Brown Sugar Gift 02

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Althea and Henri have invited their new friend, April to town to spend a couple of nights, and had me come over as well.

April and I planned to spend the night with them. I will get some private time with Henri, while April will have her first, personal, girl and girl night with Althea.

Henri’s woman, Althea, and I were on the sofa, while Henri and April were on a comforter on the floor in a hot sixty nine.

I had my face glued to Althea’s sweet pussy, kissing, licking and sucking on her labia and clitoris. As I ate her, she had her hands on my head, pulling me tight against her. My nose was in her crotch hair, as I tongue fucked her as deep as I could reach. I love to eat pussy, and this brown pussy was the best of the best. I could eat her and not even care about fucking.

Beside us, on the floor, Henri was doing the same to April, making her rub her pussy on his face as she sucked his cock into her throat. She was fondling his nutsack as she sucked on him, getting closer to her orgasm as they went.

As April began to cum, Althea, watching them, feeling me, got her orgasm too. As her orgasm ran its course, she pulled my face up to hers to kiss me, licking her juices from around my lips and chin, and then said: “Baby, we need to get in the bed. I want you.”

Going into her bedroom, she picked her double ended strap-on off the bed, went to her dresser, and got a package out of the drawer. She said: “I have a new cock for you baby. I just bought it, and I want to put it to you now.” I watched as she removed the outer cock from the strap-on and replaced it with a new cock that was chocolate, and longer and thicker than the one that she had used on me before.

I said: “Wow, that is like that piece of meat that Henri carries. I want it.”

She continued, saying: “Baby, you liked Henri driving it to you earlier. I am going to pick up where he left off. Where is the Astrolube?”

I handed it to her, and she put some on the new dildo, and as I got in the middle of the bed and pulled my knees up, she also lubed my asshole. As she got between my legs, she put my ankles on her shoulders, and I spread my ass cheeks wide. She pressed the head to my ass, and pushed inside.

“Oh my god. This is good, woman. Let’s fuck.” I sad as she stroked back and forth, pushing until she had hit my crotch with hers.

I asked her: “Baby, you know what moves you want a man to put to you. Will you fuck me like you would want to be fucked? Show me what I need to be getting, honey.”

She pulled back a little, then started the vibrator running. She pushed back, letting my legs lay out wide, and pushed in, laying her crotch on mine, her belly and chest on me, and we began to make love. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, and kissed me hard. This woman knew how to push some cock.

The vibrator was doing a number on both of us, and she was moving like she was about to cum. I wanted to help us get off, and began rolling my ass under her, feeling the dildo move around my insides. As her orgasm built, she began to hammer the cock to me, getting the feelings herself by having the other end inserted deep into her pussy.

As she cum, she moaned: “Damn I love to fuck. This is so good, cum with me, Eddie. Take this cock and use it.”

I had my lower legs wrapped over her waist with my ankles crossed, pulling and releasing as she fucked me. I supported her chest by holding her tits in my hands, and kneading them as I held her up. This was so erotic, so fucking sexy, and I was the lucky recipient of one hell of a good fuck. We could do this for a long time.

Getting over the first orgasm between us, we moved to the side of the bed as Althea said: “Henri, bring that woman in here and put her in the bed with us. I want to show you what I am doing to your fuck buddy.”

When they came in the bedroom, April said: “This dude cums a lot. He filled my mouth. She got on the bed, on her back beside me, and spread her legs for Henri. His cock was not totally hard, but he went down on her to eat her some more, and I could see that this was making it stiffen again.

Looking at the new dildo that Althea had attacked to her Penetrix, April reached between our crotches to feel it. She then held my cock in her hand and offered: “Damn Eddie, baby, you are taking a cock that is twice as thick as you. And all the way to the bottom too. Your ass is going to be tore up all next week.”

Panting, I replied: “It is thick, just like Henri’s cock, and I don’t think it is going to go soft. And this vibrator is almost more than I can stand. This woman is re-arranging my man pussy, and I love it.

