Stephanie walked into the room in a pair of jeans that looked like they were sprayed on, and a low cut blouse that showed her ample bust off very nicely.

‘Well, it looks like our little girl is safe tonight Mom. Them fucking jeans are so tight Dan will never get them off!” Mr. Cook exclaimed.

“Oh Mark, don’t be embarrassing your daughter like that.” Mrs. Cook said as she slapped his arm. “You kids go have some fun and I’ll take care of this asshole.”

Stephanie grabbed me by the arm and said “Come on Dan, we want to get out of here before these two start with each other. I think Dad might get lucky tonight.”

Out the door we went with me behind Steph, watching that beautiful ass wiggle in them blue jeans, just knowing that I would get to handle it later. We drove into town to the local bar and sat in the back at a little table where we could see what was going on but were far enough away from everyone that we could play around a little.

It was pretty quiet in there on a Wednesday night so we were able to make out and feel up each other at will. I was kissing Steph and had a handful of tit when she whispered in my ear that she wanted to be eaten and fucked in that particular order.

I whispered in her ear, ”What if I eat your pussy and ass and then fuck both of them?”

“That would be acceptable as long as you promise to cum in my mouth and all across these perfect tits.” She moaned.

“It’s a deal” I answered as I stuck out my hand to shake. She shook my hand and I pulled her to her feet and we headed for the parking lot.

Once we were headed across the lot, I slapped her on the ass and she screamed. The view of that wonderful body was enough to give any man an erection. We stopped and kissed for several minutes and I rubbed her tits as she rubbed my cock, until I suggested that we should go somewhere else to have our fun.

“Take me out to the lookout,” Stephanie moaned, “We can be alone there.”

The lookout was a place we had gone to since we were kids, hell, everyone in our class had got their first taste of sex at the lookout. I suppose that every generation had used it for the same thing. You could see for miles there and nobody could sneak up on you. It was a good place to have fun.

We got in the truck and in a few minutes we were pulling up to the edge of the cliff overlooking the whole town. The lights were all you could see, but it was cool.

“Here’s where I prove your Dad wrong,” I laughed as I got out of the pickup and carried Steph around to the tailgate and opened it and set her down on it.

She laughed as I undid the belt and unsnapped the jeans. The zipper unzipped by itself when I touched it and guess what? This young lady didn’t have any underwear on! I removed her cowboy boots and started to pull on the legs of her pants as she wiggled her ass and tried to help me remove her pants. It wasn’t easy, but we got them off and I threw them in the back of the truck. I gazed at her perfectly shaved pussy and she crossed her arms and pulled her blouse over her head and left me staring at her completely naked body. I could feel my dick getting harder as each second passed.

“I’m not going to be the only naked one here,” She giggled as she started to unzip my jeans. “Get that tool out here where I can use it!” she complained as she undid my belt and dropped them to my ankles.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it on the heap of clothes in the truck and got my boots off and slid out of my jeans. There we were, two naked people standing on the edge of the lookout, both ready to fuck each other to exhaustion. We grabbed each other and our lips met in a kiss of passion. Our tongues explored each other and we kissed for several minutes until I picked her up and set her on the tailgate. I laid her back on the pile of clothes and spread her legs apart slowly. I could see her pussy already glistening wet in the moonlight. That was when I noticed the full moon. That explained the savage sex we were about to have. The full moon was to blame.

I bent over and pulled Steph to me as I began to lick around her pussy. I always liked to tease a woman before I just jumped in and attacked her pussy. I would lick around the lips and then just touch my tongue to her clit. This would make her jump in expectation. Steph just about jumped off the tailgate when my tongue touched her clit.

“Oh, shit! Don’t fucking tease me. Eat me!” she cried.

I continued to tease this beautiful creature, until she grabbed me by the ears and stuffed my face into her soaking wet vagina. I licked and sucked on her pussy until she locked her legs around my neck and began to shake uncontrollably as kocaeli escort her orgasm took hold of her. I could not keep up with the juices running down the crack of her ass as she about pulled my hair out as a loud scream came from her mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming,” she screamed as I continued my licking of her sweet pussy. Then I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and behold, I had a perfect line to her puckered little asshole.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run my tongue across her little rosebud. Again, she jumped up in the air and screamed in pleasure.