As Henri lifted his face from April’s crotch, he moved forward and put the head of his cock to her pussy, reached under her knees and brought them to her chest, then pushed into her. Althea did the same with my legs, and she raised up, pulled back and gave me the full length of the new dildo

Every fantasy I had ever had was being answered today. I love to watch a black man fuck a woman, ankara escort especially a well built woman. Henri was giving it to April again. I had imagined getting a strap-on fuck from a woman, but hadn’t dreamed that it could be by one this hot, wearing a double ended strap-on harness with a vibrator. I was in heaven, knowing that after this, when we went to bed that Henri would be having his way with my ass too.

For a few minutes it seemed like Henri and Althea were having a contest, seeing who could pound the hardest. April and I were moaning, squirming and thrashing under the fucking that these two were putting on us.

We fucked for over a half hour, Henri, having cum a couple of times today, and Althea having a rubber cock, neither was losing their hardness. She made me cum twice, and Henri had April nearly into a continuous orgasm, until, finally, as Althea began to cum, Henri roared, and jammed his cock deep into April’s pussy and emptied his load.

The four of us were collapsed onto the bed, getting our strength back when Henri said: “Let’s hit the pool again. I need to swim a lap or two.”

We went back into the pool, played around, and had some good conversation, then took our party to the pool deck for awhile. Althea brought out a pitcher of Sweet Tea, and Henri fired the bowl and passed it around. We were quite comfortable sitting around naked, and discussing our friendship. I was getting used to this, and it seemed that April had become quite comfortable with us too. Henri ordered a pizza after asking what we did, and did not, like on one, and I got on my knees and told April that I wanted to eat my dessert before dinner, and spread her legs and went down on her. Henri and Althea were on opposite sides of her and each took one of her tits in their hand and worked on her as I licked, and tongued her pussy.

When the Pizza guy rang the door bell, Althea put her robe on and went to the door. I recognized him as the guy that delivered a pizza one other time when I was there. As was her style, Althea let her robe fall open as she reached for the pizza, telling the guy, thanks. He was stupefied, unable to answer her, and his mouth was open as he stared at her body.

When he had gone, and she brought the pizza to the pool deck I asked why she didn’t invite him to come back after work. She said that she saw a wedding band on his finger, or she would have, just to see him freak out. April asked: “Did you let him see you on purpose?”

Althea answered: “Yes, they expect it now, and we get really good service. I think that they might fight over who gets to make the delivery. It sure gets the pizza here fast.”

We ate, then played a game of Spades, as we wound down. We had all had a good workout today, and there was more to come when we went to bed for the night.

April went to the bathroom and Althea got up to clean up the table, and put things away. Henri noticed that when April came out of the bathroom, that she went to Althea, who took her in her arms, and started kissing on her.

When the girls broke their kiss, they came back to the pool deck and sat with us. Henri said: “We want to let you girls have each other tonight.”

Althea said: “We will just enjoy ourselves. I want to make this a special night for April.”

I went into the bathroom, and rinsed off in the shower, dried, and as I came out, Henri said that he would see me in the guest bedroom, and then he got into the shower.

In the bedroom, I made sure that there was a tube of Astrolube beside the bed, and sat down, waiting for Henri.

He came in the bedroom and I noticed that his cock was now soft, (something I rarely saw), and swaying gently below his crotch. He laid down and I moved to him, laying my head on his lower belly, and taking his cockhead in my mouth. Even soft, it was over 6 inches long and beautiful.

Releasing it, I said: “Henri, baby, I want to give this some loving. It has been busy today, but now I just want to kiss it and make love to it.”

Putting my mouth back to it, I put the head back in my mouth, gently working my tongue around it, feeling for the eye. As I explored the head, Henri put one hand on one of my breasts, taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and began to it while kneading my tit.

Laying like this, I felt that the medicine that was helping my prostate, but making my breasts grow, might be good in both ways. I didn’t care to cross dress and be a female, but laying like this, with my man lover, feeling his cock in my mouth, having breasts was just so natural. I could always cover them in public.

We were just laying there, slowly making out, with no urgency to fuck each other. I was at a very good place in my life.

Henri said: “Baby, you said once that you had never had anyone eat your ass. I am going to do it tonight, and when I do, you will love it. Get over me, and kiss my cock. Don’t worry about getting it hard, because it will or it won’t but bring ankara escort bayan your ass to my mouth.”

Raising my body over his, I put my knees on each side of his belly, and lowered my face to his cock as he pulled my ass cheeks, bringing me down onto his face. His first lick across my hole felt like he was just putting his tongue near it. But then, he breathed on it, licked around the edge of my sphincter, and kissed me, hard. Having never had my ass eaten, I didn’t quite know what was to come, but whatever it was, I wanted it. Gripping my ass cheeks firmly in his hands, he took possession of my ass, and went to work on it.

As he ate me, I tried to concentrate on sucking his cock. I could see that this was something that I was going to have to learn to do. I liked the eating, but I also liked having his cock in my mouth. This was the same cock that had taken my mouth’s virginity, the same cock that gave up the first load that I ever tasted, and now the man that delivered that was licking my ass, further showing me that he had all I would ever need from a man.

Henri began pushing his tongue in and out of my cleaned ass as he kissed, and sucked on the opening. I knew that he would be making me cum, and that I would want him to give me every thing he had. I began taking more of his length into my throat, and rotating my hole around his lips and tongue, getting screwed from each end.

He could feel that he had me under his control, and began to really tongue fuck me hard, and at the same time, I began throat fucking his beautiful black snake, taking him to the root. Trembling with the pleasure, I felt my orgasm building in me, and sucked his cock harder, deeper, stroking faster with my throat. As I lost control, I felt him stiffen, so I pulled my head off his shaft, leaving his cockhead in my mouth to spurt its load onto my tongue. I dropped my ass onto his face, nearly smothering him, and sucked him dry. I felt good that we got off at the same time.

When I had collected myself, I turned around and kissed him, and asked: “Baby please, do my mouth like you did my ass, and put your cock in my pussy like you put it in my throat. I want to make love tonight, please?”

He rolled me onto my back, and got between my legs, and with his thighs, spread them wider as I pulled my knees up, offering my ass to him. He kissed me and his cock found my asshole and he pressed in. I said: “Baby, I love this. You make me feel so filled, so satisfied. I hope that I can give you what you need.”

As he began moving on me, in me, making out with me, I could feel that this was not fucking, but full blown lovemaking. We moved together, enhancing the other’s moves, making the most of what we had. I felt like I could do this for hours. As we made out with each other, I could hear moans from the other bedroom and knew that Althea was showing April how to enjoy a woman.

So many people feel that a guy has to ejaculate to make the sex be worthwhile, but for all the sex that we had today and this evening, I was totally satisfied, and hadn’t had to ejaculate. I had many orgasms, but they were not like most men have, needing to “shoot their wad”, to feel satisfied. Henri, April and Althea had all done me well.

Henri and I made love, and I felt that I could understand how a woman would feel when she has a loving man inside her, on her, screwing himself into her, pulling her orgasm from within. How had I gone so many years without trying this? Loving sex as I do, I had deprived myself of some very good fucking.

We made love for awhile, not trying to reach a climax, but just enjoying having each other’s bodies. My legs were splayed out to the sides, with my knees drawn up, opening myself to my lover, giving myself to him, taking all that he had to give me. He had lowered his body to mine, with his belly on mine, and out chests pressed together. His head was beside mine, as he stroked and I rolled under him.

Relaxing ourselves, the day was catching up with us. Henri spoke first, saying: “Baby, do you want some sleep? We could do better after we sleep for awhile.” I agreed with him, and we rolled apart, satisfied, and sleepy.

Henri said: “Go get a warm wash cloth and come back and wipe me off. You might want some breakfast later.”

I needed to pee, too. I brought a warm, wet cloth back to the bed, and wiped Henri’s cock, balls and crotch well, getting all the lube off him, and then wiped my ass area. Dropping the wash cloth beside the bed, I turned to my side and Henri spooned against my back. I had to raise a leg and reach through to pull his softening cock between them.

After sleeping for awhile, I woke to feel Henri nibbling my ear, and felt his hard cock pressing against my asshole. What a way to wake up.

I rolled onto my stomach, and reached to the side table for the Astrolube. Handing it to Henri, I could only say: “Yes Baby, please.” I wanted him in me, again. I could sleep another time, but the chance to satisfy escort ankara my man again was here, now.

As I started to raise my ass to him, he said: “Just stay down there and take this. I woke up wanting to lay some pipe in my bitch, Just give it up to me.”