“I fucking love it when you eat my ass! I fucking love it!” Steph screamed as my tongue continued to moisten her cute little pooper. She again used her legs to pull me to her so I could provide her more pleasure. For the next ten minutes I worked over her tight little asshole with my tongue. Licking and sucking on it until she tensed up and again let out a scream as she experienced yet another earth shattering climax


I continued to lick up her juices as she came back to reality. She looked at me and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Your whole face is covered with pussy juice,” she chuckled, “Its everywhere, even in your hair!”

Stephanie pulled me to her and kissed my lips and even ran her tongue along my cheek to taste her own cum. “Wow’ I taste pretty good,” she chimed, “No wonder you like to suck my pussy!”

“I love it as much as you like sucking dick” I told her.

“Let’s see” Steph laughed as she pushed me back on the truck bed. In an instant, she was on top of me and had my prick in her mouth. She has this thing about taking my cock in her mouth about halfway and then sticking her tongue out and licking the bottom of my cock. It drives me crazy when she does that and she knows it. She worked my dick into a frenzy and before I came in her mouth, I pulled her up and she kissed me and grabbed my dick and sat down on it. It slid into her wet hole and went all the way to the bottom.

She rode me like a steer and I did my best to throw her off, but she held on like a championship bull rider. I took her by the arms and flipped her around so she was on her back and I was between those gorgeous thighs. My dick never came out of her cunt and I didn’t miss a stroke as we fucked like wild animals.

The moon cast a light over our sweat covered bodies and just added to the erotic experience. I pulled my cock from Stephanie’s marvelous pussy and dropped it a little and rubbed it on her pretty asshole. Her breath quickened as she knew what was about to happen. I placed my cock at her asshole and applied a little pressure. It slowly pushed into her ass and she moaned as I slowly eased it up her ass. When it was all the way inside, I just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of my throbbing cock in her tight little ass. Then I slowly started to pump my cock in and out of her at a quickening pace until I was hammering it as hard a s I could.

Stephanie was almost crying with pleasure as she had yet another violent orgasm. This was going to put me over the edge and I told her I was going to cum.

“In my face, I want it in my face!” she yelled, “Blast your fucking cum in my face!”

As the first rope shot from the head of my dick, across her belly and onto her tits. I managed to point it at her face for the next three shots. Two of them across her lips and into her mouth, and one across her nose and cheek. The next one was weaker and just splattered her between the tits. She leaned up and pulled me to her so she could get her mouth on my cock. She sucked and licked the rest of my cum and kept working it for a few minutes.

Finally, I rolled over and laid beside her. I looked at her cleaning my cum from her face and licking it off her fingers. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and her tongue pushed some of my cum into my mouth. Stephanie knew I liked it when she did that. My cum didn’t taste too bad.

We lay in the back of my truck looking up at the stars and talking. We talked for ever and somehow we got talking about bestiality. Steph knew quite a bit about it and I wondered if she had ever tried it. I questioned her about it and she wouldn’t say much, but I wondered. Finally, she said she would tell me a story, but if I ever told anyone what she said, she would kill me and deny it all.

She told me that she had been on a date with a guy we both knew and he got her to suck his dick, but when it was his turn he told her he had to go and dropped her off at home, unsatisfied. She said she went in the house and straight to bed and was jacking off when the family dog started licking her pussy as she laid on the edge of her bed.

Stephanie said she tried to push him away, but it felt so good, that she soon let him lick her to a fantastic orgasm. Then he tried to mount her, but she kept him off and he finally humped her leg and shot cum all over her.

She said it was and enjoyable encounter, but she was scared to death to say anything to anyone. She said it never happened again and she didn’t know if it ever would.

Now it was my turn, I told her about what Jenn and I had done with Sam. She was interested in what both Jenn and I thought about it. I told her that Jenn wanted to fuck Sam and that we were going to try it. She immediately said she wanted to be there and be involved. She promised she would never speak to anyone about it if we would involve her.

I told her I would talk to Jennifer, and that it would be her decision.

We dug our clothes out and put them on. I helped her get her jeans back on so her Dad would be OK. When we looked presentable, I drove her home and kissed her goodnight.

On the drive home, I wondered how I was going to break this to my sister. I figured I would just tell her and see what happened. After all, who was she going to tell about it?

The most she could do was kill me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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