He pushed some lube into my ass, and then pressed his cock to my hole. We no longer had to have him stroke in slowly, getting a few inches at a time. I could take his whole black snake on the first stroke. We had trained my muscles to let him in so I could enjoy giving it up to him.

With his mouth beside my ear, he spoke: “Remember, in the motel, I said that I had made you mine? I am going to show you now, what I meant. I am going to use this pussy to show you that mine is the only cock that can take you where you need to be. Give it up to me, I need some hole.”

He started stroking, using full, long, hard strokes that took him to the bottom, and back until he nearly came all the way out. His thighs pressed mine out wider, and his belly was hitting the small of my back with each down stroke. Five minutes ago I was asleep, and now I could feel the beginning of an orgasm from inside.

He whispered: “Did you get a good ride from Althea? Did you like that? Did you think that was a good fucking? What do you think of this?” And he kept pounding into me, and on most backstrokes, was now coming all the way out of me, with his cock finding my open, waiting, asshole as he came back for the next stroke.

I moaned: “Baby, this is the best. This is all that I want. My pussy is yours, take what you need. Fuck me.”

I pushed my chest up enough to get a folded pillow under it, so I could feel his body better as he fucked me. His fucking was hard, strong, and relentless. His body was heavy, he was holding my wrists in his hands and he was biting my earlobe, and I was totally his.

My orgasm built and released and I shook, trembled, and even sobbed a little as he made me his.

He released my earlobe to say: “This is what you were dreaming about all those nights before you met me, and this is what you will dream about when I am not in bed with you. You love my black cock, don’t you?”

“Yes baby, I love your black cock, fuck me.” I said, trying to push my ass up to take even more of him. “Fuck me baby, do me, use my hole for your cock. It is yours, I am all yours.” I wailed as he slammed into my ass.

I was being taken, my ass was being used to service his cock, and I was loving it. He kept my orgasm running As he crushed me into the bed below us. He knew how to satisfy me, and he was doing it well.

Nearing his orgasm as well, Henri whispered as he pounded me: “Bitch, you don’t have an egg in there for me to seed, but this load that you will get will stick to you, and as each drop leaks out, you will think of this black snake that knows your pussy so well. You will have to think of this cock with every thought of fucking that you have. My cock is in MY ass, baby and don’t forget it.

He pushed hard against me, and his cock began to throb, pushing spurt after spurt of cum deep inside me. Spent, he relaxed, laying all his weight on me. I had satisfied my lover again. I was owned.

Henri laid on me for awhile, still holding my wrists, and nibbling on my ear.

After a few minutes, he rolled off me, and I turned to him, looking into his eyes, and said: “Baby, that was a hard fuck, but I loved giving it up to you. You are the best lover I have ever had. You know that I am yours anytime you want me. I love this, and always will.”

He smiled and said: “You take it good baby, and that makes it feel good to me. Yours is the only ass that I want, and I want you to keep it open for any time I tell you to use it. When I told you that it was going to be different, I meant it. You are only going to fuck me and those I tell you to fuck. You are going to like getting fucked. And I think it is time to get that tattoo that you want. We need for others to know whose ass this is.”

I asked: “You want me to fuck others, baby? Why? I am yours.”

He said: “I know your ass is mine. And if I need to have you help out a friend once in awhile, you can do it. I needed you to help Marcus and you took care of that. The loving is for you and I, but I need to let a friend have some of it sometimes too. You like fucking black cock, and you will like this. You will still get plenty of me, but will also get to have some strange cock too.”

I kissed him and said: “If you need me to, I can, and yes, I would like to have that tattoo there to show that I am yours forever. You are my man, baby.”

As we got up to start our day, I looked into the bedroom where Althea and April were sleeping. Seeing them laying there with April’s head on Althea’s shoulder was erotic, especially seeing Althea still wearing the strap-on, with the new, big dildo on it.

Henri started the coffee and I went to the pool deck. I loved Florida, being warm enough to walk right from bed into the pool.

Henri came out to the pool and said that the coffee would be ready soon, and that we could go in and wake them up with some good morning sex. He said: “While I wake April up, I want you to climb on Althea and take her rubber cock, and get yourself off with some of her fucking. You give her a good ride so she can cum too. She likes to fuck your white ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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